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The "facilitation" of the November 9 meeting of Peace Action of Staten Island, featuring guest speaker school psychologist Izzy Kalman on the subject of bullying, was a welcome change from past PASI meetings, which were quite politely "facilitated" by former President Sally Jones but in fact often autocratically controlled by her husband David Jones, a fellow with a serious anger management problem and in impossible to ignore or deny antipathy for (at least uppity) Jewish people (like me) and a visceral contempt for the state of Israel. It is apparent from the meetings I've attended since the PASI regime change resulting in the election of Eileen Bardel as president, that the meetings are now run small "d" democratically. And I'm glad to report that peace/democracy/human rights activist PASI member Bill Johnsen has not found himself in the position of sergeant-at-arms restraining the recurrently volatile self-described "green anarchist" PASI guy
Mike May from physically attacking me
as he has in the past.
I am a Judeo-Christian who opposes the expansionist settlement policies practiced by the Benjamin Netanyahu regime in Israel and opposes the racism inherent in the discriminations experienced by Palestinians under Israeli control. David Jones, however, has been a de facto propagandist for folks like the ex-dictator of Iran Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who was not misquoted when on two occasions he recommended that the "Zionist entity" (Israel) be "wiped off the face of the earth." Various pseudo-ultra "leftists" such as Sara Flounders of the pro-Communist China anti-Free Tibet cult going by the name of the International Action Center/Workers World Party, have tried to sanitize Holocaust denier Ahmadinejad's Hitler impersonations. Mr. Jones was the creator of certainly Constutionally-protected fliers blaming Israel for the conflct in the Middle East and depicting Ahmadinejad-led Iran as a beacon of peace.
David Jones also interprets the freedom of speech and press protections contained in the U.S. and N.Y.S. Constitutions in a way much closer to the approach of say "left/right/left" mega-fascist Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr., and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad or perhaps Joseph Stalin or Mao Zedong than, for example, civil rights lawyer Norman Siegel.
Over the years David Jones has explicitly threatened me with serious violence on several occasions and on one occasion several years ago at a political event in the parking lot at the First Central Baptist Church (FCBC) in Stapleton, S.I. Jones had to be physically restrained from assaulting me as I was chatting with Sally. I was not playing the part of a homewrecker and he was not playing the party of an out of control jealous husband but rather as the Jew-disliker on a bad day. As I recall, Mr. Jones's initial overt expression of serious politically motivated hostility toward me occured some years ago after a showing of a film at the on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict at the Unitarian Church of Staten Island. The film had an overtly pro-Palestinian anti-Israeli message. During the post-film discussion my comment made clear my opposition to repressive actions by the Israeli government against Palestinians living in occupied territories. I also
made clear my view that Israel has an absolute right to exist -
a position rejected by Hamas, Hezbollah and the governments of Iran and Syria, which bankroll and arm the referenced terrorist organizations. As soon as I completed my comments I noticed Mr. Jones, who was siiting a few feet behind, me glaring at me with eyes blazing in anger. I saw those eyes again when Mr. Jones attempted to physically assault me in front of the FCBC - an attack that preceded FCBC pastor Rev. Dr. Demetrius S. Carolina, Sr.'s arrival at the event. I've come to label David Jones's glare as "Hitler Eyes." Check out some of the film footage of Adolf Hitler's rants before the Reichstag or before thousands of Nazi soldiers, et. al. in Nuremberg and you'll get the picture.
David Jones is also an important cog in what may be the most corrupt Democratic Party Tammany Hall-style political machine anywhere in the 62 counties that make up New York State, i.e. "The Unholy Trinity" of North Shore ("NoSho") (s)elected politicians, City Councilmember Debi Rose, NYS Senator Diane Savino and NYS Assemblymember Matthew Titone.
Debi Rose's interpretation of the Bill of Rights is dangerously similar to those of Americans such as Lyndon LaRouche and David Jones. That ideology manifested itself on July 6, 2011 when, during my scheduled meeting with Ms. Rose at her 250 Broadway City Council office, she responded to my offering her some documents proving negligence by the NYC Department for the Aging and violations of my civil rights at several government-contracted senior citizens centers by walking out of the room and thereby allowing her gangbanger-emulating staffer Antonio Whitaker to try to physically bully me (no injury caused). She then called City Council security, bringing Security Chief Eric D'Alba to her office with his quite convincing impersonation of an SS officer addressing a Jew. Witness NAACP President Ed Josey stood by as D'Alba threatened me with instant arrest if I didn't leave Ms. Rose's office instantly. Ms. Rose and Antonio Whitaker are the perps in my
complaint # 2011-001-05817 of criminal harassment.
And on September 22, 2011 NYC Council Speaker and Debi Rose pal Empress Christine Quinn attempted to have me arrested at 250 Broadway when I arrived there with a written invitation from NYC Councilmember James Gennaro (D.-Queens) to attend and testify on fracking at a public hearing of his City Council Committee on Environmental Protection. The whole thing oozes Rose/Quinn collusion.
I reported these violations of my civil rights perpetrated by Debi Rose and Christine Quinn to the Office of the Commissioner of the NYC Department of investigation Rose Gill Hearn and was asked to send in a full repport by e-mail, which I have done.
This by the way is only one of a number of stories suppressed by New York's most politically "controlled" (to use Dr, Carolina's 1005 accurate characterization) newspaper, The Staten Island Advance, increasingly widely known in Staten Island and beyond as "The Staten Island Retreat."
Some months ago PASI announced a meeting at which it was going to give an award to NYS Senator Diane Savino. That is the equivalent of giving a human rights award to Lyndon LaRouche. Here's why.
In 2006 when I was homeless and staying at a hotel in S.I. having left the staff-protected drug trafficking emporium that was the Project Hospitality drop-in center at 25 Central Avenue, a few feet from the St. George branch of the New York Public Library where staff- (librarian Scott Lambden)- protected drug trafficking was taking place in the poorly supervised basement computer area, I had an emergency when my hotel rent money in the form of my cashed Social security check was stolen. In such situations the Social Security Administration has the authority to issue an expedited check. The victim/S.S. beneficiary has to get a community leader or elected official to send a letter to the Office of the SSA Commissioner in Baltimore and/or Washington D.C. to request the release of an expedited check. I went to Sen. Savino's office and, after explaining the situation to a staffer, was given an appoinment with Robert Cataldo, Ms. Savino's Chief of Staff.
When I arrived on time at her district office at 36 Richmond Terrace for my appointment with Mr. Cataldo, the office appeared to be empty. I waited for a few minutes and then announced my presence. Within a few seconds a man, Robert Cataldo, came literally hurtling toward me from a rear room, bellowing profanities, falsely accusing me of having sexual relations with my mother and spewing threats of violance and arrest. After enduring several minutes of an Adolf Hitler-style totally psychotic tantrum, when Cataldo got within about an inch of my face, I left.
When I called Savino the next day, she happened to pick up the phone and in response to my report about her Chief of Staff, replied, "Oh, don't worry about Cataldo.
Since then Diane Savino - who has the hypocritically bad taste to pontificate about "ethics" in the NYS legislature - has been protecting her lunatic of a Chief of Staff. In fact Cataldo in a recent telephone call to NYS Assemblymember Joan Millman (d.-Bklyn.) - who in her capacity as the Chair of the Assembly Committee on Aging, has been assisting me on various constituent and legislative matters - told the politically very visible Millman aide Chloe Rivera (very NY Times and NY Post visible as a principal accuser of ex-Assemblmember Vto Lopez regarding allged "groping" as well as suing Lopez and his alleged protector NYS Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver) that I would get no assistance on anything from Savino. Millman has evidently been intimidated as she has reneged on explicit promises of continued assistance to me.
And inasmuch as the definition of "terrorist" is an individual who used threats, intimidation and violence for political purposes, Robert Cataldo qualifies as a "terrorist."
All this is suppressed by New York's most politically obsequeous newspaper, The Staten Island Advance.
And perhaps David Jones might explain how and why Peace Action of Staten Island would offer an award to Diane Savino, one of the most dishonest politicians in a New York State legislature that has properly been rated by the NYU Brennan institute of Justice as "The worst state legislature in the country."
The November 9 PASI meeting got off to a typically politically slanted start as a PASI member, for some presumably political reason described as knowledgeable about the Iran nuclear issue, gave a presentation that was so slanted that it could have been delivered by Ahmadinejad himself. The gentleman urged that the U.S. take no military action be taken against either Iran or Syria - although those options have been clearly off the table for weeks. He flailed away at American iIsrael Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), a major pro-Israel lobbying organization which does a lot of public relations for an Israeli regime that has hinted that it could take military action to prevent a nuclear-armed Iran (Israel having taken military action in the past against Syria). The PASI guy made no mention of Ahmadinejad's repeated "wipe Israel of the face of the earth" oratory. The PASI guy depicted nuclear poor innocent little North Korea as simply defending itself
against a hostile America, He made no mention of North Korea's marketing of nuclear weapons technology. He made no mention of North Korea's having sabotaged a past denuclearization agreement with the west. And he made no mention of the fact that North Korea is ruled by a psychopathic dynasty fully responsible for the deaths of thousands of North Koreans from starvation, a dynasty that has perhaps the worst human rights record of any nation in the world except for the Genocidal regime in charge in China, which continues its illegal brutal and racist occupation of Tibet.
In any event, with David Jones on his best behavior sitting quietly next to Sally ("bad cop"/"good cop"), the presentation by Izzy Kalman was quite valuable. Mr. Kalman, however, was understandably unaware that PASI has quite a history of bullying itself.
And, in the absence of a complete wriiten apology to me by David Jones, it is obvious that the Peace Action Fund of New York State has no business of keeping David Jones on as a Board Member At Large. Similarly, I doubt that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will be considered for the Nobel Peace Prize.
* * * * * * *
c.c. Izzy Kalman - Bullies 2 Buddies
Norman Siegel

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