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UP FRONT News   December 21, 2016
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Published by Tom Weiss
Andrew Mazzone - Media Representative and Economics Advisor
Steven Gradman - Religious and Community Liaison
Allen Smith - Economics Reporter and Internet Advisor
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    During the campaign Donald Trump, anticipating the possibility of losing, accused the Democrats of "rigging" the election. Evidently he was right about the rigging but he lied about the perpetrators. Greg Palast is an investigative journalist who has reported on what are now three elections (2000, 2004, 2016) "stolen" by the  Republicans. Some of the details the machinations that resulted in the "purging" of over one million voters, accomplished by Republican election officials over a period of several years by "cross checking" and other tactics. The details of how Republicans in many states (including the "swing states) purged largely black and Hispanic registered voters, who tend to vote Democratic, from voter rolls are reported in Mr. Palast's August, 2016 article "The GOP's Stealth War on voters published in Rolling Stone Magazine.
    "Democracy Now" has reported that, as a result of a federal judge's order stopping the recount in Michigan demanded by Jill Stein of the Green Party, over 75,000 ballots, in a mostly from black neighborhoods in Detroit and Flint were never counted in state where, according to Palast, Trump's margin of "victory" was just over 13,000 (Shades of the recount termination in Florida in 2000.)
     And so, while much attention has been directed at the 538 members of the Electoral College, which "elected" the candidate who lost the popular vote by almost three million votes, it is apparent that the Republicans (chief among them Trump pal Kris Kobach, Kansas Secretary of State, who devised the "cross checking") literally disenfranchised enough mostly minority voters likely to vote Democratic) to purloin the election well in advance of November 8.

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UP FRONT News   October 7, 2016
"The paper that won't be bought and can't be sold."
Published by Tom Weiss
Andrew Mazzone - Media Representative and Economics Advisor
Steven Gradman - Religious and Community Liaison
Allen Smith - Economics Reporter and Internet Advisor
  The views expressed in UP FRONT News are those of the publisher or of the contributing writer and do not necessarily represent the views of staff.

   If Russian dictator Vladimir Putin wanted the authoritarian Donald Trump to win the 2016 election and ordered the hacking of Clinton campaign director John Podesta's  emails and those of (now ex-) Democratic National Committee boss Debbie Wasserman Schultz his strategy was to "help" the Democrats to nominate the weakest candidate, Hillary Clinton. I am not a conspiracy theorist but there are conspiracies. The DNC and the local Democratic Party machines and their unelected "super delegates" at the Convention plotted to deny the nomination to Bernie Sanders, a stronger candidate with none of "baggage" (e.g. $250,000 speeches for Goldman Sachs, the privatized email scandal, Benghazi, the mistrust and "likeability" factor, etc., etc., etc.). I am certainly not the only journalist who understands that many of the white folks who had voted for Obama, cast their ballots for Trump and that plenty of African-Americans did not vote at all.
  Donald Trump campaigned as an occasionally rhetorically "Wall Street"-bashing right wing populist who was constantly on the offensive, responding in the primaries and in the election with lies, evasions and attacks, often very personalized. The only time he politically retreated was when the then resurgent Sanders accepted Trump's impulsive challenge to a one-on-one debate.
  Had the Democrats run the nomination process more small "d" democratically, Trump would have had no choice other than to debate Sanders. A true populist against a faux populist and Trump would have had to do what he has never done, concede. 
  And so, thanks in part to the Electoral College we have an egomaniac who claims that he won by a landslide, and fills Cabinet with ex-Goldman Sachsers and other one percenters, who believes he is absolutely correct about everything.
   I've read some articles in what passes for the left wing press, urging resistance in the streets and communities and by politicians such as Senators Elizabeth Warren and Sanders and Keith Ellison. I've also chatted with a long time member of the Green Party (which, given the widespread unpopularity of the major party candidates, should have done better than finding itself in the perhaps somewhat embarrassing position of presenting itself as the voice of the 1% getting 1% of the vote) who offered some optimism inasmuch as the Trump victory brings the billionaire class out into the open.
   It is also true that China was at times a campaign issue but, as far as I am aware, the Greens spoke about Palestine but the Genocide in Tibet was not mentioned.


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UP FRONT News   October 7, 2016
"The paper that won't be bought and can't be sold."
Published by Tom Weiss
Andrew Mazzone - Media Representative and Economics Advisor
Steven Gradman - Religious and Community Liaison
Allen Smith - Economics Reporter and Internet Advisor
  The views expressed in UP FRONT News are those of the publisher or of the contributing writer and do not necessarily represent the views of staff.


  Although it is the Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump who is known for disrespecting reporters whose questions and views he doesn't like, Richard Reichard the Democratic candidate for Congress in New York's 11th congressional district (Staten Island and the neighborhoods of Bay Ridge, Dyker Heights, Bensonhurst and Gravesend in Brooklyn) obviously has some Trump in him - at least when encountering this reporter. Several weeks ago I called Mr. Reichard's campaign office and spoke with his campaign manager Roy Moskowitz, with whom I've been politically and journalistically acquainted for several years and who either talks politics with me in whispers or avoids me entirely. It was some years ago that, during a conversation Mr. Moskowitz and I had about prominent Staten Island Democratic Association member David Jones, who was NYC Councilmember Debi Rose's 2009 corruption-tainted campaign manager and for years a big shot at Peace Action of Staten Island (PASI, of which his wife Sally was President) that he acknowledged that Jones is an "Israel basher". Given Jones's record in PASI of consistently demonizing Israel and sometimes depicting Iran as a beacon of peace, Moskowitz's reference to Jones as an "Israel basher" was approximately 100% correct. Moskowitz, however, was - and is - unwilling to say anything about Jones's history of making threats against me and his attempted assault on me some years ago at a candidates forum when I was running for the U.S. Senate as a Federal Elections Commission-registered candidate for the U.S. Senate against then incumbent Hillary Clinton. Being critical of Israel about some of its policies and actions against Palestinians (as I am) is not the same thing as anti-Semitism. As far as I am concerned David Jones blurs that distinction.
  During my phone conversation with Mr. Moskowitz in response to my request for information regarding Mr. Reichard's position on some issues (e.g. self-determination for Communist China-occupied Tibet), he asked me to send an email. I did and got no response.
  Mr. Reichard was one of two congressional candidates (Green Party candidate Henry Bardel was the other) showing up at the October 5 candidates forum at the Fort Hamilton Senior Center (of which I am a member) in Brooklyn. The meeting was chaired by Staten Island Democrat Peter Killen of the Bay Ridge Council on Aging. (At last year's forum, when I was a candidate for Congress, it was with considerable reluctance that Mr. Killen allowed me to participate; he was much more small "d" democratic this time.) When, during the Q&A, Mr. Killen called on me to question the candidates I had two questions. In my first question I cited some of the facts about the brutal genocidal Chinese Communist occupation of Tibet and asked whether the candidates would support a congressional resolution (such as I've proposed) calling upon the U.S. to formally acknowledge the nationhood of Tibet and to call for the withdrawal of all foreign (i.e. Chinese) military and police personnel from Tibet. Mr. Reichard, not acknowledging the human rights issue, said "I'd have to read the resolution first." I then asked if he would introduce such a resolution (which he would obviously read) and I got no answer.  I then asked him his views on the responsibility of candidates to respond to reporters' emails and elected officials to assist constituents on government related problems. His answer: "I won't answer your emails."
  That is what Strom Thurmond might have said to an African-American reporter or constituent.
  Richard Reichard is the candidate of a thoroughly corrupt Staten Island Democratic Party Machine that includes NYS Senator Diane Savino (D.-S.I./Bklyn.) and her Chief of Staff, Robert Cataldo, a known criminal and perpetrator of a major violation of my civil rights when he attacked me at my scheduled appointment with him in Ms. Savino's S.I. district office on an urgent constituent matter. At the time, as already noted here I was an announced Democratic candidate for the U.S. Senate against Savino's pal Hillary Clinton. That attack (NYPD complaint # 2006-120-8244) occurred without witnesses, inasmuch as Mr. Cataldo, anticipating my scheduled arrival, had emptied Ms. Savino's office of all other staff. And so, when Democratic Party official Mendy Mirocznik last April told me that Cataldo had committed a similar crime against another victim and that "Robert Cataldo is a member of the Sicilian mob" I was not surprised.
  Since then the criminal and identified mobster Robert Cataldo has been enjoying the protection of Ms. Savino and the Staten Island Democratic Party machine, which includes Roy Moskowitz, Richard Reichard, NYS Assemblymember Matthew Titone, NYC Councilmember Debi Rose, David Jones and even some religious leaders such as Savino pals Rev. Tony Baker and Deacon John McBeth of St. Philips ("No Apostrophe") Baptist Church in S.I., among many others as well as the Staten Island Advance, a paper with a long record of protecting the politically entrenched regardless of Party.
 U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch and the FBI at their respective requests, have received detailed emails from me on this matter.
  No wonder that Reichard won't answer my questions.
  Regarding Tibet, Green Party candidate Henry Bardel said nothing about the human rights disaster in Tibet or about self-determination for the people of that occupied country and said only that the U.S. should not use military force against China.
  I am in contact with Republican Congressman Dan Donovan (who was not at the forum) on the Tibet issue and other matters.
  I am not a betting man. If I were I would not bet on Richard Reichard.

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UP FRONT News   September 30, 2016
"The paper that won't be bought and can't be sold."

Published by Tom Weiss
Andrew Mazzone - Media Representative and Economics Advisor
Steven Gradman - Religious and Community Liaison
Allen Smith - Economics Reporter and Internet Advisor
  The views expressed in UP FRONT News are those of the publisher or of the contributing writer and do not necessarily represent the views of staff.

   Although playwright/poet Howard Pflanzer -  known to many audiences in New York, San Diego (where the suburb of El Cajon is in the news over another cop killing of African-American), India, Spain and elsewhere - has told me that he did not, prophetically, have either Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump or Green Party longshot Jill Stein in mind when he wrote "Dead Birds or Avian Blues", a play recently performed at the Bowery Poetry Club in Manhattan, the encounter between the elephant and the hummingbird, presumably intentionally, defies the play's title, as the hummingbird confronts a "terrified" "pusillanimous pachyderm", emerging triumphant with the culminating punchline, "What you can't kill, you gotta live with. Too bad." "The Sparrows" is a very serious "poem" about birds "on the roof of Auschwitz" that "chirp happily" because "they do not know and cannot read" - and will be encountered via this newspaper by the even longer shot presidential candidate from upstate New York known as Sparrow.
 While the play, which is illustrated by Juliane Pieper, includes nineteen encounters between birds and other wildlife and eight avian poems, was published some years ago by Fly By Night Press and predates this election, it addresses political issues. The reading last August at the Bowery Poetry Club - which hosts musical, theatrical and political issue events - featured Mr. Pflanzer and Zoe Anastassiou, who is from Greece and speaks Australian-accented English.


UP FRONT News   September 27, 2016
"The paper that won't be bought and can't be sold."

Published by Tom Weiss
Andrew Mazzone - Media Representative and Economics Advisor
Steven Gradman - Religious and Community Liaison
Allen Smith - Economics Reporter and Internet Advisor
  The views expressed in UP FRONT News are those of the publisher or of the contributing writer and do not necessarily represent the views of staff.


    "Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump...came to the stage at Hofstra University sharing the burden of being the best-known and least liked candidates to run for the White House" as reported by Janet Hook, Peter Nicholas and Reid J. Epstein in the Wall Street Journal. The WSJ article also reported that Mrs. Clinton has a 1.5 percentage point lead over Trump and that Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson is at 7.2% and that Green Party candidate Jill Stein is at 2.3%.
     As pointed out previously in this paper, among the distinguishing features of the Hillary vs. Donald contest is that, related to the reality that most Americans can't stand them, is the ironic fact that, when they accuse each other of lying, which is often, they are telling the truth. Donald lies about his taxes, about his history of discriminating against African-Americans seeking to rent apartments in buildings owned by him and or his father, about "Trump University" etc., etc. Hillary continues to lie about her decision to privatize much of her email correspondence when she was Secretary of State. Among the few compelling points made by Trump in the "debate" was his reference to Hillary's complaints about alleged foreign government (Russia?) hacking into Democratic National Committee emails. Trump correctly pointed out that what was really upsetting to Mrs. Clinton is that the hacked DNC emails documented the Clinton machine machinations to make certain that the Democratic National Convention did not nominate Bernie Sanders for president. Mrs. Clinton claimed that her decision to set up a private email account for State Department correspondence was a "mistake". Previous U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell, understandably angry over Mrs. Clinton's claims that she had gotten some sort of email privatizing okay from Powell, has claimed that he had advise her to the contrary. .
    Among the patterns employed by politicians who tend to lie is to avoid lying all the time, and, in that regard, telling the truth at times. Persistent lying renders the perpetrator predictable, diminishing his or her credibility with the voters. And so some reporters compare Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Trump in quantitative terms, i.e. who has told more lies. It appears to be Trump.
   With Hillary Clinton and me, however, it's both political and personal. The Clintons' attacks on me actually began in December, 1992 after I managed to get the facts of the Chinese Communist Genocide in the formerly independent nation of Tibet to President-elect Bill Clinton via my telephone conversations with - and faxed articles to - Bill Clinton's secretary Betty M. Currie (some years later involuntarily very famous during the Monica Lewinsky drama). Bill Clinton, his Secretary of State Warren Christopher and his Communications Chief George Stephanopoulos responded by burying the documents, including several UP FRONT News articles describing some of the gruesome tortures inflicted by the Chinese Communists on Tibetan monks and nuns. And when I was invited to attend (and presumably testify at) the January 19, 1993 hearing of the U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations on President-elect Bill Clinton's nomination of Mr. Christopher to be Secretary of State I was arrested. Bill Clinton & Co., already beholden to the mega-corporations of the China Lobby who extract gazillions in profits from their investments in China, were not about to let the facts of China's Genocide in Tibet become public - e.g. with my testimony before the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations.
  The Clinton Administration attempted to buy me off by offering me a plea bargain if I would admit that I broke the law by coming to the Committee hearing. Citing my Constitutional my rights, I turned down the plea bargain offer and went to trial and on July 26, 1993 I was acquitted (Case # 1993 CMD 000772) by a jury before Judge Leo Satterfield in the Superior Court of the District of Columbia, Criminal Division.
  Hillary Clinton continued the attacks on me when she became a U.S. Senator. She refused me constituent assistance, had an aide send a defamatory letter about me to my brother Jim and placed me under surveillance. Her political vassals in Staten Island such as NYS Assemblymember Matthew Titone refused to assist me on constituent matters. And when, in consideration of the Clintons silence on the Tibet Genocide issue and Mrs. Clinton's unsatisfactory legislative record on issues relating to the poor and homeless, I announced my U.S. Federal Elections Commission-registered Democratic write-in candidacy for the U.S. Senate against Mrs. Clinton, the response was intimidating.
  Among Hillary's pals in the Democratic Party machine-run North Shore Staten Island is the very powerful NYS Senator Diane Savino (D.-S.I./Bklyn.) Ms. Savino's Chief of Staff was - and is - Robert Cataldo. Because of a serious constituent matter warranting Ms. Savino's intervention I contacted her office and was given an appointment with Mr. Cataldo, whom I had never met but who certainly knew about my already media-reported candidacy for the U.S. Senate against Hillary Clinton.
  Inasmuch as literally thousands of people, in Staten Island and beyond, and plenty of reporters (especially at the multi-billionaire Donald Newhouse's Staten Island Advance) know the details of what occurred at the appointment I will only summarize here. During the several minutes I was with Robert Cataldo in Ms. Savino's Staten Island district office, Cataldo went berserk. He backed me up against a wall, bellowing threats of violence and arrest, accusing me of incest and necrophilia, i.e. having sexual relations with my late mother, and spit at me. This psychosis went on for several minutes before I was able to escape without physical injury.
  The entire attack took place without witnesses - inasmuch as Cataldo, anticipating my scheduled arrival, had emptied Ms. Savino's office of all staff. Mafia tactics!
  Savino's response, when I subsequently spoke to her on the phone, was to say, "Oh. don't worry about Cataldo." She has been protecting this psychopath ever since.
  And when the then politically controlled 120th precinct refused to take my complaint against Cataldo, I contacted an honest cop I know, Sgt. Det. Al Fiore, who in his capacity then with the NYPD's intelligence unit, knows me and knows politics, who, at my request, came to S.I. and filed what is NYPD complaint #2006-120-8244 for me.
  And when Staten Island Democratic Party official (and Council of Jewish Organizations President) Mendy Mirocznik on April 23, 2015 told me that Robert Cataldo had committed a similar crime against another victim and added that "Robert Cataldo is a member of the Sicilian mob", it made it necessary for me to contact the FBI. I had already contacted the U.S. Department of Justice via then U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District Loretta Lynch by phone, pursuant to a detailed telephone conversation with Ms. Lynch's assistant, sent her a report by email. Following my conversation with Mendy Mirocznik, while I was in Washington, I contacted the FBI and spoke by phone with a staffer in the D.C. office and sent the requested report by email. The FBI replied, advising me that, inasmuch as the incident occurred in New York, I should contact that NYC office. I did so and a detailed report has been sent there by email.
 In the 1930's much of the American political establishment, including folks in FDR's Democratic Party, covered up the developing Nazi Genocide against the Jews. The Nazis had plenty of corporate friends in America, who saw Adolf Hitler as a bulwark against the Soviet Communists.
 Genocides and corruption survive thrive via coverups. The Savino/Cataldo/Mafia NYPD complaint #2006-120-8244 coverup includes at least one "house of worship", St. Philips ("No Apostrophe") Baptist Church, in Staten Island, where the Pastor Rev. Tony Baker, who knows all the details, is a pal of Ms. Savino and Robert Cataldo and who, along with one of his deacons, John McBeth, has harassed me on several occasions
 The Dalai Lama has said that over one million Tibetans have died as a direct consequence of the Chinese occupation.
 That is Genocide!
  I don't expect Hillary, with her ties to the China Lobby, to call for self-determination for Tibet (as Bernie Sanders announced in his May 21, 2015 email to me).
  Donald Trump often criticizes China's trade war against the U.S. With his words of praise for dictators, e.g. Saddam Hussein and Vladimir Putin , I don't anticipate Trump calling for independence for Tibet from totalitarian-ruled China.
  The Green Party Press Secretary has sent me a copy of the Party's platform, which calls for "national self determination."
  He has assured me that the Tibet issue, involving both self-determination and Genocide will be considered by the Green Party's Platform Committee.
  There are lots of Tibetan-Americans registered to vote. Most, if not all of them, want China out of Tibet.
   If and when Jill Stein confirms what I assume to be her uncompromising opposition to governments that practice Genocide and calls for self-determination for Tibet, which I will of course report in UP FRONT News, her poll numbers will rise.

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UP FRONT News   September 8, 2016
"The paper that won't be bought and can't be sold."
 Published by Tom Weiss
Andrew Mazzone - Media Representative and Economics Advisor
Steven Gradman - Religious and Community Liaison
Allen Smith - Economics Reporter and Internet Advisor
  The views expressed in UP FRONT News are those of the publisher or of the contributing writer and do not necessarily represent the view of staff.


   The very political (and religious) "Tibet Story" - most thoroughly reported in this newspaper (with the so-called "alternative media, particularly on the "left", ignoring the story, and the mainstream media, in any cases, suppressing the facts entirely) - is a potentially electorally pivotal issue for several reasons.
   The formerly independent nation of Tibet (which, according to a Tibetan historian I know, existed as a political entity in B.C. years) is the victim of a Genocide.
   The perpetrator of that Genocide is the government of the People's Republic of China, the world's #2 military and economic power, and one of the worst human rights violators in the world.
   The U.S. position as articulated by President Barack Obama, i.e. that "Tibet is part of China" (which was also Mao Zedong's position, which he used to justify Communist China's invasion of independent Tibet in 1951,is historically false (surprising inasmuch as Mr. Obama is a Harvard graduate).
    Bill and Hillary Clinton have been personally knowledgeable about the atrocities perpetrated by the Chinese Communists against the Tibetans since as far back as 1992 - when I got the facts to then President-elect Bill Clinton via my telephone conversations and faxed correspondence exchange with Bill Clinton's secretary Betty M. Currie. The Clintons have responded by harassing me and violating my civil rights.
    The Clintons' silence on the fact of the ongoing Chinese Communist Genocide in Tibet can be explained by their well-known lucrative ties to Wall Street corporations, including those comprising the China Lobby.
    In its response to the Dalai Lama's proposal for a "Middle Way" guaranteeing full Tibetan autonomy inside China, the Chinese government has lied in asserting that Tibet is already "autonomous". 
   According to the Dalai Lama over 1,000,000 Tibetans have died as a direct consequence of the Chinese occupation.
   The Tibetan people are ethnically, racially, linguistically and cultural distinct from the Han Chinese. The Han Chinese are light-complexioned; the Tibetans are dark-complexioned. The Chinese occupation is racist!
   The Tibetan language is not Chinese; it is derived from Sanskrit and Aramaic Hebrew. The Aramaic is presumably related to the reported residence in Tibet by Jesus during "The Missing Years", not reported in the Bible. For more information read "The Lost Years of Jesus" by Elizabeth Clare Prophet" and "Jesus in Tibet..." in UP FRONT News.
   The late Dr. Martin Luther King associate Rev. Timothy P. Mitchell, characterized the Chinese occupation as "Genocide" and as an attack by the (atheistic) Chinese Communists on the Tibetans' "faith".
   U.S. Senator and former presidential candidate Bernard Sanders in a May 21, 2015 email to me, has called for "self-determination for the Tibetan people."
   The platform of the Green Party calls for "national self-determination".
   The issue is Genocide. The perpetrator is China. The full story is in UP FRONT News.
   It's a campaign issue.


UP FRONT News        August 22, 2016
"The paper that won't be bought and can't be sold."
Published by Tom Weiss
Andrew Mazzone - Media Representative and Economics Advisor
Steven Gradman - Religious and Community Liaison
Allen Smith - Economics Reporter and Internet Advisor
 The views expressed in UP FRONT News are those of the publisher or of the contributing writer and do not necessarily represent the views of staff.


By Andrew Mazzone

At UP FRONT News we look on in amazement as to the actions of our wealthy citizens, who always scream for "free enterprise". Well, what we have in the USA is free enterprise for the lower and middle classes and protected market socialism for the rich. And the big boys love it.

For example, since the 2008 crash the stock market has tripled in value. It has gone up to the tune of four trillion dollars ($4,000,000,000). How was it done?  It was done through "quantitative easing", a program whereby the  banks and stock market received this money, printed out of thin air, which was given to them to initiate bank lending and investing in the real economy. And since consumer prices are kept competitive in real products by Chinese competition at that level we get stable prices and not inflation for consumers, thereby forcing all the printed money to go to speculative markets. The brokers take commissions and fees, the consumer gets status quo low growth. This is the current status.

Why does this occur? Why do the American people always end up one step behind the Goldman Sachsers of this world in terms of who gets the money and who gets the "Okey Dokey"?  One day the Americans will catch the "Okey Dokey" and all hell will break lose. But in the meantime our hopes for the future are piling up one trillion ($1,000,000,000) in debt for student loans. This to try to get only a starting foothold in life.

What if the U.S. government, instead of  giving $4,000,000,000 to the banks, gave them $3,000,000,000, and give $1,000,000,000 for student debt forgiveness? What
would we have? We would have the the debt forgiven and the students (mostly the "young people" to whom Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein refers and whose millions of votes she is seeking) retain $1,000,000,000 in purchasing power to finance small business startups and to borrow new monies for business opportunities. This would jumpstart the real economy, making it appealing for the banks to jump in with another $1,000,000,000. Just consider the grass roots economic expansion that would occur. Just think of how incomes would improve for everyone.

But under those economically democratic circumstances the relative position of the Goldman Sachsers might be diminished because the demonstration effect of this strategy might lead to further positive effects. Green Party Stein and her vice-presidential running mate Ajamu Baraka (and former Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders) - reminding us of the bailout of the banks, whose profiteering was a major factor in the economic collapse that led to large numbers of foreclosures, adding to the worsening epidemic of homelessness in America - have called for the forgiveness of student debt. The bankers and their allies in the Democratic and Republican Parties may suggest that the U.S. cannot afford to "bail out" our students.

Yes we can!

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UP FRONT News         August 18, 2016
"The paper that won't be bought and can't be sold."
Published by Tom Weiss
Andrew Mazzone - Media Representative and Economics Advisor
Steven Gradman - Religious and Community Liaison
Allen Smith - Economics Reporter and Internet Advisor

The views expressed in UP FRONT News are those of the publisher or of the contributing write and do not necessarily represent the views of staff.


In the mayoral election of Democratic Party machine-run New York City in 1886, a radical economist/activist political outsider named Henry George - who wrote a book, "Progress and Poverty" identifying industrial capitalism as a major cause of mass poverty and who called for "land value" tax reform - shocked the political world by finishing second in the race - ahead of third place finisher Theodore Roosevelt. Although it was Roosevelt who later became president, Henry George proved the electoral power of the long shot.

Of the four presidential candidates with national ballot status, the longest shot is Green Party candidate Jill Stein, from Massachusetts, who has made her living as a pediatrician and writer. As Donald Trump continues to scare millions of even "conservative" Republican voters with his Benito Mussolini-style xenophobic, violence-inciting campaigning, some voters are moving to Hillary Clinton as the "anything but Trump" choice.

The fact is however, that millions of voters entirely understandably dislike - and more importantly distrust - both Hillary and "The Donald." That should not be surprising in an election in which the two "leading" candidates tend to lie a lot. Indeed, among the few times they tell the truth is when they accuse each other of lying.

Trump is unable to explain away the lawsuits accusing him of running a scam called "Trump University." The New York Times reports the huge tax break he got from New Jersey under Governor Chris Christie, a Trump supporter whose relationship to the George Washington Bridge gridlock some years ago is compared to Richard Nixon's relationship to the break-in at the Watergate in the last millennium. Would you buy a used car from Donald Trump or Chris Christie?

Hillary Clinton, the diplomat who claimed she was targeted by snipers at the airport in Sarajevo during the Balkan War, is doing a job on the English language with her dodging and weaving over her decision to privatize her State Department e-mails and lie about how she arrived at that decision and about the "classified" status of some of those emails. She blasts Trump as being too much for the rich but remains sullen and silent about her decision to accept fees of $250,000 from the likes of Goldman Sachs, and on some occasions demanding "free hummus" as part of her fees at speaking engagements. In black churches she spouts Martin Luther King civil rights oratory but has little to say about Bill Clinton's "welfare reform", which in many cases caused increasing hardship for the poor and worsened the problem of homelessness.

And so the possibilities for a third or fourth party this election year are substantial.

In 1996 and 2000 the Greens ran Ralph Nader for president. He got a relative handful of votes. Included in that handful were some votes in "swing states", notably pivotal Florida. The Republican ticket of George W. Bush/Dick Cheney "won" Florida over the Democratic Al Gore/Joseph Lieberman ticket, giving the Republicans the Electoral College majority needed for "election."

As far as I am aware, only UP FRONT News reported the fact that the Ralph Nader campaign was essentially controlled by a number of ultra-"left" political extremists, mostly in New York City, known as "Newmanites", some connected to the quite notorious ultra-left/ultra-right/ultra-left megalomaniac racist and convicted felon "intellectual" dictator-wannabe Lyndon LaRouche. The strategy of "social therapy" cult leaders LaRouche-"educated" "Dr." Fred Newman and his anti-Semitic protégé Lenora Fulani was to bash the Democrats and the Republicans as "the same", while weaning votes away from the Democrats (to Nader), thereby helping the Republicans.

A Republican victory would lead to policies attacking the poor and the marginal middle class, fueling the kind of anger on which "populist" fascism (a la LaRouche) thrives. Case example: post-World War I economically devastated Germany, whose destitute masses listened and absorbed the National Socialist (Nazi) "revolutionary" speeches of Adolf Hitler.

According to Brooklyn Green Party member (and UP FRONT News reader) Mitchel Cohen, with whom I've been acquainted for a number of years, "the Newmanites" are no longer in the Green Party. I hope that he is correct.

At last night's nationally televised Green Party Town Hall on CNN, Jill Stein and her vice-presidential running mate Ajamu Baraka presented a quite compelling alternative to the Trump/Clinton "choice" suggesting that it's better to vote for the "greater good" than for the "lesser evil."

Ms. Stein smiled a lot during the questioning by Chris Cuomo and some from the audience. She did not smile however as she criticized Hillary Clinton on the email matter, thereby addressing a major "honesty" issue that Bernie Sanders mistakenly avoided.
Ms. Stein reminded Americans about the problems created and worsened for the poor in Bill Clinton's "welfare reform." She spoke about Hillary's leaning to the right with her vice-presidential pick Tim Kaine. Ms. Stein, however, did not mention Kaine's past chairmanship of the machine otherwise known as the Democratic National Committee, which, under Chairlady Debbie Wasserman Schultz, superdelegate-"rigged" the Democratic National Convention so as to assure Hillary Clinton's nomination over Bernie Sanders, and has covered up major Democratic Party corruption involving "mobbed up" Hillary pal NYS Senator Diane Savino and her Chief of Staff Robert Cataldo in Staten Island, New York City.

Ms. Stein took an issue from the Bernie sanders campaign in calling for the cancellation of all student debt, reminding us all about the bailout of the corporations and banks, who generated the economic collapse in the first place. The call for the cancellation of the student debt is a political strategy because those millions of debt-oppressed young people are votes. She could have also mentioned the salaries of some university presidents and football coaches.

Mr. Baraka emphasized the connection between international issues and domestic policy as he criticized U.S. relationship with oppressive governments, singling out Saudi Arabia, and oppression in America.

One government, however, the he did not mention was China, certainly one of the most repressive in the world and, which, as UP FRONT News readers in particular know, continues to perpetrate a racist genocide in the formerly independent nation of Tibet.

Among the reason why I endorsed Bernie Sanders in UP FRONT News is because, in reply to my lobbying Senator Sanders, on May 21, 2015 he sent me an email announcing his support for "self-determination for the Tibetan people", a position taken by leading African-Americans such as UP FRONT News reader Dr. Cornel West and elected officials such as NYS Senator Tony Avella (D.-Queens).

Mr. Baraka's website includes a photo of him shaking hands with the Dalai Lama of Tibet. That looks nice. What I am interested in is whether he and Ms. Stein support self-determination for the Tibetan people.

Tibet is also an issue that exposes the hollowness of any Clinton pontifications about "human rights." The fact is that the Clintons, connected to that part of "Wall Street" comprising the multinational corporations of the China Lobby, are directly involved in the political coverup of the Chinese Communist Genocide in Tibet. The facts are all in UP FRONT News online at

Mr. Baraka, who hopes to become the first African-American vice president, made it very clear that the issues of police brutality against African-Americans will be a major area addressed by a Stein Administration as Ms. Stein called for civilian review boards on a national basis.

Ms. Stein, who spoke some about her Jewish upbringing, strongly criticized Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's policies vis a vis the Palestinians and called for boycotting both Israel and Saudi Arabia.

She spoke in complimentary terms about Bernie Sanders but did not mention her (UP FRONT News-proposed) offer to Bernie to have the Green Party endorse nominate him if he became the Democratic Party nominee. She made no mention of her offer, id the Democrats picked Hillary, to have the Green Party nominate him for president with her as his vice-presidential running mate, an offer Bernie turned down in his decision to endorse Hillary.

Under the regulations set by the Commission on Presidential Debates, in order to participate in the debates (the first one is on September 26, at Hofstra College) a candidate must register at no less than 15% at several polls). Presidential debates can be pivotal. A Stein/Clinton/Trump debate will be very different from a Stein/Clinton debate. Long shots can be gamechangers.

Remember Henry George.

Friday, July 29, 2016


UP FRONT News        July 28, 2016
"The paper that won't be bought and can't be sold."
Published by Tom Weiss
Andrew Mazzone - Media Representative and Economics Advisor
Steven Gradman - Religious and Community Liaison
Allen Smith - Economics Reporter and Internet Advisor
  The views expressed in UP FRONT News are those of the publisher or of the contributing writer and do not necessarily represent the views of staff.



  Some of the major polls show that Democratic Party presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is ahead. Some polls show that Republican Party candidate Donald Trump I ahead. One poll showed that 20% of the voters are undecided.
  Many polls, however, show that a great many voters (a majority) find both Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Trump "untrustworthy." Although no pollster has interviewed me, I am part of that majority that views the two leading candidates as profoundly dishonest. They lie a lot. It's not a choice involving "the lesser of two evils." It's a "choice" between the equivalent of two evils. 
  That generates the ironic reality that among the few times that Hillary and "The Donald" tell the truth is when each accuses the other of lying.
  It is therefore very reasonable to suggest that, with two "major party" candidates so thoroughly distrusted and disliked (when in 2008 during an Barack Obama vs. Hillary Clinton debate, he suggested to her, "You're likeable enough" he was wrong), this could be the year for a successful "third" or "fourth" party candidacy.
  In 1996 and 2000 the Green Party ran as its candidate the already famous consumer advocate Ralph Nader. Much of what Mr. Nader said about the corporate threat to American democracy was accurate and got some rhetorical support from the "socialists" on the left and some libertarian types on the right. It is also true that during Nader's campaigns, much of the power in the Green Party was exercised by ultra-left political extremists, some of them connected with the notorious, albeit aging, ultra-left/ultra-right/ultra-left megalomaniac, convicted federal felon, anti-Semite, past presidential candidate Lyndon H. LaRouche, and his populism-spouting ideological offspring such as the demagogic duet of "social therapy" cult leaders Dr. Fred Newman (who has since passed away) and Lenora Fulani. The Green Party in New York City was controlled by a number of activists such as Paul ("Zool") Zulkowitz, Jerry Kann, George Tatevosyan and Cathy Sadell, who spouted "peace", "revolution", "socialism", with some conspiracy theory thrown in, while claiming in 2000 that the Democratic ticket of Al Gore/Joseph Lieberman and the Republican ticket of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney were "the same." The Greens, while based in New York and Washington, focused their vote-getting efforts for Nader - who ignored information that I (and perhaps others) gave him about the LaRouche-linked bunch in the Green Party - in some swing states, such as Florida. No amount of rhetorical gymnastics will disprove the arithmetical fact that Ralph Nader's relative handful of votes in pivotal Florida helped the Republican ticket "win" that state and thereby get the votes needed in the Electoral College to literally steal the election from Gore/Lieberman, who defeated Bush/Cheney in the popular vote.
   The cryptos (Sadell/Tatevosyan/Kann/Zulkowitz, et. al.) in the Green Party, under the direction of Fulani/Newman (to whom Green Party veteran Mitchel Cohen has whisperingly referred as "The Newmanites") ran the NYC Nader for President "meetup" in New York City much as, say, Josef Stalin and Mao Zedong ran their political meetings. I lost count of how many times I was threatened and in one case physically attacked (by Tatevosyan/Kann). The classic fascist electoral strategy, which had been used by fascists such as the (National) Socialist Adolf Hitler was to "outleft the 'left'" (in this case the Democrats) by rhetorically bashing the Democrat and Republicans equally, a tactic that helped the Republicans. A Bush/Cheney win was the desired agenda. Why? Because under the anticipated reactionary Bush/Cheney (actually Cheney/Bush), there would be a political and legislative attack on the poor and the marginal middle class, rewards for the one percenters, precisely the social and economic conditions that fuel mass anger (and sometimes violence), the ingredients necessary for fascism to succeed. The most compelling historical case example is of course post-World War I defeated and economically devastated Germany, whose masses of poor people responded to the "revolutionary" rantings of the oratorically spellbinding Adolf Hitler.
   And so, with the help of a relatively small number of ultra-"left" cryptos in and near the Greens and elsewhere on the left, Cheney/Bush "won" and things over the following eight years got much worse, generating the rise of Occupy Wall Street - which also became fertile territory for "ultras", such as those provoking violence and hoisting protest signs saying "The Jews Own the Banks."
  Although Ralph Nader's paltry vote totals on the Green Party line helped swing the 2000 election to the Republicans, his pre-election poll numbers were nowhere near enough to qualify him to participate in any of the three mandated presidential debates.
  This year, with a different Green Party, a different Green Party presidential candidate, Jill Stein, and with two majorly unpopular major party candidates, it could be different.
   Last October 2 I sent an email to Jill Stein urging her to endorse Bernie Sanders for president citing the major similarities in his positions (e.g. on economic inequality, global warming) with those of the Green Party. It took some time and a number of communication between me and Brooklyn Green Party member and Sanders supporter Mitchel Cohen before Ms. Stein responded with her agreement to urge the Green Party to endorse Bernie if he became the Democratic Party nominee, or, if the Democrats, nominated Hillary, to urge the Green Party to nominate him as its presidential candidate with her as his vice-presidential running mate. Bernie, after complaining bitterly - and correctly - that the Debbie Wasserman Schultz-led Democratic National Committee had "rigged" the entire nominating process to favor Hillary, folded and endorsed Hillary. If Bernie, after endorsing a candidate who became the nominee through a "rigged" process, really believes that his supporters are going to vote for Hillary en masse in November, he is probably wrong. Here is why.
  Bernie made his first major mistake in the campaign last October during the first Democratic candidates debate in Las Vegas when he belittled the mounting controversy about Hillary Clinton's privatizing of her State Department email correspondence, a major example of her penchant for secrecy and lying. The issue with Hillary is not so much how "liberal" or "conservative" she may be (as far as I am concerned, she is a de facto Republicrat); the issue is Hillary Clinton's trustworthiness and integrity. She does poorly on the ethics meter.
  To his credit, in response to my telephone and emailed lobbying of Senator Sanders on the Tibet issue, on May 21, 2015, he had his then Press Secretary Jeff Frank send me an email announcing his support for "self-determination for the Tibetan people." Sanders did not, however, follow up on that, thereby ignoring the fact that Bill and Hilary Clinton, both enjoying the benefits of the Wall Street corporations of the China Lobby, have for decades been directly and personally involved in the political coverup of what is the de facto Genocidal occupation of the formerly independent nation of Tibet by the government and military of the People's Republic of China. And it is a fact that for decades Bill and Hillary Clinton have been trying to intimidate me for my Free Tibet work and my exposure of their involvement in the coverup.
  U.S. Senator Hillary Clinton was not pleased about my decision in 2005-06 to run against her for the U.S. Senate as a Federal Elections Commission-registered candidate, my candidacy being reported in Newsday, The New York Times, several college newspapers and local and national broadcast media. (Visit That fact explains why at my 2006 appointment on a serious constituent matter with Robert Cataldo, the Chief of Staff to my NYS Senator Diane Savino (D.-Staten Island/Bklyn.) Mr. Cataldo went berserk and majorly threatened me for several minutes in Ms. Savino's Staten Island district office, which, in anticipation of my scheduled arrival, he had emptied of all other staff, thereby assuring him that there would be no witnesses to his planned de facto act of terrorism against me.
  I have since learned, as I suspected, that Ms. Savino is a pal of Hillary Clinton and that, to quote Staten Island Democratic Party official Mendy Mirocznik verbatim, Robert Cataldo is a repeat offender and that "Robert Cataldo is a member of the Sicilian Mob."
  The incident is recorded as "criminal harassment" in my complain to the NYPD #2006-120-8244.
  Because Robert Cataldo and Diane Savino have violated my Constitutionally guaranteed civil rights and because of the Mafia connection, at the requests of then U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District Loretta Lynch I have sent a detailed complaint to the U.S. Department of Justice. At the request of the FBI, I have send detailed reports to then FBI's Washington, D.C. and NYC offices.
 The entire Hillary Clinton-controlled Democratic Party establishment - from Debbie Wasserman Schultz, down to the Hillary Clinton-controlled largely white Staten Island Democratic Association(SIDA) and probably the largely African-American Staten Island Political Action Club (SIPAC) - are involved in the political coverup of the Hillary connected political mob vs. me in "The People's Republic of Staten Island", where the local mainstream newspaper, the Staten Island Advance, owned by a reactionary multibillionaire named Donald Newhouse, has been protecting the politically corrupt of both major parties for decades.
  I will not endorse or vote for a presidential candidate, in this case Hilary Clinton, who is obsessed with the accumulation of wealth in the pursuit of political power, who is indifferent to Genocide, who had violated my privacy and my civil rights and who is connected in any way to the Mafia.
  Mitchel Cohen has told me that at least some of "The Newmanites" have been separated from the Green Party. That is a positive development. There is at least one guy, (Green Party member?) often very belligerent, who was a visible and hostile to me supporter of a Green Party congressional candidate in an election last year in which I was also a candidate, and who made a couple of threats against me and an acquaintance at the recent event in Staten Island memorializing the police-inflicted death of Eric Garner.
  I'm not voting for Hillary Clinton and I'm not voting for Donald Trump. I am not inclined to vote for the candidate of a political party, the Libertarians, who, as far as I am aware, are philosophically opposed to rent controls.
  I will certainly consider endorsing a candidate who tells the truth, promises to attack the problems of economic inequality/poverty/homelessness, supports self-determination for Tibet, and is ready to discuss corruption involving presidential candidates and human rights in general. If Jill Stein does that, she should certainly be able to reach the 15% in the pre-election polls to be in the first presidential debate on September 26 at Hofstra University. Presidential debates can generate unanticipated results.
  At the very least, on stage debating Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Jill Stein will be a major breath of political fresh air.

Saturday, July 23, 2016


Published by Tom Weiss
Andrew Mazzone - Media Representative and Economics Advisor
Steven Gradman - Religious and Community Liaison
Allen Smith - Economics Reporter and Internet Advisor
  The views expressed in UP FRONT News are those of the publisher or of the contributing writer and do not necessarily represent the views of staff.


      The Staten Island Advance, one of the ultimates in corrupt corporate-controlled media, owned by multi-billionaire Donald Newhouse, has a history of willfully misreporting and often censoring political news. The Advance has, for example been protecting the political mob for years with its  willful suppression of the facts of NYS Senator Diane Savino's (D.-S.I./Bklyn) Chief of Staff Robert Cataldo, an identified member of the Mafia, who some years ago literally terrorized me at my scheduled appointment with him in Ms. Savino's S.I. district office on an urgent constituent services matter warranting Ms. Savino's intervention. (I was of course unaware at the time that Cataldo was a mobster - and a lunatic.) The crime is documented as "criminal harassment' in NYPD complaint #2006-120-8244.
     The crime was politically motivated inasmuch as I was an announced Federal Elections Commission-registered Democratic write-in candidate for the U.S. Senate against Savino pal Hillary Clinton
and I had been harassed by the Clintons previously for my exposure of their direct involvement in the coverup of a Genocide - i.e. the one being perpetrated by Communist China in the formerly independent nation of Tibet. Because Cataldo perpetrated a major criminal violation of my civil rights I contacted  then U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District (and no U.S. Attorney General) Loretta Lynch.  At the request of Ms. Lynch's assistant I have sent a detailed complaint against Cataldo and his principal protector Diane Savino to Ms. Lynch.
   And inasmuch as Robert Cataldo has been reliably identified (by S.I. Democratic Party official Mendy Mirocznik) as "a member of the Sicilian Mob", I contacted the FBI and, at the request of that agency have sent my complaint email to the FBI's Washington, D.C. and NYC offices.
  It is an unfortunate political fact that the Mafia - in America an essentially big city (e.g. NYC, Chicago, Philadelphia, et. al.) phenomenon - has always been associated with the Democratic Party. And so it is not surprising that for example the Staten Island Democratic Association (SIDA), some of whose members such as Roy Moskowitz (who works for Democratic Machine puppet Assemblyman Matthew Titone) and Gary Carsel, a two time landslide loser to NYS Senator Andrew Lanza (R.-S.I.), both well acquainted with Savino, identified Mafioso Robert Cataldo - and with me - and who know the facts have opted to impersonate for example the late Penn State football coach Joe Paterno and take a vow of silence under the "see no evil" mantra.
  For more on the history of political news suppression at the Staten Island Advance (by e.g. Tom Wrobleski, Rachel Shapiro, Judy Randall, Brian Laline, et. al.)visit UP FRONT News online at
   As far as I can tell, the Staten Island Advance is very understandably not highly regarded in Staten Island's African-American community (where UP FRONT News has plenty of readers). Some years ago African-American political activist Kelvin Alexander, referencing some very dubious reporting about him, told me that he considers the Advance to be "the most racist paper in New York." Rev. Dr. Demetrius S. Carolina, Sr. of the largely African-American First Central Baptist Church in my ethnically diverse still working class but gentrification-threatened neighborhood of Stapleton once told me that he considers the Staten Island Advance to be a "controlled" paper. He did not identify the "controlling" entity. It most certainly includes the Mob. That may well explain that, while much of the reporting about political corruption in New York City focuses on the other boroughs it is likely that Staten Island is the only borough in New York City and, as Richmond County, the only county of New York State's 62 counties with a state legislator (Savino) whose Chief of Staff (Cataldo) is an at least episodically psychotic wacko and has been identified as a member of the Mafia. A number of African-Americans I know including a well known member of the clergy (other than Rev. Carolina) have told me that they simply do not buy the Staten Island Advance.
   A (white) member of the faculty at the College of Staten Island, whom I met sat the recent protest in Staten Island on the second anniversary of the police lynching of Eric Garner reacted to my mention of the Advance with laughter and, with respect to Tom Wrobleski (formerly the Advance Political Editor and now the "Opinion Commentator"), simply said that "Wrobleski doesn't know what he is talking about." It is certainly apparent that some of Wrobleski's pontifications e.g about crime, about "terrorism" and his front page piece denouncing a woman who had objected to his parking his car in front of her home (perhaps one of Wrobleski's most earthshaking exposes) are so divorced from reality that they could have been written by someone on K-2 or maybe much too much Tequila. It is also true that Wrobleski consciously and willfully lies, as he has about me in print, a legally risky pattern that has also characterized the sometime defamatory "yellow journalism" of Rachel Shapiro. These two have to be among the worst journalists in America.
  Advance reporter Anne Sanders is not much better. Apparently in an effort to curry favor in the Staten Island African-American community, the Advance front paged Ms. Sanders' article on the July 17 Eric Garner protest, which involved a demonstration and speeches at the Tompkinsville, S.I, site where Mr. Garner was murdered by Police Officer Daniel Pantaleo and then a march to the 120th precinct. The protest most directly involved those closest to Eric, his mother Esau, his daughter Erica (with whom I am acquainted, who was the featured speaker at the U.S. Department of Arts & Culture/Up FRONT News-sponsored "Story Circle" event in Brooklyn in January, 2015, and who has become a nationally recognized human rights leader), his now two year old daughter Legacy and Legacy's mother Jewel Miller, with whom I am also acquainted.
  I was at the pretty much all afternoon event. Had I not known beforehand that the Garner family and close friends were central to the protest, hearing the speeches that took up perhaps 95% of the event I would have thought I was at an event organized by the late Chinese Communist dictator Mao Zedong or perhaps Fidel Castro. The featured speaker, who didn't go on quite as long as the legendarily wordy Fidel (in his much younger days), was Travis Morales, from an ultra-ultra-ultra-ultra left outfit called the Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP), whose top level dictator is Maoist Bob Avakian and more locally Carl Dix. Unlike Mao, the Maoists, and for that matter Bill and Hillary Clinton and some of the Clinton Democrats in The People's Republic of Staten Island, I am a firm believer in freedom of speech. Rest assured, however, that in Communist China there is about as much free speech as there was in Hitler's Germany. In Hitler's Germany among the people who had no rights were of course the Genocided Jews. Under the RCP's favorite government in Communist China, among the people who have no rights are the Tibetans, who are also being Genocided  and the Falun Gong.
  Interestingly Ms. Sanders's article, while perhaps accurately reporting the remarks of Erica Garner and protestor Alyssa Phean, did not bother to mention Mr. Morales, the RCP or the very visible involvement of the allied ultras from the Progressive Labor Party, who habitually call for "revolution" or, as they did near the precinct, bellow "FTP, FTP, FTP,FTP......!! (F--k the police!) Very "revolutionary."
  Anne Sanders makes no mention of P.O. Pantaleo (although his name appears in a photo of a protest sign carried by Jewel Miller). As far as I am concerned, the Staten Island Advance thereby, in a backdoor way, contributes to what is now a political coverup of the facts of this case.
  Although then Staten Island District Attorney (and now U.S. Congressman) Daniel Donovan had succeeded in legally preventing the release of transcript of the testimony at the grand jury which decided not to indict Pantaleo, there has been some leakage. The legal team representing the Garner strategically erred in demanding the release of the entire transcript. The testimony that really counts is that made by Pantaleo. It seems that Daniel Pantaleo lied to the grand jury. It is my understanding that Pantaleo denied using a chokehold on Eric Garner, describing his action as a "seat belt maneuver", a technique involving a diagonal (shoulder to waist) restraint. The videotape shows a chokehold. It is also my understanding the Pantaleo contradicted himself in claiming that he only had his arm around Eric Garner's throat for a very short time. The video shows otherwise and, as far as I am aware, no one has contradicted the fact that Mr. Garner gasped "I can't breathe" eleven times before losing consciousness and dying.
   I am unaware of any testimony proving that Eric Garner was selling untaxed cigarettes ("loosies") when arrested, thereby suggesting that the entire arrest was illegal.
   As far as I am aware, lying to law enforcement and in testimony before a grand jury is a crime.
   And as far as I am aware, there is no newspaper other than UP FRONT News that has reported these details.
   It is also true that when it comes to political self-censorship and misreporting the Staten Island Advance has the gold medal - in New York and perhaps nationally. That is why I refer to that paper as "The Staten Island Retreat.
   It was in order to bring the full facts of the lynching of Eric Garner (and the Chinese Communist lynching of an entire nation, Tibet) that I decided to run for Congress as a Federal Election Commission-registered candidate in the 2015 special election in New York's 11th congressional district (Staten Island and the neighborhoods of Bay Ridge, Bensonhurst, Dyker Heights, and Gravesend in Brooklyn) to replace the convicted and resigned Michael Grimm. The Republican candidate Dan Donovan had made it clear that he had nothing further to say on the Garner case. The Democratic Party Machine candidate, NYC City Councilman Vincent Gentile, had responded to my multiple requests to him for his views on the Garner case with dead silence. A "candidate" from the Green Party named James Lane, aside from meeting me at a campaign event and referring to me as "that white candidate" - thereby revealing himself to be colorblind or maybe getting inappropriately personal, inasmuch as the other candidates were white - said that he was only interested in domestic, not international, issues like the Genocide in Tibet (thereby admitting to be not qualified to be a U.S. Congressman, who, by definition, has to deal with international issues).
   My decision to run did not seem to terribly concern the odds-on favorite Donovan - although he did not show up at a candidates forum at the Fort Hamilton Senior Citizens Center in Bay Ridge, of which I am a member and in which, to the consternation of the Democratic Party machine, I participated. Rachel Shapiro covered the event and her article contained a blatant lie about me. Several people, including UP FRONT News Economics Reporter and Internet Advisor Allen Smith, who attended the event, and Rabbi Gerald Sussman of Temple Emanu-el in Staten Island, wrote protest letters to Advance Editor (Censor) in Chief Brian Laline, who published none of them
   Interestingly among occasional participants in Eric Garner protests (he showed up on July 17) who reacted to my decision to run for congress by consistently politically discriminating against me and harassing me in various ways was John McBeth, a Deacon at the largely African-American St. Philips ("No Apostrophe") Baptist Church in Port Richmond, pastored by Rev. Dr. Tony Baker, of which I've been a member since November, 2014. When I joined that Church (I am a "Judeo-Christian" person, baptized years ago by Dr. King's close friend and political associate the late Rev. Dr. Timothy P. Mitchell at the Ebenezer Baptist Church in Flushing, Queens) I was unaware that Baker and John McBeth were close to some corrupt Democratic Party politicians, including in particular Hillary Clinton's pall NYS Senator Diane Savino (D.-S.I./Bklyn.), whose Chief of Staff Robert Cataldo as noted above some years ago literally terrorized me during my appointment with him and who has been very reliably identified by Staten Island Democratic Party official Mendy Mirocznik (who is also the President of the Council of Jewish Organizations of S.I.) as a member of the Mafia. The NYPD complaint # ("criminal harassment") is 2006-120-8244. Because Cataldo seriously violated my civil rights and in light of his ties to organized crime, at the requests of the U.S. Department of Justice and the FBI I've sent email reports on Cataldo and his chief protector Diane Savino to those agencies. Tony Baker, the fellow who conducted Cataldo's marriage, also attacked me at an Easter event at St. Philips. I haven't been back since - although there are certainly UP FRONT News readers at St. Philips.
   The (former) Staten Island Advance political reporter with whom I had a long telephone conversation in 2011 about the absolutely frightening Cataldo attack on me and the Savino protection racket was Judy Randall. She told me she was very interested and that she would discuss it with her editor Thomas Checchi. On June 14, 2011 Ms. Randall sent me an email apologizing for the delay in getting back to me. On July 12, 2011 Judy Randall sent me the following email, "please do not contact me either by phone or by email."
   As noted earlier, Rev. Carolina was correct when he told me that the Staten Island Advance is a "controlled" newspaper.
   And I am correct in identifying the political mob as being in "control" at the Staten Island Advance.
   Does anyone believe that a corrupt multibillionaire owned newspaper that covers up stories like the Genocide in Tibet (on an Island known to the Dalai Lama and Tibetans everywhere as the home to the Jacques Marchais Museum of Tibetan Art is going to report the facts on Daniel Pantaleo?

Wednesday, June 29, 2016



    During the 1930's The New York Times was only the most prominent newspaper suppressing very reliable reports that the Nazis were embarking on a Genocide against the Jews. There were enough anti-Semitic Hitler sympathizers in President Franklin Roosevelt's government and in prominent business (Henry Ford) and celebrity (Walt Disney, Charles Lindberg, et. al.) positions to convince millions of Americans that Hitler was okay and that, at any rate, he was an anti-Communist. Plenty of American corporations were doing business with Nazi Germany, in some cases developing products used to mass murder Jews. It was "Kristallnacht", the mass pogrom throughout Germany and Austria involving organized violence against Jews, the synagogues, the businesses, etc. in Germany and Austria, that somewhat exposed the coverup. And it was the 1939 Nazi Hitler/Communist Stalin "Non-aggression Pact" that immediately led to the simultaneous German and Soviet invasions of Poland on September 1, 1939 that started World War II, by which time the mass murder of the Jews had already begun.
   According to the Dalai Lama of Tibet, well over 1 million Tibetans have died as a direct consequence of the Chinese Communist occupation of formerly independent Tibet. Tibet - about 2000 years ago the home to eastbound traveler Jesus (aka "Issa") Christ during his "Missing Years" - with its relatively high numbers of monk and nun celibates and very challenging Himalayan location, is a sparsely populated country of about 6 million. If you kill1/6th of a nation and ethnically cleanse the rest that is Genocide. Extrapolated proportionally to the U.S, with a population of around 300 million, there would be 60 million deaths.
  A great many people who diplomatically acknowledge that China is guilty of "human rights violations" against the Tibetans, go into denial about the fact that China is committing Genocide.
  Tibet is governed by a totalitarian regime made up of light-complexioned Han Chinese, who view the racially, ethnically, culturally and linguistically distinct Tibetans as inferior. A Chinese military report that I've seen refers to the estimated 70,000 Tibetans who were gunned down with in a few days as the Chinese military crushed a Tibetan uprising in March,1959 as "insects." That uprising is memorialized annually on March 10, Tibetan Liberation Day, when rallies are held in cities throughout the world - but definitely not in Communist China. I have attended the NYC March 10 demonstrations often - and in fact some years ago I delivered U.S. Representative Jerrold Nadler's (D.-N.Y.) free Tibet speech. Among the more popular protest and T-shirt signs read "End the Genocide Now" and "Tibet is NOT part of China", the answer to China's (and Obama's) spurious claim that Tibet is part of China. (Is that what Obama learned at Columbia and Harvard?)
  While there is some mainstream media coverage of Tibet, as far as I am aware, the only newspaper referencing the fact of "Genocide" in Tibet is UP FRONT News.
  As far as I am aware the only newspaper, mainstream or so-called "alternative" reporting the facts of Bill and Hillary Clintons' direct involvement in the political and media coverup of the Chinese Communist Genocide in Tibet is UP FRONT News. Visit and learn the details of how I got the gruesome facts of the atrocities committed by the Chinese authorities against Tibetan monks and nuns personally to President-elect Bill Clinton in December, 1992 via his secretary Betty M. Currie (who years later received unwanted notoriety year later during the Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinsky reality show). Clinton & Co,. responded by having me arrested when I showed up in the U.S. Capitol with my invitation to attend the January 19, 1993 (day before Bill Clinton's inauguration) hearing of the U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations Committee hearing on Clinton's nomination of Warren Christopher to be Secretary of State.
  Only in UP FRONT News will you find the details of Hillary Clinton's war against me, waged directly and via surrogates such as her pal NYS Senator Diane Savino (D.- Staten Island/Bklyn.), whose Chief of Staff, a full fledged psychopath named Robert Cataldo, literally terrorized when I was a candidate for the U.S. Senate against Mrs. Clinton. Cataldo's absolutely frightening attack on me is documented as "criminal harassment" in NYPD complaint #2006-120-8244.  And I later was not at all surprised to learn from the evidently independent-minded Staten Island Democratic  leader (and President of the Council of Jewish Organizations of Staten Island) Mendy Mirocznik that Mr. Cataldo is a "Member of the Sicilian Mob", better known as the Mafia.
  The "newspaper" that has more information on the all the details - i.e. the Genocide, the Clinton coverup, the Savino/Mobster attempt to intimidate me, etc. - is the Staten Island Advance, a classic example of how the billionaires are violating the Bill of Rights and thereby undermining democracy, inasmuch as the paper is owned by an arrogant multibillionaire named Donald Newhouse. As far as I am aware, there is probably no newspaper in New York and perhaps America more guilty of covering up political corruption and practicing political news suppression, censorship and false reporting (e.g. about me) than the Staten Island Advance. Editor-in-Chief Brian Laline, political reporters Tom Wrobleski and Rachel Shapiro are arguably the three most dishonest, corrupt political "journalists" in New York and perhaps America.
  Many African-Americans understandably ignore the Advance, which has been described by Rev. Demetrius Carolina of the First Central Baptist Church in S.I. as "controlled", and by political activist Kelvin Alexander as "racist." Rev. Agnes McBeth, a potential voice of political independence at the Diane Savino-connected autocratically run St. Philips ("No Apostrophe") Baptist Church in S.I., once told me she simply doesn't read the Staten Island Advance. Rabbi Gerald Sussman of Temple Emanu-el admits to reading that paper but seems to have a low regard for its political reporting as he has told me that the Advance would cover a cat caught in a tree as a major political expose.
 When it comes to political censorship and slanted reporting the multi-billionaire Rupert Murdoch-owned New York Post may run a close second to the Advance.
 When a journalist asks for information for a story and receives the information and then does not respond, that is indicative of news suppression. With some assistance from my (former) publicist Frank De Luca, I've spoken at some length by phone with Keith Kelly, who writes the "Media Ink" column for the New York Post and does critical coverage of other newspapers. Keith Kelly tends to lacerate papers such as The NY Times and the Daily News, which, by New York Post standards, are left-wing. Mr. Kelly and I discussed news censorship at the S.I. Advance over the phone. He asked me for more information; I sent him several emails. No reply.
 Back in the 1970's I blew the whistle on the political coverup of budget cut-caused patient deaths at NYC-operated Queens Hospital Center, where I was employed as a social worker and was an elected member of the QHC Community Advisory Board. Among the politicians involved in the coverup was the reactionary Democrat Mayor Ed Koch, a favorite of the reactionary NY Post. The NY Post killed the story. Newsday on the other hand employed an investigative journalist/editor named Dennis Duggan, who assigned reporter Joseph Treen to interview me and I wound up on the front page as the coverup was broken.
  Then I was talking and writing about the coverup of the politically caused deaths of patients in a hospital run by the government of the City of New York.
  Now I am talking about a Genocide against an entire nation and its people!
  In 2005-06 I ran for the U.S. Senate against then incumbent Hillary Clinton, visit, (my candidacy leading to mobster Robert Cataldo's attack on me - NYPD complaint # 2006-120-8244, reported by me in full to U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch and to the FBI). In 2015 I decided to run for congress in the special election in the 11th congressional district (all of Staten Island and several Brooklyn neighborhoods) because neither the Democratic Party machine candidate nor the Republican would discuss the political coverup of the police killing of Eric Garner and related abuse by police matters and also the Tibet and other issues, such as the gentrification of North Shore Staten Island.
  This time the retaliation came from what to me was an unanticipated source - a house of worship. The previous year I had become a member of the largely African-American St. Philips Baptist Church in the ethnically diverse neighborhood of Port Richmond on Staten Island's North Shore. Autobiographically my first church was the largely African-American Ebenezer Baptist Church in Flushing, Queens led by Dr. Martin Luther King's close friend Rev. Dr. Timothy P. Mitchell. Dr. Mitchell was an UP FRONT News reader and went on record during my interview with him for an article I wrote for the (no longer published) Downtown Magazine as denouncing Communist China for its attack on the Tibetans' "faith" and committing "Genocide" in Tibet.
 Things at St. Philips went very well as I attended the services led by Pastor Rev. Dr. Tony Baker and also the Bible classes taught by Assistant Pastor Rev. Agnes McBeth, who used as her textbook excerpts from Obery Hendrick's book, "The Politics of Jesus: Rediscovery of the True Revolutionary Nature of Jesus' Teachings and How They Have Been Corrupted", which emphasizes Jesus' work as a radical rabbi under the rule of Rome and the collaborating Jewish Pharisees.
 It was a not too many days after I announced my candidacy for Congress in 2015 that I encountered the first of what became a series of hostilities from none other than St. Philips Deacon John McBeth, Rev. Agnes McBeth's husband. John McBeth is very active in the Democratic Party machine in Staten Island. He is a member of the largely African-American Staten Island Political Action Club (SIPAC). Rev. Baker, who a few years ago was briefly a candidate for the NYC Council for the seat now occupied by Debi Rose, is a close friend of Sen. Savino and knows all the details of Mafioso Robert Cataldo's attack on me and also knows Cataldo very personally as, according to "Rev. Agnes", he presided over Cataldo's wedding. 
  John McBeth organized and participated in a number of political events during the campaign involving the candidates and saw fit to exclude me. Baker refused to allow me to speak about my candidacy at the Church although he gave the Democratic machine candidate that opportunity on several occasions. John McBeth's pal, machine Democrat, John Mancuso, who some years ago threatened me at a Mount Manresa protest, literally physically pushed me at a John McBeth-organized political event. Shortly after I encountered the John McBeth/John Mancuso duo at a candidates forum in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, I was confronted by a couple of cops who ordered me to leave. Yeah, very coincidental
   Rev. Baker, who seems to manifest Papal delusions of "infallibility", rebuffed an email from my UP FRONT News associate Andrew Mazzone to meet to resolve the problems. On Palm Sunday, 2015 John McBeth blatantly disrespected me and UFN staffer Steven Gradman who had traveled to St. Philips by refusing to meet with us after the service to resolve the problems.
 I sent several text messages to Rev. Agnes to try to arrange a meeting. In response to a text message I had sent to Rev. Agnes, which referenced a famous patriotic song, "Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition", Rev. Baker had her reply with a paranoid message accusing me of making a "threat" and threatening to have me arrested if I sent any emails or text messages to Church staff.
 Earlier this year at my request Mr. Gradman called Rev. Agnes, who agreed to speak with me over the phone. She and I had a very conciliatory conversation and I subsequently attended a couple of services without incident. The armistice ended abruptly on March 23 when I attended an Easter Week Holy Thursday event at St. Philips memorializing Jesus's arrest leading to His Trial and the Crucifixion. After the event as I attempted to give guest Rev. Carolina a copy of one of my UFN articles I was physically attacked by Tony Baker and a few minutes later by NFL tackle physiqued Church official, who is under the impression that it is okay to bellow "The F Word" in Church.
  The "mobbed up" Senator Diane Savino, a member of the New York State Legislature, which has correctly been labeled by the NYU Brennan Institute of Justice as "the worst state legislature in the country", is probably the most politically powerful of the Democratic Party's "Unholy Trinity of Staten Island." She's pals with Hillary Clinton, Andrew Cuomo (the guy who killed the corruption-investigating Moreland Commission) and the insufferably arrogant ex-NYC Council Speaker Christine Quinn, who asphyxiated 2008 NYC Council Resolution #1299 proposed by me and introduced by then NYC Council member (and now NYS Senator) Tony Avella (D.-Queens), which called for the removal of the 2008 Olympic Games from China because of China's brutal and illegal occupation of Tibet.
   Savino's close pal is NYS Assembly member Matthew ("No Saint") Titone, who, at least in his dealings with me, tends to lie. He willfully botched an important constituent matter involving my health. He disrespected NYPD Sgt. Det. Al Fiore by blowing off a scheduled appointment with the detective and me on some political law enforcement matters and is one of the very few politicians to praise the legendarily corrupt ex-NYS Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver after Silver's conviction. Titone, who replaced an Assemblyman who died in office, was essentially anointed as an Assemblyman by then Mayoral wannabe Quinn who, citing the fact that at the time Staten Island was the only borough without an openly gay elected official, needed a compliant gay in S.I. I am 100% for gay rights and Matthew Titone is a "Gay Wrong."
   I first met African-American Debi Rose some years ago at a town hall meeting at the Rev. Carolina's largely African-American First Central Baptist Church in my neighborhood of acutely gentrification-threatened Stapleton on Staten Island's North Shore (aka in UFN as "NoSho"). Her popular establishment-challenging populist rhetoric was convincing and I supported her when she ran for the NYC Council in 2009. I will keep in mind The Who's rock 'n' roll warning "Don't Get Fooled Again" should Democratic Party machine hack Debi Rose seek (s)elective office again. Ms. Rose's closest political advisor for years has been the explosive David Jones. In his other lives David Jones is a jazz pianist and also - as described by another member of the Staten Island Democratic Party machine, Roy Moskowitz (who is a beneficiary of the patronage mill run by Matthew Titone) - an "Israel basher." Jones is a member of  Peace Action of Staten Island (PASI), whose past president was Jones's wife Sally. The PASI propaganda mill, pretty much run by Jones and the late self-described "green anarchist" and explosive Mike May, consistently demonized Israel, frequently depicting the "lets wipe Israel off the face of the earth" torture-practicing gay-executing Iranian dictatorship as a beacon of peace. Moskowitz, who qualifies as a professional "liberal", is a practitioner of political euphemisms. David Jones, who has explicitly threatened me with violence on several occasions and at a candidates forum several years ago attempted to assault me, is a full-fledged anti-Semite - and a member of the corruption riddled Staten Island Democratic Association (SIDA, but not to be confused with the Spanish acronym for AIDS). To suggest that David Jones is merely an "Israel basher" is analogous to assert that Adolf Hitler had a mild dislike for Jewish people. David Jones has also been indicted for "grand larceny" in connection with his campaign finance activities as Ms. Rose's 2009 campaign manager. David Jones is a pal of St. Philips Baptist Church Deacon John McBeth. Agnes McBeth can presumably speak for herself.
  Roy Moskowitz is one of a bunch of observant politically active Jews in Staten Island fully knowledgeable about the Bill and Hillary Clinton direct involvement in the political coverup of the Chinese Communist Genocide in Tibet. As noted, as far as I am aware, Moskowitz, perhaps warding off winding up on food stamps, also derives a paycheck from the corrupt Matthew Titone. Mr. Moskowitz is also fully knowledgeable that one of his Democratic Party colleagues, Robert Cataldo, is an at least episodically psychotic individual and an identified terrorist (defined as a person who uses violence/threats/intimidation for political purposes) and an identified member of the Mafia. As far as I am aware, Roy Moskowitz, who will presumably wax progressive about any Republican, has remained politically catatonic about Cataldo.
  Democrat Rabbi Gerald Sussman, of Temple Emanu-el in Port Richmond, S.I, a few blocks south of St. Philips Baptist Church, is one of the most truly humanitarian people I know. His Temple is the home of the Council of Jewish Organizations of S.I. (COJOSI) food pantry. He is the Chairman of the Board of Project Hospitality, a "non-profit" with the mission of helping the poor and the homeless. In fact, however, the Rabbi has been less than vigilant in looking into major incompetences and misconducts by PH staff, which have been systematically covered up by the very politically entrenched PH CEO Rev. Terry Troia. At my request he wrote an ultimately helpful letter for me to the top NYC and NYS officials when a NYC Human Resources bureaucrat mishandled my food stamp recertification application resulting in the closing of my case. (I would have gotten zero help from "The Unholy Trinity" of Savino/Titone/Rose.)
 Rabbi Sussman is a prominent community leader and a well-known member of COJOSI, of which Mendy Mirocznik, who blew Mafioso Robert Cataldo's cover, is the president. I have asked Rabbi Sussman - who makes few if any political decisions without the approval of his wife Boni, who is definitely to his right politically - to publicly call for at least a Democratic Party investigation of the Savino/Cataldo/Mafia NYPD. Stating that, inasmuch as he did not personally witness Cataldo's attack on me (no one witnessed it, inasmuch as Cataldo, anticipating my scheduled arrival at Ms. Savino's district office in S.I. for my appointment with him on an urgent constituent matter warranting Ms. Savino's intervention when I was homeless, had emptied her office of all staff, Mafia-style), he was not in a position to call for an investigation.
  Very ironically that is precisely the twisted "logic" used by Holocaust deniers, who, correctly asserting that they did not personally witness the murders, etc. of the Jews by the Nazis, question the veracity of Holocaust accounts. Rabbi Sussman is often quite eloquent in denouncing the crimes of Hamas/Hezbollah/ISIS, et. al. terrorists who kill Jews, those murders not personally witnessed by the Rabbi. Does Rabbi Sussman believe that Mendy Mirocznik and I are fictionalizing? I doubt it.
  Needless to say, it is my responsibility to fully cooperate with the FBI and all law enforcement agencies investigating identified Mafioso Robert Cataldo, his protectors such as Diane Savino as far as it goes - up to and including the Clintons. Political crimes are always followed by coverups.There is no question in my mind that Robert Cataldo belongs behind bars - in a secure penal facility with solid psychiatric services.
  Other political folks in what I call "The Jew Wall of Silence" include SIDA and Temple Emanu-el members Gary Carsel (twice very understandably landslide-defeated for the NYS Senate by Republican Andrew Lanza) and his wife Ann Taylor. I don't know the Hebrew or Yiddish words for "omerta."
  And the silence on the Chinese Communist Genocide in Tibet is - proverbially and metaphorically - deafening.
  Yogi Berra's terse commentaries generally focused on less than serious subjects - as when he commented on a bar that "No one goes there; it's too crowded."
   In consideration of the long covered up racist Nazi Genocide against the Jews and the ongoing covered up Chinese Communist racist Genocide against the Tibetans, as Yogi might put it, it's "Deja vu all over again."

Monday, June 20, 2016


UP FRONT News        June 20, 2016
"The paper that won't be bought and can't be sold."
Published by Tom Weiss
Andrew Mazzone - Media Representative and Economics Advisor  
Frank De Luca - Public Relations Consultant
Allen Smith - Economics Reporter and Internet Advisor
  The views expressed in UP FRONT News are those of the publisher or of the contributing writer and do not necessarily represent the views of staff.



    The established mainstream and so called "alternative" media have been known to withhold and indeed suppress important political news, such as the fact that Communist China is perpetrating Genocide in the formerly independent nation of Tibet and that Bill and Hillary Clinton are directly covering up that fact because of their lucrative relationship with the corporations that comprise the China Lobby and that, because I have exposed this coverup in my political campaigns (e.g.  against Hillary for the U.S. Senate in 2005-06 (( and in UP FRONT News, the Clintons have directly and via surrogates -  e.g. "mobbed up" NYS Senator Diane Savino (D.-Staten Island/Bklyn.) and identified Mafioso Robert Cataldo - criminally violated my civil rights.
   The New York Times (e.g. Maureen Dowd/Alex Thompson), the Daily News (John Marzulli), the New York Post (Keith Kelly, Fred Dicker), WBAI-FM, the Staten Island Advance (Editor-in-Chief Brian Laline, reporters Tom Wrobleski, Rachel Shapiro, Kiwana Rich, Marj Hack, Publisher Caroline Diamond Harrison, owner Donald Newhouse and other print and broadcast media in New York and Washington, D.C., have the facts. One political reporter at Newsday (a paper with a good history over the years, of reporting on my political stories, e.g. when I blew the whistle on the political coverup of budget cut-caused patient deaths at NYC- operated Queens Hospital Center when other papers have suppressed the facts) has expressed interest.
  Also as far as I am aware, unreported in the mainstream and "alternative" media is that fact that, on May 21, 2015 in reply to my communications, Senator Bernard Sanders announced his support for "self-determination for the Tibetan people." Hillary's position on the very other hand can be summarized as "self-determination for the China Lobby and for Goldman-Sachs."
  And now that Hillary Clinton, aided and abetted by Democratic National Committee Chairlady Debbie Wasserman Schultz (who has been made fully aware by me of the Mafia-linked corruption in the Democratic Party in "The People's Republic of Staten Island," and has done absolutely nothing) is at least trying to rhetorically waterboard Bernie Sanders into surrendering and ending his campaign for the presidency and bullying his supporters, I decided to make another trip to Washington, D.C.
   I visited the following offices and in each case spoke at some length with legislative staffers: Sen. Bernard Sanders (I.-Vt.) Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D.-Mass.), Jeff Merkley (D.-Oreg.), Minority Leader Harry Reid (D.-Nev.), Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R.-Ky.), Sen. Marco Rubio (R.-Fla.), U.S. Representative Jerrold Nadler (D.-N.Y.), U.S. Representative Chris Smith (R.-N.J.) and staff at the Congressional Executive Commission on China (, chaired by Sen. Rubio and Representative Smith. (I have met on several occasions with CECC Staff Director Paul Protic, a Smith appointee, and with Rubio appointee Deputy Director Elyse Anderson. I've also briefly met Mr. Rubio and Mr. Smith, both very strong supporters of Tibet.)
  Mr. Sanders and Ms. Warren (whom I met at one of her standing room only book signings at the Union Square, Manhattan Barnes & Noble), Mr. Rubio, Mr. Smith Mr. Nadler (my former congressman) and CECC staff have been UP FRONT News readers for some time and I am glad to add Senators Reid and McConnell to the UFN circulation list.
  All of the above are also in receipt of the UP FRONT News newsbreak, reporting that Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein, to whom I email-suggested last October 2, that the Greens endorse Bernie for president, has agreed to call upon the Greens to endorse him if the becomes the Democratic Party nominee or, if Hillary succeeds in "superdelegating" her way to the Democratic Party nomination, to "slide" to become the Green's vice-presidential nominee with Bernie at the top of the ticket. 
  As for myself, as I recently suggested in an email to Bernie Sanders Campaign Manager Jeff Weaver and his New York Campaign Counsel Arthur Schwartz (who is running for the NYS Assembly in Manhattan challenging Machine Democrat Hillary backer Deborah Glick), "The chances of my voting for Donald Trump in November are zero. The chances of my voting for Hillary Clinton are below zero."