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UP FRONT News         August 18, 2016
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In the mayoral election of Democratic Party machine-run New York City in 1886, a radical economist/activist political outsider named Henry George - who wrote a book, "Progress and Poverty" identifying industrial capitalism as a major cause of mass poverty and who called for "land value" tax reform - shocked the political world by finishing second in the race - ahead of third place finisher Theodore Roosevelt. Although it was Roosevelt who later became president, Henry George proved the electoral power of the long shot.

Of the four presidential candidates with national ballot status, the longest shot is Green Party candidate Jill Stein, from Massachusetts, who has made her living as a pediatrician and writer. As Donald Trump continues to scare millions of even "conservative" Republican voters with his Benito Mussolini-style xenophobic, violence-inciting campaigning, some voters are moving to Hillary Clinton as the "anything but Trump" choice.

The fact is however, that millions of voters entirely understandably dislike - and more importantly distrust - both Hillary and "The Donald." That should not be surprising in an election in which the two "leading" candidates tend to lie a lot. Indeed, among the few times they tell the truth is when they accuse each other of lying.

Trump is unable to explain away the lawsuits accusing him of running a scam called "Trump University." The New York Times reports the huge tax break he got from New Jersey under Governor Chris Christie, a Trump supporter whose relationship to the George Washington Bridge gridlock some years ago is compared to Richard Nixon's relationship to the break-in at the Watergate in the last millennium. Would you buy a used car from Donald Trump or Chris Christie?

Hillary Clinton, the diplomat who claimed she was targeted by snipers at the airport in Sarajevo during the Balkan War, is doing a job on the English language with her dodging and weaving over her decision to privatize her State Department e-mails and lie about how she arrived at that decision and about the "classified" status of some of those emails. She blasts Trump as being too much for the rich but remains sullen and silent about her decision to accept fees of $250,000 from the likes of Goldman Sachs, and on some occasions demanding "free hummus" as part of her fees at speaking engagements. In black churches she spouts Martin Luther King civil rights oratory but has little to say about Bill Clinton's "welfare reform", which in many cases caused increasing hardship for the poor and worsened the problem of homelessness.

And so the possibilities for a third or fourth party this election year are substantial.

In 1996 and 2000 the Greens ran Ralph Nader for president. He got a relative handful of votes. Included in that handful were some votes in "swing states", notably pivotal Florida. The Republican ticket of George W. Bush/Dick Cheney "won" Florida over the Democratic Al Gore/Joseph Lieberman ticket, giving the Republicans the Electoral College majority needed for "election."

As far as I am aware, only UP FRONT News reported the fact that the Ralph Nader campaign was essentially controlled by a number of ultra-"left" political extremists, mostly in New York City, known as "Newmanites", some connected to the quite notorious ultra-left/ultra-right/ultra-left megalomaniac racist and convicted felon "intellectual" dictator-wannabe Lyndon LaRouche. The strategy of "social therapy" cult leaders LaRouche-"educated" "Dr." Fred Newman and his anti-Semitic protégé Lenora Fulani was to bash the Democrats and the Republicans as "the same", while weaning votes away from the Democrats (to Nader), thereby helping the Republicans.

A Republican victory would lead to policies attacking the poor and the marginal middle class, fueling the kind of anger on which "populist" fascism (a la LaRouche) thrives. Case example: post-World War I economically devastated Germany, whose destitute masses listened and absorbed the National Socialist (Nazi) "revolutionary" speeches of Adolf Hitler.

According to Brooklyn Green Party member (and UP FRONT News reader) Mitchel Cohen, with whom I've been acquainted for a number of years, "the Newmanites" are no longer in the Green Party. I hope that he is correct.

At last night's nationally televised Green Party Town Hall on CNN, Jill Stein and her vice-presidential running mate Ajamu Baraka presented a quite compelling alternative to the Trump/Clinton "choice" suggesting that it's better to vote for the "greater good" than for the "lesser evil."

Ms. Stein smiled a lot during the questioning by Chris Cuomo and some from the audience. She did not smile however as she criticized Hillary Clinton on the email matter, thereby addressing a major "honesty" issue that Bernie Sanders mistakenly avoided.
Ms. Stein reminded Americans about the problems created and worsened for the poor in Bill Clinton's "welfare reform." She spoke about Hillary's leaning to the right with her vice-presidential pick Tim Kaine. Ms. Stein, however, did not mention Kaine's past chairmanship of the machine otherwise known as the Democratic National Committee, which, under Chairlady Debbie Wasserman Schultz, superdelegate-"rigged" the Democratic National Convention so as to assure Hillary Clinton's nomination over Bernie Sanders, and has covered up major Democratic Party corruption involving "mobbed up" Hillary pal NYS Senator Diane Savino and her Chief of Staff Robert Cataldo in Staten Island, New York City.

Ms. Stein took an issue from the Bernie sanders campaign in calling for the cancellation of all student debt, reminding us all about the bailout of the corporations and banks, who generated the economic collapse in the first place. The call for the cancellation of the student debt is a political strategy because those millions of debt-oppressed young people are votes. She could have also mentioned the salaries of some university presidents and football coaches.

Mr. Baraka emphasized the connection between international issues and domestic policy as he criticized U.S. relationship with oppressive governments, singling out Saudi Arabia, and oppression in America.

One government, however, the he did not mention was China, certainly one of the most repressive in the world and, which, as UP FRONT News readers in particular know, continues to perpetrate a racist genocide in the formerly independent nation of Tibet.

Among the reason why I endorsed Bernie Sanders in UP FRONT News is because, in reply to my lobbying Senator Sanders, on May 21, 2015 he sent me an email announcing his support for "self-determination for the Tibetan people", a position taken by leading African-Americans such as UP FRONT News reader Dr. Cornel West and elected officials such as NYS Senator Tony Avella (D.-Queens).

Mr. Baraka's website includes a photo of him shaking hands with the Dalai Lama of Tibet. That looks nice. What I am interested in is whether he and Ms. Stein support self-determination for the Tibetan people.

Tibet is also an issue that exposes the hollowness of any Clinton pontifications about "human rights." The fact is that the Clintons, connected to that part of "Wall Street" comprising the multinational corporations of the China Lobby, are directly involved in the political coverup of the Chinese Communist Genocide in Tibet. The facts are all in UP FRONT News online at

Mr. Baraka, who hopes to become the first African-American vice president, made it very clear that the issues of police brutality against African-Americans will be a major area addressed by a Stein Administration as Ms. Stein called for civilian review boards on a national basis.

Ms. Stein, who spoke some about her Jewish upbringing, strongly criticized Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's policies vis a vis the Palestinians and called for boycotting both Israel and Saudi Arabia.

She spoke in complimentary terms about Bernie Sanders but did not mention her (UP FRONT News-proposed) offer to Bernie to have the Green Party endorse nominate him if he became the Democratic Party nominee. She made no mention of her offer, id the Democrats picked Hillary, to have the Green Party nominate him for president with her as his vice-presidential running mate, an offer Bernie turned down in his decision to endorse Hillary.

Under the regulations set by the Commission on Presidential Debates, in order to participate in the debates (the first one is on September 26, at Hofstra College) a candidate must register at no less than 15% at several polls). Presidential debates can be pivotal. A Stein/Clinton/Trump debate will be very different from a Stein/Clinton debate. Long shots can be gamechangers.

Remember Henry George.

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