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    During the 1930's The New York Times was only the most prominent newspaper suppressing very reliable reports that the Nazis were embarking on a Genocide against the Jews. There were enough anti-Semitic Hitler sympathizers in President Franklin Roosevelt's government and in prominent business (Henry Ford) and celebrity (Walt Disney, Charles Lindberg, et. al.) positions to convince millions of Americans that Hitler was okay and that, at any rate, he was an anti-Communist. Plenty of American corporations were doing business with Nazi Germany, in some cases developing products used to mass murder Jews. It was "Kristallnacht", the mass pogrom throughout Germany and Austria involving organized violence against Jews, the synagogues, the businesses, etc. in Germany and Austria, that somewhat exposed the coverup. And it was the 1939 Nazi Hitler/Communist Stalin "Non-aggression Pact" that immediately led to the simultaneous German and Soviet invasions of Poland on September 1, 1939 that started World War II, by which time the mass murder of the Jews had already begun.
   According to the Dalai Lama of Tibet, well over 1 million Tibetans have died as a direct consequence of the Chinese Communist occupation of formerly independent Tibet. Tibet - about 2000 years ago the home to eastbound traveler Jesus (aka "Issa") Christ during his "Missing Years" - with its relatively high numbers of monk and nun celibates and very challenging Himalayan location, is a sparsely populated country of about 6 million. If you kill1/6th of a nation and ethnically cleanse the rest that is Genocide. Extrapolated proportionally to the U.S, with a population of around 300 million, there would be 60 million deaths.
  A great many people who diplomatically acknowledge that China is guilty of "human rights violations" against the Tibetans, go into denial about the fact that China is committing Genocide.
  Tibet is governed by a totalitarian regime made up of light-complexioned Han Chinese, who view the racially, ethnically, culturally and linguistically distinct Tibetans as inferior. A Chinese military report that I've seen refers to the estimated 70,000 Tibetans who were gunned down with in a few days as the Chinese military crushed a Tibetan uprising in March,1959 as "insects." That uprising is memorialized annually on March 10, Tibetan Liberation Day, when rallies are held in cities throughout the world - but definitely not in Communist China. I have attended the NYC March 10 demonstrations often - and in fact some years ago I delivered U.S. Representative Jerrold Nadler's (D.-N.Y.) free Tibet speech. Among the more popular protest and T-shirt signs read "End the Genocide Now" and "Tibet is NOT part of China", the answer to China's (and Obama's) spurious claim that Tibet is part of China. (Is that what Obama learned at Columbia and Harvard?)
  While there is some mainstream media coverage of Tibet, as far as I am aware, the only newspaper referencing the fact of "Genocide" in Tibet is UP FRONT News.
  As far as I am aware the only newspaper, mainstream or so-called "alternative" reporting the facts of Bill and Hillary Clintons' direct involvement in the political and media coverup of the Chinese Communist Genocide in Tibet is UP FRONT News. Visit and learn the details of how I got the gruesome facts of the atrocities committed by the Chinese authorities against Tibetan monks and nuns personally to President-elect Bill Clinton in December, 1992 via his secretary Betty M. Currie (who years later received unwanted notoriety year later during the Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinsky reality show). Clinton & Co,. responded by having me arrested when I showed up in the U.S. Capitol with my invitation to attend the January 19, 1993 (day before Bill Clinton's inauguration) hearing of the U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations Committee hearing on Clinton's nomination of Warren Christopher to be Secretary of State.
  Only in UP FRONT News will you find the details of Hillary Clinton's war against me, waged directly and via surrogates such as her pal NYS Senator Diane Savino (D.- Staten Island/Bklyn.), whose Chief of Staff, a full fledged psychopath named Robert Cataldo, literally terrorized when I was a candidate for the U.S. Senate against Mrs. Clinton. Cataldo's absolutely frightening attack on me is documented as "criminal harassment" in NYPD complaint #2006-120-8244.  And I later was not at all surprised to learn from the evidently independent-minded Staten Island Democratic  leader (and President of the Council of Jewish Organizations of Staten Island) Mendy Mirocznik that Mr. Cataldo is a "Member of the Sicilian Mob", better known as the Mafia.
  The "newspaper" that has more information on the all the details - i.e. the Genocide, the Clinton coverup, the Savino/Mobster attempt to intimidate me, etc. - is the Staten Island Advance, a classic example of how the billionaires are violating the Bill of Rights and thereby undermining democracy, inasmuch as the paper is owned by an arrogant multibillionaire named Donald Newhouse. As far as I am aware, there is probably no newspaper in New York and perhaps America more guilty of covering up political corruption and practicing political news suppression, censorship and false reporting (e.g. about me) than the Staten Island Advance. Editor-in-Chief Brian Laline, political reporters Tom Wrobleski and Rachel Shapiro are arguably the three most dishonest, corrupt political "journalists" in New York and perhaps America.
  Many African-Americans understandably ignore the Advance, which has been described by Rev. Demetrius Carolina of the First Central Baptist Church in S.I. as "controlled", and by political activist Kelvin Alexander as "racist." Rev. Agnes McBeth, a potential voice of political independence at the Diane Savino-connected autocratically run St. Philips ("No Apostrophe") Baptist Church in S.I., once told me she simply doesn't read the Staten Island Advance. Rabbi Gerald Sussman of Temple Emanu-el admits to reading that paper but seems to have a low regard for its political reporting as he has told me that the Advance would cover a cat caught in a tree as a major political expose.
 When it comes to political censorship and slanted reporting the multi-billionaire Rupert Murdoch-owned New York Post may run a close second to the Advance.
 When a journalist asks for information for a story and receives the information and then does not respond, that is indicative of news suppression. With some assistance from my (former) publicist Frank De Luca, I've spoken at some length by phone with Keith Kelly, who writes the "Media Ink" column for the New York Post and does critical coverage of other newspapers. Keith Kelly tends to lacerate papers such as The NY Times and the Daily News, which, by New York Post standards, are left-wing. Mr. Kelly and I discussed news censorship at the S.I. Advance over the phone. He asked me for more information; I sent him several emails. No reply.
 Back in the 1970's I blew the whistle on the political coverup of budget cut-caused patient deaths at NYC-operated Queens Hospital Center, where I was employed as a social worker and was an elected member of the QHC Community Advisory Board. Among the politicians involved in the coverup was the reactionary Democrat Mayor Ed Koch, a favorite of the reactionary NY Post. The NY Post killed the story. Newsday on the other hand employed an investigative journalist/editor named Dennis Duggan, who assigned reporter Joseph Treen to interview me and I wound up on the front page as the coverup was broken.
  Then I was talking and writing about the coverup of the politically caused deaths of patients in a hospital run by the government of the City of New York.
  Now I am talking about a Genocide against an entire nation and its people!
  In 2005-06 I ran for the U.S. Senate against then incumbent Hillary Clinton, visit, (my candidacy leading to mobster Robert Cataldo's attack on me - NYPD complaint # 2006-120-8244, reported by me in full to U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch and to the FBI). In 2015 I decided to run for congress in the special election in the 11th congressional district (all of Staten Island and several Brooklyn neighborhoods) because neither the Democratic Party machine candidate nor the Republican would discuss the political coverup of the police killing of Eric Garner and related abuse by police matters and also the Tibet and other issues, such as the gentrification of North Shore Staten Island.
  This time the retaliation came from what to me was an unanticipated source - a house of worship. The previous year I had become a member of the largely African-American St. Philips Baptist Church in the ethnically diverse neighborhood of Port Richmond on Staten Island's North Shore. Autobiographically my first church was the largely African-American Ebenezer Baptist Church in Flushing, Queens led by Dr. Martin Luther King's close friend Rev. Dr. Timothy P. Mitchell. Dr. Mitchell was an UP FRONT News reader and went on record during my interview with him for an article I wrote for the (no longer published) Downtown Magazine as denouncing Communist China for its attack on the Tibetans' "faith" and committing "Genocide" in Tibet.
 Things at St. Philips went very well as I attended the services led by Pastor Rev. Dr. Tony Baker and also the Bible classes taught by Assistant Pastor Rev. Agnes McBeth, who used as her textbook excerpts from Obery Hendrick's book, "The Politics of Jesus: Rediscovery of the True Revolutionary Nature of Jesus' Teachings and How They Have Been Corrupted", which emphasizes Jesus' work as a radical rabbi under the rule of Rome and the collaborating Jewish Pharisees.
 It was a not too many days after I announced my candidacy for Congress in 2015 that I encountered the first of what became a series of hostilities from none other than St. Philips Deacon John McBeth, Rev. Agnes McBeth's husband. John McBeth is very active in the Democratic Party machine in Staten Island. He is a member of the largely African-American Staten Island Political Action Club (SIPAC). Rev. Baker, who a few years ago was briefly a candidate for the NYC Council for the seat now occupied by Debi Rose, is a close friend of Sen. Savino and knows all the details of Mafioso Robert Cataldo's attack on me and also knows Cataldo very personally as, according to "Rev. Agnes", he presided over Cataldo's wedding. 
  John McBeth organized and participated in a number of political events during the campaign involving the candidates and saw fit to exclude me. Baker refused to allow me to speak about my candidacy at the Church although he gave the Democratic machine candidate that opportunity on several occasions. John McBeth's pal, machine Democrat, John Mancuso, who some years ago threatened me at a Mount Manresa protest, literally physically pushed me at a John McBeth-organized political event. Shortly after I encountered the John McBeth/John Mancuso duo at a candidates forum in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, I was confronted by a couple of cops who ordered me to leave. Yeah, very coincidental
   Rev. Baker, who seems to manifest Papal delusions of "infallibility", rebuffed an email from my UP FRONT News associate Andrew Mazzone to meet to resolve the problems. On Palm Sunday, 2015 John McBeth blatantly disrespected me and UFN staffer Steven Gradman who had traveled to St. Philips by refusing to meet with us after the service to resolve the problems.
 I sent several text messages to Rev. Agnes to try to arrange a meeting. In response to a text message I had sent to Rev. Agnes, which referenced a famous patriotic song, "Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition", Rev. Baker had her reply with a paranoid message accusing me of making a "threat" and threatening to have me arrested if I sent any emails or text messages to Church staff.
 Earlier this year at my request Mr. Gradman called Rev. Agnes, who agreed to speak with me over the phone. She and I had a very conciliatory conversation and I subsequently attended a couple of services without incident. The armistice ended abruptly on March 23 when I attended an Easter Week Holy Thursday event at St. Philips memorializing Jesus's arrest leading to His Trial and the Crucifixion. After the event as I attempted to give guest Rev. Carolina a copy of one of my UFN articles I was physically attacked by Tony Baker and a few minutes later by NFL tackle physiqued Church official, who is under the impression that it is okay to bellow "The F Word" in Church.
  The "mobbed up" Senator Diane Savino, a member of the New York State Legislature, which has correctly been labeled by the NYU Brennan Institute of Justice as "the worst state legislature in the country", is probably the most politically powerful of the Democratic Party's "Unholy Trinity of Staten Island." She's pals with Hillary Clinton, Andrew Cuomo (the guy who killed the corruption-investigating Moreland Commission) and the insufferably arrogant ex-NYC Council Speaker Christine Quinn, who asphyxiated 2008 NYC Council Resolution #1299 proposed by me and introduced by then NYC Council member (and now NYS Senator) Tony Avella (D.-Queens), which called for the removal of the 2008 Olympic Games from China because of China's brutal and illegal occupation of Tibet.
   Savino's close pal is NYS Assembly member Matthew ("No Saint") Titone, who, at least in his dealings with me, tends to lie. He willfully botched an important constituent matter involving my health. He disrespected NYPD Sgt. Det. Al Fiore by blowing off a scheduled appointment with the detective and me on some political law enforcement matters and is one of the very few politicians to praise the legendarily corrupt ex-NYS Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver after Silver's conviction. Titone, who replaced an Assemblyman who died in office, was essentially anointed as an Assemblyman by then Mayoral wannabe Quinn who, citing the fact that at the time Staten Island was the only borough without an openly gay elected official, needed a compliant gay in S.I. I am 100% for gay rights and Matthew Titone is a "Gay Wrong."
   I first met African-American Debi Rose some years ago at a town hall meeting at the Rev. Carolina's largely African-American First Central Baptist Church in my neighborhood of acutely gentrification-threatened Stapleton on Staten Island's North Shore (aka in UFN as "NoSho"). Her popular establishment-challenging populist rhetoric was convincing and I supported her when she ran for the NYC Council in 2009. I will keep in mind The Who's rock 'n' roll warning "Don't Get Fooled Again" should Democratic Party machine hack Debi Rose seek (s)elective office again. Ms. Rose's closest political advisor for years has been the explosive David Jones. In his other lives David Jones is a jazz pianist and also - as described by another member of the Staten Island Democratic Party machine, Roy Moskowitz (who is a beneficiary of the patronage mill run by Matthew Titone) - an "Israel basher." Jones is a member of  Peace Action of Staten Island (PASI), whose past president was Jones's wife Sally. The PASI propaganda mill, pretty much run by Jones and the late self-described "green anarchist" and explosive Mike May, consistently demonized Israel, frequently depicting the "lets wipe Israel off the face of the earth" torture-practicing gay-executing Iranian dictatorship as a beacon of peace. Moskowitz, who qualifies as a professional "liberal", is a practitioner of political euphemisms. David Jones, who has explicitly threatened me with violence on several occasions and at a candidates forum several years ago attempted to assault me, is a full-fledged anti-Semite - and a member of the corruption riddled Staten Island Democratic Association (SIDA, but not to be confused with the Spanish acronym for AIDS). To suggest that David Jones is merely an "Israel basher" is analogous to assert that Adolf Hitler had a mild dislike for Jewish people. David Jones has also been indicted for "grand larceny" in connection with his campaign finance activities as Ms. Rose's 2009 campaign manager. David Jones is a pal of St. Philips Baptist Church Deacon John McBeth. Agnes McBeth can presumably speak for herself.
  Roy Moskowitz is one of a bunch of observant politically active Jews in Staten Island fully knowledgeable about the Bill and Hillary Clinton direct involvement in the political coverup of the Chinese Communist Genocide in Tibet. As noted, as far as I am aware, Moskowitz, perhaps warding off winding up on food stamps, also derives a paycheck from the corrupt Matthew Titone. Mr. Moskowitz is also fully knowledgeable that one of his Democratic Party colleagues, Robert Cataldo, is an at least episodically psychotic individual and an identified terrorist (defined as a person who uses violence/threats/intimidation for political purposes) and an identified member of the Mafia. As far as I am aware, Roy Moskowitz, who will presumably wax progressive about any Republican, has remained politically catatonic about Cataldo.
  Democrat Rabbi Gerald Sussman, of Temple Emanu-el in Port Richmond, S.I, a few blocks south of St. Philips Baptist Church, is one of the most truly humanitarian people I know. His Temple is the home of the Council of Jewish Organizations of S.I. (COJOSI) food pantry. He is the Chairman of the Board of Project Hospitality, a "non-profit" with the mission of helping the poor and the homeless. In fact, however, the Rabbi has been less than vigilant in looking into major incompetences and misconducts by PH staff, which have been systematically covered up by the very politically entrenched PH CEO Rev. Terry Troia. At my request he wrote an ultimately helpful letter for me to the top NYC and NYS officials when a NYC Human Resources bureaucrat mishandled my food stamp recertification application resulting in the closing of my case. (I would have gotten zero help from "The Unholy Trinity" of Savino/Titone/Rose.)
 Rabbi Sussman is a prominent community leader and a well-known member of COJOSI, of which Mendy Mirocznik, who blew Mafioso Robert Cataldo's cover, is the president. I have asked Rabbi Sussman - who makes few if any political decisions without the approval of his wife Boni, who is definitely to his right politically - to publicly call for at least a Democratic Party investigation of the Savino/Cataldo/Mafia NYPD. Stating that, inasmuch as he did not personally witness Cataldo's attack on me (no one witnessed it, inasmuch as Cataldo, anticipating my scheduled arrival at Ms. Savino's district office in S.I. for my appointment with him on an urgent constituent matter warranting Ms. Savino's intervention when I was homeless, had emptied her office of all staff, Mafia-style), he was not in a position to call for an investigation.
  Very ironically that is precisely the twisted "logic" used by Holocaust deniers, who, correctly asserting that they did not personally witness the murders, etc. of the Jews by the Nazis, question the veracity of Holocaust accounts. Rabbi Sussman is often quite eloquent in denouncing the crimes of Hamas/Hezbollah/ISIS, et. al. terrorists who kill Jews, those murders not personally witnessed by the Rabbi. Does Rabbi Sussman believe that Mendy Mirocznik and I are fictionalizing? I doubt it.
  Needless to say, it is my responsibility to fully cooperate with the FBI and all law enforcement agencies investigating identified Mafioso Robert Cataldo, his protectors such as Diane Savino as far as it goes - up to and including the Clintons. Political crimes are always followed by coverups.There is no question in my mind that Robert Cataldo belongs behind bars - in a secure penal facility with solid psychiatric services.
  Other political folks in what I call "The Jew Wall of Silence" include SIDA and Temple Emanu-el members Gary Carsel (twice very understandably landslide-defeated for the NYS Senate by Republican Andrew Lanza) and his wife Ann Taylor. I don't know the Hebrew or Yiddish words for "omerta."
  And the silence on the Chinese Communist Genocide in Tibet is - proverbially and metaphorically - deafening.
  Yogi Berra's terse commentaries generally focused on less than serious subjects - as when he commented on a bar that "No one goes there; it's too crowded."
   In consideration of the long covered up racist Nazi Genocide against the Jews and the ongoing covered up Chinese Communist racist Genocide against the Tibetans, as Yogi might put it, it's "Deja vu all over again."

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