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UP FRONT News       February 2, 2016  
"The paper that won't be bought and can't be sold."
Published by Tom Weiss
Andrew Mazzone - Media Representative and Economics Advisor   
Frank De Luca - Public Relations Consultant
Allen Smith - Economics Reporter and Internet Advisor
  The views expressed in UP FRONT News are those of the publisher or of the contributing writer and do not necessarily represent the views of staff.
     Adolf Hitler, the father of "The Big Lie", was smart enough to sprinkle in a few truths with his genocide predicting rants that mesmerized millions of economically devastated post-World War I defeated Germans and Austrians. Hitler understood that if one lies all the time, one becomes predictable and easily exposed. He was "truthful" and correct in asserting that the masses of quite destitute Germans and Austrians were being victimized by the "capitalists" in charge of the World War I victorious governments that forced the economically devastating Versailles Treaty on defeated Germany and Austria. It was the masses who paid those "reparations."
   And so Hitler oratorically and violently positioned himself as the leader (fuhrer) of the National Socialist German Workers Party, much better known as the Nazi Party. His message, not unlike Donald Trump's, was "populist." It was nationalistic, militaristic and racist. Hitler's main scapegoat was of course the Jews. And, although Adolf Hitler did not win the votes of the majority of German, he did much better than all the other factionalized "left" and "conservative"
parties in the Weimar Republic and was "elected" as Chancellor of Germany. It took him about 150 days to transform Germany from a political democracy into the Nazi dictatorship bent on annihilating the Jews and other "inferior" races and on world conquest.
   Donald Trump's message, often delivered with the malevolently "charismatic" flair that characterized Hitler's speeches, is nationalistic, xenophobic, populist and surely racist - and, not at all surprisingly, is attracting the support of Jew and African-American-hating KKK neo-nazis like David Duke and Jared Taylor, all of whom approve of Trump's recent praise of some of the mega-aggressive oratory of the founder of fascism, the late Benito Mussolini.
 So where does "The Donald" tell the truth? That's an easy one. Every time he accuses Hillary Clinton of being a "liar" Donald Trump is telling the truth!
  Hillary lied about facing snipers' bullets in Sarajevo. She is lying about her privatizing her State Department emails. Every time she speaks at, for example, an African-American church or a liberal Jewish organization and claims that he she is for the poor and the homeless she is lying, inasmuch as she refused to be a U.S. Senate sponsor of the oft-introduced Bringing America Home Act, an important bill aimed at ending homelessness in America. Every time she says she is for human rights she is lying, as both she and her husband, symbiotically tied to the mega-corporate Wall Street bunch known as The China Lobby, are up to their joint eyeballs in the political coverup of the racist genocide being perpetrated by the light-complexioned totalitarian rulers "Communist" China against the dark-complexioned ethically, culturally and linguistically distinct people and nation of formerly independent Tibet, the land that about 2000 years ago was home to Jesus (aka "Issa") Himself. See UP FRONT News online at www.tomsupfrontnews.blogspoit.com and "The Lost Years of Jesus" by Elizabeth Clarke Prophet.    
  And I have the "smoking gun" proof about Bill and Hillary vs.Tibet and vs. me!
 And that is why Hillary Clinton - and some of her Mob-linked pals such as NYS Senator Diane Savino (D.-S.I./Bklyn.), whose Mafioso Chief of Staff, Robert Cataldo, fully aware of my 2005-06 Democratic write-in candidacy for the U.S. Senate against then incumbent Hillary Clinton (visit www.tomweissdemocratforussenate.blogspot.com, committed a major terroristic act of criminal harassment (NYPD Complaint # 2006-120-8244)against me at my scheduled appointment with him in Ms. Savino's otherwise unoccupied district office in Staten Island on a very urgent constituent matter when I was homeless - lied to (and about) me!
  As far as I am aware, Bernie Sanders is the only candidate, who, aside from taking on the billionaires backing Republicrat Hillary and the Republicans - has, via his May 21, 2015 email to me (after lots of calls and emails from me to his Senate office in Washington), announced his support for "self-determination for the Tibetan people". Bernie is in good company as that is also the position of my acquaintance Dr. Cornel West..
   It's time for Bernie Sanders to take the gloves off and expose Hillary's lies and talk out loud about freedom for Tibet.
   After Brooklyn born and raised Bernie wins the critical New York primary on April 19 against more recent New York State resident Hillary and becomes the Democratic Party nominee he can take on another billionaire, in this case the neo-fascistic Donald Trump and beat him - perhaps by a landslide.

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