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UP FRONT News               December 11, 2015
"The paper that won't be bought and can't be sold.     
Published by Tom Weiss  
Andrew Mazzone - Media Representative and Economics Advisor
Steven Gradman - Internet Advisor
Allen Smith - Economics Reporter
 The views expressed in UP FRONT News are those of the publisher or of the contributing write and do not necessarily represent the views of staff.
      As presumably thousands of people, including many who live in the autocratically governed "People's Republic of Staten Island", are aware, in 2006 I was literally terrorized by NYS Senator Diane Savino's Chief of Staff Robert Cataldo during my scheduled appointment with him on an urgent matter necessitating Ms. Savino's intervention when I was homeless. Savino/Cataldo and then U.S. Senator Hillary Clinton-controlled Democratic Party machine already knew about the fact that, my homelessness notwithstanding, I was running against Mrs. Clinton as a Democratic write-in candidate for the U.S.Senate and also because of considerable previous media coverage (NY Times, Newsday, Daily News, NY Post, Binghamton Press & Sun-Bulletin, Downtown Magazine, Downtown Express, Our Town, Queens Tribune, russian language media, also broadcast media, national and local) about my political and arts-related activities. 
 When I arrived at Senator Savino's district office one flight up at 36 Richmond Terrace in St. George, S.I. the door was open. I entered into an office that was apparently devoid of any staff. I waited a few minutes and then announced my presence. At that point a man, Robert Cataldo, came barreling out of a rear room, like, as I've reported, one of the Bulls of Pamplona, bellowing threats and accusing me of having sexual relations with my mother. He backed me up against a wall and for several minutes with his face less than a centimeter from mine, spit at me and threatened me with arrest and violence. After some minutes I managed to squeeze my way free and I left.
  When I called Savino and told her what had happened her reply was, verbatim, "Oh, don't worry about Cataldo." She's been protecting this sociopathic lunatic ever since - and so has Donald Newhouse and his Staten Island Advance.
  A few days after that terrorist experience I went to the NYPD's 120th precinct, a less than five minute walk from Savino's office. They refused to take my complaint. To suggest that the 120th precinct has a history of corruption is the equivalent of asserting that the first book of the Bible is Genesis. It's a fact!
  And so I called Sgt. Detective Al Fiore, then with the NYPD's Intelligence Division, who in that capacity had saved me from being arrested at the request of one of the most paranoid people in the history of New York City politics, ex-NYC Public Advocate Betsy Gotbaum, with whom, via my family, I've been personally acquainted since 1979 and whose politically embarrassing secrets include a failed marriage to a CIA agent and her related adulteries at the home of one of my relatives in Great Neck, L.I. It was Betsy Gotbaum who reacted to my showing up as a journalist at events she was at by claiming that I was "stalking" her, a defamation that she made during an August, 2005 televised campaign debate with her opponents, who included civil rights lawyer Norman Siegel, with whom I am acquainted.  Sgt. Fiore, who knows politics and law enforcement, at my request traveled from his office in Brooklyn to meet me in S.I., took the information from me and went to the 120th precinct and filed the complaint for me. It is NYPD Complaint # 2006-120-8244. That complaint and the related political details involving Senator Savino have been reported by me to the Staten Island District Attorney, to U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch and to the FBI   
  And the politically motivated Betsy Gotbaum "stalker" delusion led to the first lie about me in the Staten Island Advance. Then Political Editor Tom Wrobleski had interviewed me at length in early 2005 about my Senate candidacy against Mrs. Clinton. He printed nothing.
 And so when Ms. Gotbaum libeled me with her "stalker" delusion, I set the record straight with the media and essentially accurate articles about the Betsy Gotbaum vs. Weiss "Stalker" War were published in NYC Newsday (August 26, 2005), the Daily News and The New York Times (both August 27, 2005). The Newsday story also reported my candidacy for the U.S. Senate.
  Wrobleski had the nerve to call me and ask for an "exclusive." I vetoed that, advising him that I had already been in contact with several reporters for other papers. He interviewed me over the phone, His inaccuracy and lie-riddled article was published with a front page lead on August 27, 2005. If Tom Wrobleski had written that article in journalism school, he would have gotten an "F" and probably been urged to seek another profession.
 And as far as stalking Betsy Gotbaum or anyone else is concerned, I refer you to country singer Dwight Yoakum's hit, "I Ain't That Lonely Yet."
 Wrobleski should have probably have been fired for libelous reporting.The Staten Island Advance, however, has been correctly described by Staten Island civil rights leader Rev. Dr. Demetrius S. Carolina, Sr. of the largely African-American First Central Baptist Church in ethnically diverse Stapleton, S.I., as a "controlled" newspaper. The political journalism - e.g. Tom ("Wrongleski") Wrobleski (who is now "Senior Opinion Commentator"), Rachel Shapiro, all under Editor-in-Chief and Chief Censor Brian Laline - is at the bottom of the journalistic barrel.
  There are some liberals who claim that the Advance is "Republican." They are wrong, The Staten Island Advance is in the business of protecting the corrupt and politically entrenched, regardless of Party.
  They protect corrupt Democrats, such as "The Unholy Trinity of 1.) Diane Savino, (tied to Mobster Cataldo), 2.) the Sheldon Silver puppet Assembly member Matthew ("No Saint") Titone, and 3.) the anti-Semite David ("Hitler Eyes") Jones-tied NYC Council member Debi Rose, just as they protected the now incarcerated Republican ex-Congressman Michael Grimm, until The NY Times exposed his illegal campaign contributions via a pipeline involving some Orthodox rabbis in Brooklyn. 
  Tom Wrobleski had to be embarrassed into writing an article about my campaign for the U.S. Senate against Mrs. Clinton. His story, under the headline, "With the stroke of a pencil vote for anyone", was published on the front page of the Advance on August 21, 2006. In journalism school Wrobleski would have been luck to get a C-minus. Most of his article is spent on discussing the details of running as a write-in candidate. Near the end he reports my assertions regarding Mrs. Clinton's lack of interest in the poor and her silence about the Chinese Communist Genocide in Tibet.
 And so Tom Wrobleski and the Staten Island Advance, on an island known to the Dalai Lama and Tibetans everywhere as the home to the Jacques Marchais Museum of Tibetan Arts, stands out for reporting the political coverup of a "Genocide" and not following it up. Like I said, "The Staten Island Retreat." 
  Over the course of several years I periodically sent emails to Advance editors Dean Balsamini (now reportedly with the Daily News) and Marj Hack and political reporter Judith Randall. I had a long telephone conversation with Ms. Randall about in particular Robert Cataldo's act of terrorism against me and Savino's protection of this criminal thug. Ms. Randall asked me to send an email with the details. I sent several. On July 12, 2011 at 8:52 AM Ms. Randall sent me an email which read, "please do not contact me again, by phone or e-mail.
  Inasmuch as, in anticipation of my arrival for my scheduled appointment with Robert Cataldo, he took care to empty Ms. Savino's office of all staff so as to assure that his obviously well planned act of terrorism against me would happen without witnesses, a Mob tactic, I have long suspected that Robert Cataldo is a mobster.
  Several months ago at a cultural event at the Jewish Community Council, Democratic Party official Mendy Mirocznik, who is also the very influential President of the Council of Jewish Organizations of Staten Island, and with whom I had previously discussed the Cataldo/Savino matter in detail, asked to speak to me privately. During the perhaps ten minute conversation that followed, Mr. Mirocznik told me that Robert Cataldo had committed a similar crime against another (at this point unnamed) victim. Mr. Mirocznik then added the following words, "Robert Cataldo is a member of the Sicilian Mob."
   I am not surprised.
   Inasmuch as Mr. Mirocznik has not requested anonymity, I've reported is account to me and al the facts in UP FRONT News.
   The Staten Island Advance knows everything. and so does owner Donald Newhouse.  
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