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   Should Wall Street-connected Hillary ("The Pillory") Clinton - who has demanded $300,000 plus free hummus for speaking engagements and then claimed that she and her husband Bill were "broke" - manage to purchase the Democratic Party nomination for president and find herself  "opposed" by, say, right-wing billionaire demagogue Republican Donald Trump or Tea Party darling Ted Cruz or Chris ("Gridlock") Christie, a "third" or "fourth" party or truly independent write-in candidacy becomes very relevant.  
  With Bernie Sanders's focus on economic inequality (an issue which the $300,000-plus-free-hummus-per-speech Hillary is not morally equipped to even mention) he has evolved from "fringe" status to being a threat to the Democratic Party establishment, which includes the corruption-riddled Tammany Hall-style Democratic Machine in Staten Island, New York City. Mr. Sanders however made what may have been his first major political mistake in the first Democratic candidates debate some weeks ago in Las Vegas when he cozied up to Hillary by suggesting that her private email mess was not an important issue - at which point Hillary almost kissed him in gratitude. The reality is of course that Mrs. Clinton's secret use of a private email address to conduct State Department business, - e.g. with regard to the disaster in Benghazi - is a symptom of her passion for the type of secrecy that is essential to corruption and the related coverups. It explains why Mrs. Clinton is so widely distrusted. It was after that debate that Bernie's polls began to drop - understandably.
  If Bernie Sanders believes that by emphasizing economic inequality and climate change to the near exclusion of other issues, he's wrong - and Hillary will out- rhetoric him, most certainly in African-American churches, where all of a sudden she'll sound as if she grew up in rural Georgia or maybe South Jamaica Queens while spouting the populism of Che Guevara. Mrs. Clinton is not only a prevaricator, she's an actress.
 A related problem with Mr. Sanders - an affliction shared by many major politicians - is that the more famous he or she gets the more politically deaf he or she becomes.
 Last May 21 after I made a number of phone calls and sent several mails to Mr. Sanders's U.S. Senate office regarding the Chinese Communist racist Genocide in the illegally occupied and formerly independent nation of Tibet, his then Senate Press Secretary Jeff Frank sent me Mr. Sanders's statement, which calls for "self determination for the Tibetan people." He also added some references to that issue to his website. Other than that, as far as I am aware, he has been silent.
  During the referenced Democratic debate in Las Vegas the only candidate to mention China as an issue was Jim Webb, who promptly dropped out of the race a few days later.
  I've sent a number of emails to Bernie's campaign manager Jeff Weaver, some c.c.'d to his Senate Chief of Staff Michaeleen Earle Crowell and his new Senate Press Secretary Mike Casca, urging that Mr. Sanders speak out on the Tibet disaster, something that will certainly appeal not only to the approximately 150 Tibetans that Mr. Sanders's press release to me reported as living in Vermont, but also to the much larger number of Tibetans living in New York City (especially Queens), the suburbs and upstate (e.g. Carmel and Ithaca), who will be voting in the very important April 19 Democratic primary in New York State. Bernie is a Brooklyn native; Hillary lives in the essentially segregated community of Chappaqua in super-duper upscale northern West Chester County, N.Y.
  Sparrow, who formerly lived on Manhattan's Lower East Side,lives in a trailer in rural Ulster County,
  Anyone who reads UP FRONT News (online at will have the facts on the direct involvement of Bill and Hillary Clinton in the political coverup of the Chinese Communist Genocide in Tibet. The reason: the power of the mega-corporations making gazillions in profits from investments in essentially "fascist"-ruled "Communist" China who are part of The China Lobby.
  Jesus had (and has) a point as made in First Timothy 6:10 when He made it clear that the root of "evil" is not the money but the "love" of it. Hillary an Bill love money.
   Sparrow, who travels to New York City often and performs at poetry events, has expressed his support for freedom for Tibet. That's a very good start for a presidential campaign.
   Sparrow is an observant Jewish man. As far as I can tell, he is a progressive. Unlike the Karl (not Groucho) Marx-oriented, populism-spouting Greens, he is in no way tainted by political extremism. Anyone reading UP FRONT News is knowledgeable about the history of the Greens with such racist political extremists such as Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.; the late "social therapy" cult leader "Dr." Fred Newman, the anti-Semite Lenora Fulani and their apostles, "peace" hoaxters including  Paul ("Zool") Zulkowitz and the explosive Jerry ("Can't") Kann, et. al., and the Green Party's history of "out-lefting the left", e.g with Ralph Nader in 2000 and thereby helping to "elect" right wing Republicans such as George W, Bush and Big Dick Cheney in 2000. Green Party presidential wannabe Jill Stein has adopted the Big Dick Cheney approach at least to my email about election: dead silence.
   Sparrow writes palindromes. Animal rights and Bible people will appreciate, "Selah. We revere whales."

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