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UP FRONT News   September 8, 2016
"The paper that won't be bought and can't be sold."
 Published by Tom Weiss
Andrew Mazzone - Media Representative and Economics Advisor
Steven Gradman - Religious and Community Liaison
Allen Smith - Economics Reporter and Internet Advisor
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   The very political (and religious) "Tibet Story" - most thoroughly reported in this newspaper (with the so-called "alternative media, particularly on the "left", ignoring the story, and the mainstream media, in any cases, suppressing the facts entirely) - is a potentially electorally pivotal issue for several reasons.
   The formerly independent nation of Tibet (which, according to a Tibetan historian I know, existed as a political entity in B.C. years) is the victim of a Genocide.
   The perpetrator of that Genocide is the government of the People's Republic of China, the world's #2 military and economic power, and one of the worst human rights violators in the world.
   The U.S. position as articulated by President Barack Obama, i.e. that "Tibet is part of China" (which was also Mao Zedong's position, which he used to justify Communist China's invasion of independent Tibet in 1951,is historically false (surprising inasmuch as Mr. Obama is a Harvard graduate).
    Bill and Hillary Clinton have been personally knowledgeable about the atrocities perpetrated by the Chinese Communists against the Tibetans since as far back as 1992 - when I got the facts to then President-elect Bill Clinton via my telephone conversations and faxed correspondence exchange with Bill Clinton's secretary Betty M. Currie. The Clintons have responded by harassing me and violating my civil rights.
    The Clintons' silence on the fact of the ongoing Chinese Communist Genocide in Tibet can be explained by their well-known lucrative ties to Wall Street corporations, including those comprising the China Lobby.
    In its response to the Dalai Lama's proposal for a "Middle Way" guaranteeing full Tibetan autonomy inside China, the Chinese government has lied in asserting that Tibet is already "autonomous". 
   According to the Dalai Lama over 1,000,000 Tibetans have died as a direct consequence of the Chinese occupation.
   The Tibetan people are ethnically, racially, linguistically and cultural distinct from the Han Chinese. The Han Chinese are light-complexioned; the Tibetans are dark-complexioned. The Chinese occupation is racist!
   The Tibetan language is not Chinese; it is derived from Sanskrit and Aramaic Hebrew. The Aramaic is presumably related to the reported residence in Tibet by Jesus during "The Missing Years", not reported in the Bible. For more information read "The Lost Years of Jesus" by Elizabeth Clare Prophet" and "Jesus in Tibet..." in UP FRONT News.
   The late Dr. Martin Luther King associate Rev. Timothy P. Mitchell, characterized the Chinese occupation as "Genocide" and as an attack by the (atheistic) Chinese Communists on the Tibetans' "faith".
   U.S. Senator and former presidential candidate Bernard Sanders in a May 21, 2015 email to me, has called for "self-determination for the Tibetan people."
   The platform of the Green Party calls for "national self-determination".
   The issue is Genocide. The perpetrator is China. The full story is in UP FRONT News.
   It's a campaign issue.

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