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UP FRONT News April 1, 2013
"The paper that can't be bought and can't be sold."
Published by Tom Weiss
Andrew Mzzone - Media Representative and Economics Advisor
Maria Loginova - Literary Editor
The views expressed in UP FRONT News are those of the publisher or of the contributing writer and do not necessarily represent the view of of staff.
Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. the aging megalomaniacal racist and convicted felon and ex- NYC resident and CCNY faculty member, has declared that in order for fascism to take power in America - certainly with him as the fuehrer - it is necessary to obtain what he has called "hegemony over the left." And so the New Hampshire-born and Massachusetts raised severely childhood-maladjusted intellectual emerged early on as a Trotskyite and later achieved considerable notoriety as the "Marxist" economics professor at the City College of New York pseudonymed "Lyn Marcus."
One way of achieving "hegemony" over the left is to adopt the tactics of another famous pseudo-ultra-"leftist", the reknowned "socialist" Adolf Hitler, i.e. by brutalizing others on the "left." And so, LaRouche unleashed what he called "Operation Mop Up", which was a series of coordinated very violent physical assaults on various leftist groups. LaRouche would have his "left"-spouting agents, some carrying clubs concealed in their pants legs, attend meetings, e.g. of the local Communist Party branch, and at a given signal, the clubs would come out and come down on the heads of the Reds. Indeed, in "The New American Fascism", the very unauthorized biography of LaRouche by the investigative journalist and UP FRONT News reader Dennis King, there are photos of some of the bandaged "Operation Mop Up" victims in Philadelphia.
In fact a contemporary practitioner of the club-in-the-pants-leg maneuver is none other than the pseudo-ultra-"left" self-described "anarchist/communist" Lower East Side squatter Karl Rosenstein. Rosenstein, who has tried to assault me on multiple occasions, succedding once, was witnessed some years ago trying to conceal a club in his pants leg at a meeting of the LaRouche-ite controlled "9/11 Truth"/"We Are Change" scam operation at St. Mark's in-the-Bowery Church in Manhattan, a cult that was promoting LaRouche's conspiracy theory that George W. Bush had personal prior knowledge of the 9/11 attacks. The club attack was intended for me as I was already exposing the whole scam and its propagandists, including LaRouche-ites such as Rosenstein pal Geoffrey Blank and the crypto-fascist "poet" Pistol Pete" Dolack. Other key figures in the "9/11 Truth"/"We Are Change" hoax included the faux "Father" Frank Morales (then with St. Mark's Church) and LaRouche ideologues such as Les Jamieson (of the Julius Caesar hairstyle as "Postal" Mike Filippone put it) and Luke Rudkowski (whom Postal Mike has correctly noted bears a physical resemblance, including the trademark baleful stare, to Eminem). Geoffrey Blank supporters in my home borough of Staten Island include the recurrently violent self-described "green anarchist" Mike ("Dismay") May, Ugo ("No Mas") Duran and Julene Garcia, whose e-mail last year to me should reallly be translated into German and perhaps added to Hitler's "Mein Kampf" as an appendix. And from Long Island there is "We Are Change" thug and anti-fracking infiltrator Craig Fitzgerald.
The dangerous and sometimes violent scam as well as the entire LaRouche pseudo-left operation on the Lower East Side and beyond was able to make progress in part because of the timidity of the media, mainstream and (to use a euphemism) "alternative" media.
Two of the so-called "alternative" papers guilty of such news suppression are The Villager and the Indypendent.
Over the years I gave Villager editor Lincoln Anderson a wealth of information about e.g. the LaRouche-ite Blank, a Queens resident who did much of his crypto-fascist political work in Union Square, by politically hijacking the post-9/11 public speakouts organized by the No Police State Coalition and at St. Mark''s Church, which, thanks to "Father" Frank Morales, I renamed "Our Lady of LaRouche." The Villager gave the neo-fascist Blank occasional puff coverage. And although I spent over an hour being interviewed by Mr. Anderson when I was a Democratic write-in candidate for the U.S. Senate against then incumbent war hawk corporate Empress Hillary Clinton, he published not a syllable about my candidacy.
And so "Scoopy" Lincoln Anderson allowed his "alternative" weakly weekly to get "scooped" by The NY Times, Newsday, "The Knight News" (Queens College), The New York Observer and other print and broadcast media around New York State. There may be some hope for the Villager as, while Mr. Anderson covers stories already better covered in other media, he appeals to his inner radical and allows Lower East Side journalist/photographer/activist Clayton Patterson to do an occasional column, certainly unfortunately not to be read by many of the great many people who do not live on the Lower East Side.
As far as I am aware, the apparently ideologically controlled (John Tarleton) Indypendent, aside from suppressing the news of my U.S. Senate candidacy, has ignored the pseudo-ultra-"left" LaRouche infiltration. Indeed, the Indypendent may be the only "progressive" paper in history to have a pseudo-ultra-"leftist" as a contributing writer.
The September 19, 2005 issue of the paper contains a story by Pistol Pete Dolack, purportedly describing NYPD intervention in a speech by "peace mom" Cindy Sheehan in union Square. Dolack's article contains a major lie when he asserts that the NYPD broke up a "permitted" event. In fact, the Green Party LaRouche-linked organizer, Paul ("Zool") Zulkowoitz and his openly LaRouche-ite collaborator Eric Rassi (a close pal of the violent wacko Karl Rosenstein) willfully did not obtain a required NYPD sound device permit needed because they were using a large sound system for Ms. Sheehan's speech. I was right there standing a few feet from Ms. Sheehan. The NYPD in no way interfered with her speech. As soon as she completed her remarks, the cops busted Zulkowitz, whose theatrical impersonation of a Black Panther being abused by the police was totally inconvincing. In fact, when a mini-riot broke out as Zulkowitz was being cuffed, I was standing next to Ms. Sheehan. In fact she had no idea that the event had not been permitted. The whole thing was a classic LaRouche-style scam aimed at precipitating the arrest of Cindy Sheehan, a development that would have generated serious media attention. The only accurate coverage was in UP FRONT News (online at The Indypendent article by Dolack was a lie.
The Indypendent's Senior Editor is Elizabeth Henderson. I am certain that, as a presumed member of what I call the professional left, she is critical of the mainstream media. In any event, The Indypendent needs to be careful that writers published under its name are not camouflaged liars and crypto-fascists. She also needs to answer and presumably published my "letter to the editor" e-mailed to her on March 12, 2013. Independent "Indypendent?" Not quite.
It was while the already fascistically inclined LaRouche was parading as a "Marxist" on the faculty at CCNY that he met another seriously disturbed "left" activist, Fred Newman.
"Dr." Fred Newman, a psychotherapist founded what became a sexually saturated cult called "social therapy" which blended the teaching of Freud, Lenin, Stalin, Mao and of course Newman. Newman preached "revolution", anti-Semitism and sex with your therapist.
Together these two socioapathic intellectuals started what became the New Alliance Party (NAP), which, using an ultra-left rap, made some headway in NYC politics. One of the hoodwinked propagandists, Gilberto Gerena-Valentin, was elected as a Democrat from the South Bronx. They ran another hoodwinking victim, the Bronx Democratic State Senator Joe Gailber, for the Bronx Borough Presidency in 1979. They supported Brooklyn Democrat Frank Barbaro for Mayor in 1981 and he was crushed by Ed Koch.
It was Newman and the NAP that brought to political promience the African-American demagoguess and anti-Semite Lenora Fulani, who tried to parasite her crypto-fascist self into everything and everyone, including Al Sharpton during the Tawana Brawley drama;
third (Reform) party presidential candidate Ross Perot, right wing Rochester billionaire Tom Golisano, right wing presidential candidate Patrick Buchanan (whom she invited for a lunch date at Sylvia's in Harlem)
Because I had met some NAP'ers and got some threats when I showed up as a journalist at sone of thier events, I got to recognized some of the faces belonging to this cult.
And so noticed them hanging around Ralph Nader when he first ran for president as a Green in 1996. I followed him on a upstate New York tour to Binghamton where, because of my knowledge of Binghamton University and my having been covered myself in the Binghamton Press & Sun Bulletin, I helped Nader get a huge front page story in that paper of his speech at the University in which he attacked the Democratic and Republican Party "duopoly." On the date of his speech I had car trouble in New York City and arrived in Binghamton after Nader's speech but did have time to make a stop at the Binghamton Green Party HQ on Main Street, which was populated by about five pot-smoking "activists", two of whom claimed that they ran out of gas and asked me for a ride to a local gas station. As I politely refused, they got into their car and drive off. Never enter an automobile with a LaRouche-ite!!!!!
Mr. Nader and I had become acquainted at his earlier speech at Hofstra University where during the Q&A I had asked him about his views on the Chinese Communist genocide in occupied Tibet. Mr. Nader in reply described Chinese rule in Tibet as "heavy-handed." In a later presidential campaign, at my behest, he wrote a strongly worded denunciation of the Chinese occupation of Tibet.
When I spoke to Ralph Nader directly for a few minutes in 1996 after his speech in Rochester, I told him that LaRouche people had infiltrated his campaign. He looked surprised and said, "Really?" and the went on his way.
The LaRouche/Newman/Fulani occupation of the Green Party power center (in New York) was pretty much complete in 2000 in the NYC Nader for President "meetup." The meetup
"facilitator" was a horrendous tyrant named Cathy Sadell; her husband was a violent "left"-spouting thug (who physically assaulted me once to prevent me from attending a Nader/Fulani news conference in Manhattan to which I had been officially invited by Nader's press secretary Kevin Zeese) named George Tatevosyan. Ms. Sadell and her partner, both known "Newmanites", ran the meetings according to Stalin's Rules of Order. They were openly supported by Jerry Kann, a Greenie from the Long Island City/Astoria area of Queens who twice tried to hoodwink the people of those neighborhoods into electing him as the Green Party candidate for the New York City Council. His vote totals plummeted after exposure in UP FRONT News articles circulated in heavily Greek Astoria headlined "It's Not Greek to Me" and "Three Fascists from Queens", about Geoffrey Blank, George Tatevosyan and Jerry ("Can't") Kann. The smooth-talking "peace" activist Green Party honcho and Fulani pal "Zool" Zulkowitz was in charge, having successfully hoodwinked the extraordinarily politically naive Ralph Nader and apparently one of Mr. Nader's close personal friends, musician/poet Patti Smith.
This was the fascist stategy. With an ultra-left rap, denounce the Democrat presidential candidate (Al Gore) and Republican candidate (George W. Bush) equally as "the same."
The idea was to wean a small but sufficient number of votes from the Democrats to enable the Republicans to get close enough in the electoral college to be in a position to steal the election. Guess what happened?
The question is why? Here is the answer. By helping the Republicans steal the presidency, the pseudo-"left" crypto-fascists in the Green Party knew that under the Cheney/Bush Administration, social and economic conditions, particularly for the poor and marginal middle class, would get worse, while the rich would get richer. That inevitability would generate another inevitability, i.e. widespead grassroots anger and perhaps even some class-based violence.
History proves it. It is only necesary to look at the economic basket-case that was post World War I Germany. No ground could be more fertile for a "socialist" and a "revolutionary" like the LaRouche predecessor Adolf Hitler than economically collapsed Germany with its millions of unemployed and very, very angry workers - many ready to blame the Jews.
There are plenty of Americans who hate Jews and African-Americans as much as does Lyndon LaRouche. Some of them were LaRouche agents carrying "The Jews own the banks" signs in the heavily "Green" Occupy Wall Street encampment in Zucotti Park, which by the
which by the way got an endorsement from Ku Klux Klan kelebrity David Duke. (LaRouche by the way had his own official table outside the perimeter of Zucotti.)
And at the same time there are some Jews that can by purchased by a LaRouchye surrogate such as Lenora Fulani.
How do you think we got Mayor Bloomberg?
* * * * * * *

MeUP FRONT News April 1, 2013 "The paper that can't be bought and can't be sold." Published by Tom Weiss Andrew Mzzone - Media Representative and Economics Advisor Maria Loginova - Literary Editor http://
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