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UP FRONT News May 29, 2013
"The paper that can't be bought and can't be sold."
Published by Tom Weiss
Andrew Mazzone - Media Representative and Economics Advisor
Steven Gradman - Political Advisor
The views expressed in UP FRONT News are those of the publisher or of the contributing writer and do not necessarily represent the views of staff.
Thanks to the continuing news suppression by New York's most politically obsequeous news paper, the multi-billionaire Donald Newhouse-owned (or, in Rev. Dr. Demetrius S. Carolina, Sr.'s 100% correct assessment "controlled" newspaper) Staten Island Advance, aka in UP FRONT News and beyond as "The Staten Island Retreat", the reality that Staten Island is New York's most politically corrupt borough (with much of the corruption perpetrated by the Democratic Party Machine which rules the ethnically diverse working class North Shore), remains unreported - except in increasingly widely read UP FRONT News.
Central to the corruption committed by the clique of profoundly dishonest, self-centered, and sometimes criminality-perpetrating "Unholy Trinity" of Assemblymember Matthew ("Gay Wrong") Titone, State Senator Diane ("Cataldo") Savino, and City Councilmember Debi ("Fading") Rose, is a dictatorially run Tammany Hall-style political club that calls itself "SIDA." In Latino neighborhoods and in Spain SIDA stands for Sindrome de Inmuno-deficiencia Adquirida, the Spanish translation for AIDS. The S.I. Democratic Party machine calls SIDA the Staten Island Democratic Association.
I call it the Staten Island Deception Axis!
On February 10, 2007 when U.S. Senator Barack Obama (D.-Ill.)announced that he was a candidate for the Democratic nomination for president, the Democratic Party was under the dictatorial control of U.S. Senator Hillary Clinton (D.-N.Y.) Even progressive politicians who expressed strong dislike for Mrs. Clinton's militaristic, human rights-aversive politics, (which she often skillfully camouflaged with populist rhetoric sometimes inflicted on parishioners in African-American churches in Harlem), threw up their hands and, acknowledging the corporate money fueling her presidential campaign, bemoaned the seeming reality that the Democratic nomination was "in the bag" for the memorably temporarily jilted January 20, 1993 - January 20, 2001 "First Lady."
One man who entered the fray in the political top of the ninth inning was NYS Senator Bill Perkins (D.-Manh.) As far as I can recall, Sen. Perkins was the first major African-
American elected official to firmly refuse to compromise himself and politically sell his soul and his mostly African-American constituents by climbing onto the corporation and "liberal"-saturated Hillary Clinton limousine-bandwagon. Mr. Perkins's principled and courageous political decision to support Barack Obama's candidacy turned things around
First a trickle and later a sea of progressive elected officials, e.g. the very African-American-centric NYC Councilmember Charles Barron (D.-Bklyn.), endorsed candidate Obama. The trickle became a flood and not even a political Mariano Rivera could save her in "relief." Corporate favorite Bill Clinton was furious. He certainly seemed to be more supportive to her as a political kingmaker than as a faithful husband. And so Hillary Clinton was jilted first by her legal hisband and then, very understandably, by the American people.
And, in the 2008 election, once Republican nominee John McCain converted the contest into a politicized version of "Saturday Night Live" with his selection of Sarah Palin as his running mate, it was Obama's election as president that was "in the bag."
And then, Barack Obama made what I (and certainly others) made his first post-election political mistake by selecting the corporate militarist Hillary Clinton as his Secretary of State. In that choice he made the same mistake that had been perpetrated by President-elect Bill Clinton, who chose a human rights-avervise corporate mogul named Warren Christopher as his Secretary of State.
Bill Clinton and Warrren Christopher are among those most responsible for the fact that the totalitarian corporate Chinese Communist regime continues to get away with perpetrating racist Genocide in illegally Occupied Tibet. In fact on January 19, 1993, the day before Bill Clinton's first inauguration and the day of the U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations hearing on Clinton's nomination to be Secretary of State - a hearing to which I was officially invited by the Committee - I was arrested in the reception area at the Committee hearing room in th U.S. Capitol Building, quite clearly on the direct orders of Bill Clinton and/or Warren Christopher.
Why? Because, after Bill Clinton was elected, during the Transition phase, I made telephone contact with Bill Clinton's secretary Betty M. Currie (who later became world famous during the Kenneth Starr investigation into the Monica Lewinsky unlaundered blue dress/"it all depends on what is is" encounters) and told her about the gruesome horrors inflincted upon the Tibetans by the Communist Chinese imperialists.
I spent maybe 15-20 minutes on the phone with Ms. Currie, who was located in the Transition Office in Little Rock, Ark. - area code 501. I told her about some of the gruesome tortures inflicted on seriously religious Tibetan nuns and monks by the atheistic Chinese Communists. I made it clear that the ethnically Han (light-complexioned) Chinese Communists were perpetrating a racist Genocide against the ethnically and linguistically distinct relatively dark-complexioned Tibetans and that is was necessary for the newly elected president to speak out and to terminate "most favored nation" trading status for China, which only benefits the Chinese government and the U.S. corporations profiteering in the slave state known as the People's Republic of China.
Ms. Currie became audibly upset during my account of the Nazi-style brutality of the Chinese Communists against the Tibetans. She asked me to fax her some of my UP FRONT News article and related documents, indicating that she would give the articles and documents to directly to Warren Christopher and that he would respond in writing.
I agreed to Ms. Currie's request and respectfully insisted that, upon receipt of the faxed documents from me, she would fax me an acknowledgement of receipt. I kept my promiose and she kept hers. I faxed her a bunch of UP FRONT News articles and other documents At 16:38 PM (4:30 PM) on December 11, 1992 I received the fax, from fax number 501-399-7196, which states, "Mr. Tom Weiss This is to acknowledge receipt of your fax on Tibet. Betty M. Currie."
I spoke by phone with Betty Currie on multiple occasions from my home phone at 212-334-9847. She gave copies to Warren Christopher, Bill Clinton and Clinton's Director of Communications George Stephanopoulos, with whose southern-dialected secretary Amanda I spoke on a few occasions by phone.
Clinton/Christopher/Stephanopoulos buried everything.
Perhaps among the most misquoted pronouncements made by Jesus Christ appears in First Timothy 6:10, which, in the New King James Bible reads, "For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil..."
And it was because Bill Clinton/Warren Christopher/George Stephenopoulos had to keep the U.S. corporation-protecting Chinese Communist racist Genocide in Occupied Tibet covered up that they had me arrested as I arrived with my written U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations invitation at the Committee Hearing Room in the U.S. Capitol in the United States of America.
In a July, 1993 jury trial before Judge Leo Satterfield I was speedily acquitted
But I digress. Now back to Staten Island.
The list of crimes, negligences, corruptions perpetrated at least against me by the Unholy Trinity of Matthew Titone/Diane Savino/Debi Rose, is well known to probably thousands of UP FRONT News readers (including a lot of people who understandably avoid the Staten Island Advance) in Staten Island and well beyond. (The Advance is essentially at best an abstraction anywhere beyond the Island and the Ferry Terminals.)
Titone, an inveterate liar, has gone to the lengths of ignoring civil rights leaders such as Rabbi Gerald Sussman of the Temple Emanu-el in the Port Richmond neighborhood who have urged him to provide me with the constituent services that he (Titone) has refused to provide me for years. Rabbi Sussman unfortunately has as a member of his congregation Gary Carsel, a SIDA Executive Committee member, coverup participant and erstwhile Democratic candidate for the NYS Senate, who was understandably crushed by Republican Andrew Lanza in 2010. Mr. Carsel seems to pray a lot but knowingly associates with those who prey for a political living. Not a nice Jewish boy!
Titone has also ignored similar urgings by civil rights leader Rev. Dr. Demetrius S. Carolina, Sr., Pastor of the large and mostly African-American First Central Baptist Church in Stapleton, of which I've been a member for a number of years. And an e-mail Titone received along the same lines some years ago by NYPD Sgt. Detectiver Al Fiore, then with the NYPD's Intelligence Division, was ignored by Titone. I hope that Titone does not parade and charade as a "crimefighter." Although I am aware of no evidence that Matthew Titone has groped staffers, like serial groper, the belatedly resigned Assemblymember Vito Lopez, Titone is enjoying the protection of the "Sergeant of Sleaze" I'm quoting myself here), Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, another not nice (Orthodox, no less) Jewish boy!
Diane Savino has as her Chief of Staff an at least episodically psychotic man named Robert Cataldo, who, at my scheduled appointment with him some years ago when I was in an emergency situation when I was homeless, went completely berserk, threatening me in a profanity-saturated tantrum that, had it occurred on the street, would gave led to an immediate 911 call and Cataldo's commitment to a psychiatric facility or incarceration or both. The NYPD complaint #, known to NYPD Commissioner Raymond Kelly ad to Staten island District Attorney Daniel Donovan, is 2006-120-8244. Thanks to the entrenched Savino, Robert Cataldo is not yet in a secure psychiatric facility or penal institution but rather siphoning off taxpayer money as her Chief of Staff.
Debi Rose can fairly be described as a total phony and quite possibly as a closet anti- Semite. As I've written, Adolf Hitler hired Josef Goebbels; Debi Rose hired as her 2009 corruption-riddled campaign manager an episodically violent (at least against me) obsessed Israel basher and Iran dictatorship defender David Jones. Ms. Jones is directly involved in a coverup of violations of my (and presumably many other senior citizens') civil rights at government-contracted senior centers. At a July 11, 2006 scheduled meeting with me in her 250 Broadway office, when, with Staten Island NAACP branch president Ed Josey present, I presented Ms. Rose with documents proving negligence at several senior centers and at the NYC Department for the Aging, she walked out of the room, thereby allowing her thug-staffer Antonio Whitaker to make unwanted (by me) non-accidental physical contact with me. And so Ms. Rose and Whitaker are the perps in my complaint of criminal harassment against them, complaint # 2011-001-05817.
Ms. Rose then attempted to have me arrested by calling NYC Council Chief of Security Carl D'Alba.
In fact, on September 22, 2011 Ms. Rose's close ally, the autocratic and human rights- aversive NYC Council Speaker Christine Quinn tried to have me arrested when I arrived in the lobby of 250 Broadway with an invitation from Councilmember James Gennaro (D.- Queens) to testify on fracking at a public hearing of his Council's Committee on Environmental Protection.
Some months ago, then SIDA president Dennis Brown reluctantly allowed me to speak at a SIDA meeting at Karl's Klipper restaurant in St. George, S.I. SIDA guy David Jones handled my presence in his usual bottom-feeeder fashion by giving me the finger, something he would not do to one of his political heroes such as the wacko outgoing Iranian demagogue-president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. I brought up the Titone and Savino matters and urged a SIDA investigation. Mr. Brown announced that my complaints would be referred to the SIDA "civil rights committee."
The coverup got underway as Dennis Brown failed to respond to my followup communications. Several weeks ago I called the new SIDA president Tom Shcherbenko.
At his request I described the history, on this occasion including the Debi Rose treacheries. I told him that if he wished the details formally in writing, it would be necessary for him to send me a request e-mail. He said he'd send it immediately. He made the same promise to me a few days later. Like all the rest of these characters, Tom Shcherbenko is one of "The People of the Lie."
I've since spoken to SIDA honchos Peter Killen and Roy Moskowitz, both of whom evidently have backbones made of stale mayonnaise. Killen confessed that, Dennis Brown's assertion notwithstanding, there is no SIDA "civil rights committee." Mr. Killen, who may be able to do a PhD thesis on covring up by refusing to go on the written (e-mail) record, claims that the e-mail address on his Brooklyn Consumer Federation busines card does not work. The "liberal" Democrat Killen should have worked for Richard Nixon.
Roy Moskowitz, who works for the crook Titone, should consider writing a dissertation on liberal rhetorical pomposity. He claims to be a devout Jew. As far as I am aware, so did King Herod. Moskowitz couldn't recognize the truth if it sat in his lap!
I've been contacted by Mark Macron, a lawyer who recently announced his candidacy as a Republican for the City Council seat currently being usurped by Debi Rose, the "Quinnberg" regime's ambassador to the colony of Staten Island. My advice to Mr. Macron, who is now among the more recent readers of UP FRONT News, is, if he really wants to beat Debi Rose and not be a typical Republican sacrificial lamb in heavily Democratic North Shore Staten Island, that he in no way identify with the reactionary politics of losers like Mitt Romney and the more medieval wing of the Tea Party movement. Indeed, I was surprised when Mr. Macron, who lives in the North Shore Westerleigh neighborhood, told me that he did not know about Rabbi Sussman and Rev. Carolina. He does now.
I am glad that Mr. Macron agrees with me that it would be very unwise to ignore the Staten Island's substantial Albanian community. And so Mr. Macron was most interested to learn of my good working relationship with the Republican former U.S. Congressan Joe DioGuardi from Westchester. Mr. DioGuardi, who was the Republican candidate for governor in 2010, as a member of Conngress, very strongly influenced by me when during the 1980's I was the social work director of a large homeless services agency and shelter and the Legislative Director of the Coalition for the Homeless of Westchester, defied Ronald Reagan and openly advocated for housing and other under-funded services for the poor. Mr. DioGuardi is also the president of the Albanian-American Civil League, the largest Albanian advocacy organization in the U.S.
Joe DioGuardi is also the founder of the Truth in Government Foundation. And, God knows "truth in government" is an endangered species in Staten Island and at the Staten Island Deception Axis.
And for Debi Rose, even if she cheats, re-election is not "in the bag." Ask Hillary Clinton.
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