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UP FRONT News October 15, 2013
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                           CONTAMINATED THE GREEN PARTY

   I don't ordinarily read my past articles at but, because a friend asked me about the history of my relations with the Green Party, I visited UP FRONT News online and came upon a blog post from 2011 by in the form of a falsehood-riddled rant by a known (Fred) "Newmanite" George Tatevosyan, accusing me of libeling him.
And so it is necessary for me to define some terms and to state what constitutes small "f" fascism and capital "F" Fascism. The central feature of Fascists and fascists is that they are self-appointed and self-anointed, conferring upon themselves a position of superiority (sometimes racial) over others, and therefore appropriating for themselves the right to withold from others the rights contained in the Bill of Rights and even in some cases the right to live. A capital "F" Fascist is a person who belongs to an organization or political party that holds such supremacist beliefs. Adolf Hitler was a Fascist. Benito Mussolini was a Fascist, Francisco Franco was a Fascist. The "Communists" Joseph Stalin and Mao Zedong were Fascists.
   A small "f" fascist is a person who holds such beliefs but does not belong to such a political party or organization - although certain cult leaders such as Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. and the late "Dr." Fred Newman have straddled the line between capital "F" fascists and small "f" fascists. Pseudo (Henry) Georgist Scott ("The Faker") Baker, who had himself anointed as "president" of a "Georgist" organization called Common Ground-NYC and converted it into a dictatorship, is a small "f" fascist.
George Tatevosyan blurs the line between small "f" fascist and capital "F" Fascist.
I first encountered Tatevosyan when he tried to shut me up as I was exercizing my right to speak at a meeting of the Ralph Nader for President meetup in New York City in 2000. The meeting was being run, essentially according to Stalin's Rules of Order, by Tatevosyan's partner (also described as his wife) Cathy Sadell, essentially the Eva Braun of the Green Party. I had already become aware that the Nader campaign had been infiltrated by some pseudo-ultra "leftists" connected to "Dr." Fred Newman, a ghoulish "psychotherapist" who had collaborated with mega-fascist, convicted felon, megalomaniacal racist Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. in creating a bizarre Jew-bashing "left" cult called the New Alliance Party (NAP).
   Newman and his Jew-bashing African-American protege Lenora Fulani ran a dangerous cult, practicing a politicized "sex with your therapist" ideology called "social therapy", a toxic blend of the ideas of Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin, Adolf Hitler, Mao Zedong, Sigmund Freud and of course Fred Newman. Lots of lost souls became social therapy patients and thereby NAP fodder-soldiers.
   I was perhaps the first journalist to expose the NAP in the late 1970's as a pseudo-left crypto fascist front organization, with my UP FRONT News exposes earning me some threats but also contributing to the demise of NAP.
   LaRouche, in true fascist fashion, believes that for there to be a fascist America it is necessary to gain what he calls "hegemony over the left."
  That is accomplished through the Adolf Hitler-developed tactic known as The Fifth Column, which involves sending crypto-fascists undercover into "left" groups, political parties, etc. rhetorically campouflaged, often as ultra-leftists. The idea is to take over positions of leadership, e.g. become "facilitators", thereby controlling discussion autocratically. Cathy Sadell and George Tatevosyan were key Fifth Columnists in the Green Party and thereby in the Ralph Nader for President meetups. In fact, the LaRouche/Newman/Fulani infiltration into the Nader operation had gotten underway when he ran for president on the Green Party line in 1996. Nader, a brilliant analyst of the corporate danger to American democracy, was, however, fast asleep when it came to recognizing pseudo-leftists, who had already started infiltrating upstate in Binghamton and Rochester. Another key operative was Green Party "peace" honcho Paul "Zool" Zulkowitz, a populism and
"anti-War" rhetoric-spewing phony noted for his historic mood swings in both Hollywood and NYC, who collaborated with the racist Fulani on behalf of patsy Ralph Nader.
In fact, I had first met Mr. Nader when he gave a superb speech at Hofstra College in his 1996 campaign. I soon recogized some of what legitimate Greenie Mitchel Cohen calls the "Newmanites" parasiting into the campaign on Nader's upstate swing through Binghamton, Rochester and other upstate cities.
   In 2000 things got heavier and the small "f" fascist" George Tatevosyan emerged as an enforcer. I had gotten an official press pass from Nader's press secretary Kevin Zeese to attend a Nader press conference in Manhattan at a Madison Avenue office building. As I arrived in the lobby, Tatevosyan, doing a convincing impersonation of ex-NY Giant linebacker Lawrence Taylor, appeared and literally tackled me and sat on me threatening to punch me out. Jumping out from his hiding place behing a partition next to the lobby entrance was none other than Greenie and fellow small "f" fascist Newmanite Jerry ("Can't") Kann, laughing like a hyena on crack cocaine. The incident was witnessed by two activists, Roman Shusterman and Richie Degen, from the heavily crypto-fascist - i.e. Geoffrey ("The Jewzi") Blank - conspiracy theorist-infiltrated Union Square speakouts. I later learned that Fulani, who was with Nader upstairs in the press conference room, had issued
an order to her troops (Tatevosyan and Kann) to do whatever was necessary to prevent my arrival at the press conference becauise she did not want any "embarassing" questions.
   The fascist Tatevosyan is an associate of Geoffrey Blank, belatedly outed as a LaRouche-ite by his own brother Jason and thoroughly exposed as "The Jewzi" (Jewish nazi) in UP FRONT News. Blank literally hijacked a First Amendment-friendly series of speakouts organized by a group calling itself the No Police State Coalition in Union Square to autocratically promote the LaRouche-spawned conspiracy theory that George W. Bush had personal prior knowledge of the 9/11 attacks and allowed the attacks to take place. Anyone (e.g. me) questioning that unsubstantiated notion was personally threatened by little Hitler Blank and/or some of his thugs such as Eric ("The Irascible") Rassi, "Pistol" Pete Dolack, or, later in Staten Island, by an explosive wildman/"green anarchist" with a serious alcohol problem named Mike ("Dismay") May.
   For a number of years as the parasitic Fifth Column of LaRouche/Newman/Fulani/
Tatevosyan/Kann, et., al. became increasingly toxic in the Green Party, Party activist and environmentalist Mitchel Cohen very carefully (he always told me about his anti-"Newmanite" activities in the Greens in a whisper) confronted and exposed the neo-fascists disguised as leftists. As far as I am aware, Kann (who twice ran as the Green Party candidate for the NYC Council in the Astoria/Long Island City area of Queens, his vote total plummeting dramaticallly after several UP FRONT News exposes) and Tatevosyan are no longer in the Greens.
   May I suggest to Tatevosyan, Kann, May, et. al. the Detroit-based National Socialist Movement. Read "Mein Blank" and Heil Tatevosyan!
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