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UP FRONT News November 10, 2008
Published by Tom Weiss
Editorial Advisor: Willard Whittingham
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By Tom Weiss

The November 8 post-election forum sponsored by the NYC People's Convention 2009, which featured speakers including NYC Councilmember Charles Barron, the newly elected State Assemblymember Inez Barron, and Larry Hamm, the President of the New Jersey People's Organization for Progress, served notice that Barack Obama cannot ignore the African-American left.

Election results show that the split-the-left presidential candidacies of Ralph Nader (running as a so-called "independent") and Cynthia McKinney (the candidate of the almost lily-white Green Party) attracted minimal support as most of what amounts to the "left" voted for Obama.

Mr. Barron, a member of the Democratic Party, made it clear that the financial crisis exposes the self-destructive nature of "capitalism." There was little disagreement from the the other speakers or the audience. I was glad that Mr. Barron shared my view that the bailout plan passed by the congress rewards greed and that the only relevant discussion of "bail" should involve the money necessary to free the corporate predators responsible from jail.

Mr. Barron described Barack Obama, whom he supported for the presidency as "the custodian of an imperialistic foreign policy and a capitalistic domestic policy." He described capitalism as a "failure." (He also used as a comparison the case of Communist Cuba, which offers free education and health care - but neglected to mention that, from the civil liberties perspective, Castro's Cuba is awful.)

Mr. Barron also pointed (correctly I believe) to the intellectualization of the left. I for one have stopped attending cover-charge "left" conferences at places like Cooper Union with well-compensated "left" college professors masquerading as proletarian guerrilla fighters.

Presumably to the dismay of pseudo-anarchists (Richard Degen comes to mind) who wear "vote for Dennis Kucinich" and "vote for Cynthia McKinney" buttons but refuse to register to vote, Mr. Barron emphasized the importance of electoral politics, citing his East New York/ Brownsville community as an example of increasingly empowered neighborhoods.

Although the Q&A after the morning speakers was too short, I did get a question in. Citing the 2009 municipal elections, fundamentally altered by the Michael Bloomberg/Christine Quinn-engineered "third term" coup d'etat, a maneuver that fosters the fascistic illusion that the financial crisis can only be addressed by one "leader" (shades of Weimar Germany), I asked about the prospects of unseating both Bloomberg and Quinn. Mr. Barron made it clear that he will work for the defeat of both but expressed no favorite for mayor. (If the Democratic primary were today, I'd vote for the very independent Councilmember Tony Avella of Queens. If mayoral candidate U.S. Congressman Anthony Weiner becomes the Democratic candidate, I think, in the absence of some kind of sellout, the progressive and debate-skilled Weiner would tear the Teflon off Michael Bloomberg.)

Mr. Barron did say that, in light of the Bloomberg/Quinn coup, which will probably lead to a third term for Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz, he is discontinuing his candidacy for Brooklyn BP. He told me later that he expects to run for the U.S. Congress.

Larry Hamm, whom I know from our work together in organizing a large anti-War demonstration in Newark in the summer of 2007, is probably the most vocal human rights advocate in New Jersey. He spoke at some length about "third party" politics. He said that early on he had supported Democratic presidential candidate Kucinich. When Kucinich (whose campaign organization had its share of Lyndon LaRouche types, and therefore never went anywhere) dropped out, Mr. Hamm looked toward John Edwards because his "program was better." (Edwards by the way also had at least one LaRouche element in his campaign in the form of a "Progressive Democrats of America"-infiltration character named Charles Lenchner, connected to LaRouche's magazine Executive Intelligence Review. Lenchner, one of the Jewish people who has sold out to the racist LaRouche, also had worked for Kucinich. He later worked for a LaRouche ideologue and 2006 U.S, Senate candidate Jonathan Tasini and in that capacity literally tried to push me around when I was running for the U.S. Senate against Hillary Clinton. Visit

Mr. Hamm then read the statistics on third party (mainly Nader and McKinney) vote totals in New Jersey. They were microscopic. I pointed out to Mr. Hamm that obstacles facing third party candidates are negligible when compared to the problems afflicting write-in candidates such as myself. After all the Green Party, the so-called Independence Party of New York, and the Working Famlies Party are machines.

While Mr. Hamm made it clear that the entire notion of third party politics needs to be re-examined he made no mention of one of the more toxic realities of third party politics, certainly in New York and therefore nationally. That toxic reality is named Lenora Fulani.

The African-American Lenora Fulani is now trying to live down her history of virulent anti- Jewish rhetoric, some of which she learned from her political godparents "Dr." Fred Newman, a classic self-hating Jewish person (and sex-with-your-therapist "social therapy" cult leader) the American fuehrer-wannabe LaRouche. For more on Fulani/Newman/LaRouche, read UP FRONT News at, and check out the work of investigative reporter Dennis King and the Rick A. Ross Institute.

The neo-fascist Fulani, singing the siren song of third party or "independent" politics, from her post-New Alliance Party power base in the Independence Party of New York, used lies and threats (in particular against me) to infiltrate the Green Party in New York and co-opt the Nader presidential candidacies. The purpose? To out-left the left (including of course the Democrats) and factionalize progressives and thereby enhance the right. That tactic (invented by the "socialist" Adolf Hitler) worked perfectly in Florida in 2000. Fascism only makes political headway with the deterioration of social and economic conditions that result from right-wing government.

In 2008 Fulaniite Green Gerald Kann (involved, with his pal George Tatevosyan in a witnessed violent attack on me to prevent my attending an April, 2004 Ralph Nader news in conference in Manhattan which also featured Fulani) a twice soundly defeated Green Party City Council candidate in Long island City/Astoria, Queens), was the #1 Naderite in New York while many of many of the rest of Fulani's Greens backed McKinney.

It is striking that in a forum which was so solidly anti-Bloomberg, Fulani's name did not come up. In 2001 Bloomberg cut a classic deal with the devil by accepting the racist Fulani's endorsement for mayor, which gave him the critically needed Independence Party of New York ballot line. It was the votes Bloomberg got on the IPNY line that enabled him to squeak by Democrat Mark Green in the very close election in 2001. Bloomberg and Fulani jumped into a political bed together again in 2005 to help defeat Democrat Fernando Ferrer. In exchange Fulani and her front organization, the All Stars Project, have gotten tax breaks from the Bloomberg-controlled Industrial Development Agency.

Although Fulani has been somewhat disempowered in the IPNY, she remains influential through surrogates such as IPNY Rules Committee co-chair lawyer Harry Kresky and particularly in Staten Island via her loyalist Sara Lyons (another story suppressed by the politically censored Staten Island Advance and its Political Editor Tom Wrobleski).

And that brings me to another scheduled speaker at the Forum, Brenda Stokely. Since there is already some coverage of Ms. Stokely ("The Black Panzer") in UP FRONT News, I won't go into much detail here.

I spent the years 1989 until 1993 as the social work colleague of Ms. Stokely at the New York Association for New Americans (NYANA), a Jewish philanthropy-funded refugee resettlement organization that handled the resettlement of thousands of Jews fleeing the Soviet Union as well as the Tibetan Resettlement Project, for exiles fleeing the Chinese Communist-pepetrated Genocide in that land. Ms. Stokely stopped talking in a civilized fashion to me the day when we had lunch at a Japanese restaurant in Greenwich Village and I made a comment critical of Lenora Fulani.

Ms. Stokely proceeded to have me temporarily ousted as an elected shop steward in District Council 1707, in a kangaroo court proceeding that a union official described as a "lynching."

I ran again and defeated her soundly as she finished dead last, doing even worse than Ralph Nader did in New Jersey. On one occasion Ms. Stokely launched a shrieking tirade at me at social work department meeting.

Things got even heavier when I learned of reports that Ms. Stokely, in what she thought was the privacy of her office, hurled racist insults at her Jewish clients. Quotations attributed to her and reported by translators present at social worker meetings with clients included insults about body hygiene and suggestions to "Go back to Russia." After I received a number of such reports I contacted NYANA administration. And since Ms. Stokely, her union rhetoric notwithstanding, had a cozy relationship with the notoriously anti-labor management, she got off easy with a reprimand.

Stokely has also been mixed up with a classic "Green" Fulani/LaRouche hoaxter named Paul ("Zool") Zulkowitz, who started a near police riot in September, 2005 when he staged his own arrest at peace activist Cindy Sheehan's talk at his so-called "Camp Casey" in Union Square in 2005. Mr. Barron should know all about Zulkwowitz, a smallish white guy with a history of serious psychopathology on both coasts, who has had delusions of being a Black Panther. He once publicly described Ralph Nader as "like a father to me." I would imagine that, if Nader has any sense left, he has put Zulkwowitz (who once threatened to commit suicide because I had criticized him and his psychopathic LaRouche-ite pal Geoffrey Blank in UP FRONT News) up for adoption. That led to Zulkowitz' being involuntarily committed to a psychiatric facility in Long Island. And then, upon Zulkowitz' apparently premature discharge from the hospital, he told a friend that he planned to shoot me with a firearm in his possession. It should be no surprise that Zulkowitz, Tatevosyan, Kann, Blank, et. al. are persons of interest to law enforcement at all levels of government.

Although in recent months Ms. Stokely has refrained from launching any of her trademake racist outbursts in my presence, I am not aware that she has had some sort of an enlightening epiphany about Jewish people.

Mr. Barron, in acknowledging upcoming speaker Brenda Stokely in the audience at the forum, suggested that Ms. Stokely run for the City Council. Yeesh! Indeed, despite the residency factor, we might be better off with Sarah Palin.

Under any circumstances, Michael Bloomberg - and Lenora Fulani - have to go!
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