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UP FRONT News October 25, 2008
Published by Tom Weiss
Editorial Advisor: Willard Whittingham
"The paper that can't be bought and can't be sold."

By Tom Weiss

The still identity-anonymous Thunderbird's suggestion that the NPSC has "nothing to say" is irrelevant since, as a loosely defined group with no formal membership, the NPSC doesn't generally take positions, although list-serve participants such as Roman Shusterman and myself, among others, do take positions.

As far as I am able to recall, the last time the NPSC as a group took a position happened a couple of years ago when at a meeting ("faciliated" by then NPSC activist Joe Carranza) the group voted to endorse me as a candidate for the U.S. Senate against Hillary Clinton.

It was at that meeting that the crypto-fascist (and apparent LaRouche-linked "government agent") Geoffrey Blank, tried to nullify the vote.

In fact the similarities between the egomaniacal Bloomberg and Blank are becoming more apparent by the day. Blank's "term limit", like that of his role model Saddam Hussein, is over.

Roman is correct in his references to Councilman Tony Avella and me. Mr. Avella (D- Queens) is a very long-shot candidate for mayor. Like myself, Mr. Avella is marginalized by the establishment media. In fact if it were not for the increasingly widely read UP FRONT News, few people in for example Staten Island would even know Avella is a candidate. That is because S.I. is victimized by the Staten Island Advance, which has to be the most censored paper in New York and, according to at least one very well known African-American activist in S.I., "the most racist paper in New York."

The Democratic mayoral primary will have Mr. Avella, U.S. Congressman Anthony Weiner, and NYC Controller William Thompson as candidates. Bloomberg flunkie City Council Speaker Christine, Quinn (who had planned to run for mayor) will instead run for a third term in the Council. Ms. Quinn is one of the most machiavellian people since Machiavelli. If someone defeats her, that will be a good thing for New York and America.

In the Democratic primary in 2005 I supported Mr. Weiner, who finished a surprisingly strong second to Fernando Ferrer. I endorsed Weiner in UP FRONT News. In fact, as I recall the only county Weiner won in the primary was Richmond County, otherwise known as Staten Island. UP FRONT News swings votes.

If the primary were today I would vote for Avella, who is the strongest human rights (e.g. tenants, taxpayers, Tibetans) advocate running.

I don't know much about the politics of William Thompson.

Anthony Weiner, who is a protege of the Charles Schumer political empire, is a superb debater. In a debate situation I think he would make Bloomberg look as bad as I have made Geoffrey Blank look.

Bloomberg's henchpeople include the pseudo-left, e.g. the LaRouche-linked racist Lenora Fulani. Bloomberg would never have been elected in 2001 were it not for this crypto-fascist princess, who, in her capacity at the time as dictator of the so-called Independence Party of New York, gave the IPNY ballot line to Bloomberg, which enabled Bloomberg to squeak by Democrat Mark Green. Fulani endorsed Bloomberg again in 2005, thereby helping him defeat Ferrer. Bloomberg repaid her with tax breaks for her front organization, the All Stars

Bloomberg also was helped by he Fulani-infiltrated Green Party of New York, which ran Tony Gronowicz for mayor simply to siphon votes away from the Democrats, replay opf the Nader strategy which helped elect Cheney/Bush in 2000. A key figure in that maneuver was noneother then Gerald Kann of the Green Party, who is known for his involvement in a physical assault upon me in 2004 perpetrated by his LaRouche/Fulani partner George Tatevosyan. As long as the Green Party has people like Gerald Kann in it's organization it has no political credibility whatsoever. These are among the reasons why it would be a mistake for anyone to vote for either Ralph Nader or Cynthia McKinney for President this year. A vote for Nader or McKinney is a vote for John McCain. A vote for Barack Obama is a vote for Barack Obama.

In any event, as far as term limits are concerned, the New York City government is making the government of Iraq look honest and competent by comparison. I'd suggest a term limit of three minutes.
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