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UP FRONT News October 11, 2008
Published by Tom Weiss
Editorial Advisor: Willard Whittingham
"The paper that can't be bought and can't be sold."

By Tom Weiss and Frank Deluca

U.S. congressional candidate Tom Weiss and his supporters strongly object to an apparent decision as communicated by Staten Island Advance Political Editor Tom Wrobleski to exclude Mr. Weiss from two Advance-sponsored debates on October 15th and October 28th.

A number of people have already expressed their opposition to this censorship and have urged the Advance to include Mr. Weiss in the 13th congressional district debates. Several letters sent to Advance Editor Brian Leline are posted below.

You may fax addtional letters to Mr. Leline at 718-981-5679.
Brian Laline, Editor 10/11/08
Staten Island Advance

Dear Mr. Laline,

I have been acquainted with Tom Weiss for over 4 years. We have participated in and have advocated for many causes together, including freedom of speech and assembly. I am a participant of a weekly free speech event at Union Square, which Tom has greatly contributed to and helped organize in the past few years. Aside from that I am also familiar with Tom’s previous activities, such as his advocacy for patients rights and outreach to the homeless regarding voter rights and education. I feel Tom is possibly the most legitimate candidate in the congressional race in the 13th congressional district, mainly because he has reached out to and has been there for people who needed him most. Tom is definitely not rich but he still finds ways to help and offer the little financial assistance that he can afford to help others less fortunate than him.

From spending time with Tom I have noticed that his helping people is not limited to any one person. If he met someone in need and befriended that person he was always willing to help in any way he could, whether it be with social work and information about government bureaucracies or by offering his own assistance. Tom has been around for a while and knows a lot about the legal system as well as the way our government operates. As a professional social worker he interacted with many people from different countries, as well as with the disadvantaged in our own midst who need the most assistance and compassion. There are no other candidates that have shown as much compassion and have the type of experience necessary to lead and inspire leadership within our communities and the country. Yes, Tom’s approach to politics is unorthodox, however it is this unorthodox approach that is necessary, especially in a “change” election like the one we are going through now. I realize that as an average citizen I have very little influence over the policies of your newspaper, and so I am not going to make any unreasonable demands on my own behalf. However, I am encouraging you to think about the good that can be accomplished by allowing people to know what their choices are in this election. I guarantee you that if your newspaper recognizes Tom and gives him the legitimacy he deserves, the people of S.I. as well as the country will view your paper in a completely different light and will be grateful for your safeguarding of democracy and liberty.

Under any circumstances it is my considered opinion that Tom Weiss is a serious and legitimate candidate for the United States Congress and that he should definitely be included in any Staten Island Advance - sponsered forums or debates among the candidates. I am urging you to include him in the October 15th and October 28th debates.

Thank you for your consideration and your early reply.

Roman Shusterman
Coordinator, No Police State Coalition
c.c. Rev. Demetrius Carolina, First Central Baptist Church, S.I.
Rabbi Gerald Sussman, Temple Emanu-El, S.I.

Mr. Laline,

I am a local musician, who plays at local who has recently been made aware that Mr. Tom Weiss has not been allowed to debate with the other candidates who are runningfor the 13th Congressional District seat. I am appalled that a write in candidate is not allowed to take part in this debate. It simply goes to show that true democracy is in danger in this country. i encourage you to let Mr. Weiss debate. Let the voice of the grass roots be heard! Stop going along with the status quo and being a cog in the media machine that is the right hand of the corporate-ocracy that has infiltrated the countries political system. Despite any personal opinions you may or may not have for Mr. Weiss, his voice should be allowed and encouraged to be heard in any debates for the upcoming debate.


Frank Paul Miello II
Daer Mr. Laline:

I think that Mr. Tom Weiss should be allowed to present his case to be a congessman in Staten Island at the upcoming debates (October 15 and October 28)

Tom is one of the most well-spoken gentleman I know, and I also think that his ideas should be considered.

Besides, to exclude him is a form of censorship.

I look forward to your response by email.

Thank you.


James Mansfield
305 West 28th Street#7G
NYC 10001

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