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UP FRONT News September 25, 2008
Published by Tom Weiss
Editorial Advisor: Willard Whittingham
"The paper that can't be bought and can't be sold."

By Tom Weiss

As a great many Union Square speakout participants and observers are aware, three speakout participants, Richie Degen, Ted Rourke, and Kim Schmidt, using their speakout involvement, accepted payments of $150 each to participate in a film reportedly connected to the Diesel store on 14th St. and Union Square West. Ted Rourke, in acknowledging the payment, stated that the film content was not political. Speakout participant Sophia Boswell has advised me that Richie Degen, aside from his other indiscretions of a potentially more physical nature, told her that the film content was political. I have also been advised that Richie Degen, for whom other people's money is little more than a food handout to be taken and devoured, subsequently returned to Diesel, demanded more paid film time and became irate when refused.

As far as I am concerned, the money belongs to the speakout group as a whole and its use should be determined by the group, which most certainly includes a number of people, e.g. Eric Rassi, Roman Shusteran, and myself, beyond those who took the corporate money and ran.

Ted Rourke is in coverup mode having been unresponsive to my most recent e-mails. The only thing he had to say at a recent speakout when I asked him about it is, "I spent the money." So what? He has a job and can pay it back - even in installments. Kim Schmidt literally fled from Union Square at a speakout as soon as I brought the matter up. Richie Degen has responded as perhaps Lindsey Lohan or even the newly political Paris Hilton might, by suggesting that I perform on him what, if it involved him, would by definition be an unnatural act. I have refused. It is my understanding that the xenophobic Israel-hater Degen is so carnally deprived that be has tried to rather aggressively talk a rather militant Zionist of the opposite sex into bed. She has also wisely refused. Perhaps, in that case, Richie might consider using his ill-gotten gains as Elliot Spitzer did - only on a somewhat less extravagant level. There are presumably "anarchist" streetwalkers around.

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