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UP FRONT News August 5, 2008
Published by Tom Weiss
Editorial Advisor: Willard Whittingham
"The paper that can't be bought and can't be sold."


By Tom Weiss

Communist Party USA reporter Dan Margolis, with whom via No Police State Coalition list-serve co-manager Roman Shusterman, I am acquainted, demonstrates with the attached
Communist China defense that the CPUSA is in many ways essentially unchanged from what is was during Stalin's years. During Stalin's time, the CPUSA, and its house organ, then called The Daily Worker (now the People's Weekly World), were essentially an agent of a foreign power, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. The extent to which the CPUSA and The Daily Worker were actually funded by the USSR is a matter of speculation.

In any case The Daily Worker literally parroted Stalin's line. Until the day that Nazi Germany and the USSR signed their non-agression pact in 1939 (which enabled Hitler to invade Poland, as Stalin invaded the Baltic nations of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania as well as Poland from the east), thus setting off World War II, the Communist propaganda machine labeled Hitler as a bloodthirsty fascist. On the morning after the Hitler-Stalin Pact was signed, Hitler became Stalin's ally and a valued bulwark against U.S. capitalism. Stalin fed Hitler's war machine with oil and other necessities.

Within seconds after Hitler launched his invasion of the USSR ("Barbarossa") in 1941, the Communist propaganda machine, including of course the CPUSA, once again depicted its erstwhile ally as the devil incarnate.

The Russians paid a staggering price for Stalin's cynicism and stupidity (trusting Adolf Hitler) and the Germans paid a the losers' price for Hitler's psychotic notion that, while he was busy subduing western Europe (and failing in England), he could defeat the Russian winter.

Communist China, from Mao Zedong to the present, has been probably the worst human rights violator on the planet for decades, no matter what apologists such as Dan Margolis, Joel ("Stalin") Meyers and the blatantly Communist China-propagandizing wacko from Staten Island, Gary ("Enough") Phaneuf, or for that matter Communist China supporter Lyndon LaRouche may suggest.

Mao's collectivist obsession wrecked Chinese agriculture and, in combination with natural adversities, generated massive famines in which millions of Chinese starved to death. Mao murdered even more of his own people by withholding western-donated wheat from them and re-selling it at black market prices.

Mao is responsible for the deaths of thousands of Koreans and Americans in the Korean War. It was Mao, along with Stalin, who encouraged North Korea to invade South Korea. Mao promised that he would send in his "People's Liberation Army" to help the North Koreans if necessary. And that is exactly what happened as U.S. and South Korean forces repelled early North Korean advances and drove the Communists back into North Korea and very close to the Yalu River at the North Korea/China border. At that point Mao sent in his army and thousands more died until a stalemate was reached at the 38th parallel, dividing North and South Korea, exactly where the North Korean invasion began.

For the psychotic megalomaniac Mao, as with Hitler, war was an instrument of foreign and domestic policy. War protects brutal governments by inciting aggressive nationalistic fervor. The same is true in the America of Cheney/Bush, et. al. War is also helpful to regimes that starve their people because dead soldiers do not eat.

Communist China financed and supported the Khmer Rouge, which murdered an estimated 1.7 million Cambodians in a reign of terror chronicled in "Killing Fields."

Communist China, which lusts after oil in Sudan much as the U.S. lusts after oil in Iraq, is guilty of helping the government of the Sudan perpetrate genocide in Darfur.

And since Mao's invasion of independent Tibet beginning in 1949, Communist China has been perpetrating de facto racist Genocide upon a peaceful nation whose people are ethnically, culturally and linguistically distinct from the Chinese. The Chinese are light-complexioned, the Tibetans are dark-complexioned. (Mao, aside from being a pedophile, was a racist.)

The Tibetan language, unlike the Chinese tongues, is an fact derived from Aramaic and Sanskrit. The Aramaic part clearly stems from - as is reliably reported in "The Last Years of Jesus" by Elizabeth Clare Prophet and in UP FRONT News - information showing that Jesus lived in what is now Tibet, probably for an extended period of time, during the period of His life not accounted for in the New Testament. That reality may certainly explain the deep religiosity and pacifism of the Tibetan people, very well represented by the Dalai Lama, who, like Martin Luther King, is a Nobel Peace Prize recipient.

I think it is also the Jesus connection and the related spiritualism of the Tibetan people that explains the atheistic, repressive and materialistic Chinese Communist hatred of Tibet and explains the Genocide. Chinese Communists feel about Tibetans much as the Nazis perceived the Jews and the KKK bunch perceives African-Americans and Jews.

In 1936, Hitler managed to host the Olympics. That was accomplished with the backing of American corporations through the deal-making of international Olympic Commitee Chairman Avery Brundage, a racist from Australia. Although Brundage and Hitler had to accept the very famous African-American track star Jesse Owens, they managed to keep out Jewish runner Marty Glickman. Owens threw Hitler into a near seizure in the Olympic Stadium in Berlin by leaving the Nazi's "aryan" runners in the dust on his way to four gold medals.
New York City product Glickman later became a very famous sportscaster known for his broadcasts of City College basketball (in the years when CCNY was a national power) and other sports events.

Once again, thanks to the power of money, we have another Genocide Olympics. Just as Hitler made things image-pretty for the world in 1936, the Chinese Communists are trying to do the same in 2008, although the air pollution created by Chinese factories may affect athletes' performances.

Genocide apologist Margolis refers to the advances under Chinese Communism but acknowledges what he calls "inevitable mistakes." Apparently Margolis is unmindful of the fact that over 2 million Chinese citizens lost their homes because of the frenzy of Olympics-related real estate development in Beijing. Just a "mistake."

Perhaps the existence of at least one concentration camp in China where organs are re-moved from live political (e.g. Falun Gong) prisoners has escaped "journalist" Margolis, who would have done well perhaps writing for Josef Goebbels' "Volkischer Beobachter", the Nazi paper. Some of those body organs reportedly make up the ghoulish "Bodies" exhibit of such interest to art hipsters in New York. A "mistake."

Perhaps the fact that, according to the Dalai Lama (who, despite any claims to the contrary by the likes of Lyndon LaRouche-ite,Geoffrey Blank or his politically indentured servant Meyers, is not a CIA agent) over 1 million Tibetans have died as a direct result of the Chi- nese Communist occupation, is a "mistake."

If Margolis were writing in defense of Adolf Hitler's National Socialists, maybe he would suggest, as I once heard a Jew-hater spout, that "Hitler went a little too far."

Genocidal Chinese Communism is repulsive. And so are the arguments defending it.
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