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UP FRONT News July 23, 2008
Published by Tom Weiss
Editorial Advisor: Willard Whittingham
"The paper that can't be bought and can't be sold."


By Tom Weiss

As many thousands of people (including the many readers of UP FRONT News) are aware, on April 7, 2005 at a now closed deli-restaurant, the 61 Cafeteria, at the northeast corner of 5th Avenue and 13th Street in Manhattan, I was assaulted by a man named Wan Yun, the night manager of that establishment. Mr. Yun is a linebacker-physiqued Korean man with a striking resemblance to "Oddjob", the major hitman in the James Bond film "Goldfinger." "Oddjob" did his lethal decapitation work by flinging his razor-brimmed fedora at Goldfinger's enemies. Wan Yun attempted to end things for me by hitting me over the head for quite some time with a glass bottle of soda.

Wan Yun was - and presumably remains - at least an acquaintance of the violent and psy- chopathic nominally Jewish anti-Semite, serial criminal and neo-fascist Geoffrey Blank, a resident of Rockaway Park, Queens. Blank has refused to discuss his role as, at the very least, an ideological surrogate for the convicted felon, racist and megalomaniac Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. LaRouche, now a resident of Loudoun County (Leesburg), Va, was often front page news in the late 20th century for his erratic political extremism, characterized by dramatic shifts from the ultra-left to the ultra-right - and, as has been the case for the Bush years - back to the ultra-left. His trial and conviction in Boston on federal mail and credit card fraud charges was front page news in The New York Times and elsewhere. LaRouche did about seven years of a longer sentence at penitentiaries in Massachusetts in more remote Rochester, Minnesota. LaRouche, often ignored by the censored mainstream media (e.g. the multi-billionaire Donald Newhouse-owned Staten Island Advance, probably the most politically censored daily paper in New York), is, despite his advanced age, in fact very active, focusing his energies on manipulating his way into total power by infiltrating the left, e.g. the Green Party, the Ralph Nader campaigns, the peace movement (especially Cindy Sheehan), the so-called "9/11 Truth" group based at St. Mark's in-the-Bowery Church in Manhattan, "World Can't Wait", the liberal wing of the Democratic Party and the civil rights movement.

Among the more prominent LaRouche surrogates here and nationally is the African-American racist Lenora Fulani, Ms. Fulani for years, in collaboration with her LaRouche-educated mentor, the cult leader/psychotherapist "Dr." Fred Newman, has been parading as a black nationalist, parasiting her way into progressive, "independent" and "third party" movements
in New York and nationally. Fulani won't talk about her ties to the nazi LaRouche but she has given herself away on multiple occasions with her virulent anti-Semitic comments such as the one in which she claimed that the Jews, en masse, are responsible for "the murders of people of color." Aside from the fact (that the racist Fulani ignores) that the Jews are "people of color", she indicts an entire race for the crimes of some. That is what is known as racism. Adolf Hitler proceeded from the same beliefs. And so does LaRouche, perhaps one of the few political activists with a history of simultaneous collaboration with the KKK and the anti-Malcolm X wing of the Nation of Islam. Much of that information is to be found in the very unauthorized biography of LaRoche, titled "The New American Fascism" by the investigative reporter Dennis King.

There is much about the LaRouche/Fulani tie in UP FRONT News and in the work of Mr. King, whom I have met.

Like the double-talking Hillary Clinton, however, Lenora Fulani is rhetorically slick and has managed - at least with the mainstream media (which LaRouche has long infiltrated at the highest levels) - to conceal her ties to fascism. That has enabled her to sing the siren song of "independent" and third party politics, attach herself for a time to people like Ross Perot and Patrick Buchanan, and then create the Independence Party of New York, with her as dictator. It has also enabled her to cozy up to Michael Bloomberg, who entered into a classic Faustian deal with the devil when he accepted her endorsement for mayor. It was the votes that then Republican Bloomberg got on the Fulani-run Independence Party ballot line that enabled him to defeat Democrat Mark Green in a very close election in 2001. Bloomberg again accepted Fulani's IPNY endorsement in 2005. In exchange the Bloomberg-controlled NYC Industrial Development Agency has awarded tax breaks to Fulani's front organization, the All-Stars Project.

Fulani's populist rhetorical skills enabled her, using surrogates such as self-described peace activist Paul ("Zool") Zulkowitz and another Green Party activist named Gerald Kann (twice the Green Party candidate for the New York City Council in Long Island City/Astoria, Queens), to literally take over the pivotal NYC Ralph Nader meetups. In fact the LaRouche strategy in the Nader campaigns has been to factionalize the left by outlefting progressives. That ultimately helps reactionaries, which is exactly what the Nader vote in Florida did in 2000. Nader (although currently electorally separated from the Greens, but not from the LaRouchite Jerry Kann) is trying to do it again this year. That political strategy was first used by Mussolini and Hitler. It is always useful to remember that Hitler did not campaign as a "conservative"; he campaigned as a "socialist."

Indeed, when I started asking questions in the Nader meetups, the response was threats and a witnessed physical assault upon me involving Kann and his thug "Green" pal George Tatevosyan, to prevent my attending a Nader Manhattan news conference the can- didate had invited me to.

Among those consistently making threats against me, which became worse when I decided to run for the U.S. Senate against Republicrat Hillary Clinton as a Democratic write-in candidate, was the demagogue Geoffrey Blank. Blank had tried to hijack a leaderless free speech group known as the No Police State Coalition which for several years had been holding speakputs in Union Square in Manhattan. Blank would grab hold of the bullhorn, spout leftist defiance against George Bush, slip in a few anti-Jewish slurs (I call Blank the "Jewzi" or Jewish nazi) and preach about "free speech." He would then turn around and explicitly threaten dissenters, usually me, if I wanted to speak. Supporting Blank were for the most part his obsequeous younger brother Jason and a de facto Stalinist/Maoist and blatant terrorism apologist with a completely totalitarian mentality named Joel Meyers.

Blank declared himself the "president" of the NPSC (a group with no officers at all) and then ran the group meetings at the 61 Cafeteria much as Stalin ran his meetings. He threatened and harassed me there on multiple occasions and received some retaliation from me - including much exposure in UP FRONT News, especially since he was occasionally the beneficiary of some puff journalism by papers like the tightly controlled "Villager" and at heavily infiltrated and in fact censored WBAI. On one occasion Blank took the bowl of soup I was having at a meeting and moved it to a remote table. I returned and dumped it in his lap to his consternation and to the apparent delight of the NPSC people there.

One night I got to the 61 Cafeteria late on a very rainy night. The meeting had ended. Wan Yun attempted to force me to take the food I had purchased outside. I refused, an argument ensued, he became psychotic and assaulted me with the bottle.

I later underwent over three hours of surgery, mostly on and in my left ear, in the Bellevue Hospital Center ER. While the surgery may have gone well, Bellevue's ineptitude and criminal negligence (an administrator name "Infante") led to my being denied post-operative care for several years. New York City probably owes me a great deal of money.

Wan Yun was arrested a few days after the attack after I prodded the initially lethargic 6th precinct. A few days later I was contacted by Assistant District Attorney Matthew Jackson. We met and after I provided a detailed description of the assualt he told me that Wan Yun would be fully prosecuted, perhaps for a felony, and that I would be the principal witness for the prosection. Jackson had me sign medical release forms authorizing him to obtain the medical information from Bellevue as well as the NYS Crime Victims Board documents. (I am CVB case #498400.)

I then told Mr. Jackson that I had information connecting the criminal extremist Geoffrey Blank to the assault. Jackson's verbatim reply was, "I don't need that." When I asked him how he could not need information the content of which he did not know, he abruptly terminated the meeting.

From that point on Jackson (who at one point insisted that all our communications be by phone, and thereby off the written record) became essentially inacessible to me. I had to go over his head and, in connection with a proposed meeting, he set a condition which could have resulted in my arrest, a condition that my attorney at the time, Jacob J. Goodman, (who has since passed away), found unacceptable.

There was no further contact with Mr. Jackson and calls and e-mails to New York County D.A. Robert Morgenthau and other higher-ups went unanswered. After I was very belatedly restored as a Bellevue outpatient, I learned that ADA Jackson had never sent the medical release forms I had signed to Bellevue. Matthew Jackson should be fired and then disbarred and the doddering Morgenthau should retire.

Among those who have helped me has been NYPD Sgt. Al Fiore, who years ago protected me from an arrest that the paranoid NYC Public Advocate Betsy Gotbaum tried to perpetrate against me at her office when I had a scheduled appointment with her Chief of Staff to discuss staff abuse of homeless people in drop-in centers and shelters. Gotbaum, who has adultery and CIA-related political skeletons in her closet, is nervous about me because, via a member of my family, I have been personally acquainted with her since 1979.

Indeed Sgt. Fiore, who works with the Intelligence Division of the NYPD and is very interested in politically motivated crimes - and is therefore very interested in Lyndon LaRouche, Geoffrey Blank, Paul Zulkowitz, Gerald Kann, George Tatevosyan, et. al. - arranged a meeting for me with an aide to Mayor Michael Bloomberg named Katie Hart. The meeting took place at City Hall and Sgt. Fiore was present. The best thing one can say about Katie Hart is that she is very pretty. She should however be working for the NYC Department of Sanitation because all she did was to try to sweep everything under the rug.

Sgt. Fiore, however, made it clear to Ms. Hart that he is staying on the case.

And it was Sgt. Fiore who later told me that an NYPD computer showed that the case against Wan Yun (Docket# 2005 NY 047906) had been "sealed and closed." He later informed me the decision had been rendered by NYS Supreme Court Judge Ellen Gesmer.

By this time my septuagenarian lawyer, Mr. Goodman, was already in deteriorating health but providing some help and advice including about a complex appellate step that can be taken to unseal the case. I spoke also with a political friend, the prominent civil rights attorney Norman Siegel. Siegel had become familiar with my combat with the fascist Blank when he witnessed a loud confrontation between Blank and me at a November 12, 2005 "peace and justice" festival in Tappen Park in my home community of Stapleton, Staten Island to which Blank had been invited as a speaker by self-described S.I. peace "anarchist", the very hotheaded Mike May. In fact in his talk at the rally Mr. Siegel openly defended my free speech rights, rights which Blank had tried to abrogate with his LaRouche-style violence. (That is another story, "covered" after a fashion by a reporter named Deborah Young, completely blown by the Staten Island Advance.)

I followed Mr. Siegel's advice and continued to press for answers from Morgenthau. No response.

Because the problems involved apparent negligence by the government (Morgenthau, and the NYC Health & Hospitals Corporation, which operates Bellevue) my lawyer, Mr. Goodman, stating that legal action would be premature, urged me to obtain assistance from my elected officials.

The fact is that the ethnically diverse North Shore of Staten Island is run by a lily-white clique of machine Democrats, including City Councilman (and candidate for the U.S. Congress) Michael McMahon, State Assemblyman Matthew Titone, and State Senator Diane Savino. All three are officers in a Democratic Party machine run by Hillary Clinton, who does not like me, and who has indeed generated two explicit threats against me, one by phone (via her investigator "Mr. Zimmerman") and one via a defamatory and intimidating September 5, 2003 e-mail from Clinton U.S. Senate staffer Yajaira Yepez to my taciturn brother Jim in upstate New York. Mrs. Clinton does not like me because I have exposed her and her husband's direct involvement in the coverup of the Communist Chinese Genocide in Tibet.

The other major figure in the Democratic Party machine that runs the North Shore of Staten Island is NYC City Council Speaker Christine Quinn who, to use a prominent civil rights leader's characterization, is truly "two-faced."

Michael McMahon and gay rights-prominent Christine Quinn, politically (not biologically) speaking, comprise the equivalent of a same sex marriage. Among their offspring is the openly gay Titone, a totally negligent hack, who for months did not even answer my calls and e-mails requesting an appointment. He is one of the people who is the subject of my official communications with Melissa Ryan, the Executive Director of the NYS Legislative
Ethics Commission. (By the way I am in favor of full gay rights. But just as past military experience in and of itself is no indication of a qualification for the presidency, being gay in and of itself is no guarantee of competenece and honesty in elective office. Titone and Quinn are living proof of that axiom.

Among the people who have been helpful to me in these matters has been my pastor, the civil rights leader Rev. Demetrius Carolina of the First Central Baptist Church in Stapleton, of which I am a member. He knows the whole story of Matthew Titone's games.

Melissa Ryan is also learning about the operation run by Diane Savino, whose Chief of Staff, Robert Cataldo, is a seriously anger management-challenged wacko who some years ago, when I had a scheduled appointment with him in connection with an emergency situation when I was homeless, exploded in a profanity-laced tantrum and explicitly threatened me in Savino's office on the second floor at 36 Richmond Terrace. Savino has done nothing about Crazy Cataldo and in fact joined her Democratic Party machine pal Gotbaum in making defamatory comments about me published in the Staten Island Advance on August 27, 2005. And as far as her occasional appearances at the largely African-American First Central Baptist Church and its Family Life Center are concerned, only one quotation from a church leader is necessary: "She only comes around when she needs something."

In December, 2006 I met Councilman McMahon at a Christine Quinn-organized community meeting at Seaview Hospital in Staten Island. During a Q&A the real estate developer com- pliant Quinn (who has received oodles of campaign cash from the predatory mega-developers who are largely responsible for the affordable housing crisis in New York) totally evaded
the development/gentrification-related question I asked her. Quinn is also very nervous about me because she has helped Hillary Clinton continue the Tibet Genocide coverup, particularily in relation to City Council action (e.g. Councilman Tony Avella's UP FRONT News - proposed Resolution #1299) opposing the 2008 Beijing Olympics. The full story, also buried by the Advance, is in UP FRONT News.

During a break at the Seaview meeting I approached McMahon and briefly told him of my need for assistance with some serious constituent matters. He shook my hand, smiled, said, "Sure" and advised me to contact his office. When my calls to McMahon staffer JoAnne Carbone generated no response, I sent him an e-mail on December 12, 2006. My e-mail provided the necessary specifics regarding the attack, the mishandling of the Wan Yun prosecution by Robert Morgenthau and very serious problems with Bellevue. Because withheld political information generates distrust, in my e-mail I made mention of my past dealings with some of his colleagues, including Ms. Gotbaum and Ms. Quinn.

The next day I received McMahon's e-mailed reply, which should be required reading in a suggested political science course presumably called "Arrogance 101." Referring to my report that Ms. Quinn had been unresponsive to my communications regarding my proposal for a City Council resolution citing Tibet and opposing the 2008 Beijing Olympics, he wrote that it is a "waste of time" for the City Council to deal with "international affairs." That comment demonstrates both McMahon's ignorance of the Council, his hypocrisy, and his de facto hostility to human rights. (He certainly does not care a whit about my human rights either.) In fact, in 2001 the Council unanimously passed Resolution #802, proposed by me and introduced by Quinn and former City Councilmember Kathryn Freed, which denounced Communist China for its actions in Tibet. Resolution #802, however, made no mention of the Olympic Games issue, which is why I had urged Quinn, directly and via a January 30, 2006 e-mail to her via her Chief of Staff Chuck Meara, to introduce another resolution. In fact Quinn ignored me - always a political mistake. ("So you ignore Weiss at your peril." Columnist Kenneth Gross, Newsday Queens edition March 19, 1981.)

McMahon also ignores the fact that the Council, presumably with his participation, has passed a resolution condemning China for its role in aiding and abetting the Genocide in Darfur. It is my understanding that the unreconstructed Republicrat McMahon supported an early pro-Iraq War resolution in the Council.

McMahon's e-mail to me declares that he was "offended" by an UP FRONT News article in which I criticize Quinn for her non-action on the Tibet/China Olympics issue.

In any event, ignoring my attorney's urging, McMahon refused to assist me and directed me to consult a civil rights attorney. My subsequent telephone conversation with his Chief of Staff Kenny Mitchell yielded little except the reality that any acceptable manners that Mitchell may have are reserved for public occasions and perhaps meeting with real estate developers. Mitchell hopes to inherit the City Council seat being vacated by McMahon. As far as I am concerned, if City Council candidate Rev. Tony Baker, pastor of the St. Phillips Baptist Church, is really ready to act to stop the gentrification of the North Shore (which as per the plans put forth by the Downtown Staten Island Council) is in danger of a Lower Manhattan-style "Soho-ization" involving St. George, Tompkinsville, Stapleton, and Clifton, he will get my support. Like his boss McMahon, Mitchell has no chance at an UP FRONT News endorsement. And activist Debi Rose would do well to discontinue her split the African - American vote City Council campaign that can only help Kenny Mitchell and perhaps instead challenge a real loser like Matthew Titone.

Staten Island has been ill served not only by the self-serving, corrupt, lily-white Democratic Party machine on the North Shore, but congressional district-wide (all of S.I. and parts of Brooklyn) by the nearly deposed Republican Vito Fossella. McMahon presumably began to salivate about the congressional seat very shortly after the May 1 DUI arrest of Fossella as the Congressman (in fact Big Dick Cheney's man in New York) endangered the lives of others by driving while bombed on his way to his lover's house in Virginia. It is doubtful, even if Fossella had been sober at the time, that his thoughts would have been with his blissfully ignorant wife and their three kids back home in Staten Island.

It was after "family values" promoter Fossella's adultery became public that the Republicans decided that Fossella had to go. Of the two announced Democratic candidates, strongly anti-War Steve Harrison (who had run against Fossella in 2006), and City Councilman Dominic Recchia, both from Brooklyn, Recchia threw in the towel (as being caught in Quinn's slush fund beneficence didn't help).

McMahon, essentially a Reagan Democrat, also known as a Republicrat, was not about to set his opportunistic ambitions aside and let a progressive Democrat such as Steve Harrison replace Fossella - who, at least ideologically, in many ways resembles McMahon.

I have by the way discussed McMahon's serious negligence vis a vis me with UP FRONT News reader Steve Harrison and, at his request, I am providing him with a copy of the Weiss/McMahon correspondence.

Michael McMahon has cowtowed to the warmakers and also to racial imperialists with his Christine Quinn-led blatant racial gamesmanship in voting down a City Council bill introduced by Councilman Al Vann (D.-Bklyn.) to change the name of a few blocks of a Brooklyn street to honor black nationalist Sonny Carson.

Mike McMahon is also guilty of failing to do his job, which is to represent all his constituents.

There is no way I will vote for Mike McMahon.
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