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UP FRONT News June 6, 2008
Published by Tom Weiss
Editorial Advisor: Willard Whittingham
"The paper that can't be bought and can't be sold."


By Tom Weiss

On February 16, 2008 at a well-attended Town Hall on Black America at the First Central Baptist Church in Staten Island, I met briefly and quite privately with my State Senator Diane Savino.

I had already been in contact with her office regarding arranging a meeting with her to discuss a number of very, very serious constituent matters, involving serious violations of my human rights. She was already aware that my State Assemblyman Matthew had been unhelpful and that, in fact, in certain ways he had made things worse. She was aware that Mr. Titone and his (now former?) Chief of Staff Keith Parascandola had ignored for months my repeated requests for a meeting and tha he has even stonewalled my pastor, Rev. Demetrius Carolina of the aforementioned FCBC, as well as the NYPD, as represented by the very dedicated and competent Sgt. Al Fiore, who understands politics and politicians. Titone had also played delaying games with my advisor, Steven Gradman, a professor of political science at Touro College and a very knowledgeable and experienced progressive activist and Democrat.

Ms. Savino, in a brief conversation at the rear of the main chapel and again in the reception area of FCBC on February 16 made it explicitly clear that she will meet with me and that all I needed to do was to contact her scheduler to arrange an appointment.

Quite apparently Diane Savino - borrowing a page from her hopefully politically deposed
role model Hillary Clinton - lied.

The following excuses were offered in response to a long series of phone calls and e-mails from me. First there were some staff changes because her scheduler was pregnant. Then there was another scheduler change. Then there was the budget. I received a good deal of verbalized abuse from various staffers at the Albnay office, which she had directed me specifically to contact.
Her Staten Island district office is run Benito Mussolini-style by her Chief of Staff, the ap- parently recurrently violent - and perhaps psychotic - Robert Cataldo.

You see, a number of years ago when I was homeless and had my hotel rent money stolen, as a Social Security recipient, I was in need of an expedited Social Security check, which according to the law can be issued in emergency situations. A request must be made by a representaitve (e.g. a religious leader, an elected official) to the Commissioner of the U.S. Social Security Administration (not to a local or regional official) who has offices in Baltimore and Washington, D.C.

On previous occasions I was able to receive urgently needed expedited checks with the help of Rev. Timothy P. Mitchell, the (now retired) Pastor of the Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church in Flushing Queens (of which I have been a member for many years) and on a subsequent occasion (via a high-level connection) U.S. Senator Hillary Clinton.

On this most recent occasion Sen. Clinton, by now fully aware of my work on blowing the whistle on the U.S. coverup of the Chinese Communist Genocide in Tibet (a coverup directly involving Bill Clinton and top level officials of his administration), refused to assist me. In fact she responded to inquiries from me and from my brother Jim in upstate New York with explicit threats against me - one by telephone to me and one by a September 5, 2003 e-mail to my brother (who doesn't want to talk about it).

My Assemblyman at the time, John Lavelle, assigned the matter to his Chief of Staff, the aforementioned Parascandola, who, after much delaying, faxed a letter to the SSA Commis- sioner and then refused to follow it up, instead referring me to (Big Dick) Cheney's man in New York, U.S. Congressman Vito Fossella, who completely mishandled the entire thing.

I therefore went to Diane Savino, met briefly with staffer Tanya Jones-Sullivan, who gave me an appointment with Mr. Cataldo, although still leaving me just about penniless.

When I arrived for my appointment at 36 Richmond Terrace, a short distance from the ferry, only Mr. Cataldo was in the office.

As soon as he saw me, he burst out of his chair from behind his desk and essentially went berserk. In a perhaps two minute profanity-laced tirade littered with the f-word, Cataldo ad- vanced in a distinctly menacing manner towards me and, almost foaming at the mouth, ordered me to leave the office or he would have me arrested.

The next day I called Savino, who happened to pick up the phone. She told me "don't worry about Cataldo" and the proceeded to leave me cashless by accessing a local Social Security official (whose name she refused to disclose to me) who predictably advised her that (s)he could do nothing. Savino refused to access the SSA Commissioner's office.

As far as I am concerned, that incident alone is sufficient reason for Ms. Savino to be removed from office. As far as Cataldo is concerned, despite some initial resistance at the recurrently crime-tolerant 120th precinct, with some high level help, I was able to make certain that Robert Cataldo has a criminal record.

Whether or not this ordinarily smooth-talking arrogant and corrupt Chief of Staff is being helped psychiatrically I do not know.

It is clear however that Diane Savino - along with her other mounting political deficits (she was one of the most vocal supporters of her sister in deceit Hillary Clinton, even as certainly most of the many African-Americans, and me, in her district supported Barack Obama for the Democratic presidential nomination) is a very poor judge of character as she continues to my knowledge to employ the seriously psychologically impaired Cataldo as her Chief of Staff.

Some weeks ago, accompanied by my not very physically imposing friend Peter Schultheis as a de facto bodyguard, having been stonewalled by Savino's Albany office as regards the appointment she had promiosed me on February 16, I stopped in at 36 Richmond Terrace.
Greeting me with uncharacteristic humility was Cataldo, deep in 5 o'clock shadow.

To make a long story short he asked me to provide the agenda for my meeting with his boss. I did.

It involves, among other violations of my rights, the fact that the New York County District Attorney, the apparently marginally functional Robert Morgenthau (who seems, largely because of machine power and voter apathy, to have been in office since the Book of Numbers), willfully mishandled case docket # 2005 NY 047906, the prosecution of Wan Yun, an "Oddjob" - resembling (remember the James Bond classic "Goldfinger?") who violently assaulted me on April 7, 2005. The unindicted co-conspirator in the assault (although he was not present at the time, important in consideration of the reality that, as far as history is aware, Adolf Hitler was not physically present at any of the murders he is responsible for) was and is Wan Yun acquaintance Geoffrey Blank.

Geoffrey Blank was already guilty of a multiplicity of criminal harassments against me, several of them at the No Police State Coalition Union Square speakouts that Blank tried to hijack, while singing the virtues of such role models as Saddam Hussein and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and other tyrants. Geoffrey Blank, promoting the racist ideology of another role model, the convicted federal felon and Germany-worshiping megalomaniac Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr., would stand in Union Square preaching "free speech" and sometimed physically attack others (e.g.) me who sought to exercize that right. Blank is said to be born Jewish, but with the possible exception of another LaRouche-ite role model, the psycho-psycho-therpist and cult ("social therapy") leader "Dr." Fred Newman, I have never met a more thoroughly self-hating Jew than Geoffrey Blank. He is a Jewish nazi - or, as noted in a now some what underground-legendary UP FRONT News headline - "Jewzi." (But then, if I were Geoffrey Blank I'd hate myself too.)

After Wan Yun's arrest, done by an initially lethargic 6th precinct, I met with Assistant District Attorney Matthew Jackson. Jackson took a detailed description of an assault that led to over three hours of surgery at Bellevue - and, perhaps because of major post-operative negligence and criminality by a smallish but violent Bellevue Adminstrator named "Infante", has left me hearing impaired. (It is NYS Crime Victims Bureau case # 498400.) He said he planned to prosecute Wan Yun as a felon and that I would be the chief prosecution witness at trial. Jackson had me sign release forms authorizing him to obtain my medidal record and Crime Victims paperwork from Bellevue. (As I have since learned from Bellevue Administration and medical records Jackson never sent the forms.)

And then I offered him evidence connecting Geoffrey Blank to the crime. Jackson's response was, verbatim, "I don't need that." When I asked him how he could not need evidence the content of which he did not know, he abruptly ended the interview.

From that point on I faced a campaign of stonewalling by the DA's office.

Things were made more difficult for me thanks to the paranoia of none other than NYC Public Advocate Betsy Gotbaum, a quite secretive and dishonest person with whom, via a family member of mine, I've been personally acquainted since 1979. Ms. Gotbaum, who wants to be mayor (yeesh!), upon becoming fully aware of my work as a free lance investigative reporter, once tried to have me arrested as I was at her office for a scheduled appointment with her Chief of Staff at the time Scott Coccaro to discuss staff abuse of homeless people in drop-in centers and shelters.

The police officer called to arrest me was none other than the aforementioned Sgt. Fiore, who had never met me previously. It took Sgt. Fiore perhaps 15 minutes of interviewing me to realize that Gotbaum's claims that I had made some kind of "threat" against Linda Gibbs, Michael Bloomberg's arrogant and homeless abuse-condoning Commissioner of the Department of Homeless Services (she holds and even higher job with Bloomberg now: yeesh!) were nonsense. Sgt. Fiore told me to go home and leave Betsy Gotbaum alone for awhile.

Ms. Gotbaum's paranoia about investigative reporters like me who know about her may be
explained by the fact that she is linked (at least by one failed marriage) to the CIA. That is a fact that she tried to keep secret until first reported in UP FRONT News. The Times and other mainstream media got to the story later. In fact UP FRONT News consistently gets to stories, e.g. the (Clintons, et. al. direct involvement in the coverup of the Chinese Communist Genocide in Tibet and the connection to the Beijing Genocide Olympics) that are suppressed and/or under-reported and/orcensored out of the corporate mainstream (e.g. NBC, Staten Island Advance, Sports Illustrated, New York Times, New York Post) and "alternative" (e.g. Village Voice) media.

And as far as Betsy Gotbaum is concerned, she is now much in the media, not for her publicity stunts in her capacity as the negligent and secretive NYC Public Advocate but in connection with the death at the Phoenix, Ariz. airport of Carol Anne Gotbaum, who was married to Betsy Gotbaum's stepson Noah. A reportedly intoxicated Carol became reportedly out of control while awaiting a connecting flight to a substance abuse treatment facility and was arrested by the Phoenix Police. She died when left alone shackled to a holding cell fixture. The available evidence suggests that she choked when trying to get the chain over her head.

Betsy Gotbaum is suing the Phoenix Police Department. The Phoenix police may well have to explain why an acutely distressed person under arrest was left alone. And Betsy Gotbaum, a profoundly narcissistic individual who lusts after power and money (sort of like Hillary Clinton), may have to explain why Carol Gotbaum was traveling alone thousands of miles away from home.

Because of the Betsy Gotbaum incident vis a vis me and in light of Robert Cataldo's near assault on me as described, my laywer Jacob J. Goodman (who has since passed away), when I received an invitation to meet with ADA Matthew Jackson and his superior William Mahoney, advised me not to go to any meeting with a government official in a government building without a prior written guarantee that I will not be arrested or otherwise harassed. Jackson, in an e-mail to me, refused to provide a guarantee and so there was no meeting.

Ultimately, with much assistance from Sgt. Fiore - and none from Assemblyman Titone - I learned that there had been a "sealed" disposition of the case by a NYS Supreme Court Judge from the Bronx named Ellen Gesmer.

As my lawyer was in increasingly deteriorating health and could only provide minimal help, I consulted hurriedly with for example civil rights attorney Norman Siegel, with whom I am quite well politically acquainted and is among the people who knows how psychologically impaired and dishonest Betsy Gotbaum is. (Gotbaum once contacted Siegel during her 2001 race for Public Advocate and claimed I was "stalking" her. She then made things much, much, much worse by referring to me in that way on television during the 2005 Public Advocate race. And making it still worse was the fact that one of the most dishonest people parading as a reporter, Tom ("Wrongleski") Wrobleski of the Staten Island Advance, wrote a pro-Gotbaum slanted and error-riddled article on August 27, 2005 about the Gotbaum vs. Weiss matter in which Diane Savino defamed me also. There were far more accurate stories on that in NYC Newsday on August 26, 2005 (by Dan Janison) and on August 27 in the Daily News (Celeste Katz) and The New York Times (Jonathan Hicks).

And as far as "stalking" Ms. Gotbaum is concerned, aside from the fact that I have never stalked anyone in my life, the notion of stalking Betsy Gotbaum, as I have written previously, conjures up for me mainly the great country song by Dwight Yoakum, "I Ain't That Lonely Yet."

Also Ms. Gotbaum (who aside from the CIA connection she has tried to hide also has some Great Neck, Long Island adultery in her sleazy past) needs to make public the apology to me that she had an aide telephone secretly to my friend and UP FRONT News associate Arthur Ashe look-alike historian/writer/bartender Willard Whittingham.

Ms. Savino, at my insistence, without meeting with me, wrote a letter to Robert Morgenthau (not to my knowledge followed up) and also one to NYU Medical Center executive Director Dr. Robert Grossman (on another violation of my human rights, by the NYU Dental Clinic that led to a complaint by me to the NYS Department of Health that was later fully "substantiated"). Cataldo then messed up badly by ignoring my insistence that he insist on only written responses from NYU by violating my confidentiality by discussing the matter over the phone with NYU Medical Center Administration, in fact making the situation worse. If Cataldo had done something like that as a social worker, he would probably be fired, brought up on ethics charges, and have his license at least suspended.

But this is the New York State Legislature, where ethics is regarded as most people regard the Bubonic Plague. That is why Assembly Speaker, the reportedly God-fearing Sheldon Silver (D.-Manh.) has, at least as far as I am aware, done nothing about the awful Matthew Titone. It also explains the lack of action by the State Senate Minority Leader Malcolm Smith (D.-Manh.) and the Deputy Minority Leader Jeffrey Klein (D.-Bx.), who have been made fully aware of the Savino/Cataldo problem by me.

Cataldo has since stonewalled Rev. Carolina, Sgt. Fiore and me as regards the explicitly promised meeting with Savino. Robert Cataldo is one reason why the New York State Legislature deserves its rating of "the worst state legislature in the country." And it seems that the worst legislators in "the worst state legislature in the country" may be in the colony known as Staten Island.

Diane Savino, Assemblyman Titone and the really, really arrogant City Councilman and Congressional wannabe Michael McMahon make up the lily-white ruling class of the Demo- cratic Party machine that runs the North Shore like a fiefdom. McMahon's obsequeousness to the imperious City Council Speaker (and Hillary loudmouth) the Slush Fund Queen and mayoral wannabe (more yeesh! ) Christine Quinn was revoltingly evident as Quinn sabotaged Beford- Stuyvesant's wish for part of a neighborhood street to be named after the late black nationalist Sonny Carson. Michael McMahon is also in violation of his constituent responsibilities to me as in December, 2006 he refused to assist me with these matters because, as he put it in one of the most arrogant e-mails (to me) ever paid for by the taxpayers, I had criticized the Flighty Quinn in UP FRONT News. Michael McMahon, a "Democrat" in the Richard Daley/Carmine DeSapio, mold, wants to be the Congressman to replace the Fallen Fossella.

As far as I am concerned, even if he keeps his libido under better control than the perhaps more easily arousable "family values"-promoting (Big Dick) Cheney pal Republican "Cheato" Vito, Michael McMahon is fundamentally unqualified to be a U.S. Congressman and would do well to allow term limits to end his political career.

Savino/Titone/McMahon make up what is an essentially racially segregated feudal "government" in Staten Island that is fundamentally insensitive to the needs of many of the citizens in the very ethnically diverse North Shore of Staten Island.

Apparently more independent of this somewhat Jim Crow-style political arrangement is State Assemblywoman Janele Hyer-Spencer. Indeed, she is clearly in better psychological shape than the arrogant and fear-riddled Titone/Savino/McMahon clique Ms. Hyer-Spencer has helped me out some. Ms. Hyer-Spencer, however, apparently wants to keep that fact secret so as not to anger the machine. At that rate she will never become the congresswoman she told me (before the Fall of Fossella) that she wants to be by winning the 2010 election.

In any case, Diane Savino needs to at least get mental health help for Robert Cataldo (or fire him if he refuses such help) and start telling the truth and send me (and Rev. Carolina, Sgt. Fiore, and Mr. Gradman) an early e-mail with the suggested date and time to meet with me.

Look at what all the lying got for Hillary Clinton.
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