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UP FRONT News July 5, 2008
Published by Tom Weiss
Editorial Advisor: Willard Whittingham
"The paper that can't be bought and can't be sold."

By Tom Weiss

In 2000 and briefly in 2004, because of my dissatisfaction with Democratic presidential candidates Al Gore and John Kerry, for a time I supported Ralph Nader. Indeed his campaign people should recall my efforts, in coordination with his campaign manager, at getting him some attention during the 2000 baseball playoffs. Because of some contacts I had in the Bronx with some New York Yankee staffers, as UP FRONT News Editorial Advisor and Yankee Stadium neighborhood Bronxite Willard Whittingham can verify, I explored the possibility of the baseball-savvy Nader attending a playoff or World Series game at Yankee Stadium and perhaps commenting on the state of the game on national television.

The Yankees were interested and so was Major League baseball, which has its headquarters on Park Avenue in Manhattan. Ultimately, although the idea got explicit encouragement from Nader's campaign director, the whole thing went under because of the academic corporate types (David Peel would label them "yuppies") who ran the rather elitist Green Party campaign operation out of Washington D.C. (in an office physically separate from Nader campaign HQ) didn't like me and didn't like my idea.

My idea to get Nader to the World Series (in the only New York Yankee/New York Met "Subway Series" in history), would probably have generated possibly large numbers of votes for Mr. Nader. Why? A national interview, with a politically knowledgeable sportscaster such as Tim McCarver, would have given Nader the opportunity to really connect with America (something that was and is beyond the capacity of the thoroughly gentrified and, much worse, neo-fascist-infiltrated Green Party). Nader grew up in Winsted, Conn., played baseball, and, in his presumably pre-anti-corporation years, was a Yankee fan. He occasionally commuted to games at Yankee Stadium. I would have used my media contacts to encourage perhaps McCarver to ask Nader about the corporatization of baseball.

After I got a go-ahead from the Yankees (for a seat at least for an American League Playoff Game at the Stadium) and from Major League baseball, which handles special seating for the World Series, I tried to work out the details with the Nader people. (Somewhere in my archives I have some fax exchanges.) The Greens however preferred to have Nader campaign in large amphitheatre rallies - a bad strategy because celebrity (Michael Moore, Susan Sarandon at the time)-sprinkled mega-rallies for big fundraising bucks do not translate into votes.

I took a trip to the two Nader campaign offices in Washington and got a handwritten note from a big shot Green stating that they were not interested in having Nader attend the World Series. That decision helped their candidate win the the paltry but critical 3% vote which gave the election to Cheney/Bush and forever diminished Nader's political credibility.

I did manage, with a journalist friend of mine, to get into one of the playoff games for free.

The Greens also reacted very negatively to my efforts at bringing Nader together with disaf- fected Democrat Rev. Al Sharpton, although Sharpton did come up with a "too little, too late" endorsement of Nader at the National Action Network HQ. I remember that rally well, as, joining Nader and Al Sharpton on the dais, were Dr. Cornel West and Patti Smith.

During the Q&A, I asked Nader about Tibet and he responded with a denunciation of Com-munist China as Rev. Sharpton nodded in agreement. (As far as I am aware, Sharpton has since remained silent on the racist Genocide in Tibet.)

The most interesting exchange occurred when erstwhile Sharpton ally Lenora Fulani (careful certainly not to even hint at her ideological solidarity with the mega-fascist Lyndon H. La-Rouche, Jr.) asked Mr. Nader if they could work together in a "coalition." (In fact the term "coalition" when used by a crypto-fascist such as Fulani, means "occupation.") Mr. Nader, after offering a very perfunctory acknowledgement of Ms. Fulani's record as an African-American activist, said to her, "no deals."

Since that time, however, Ralph Nader has emerged as in fact a "left" stalking horse for Fulani's political godfather, the aging but still very active and dangerous LaRouche. (For more on the history of the de facto megalomaniac, very politically connected domestic fascist and convicted felon LaRouche visit the websites of in particular investigative reporter Dennis King and read UP FRONT News. Mr. King, whom I have met, regards LaRouche as "the most dangerous man in America" and I agree.)

LaRouche, who presents himself publicly as an advocate of the presidencies of FDR, is notorious for his dramatic ideological shifts from the ultra-left (e.g. Maoists, Trotskyites) to the far out and racist right (e.g. the KKK). In recent years LaRouche, as always using well camouflaged "left"-spouting surrogates, e.g. Fulani, has been busily fifth-columning his way into liberal and left groups, most particularly the Greens but also "World Can't Wait", the International Action Center and the St. Mark's in-the-Bowery Church-based "9/11 Truth" group, et. al.

The infiltration became readilly apparent most obviously duriung the 2004 Nader for Presi-dent campaign which, particuarly in pivotal New York, depended heavily on "meetups." The New York meetup was run as a total dicatorship by a Fulaniite Green named Cathy Sadell. Her love partner George Tatevosyan when needed provided the neo-fascist lies and muscle. Tatevosyan once physically assaulted me to prevent my attending an April, 2004 Nader press conference in Manhattan to which the candidate had invited me. Involved as a co-conspirator was Tatevosyan's Green Party pal and evident close Nader associate Gerald ("Jerry") Kann. The incident was witnessed by activists Roman Shusterman and Richie Degen. Kann is a violent crypto-fascist who on two occasions tried to hoodwink the good citizens of the Astoria/Long Island City communities of Queens into electing him to the New York City Council. The first time around, running against an uninspired Democrat, where Republicans are not a factor, Kann got a reported 20% of the vote. The second time around, after the neighborhood got its first distribution of UP FRONT News about Jerry ("Can't") Kann, his totals dropped dramatically.

Among Gerald Kann's political associates is veteran Green Party wacko Paul ("Zool") Zul- kowitz. Fulaniite Zulkowitz, who along with Fulani, orchestrated the assault on me, made certain that things would go smoothly in the autocratically run Nader meetups. Zulkowitz, an infiltrationist fixture in the peace movement, particularly with the extraordinarily politically gullible Cindy Sheehan, has openly boasted about his close personal relationships with "Ralph and Patti." "Ralph has been like a father to me!", he once prated at a Nader event in front of Patti Smith and a few hundred other people at Ethical Culture, where I later "outed" Kann as a crypro-fascist right in front of the nervously grinning Nader. (As far as I am aware, Mr. Nader and Ms. Smith, who, to her possible discomfort, has received UP FRONT News directly from me face-to-face and via the internet), remain friends. Ms. Smith, however, is fully aware that Ralph Nader consorts with neo-fascists.)

Zulkowitz received a long overdue mountain of negative coverage in UP FRONT News for his cynical political game in 2005 known as "Camp Casey" (the name being parasited from Cindy Sheehan, whose son Casey was killed in Iraq) in Union Square. Camp Casey became little more than a propaganda outpost for LaRouche-ites and various extremists including some people who think that Hamas and Hezbollah have the correct attitude towards Israel. Zulkowitz put a recurrently violent and often inebriated street guy who called himself "Totay" in charge of Camp Casey.

Totay converted Camp Casey into a de facto shelter for himself and his girlfriend, regularly helping himself to the donation jar.

The whole thing wound up in a near riot on September 19, 2005 when Zulkowitz had Ms. Sheehan there as a guest speaker. Zulkowitz, however, willfully withheld from Ms. Sheehan and everyone else the fact that he had not obtained the required police permit and thereby staged his own arrest at the rally. Zulkowitz' "forget the sound device permit" tactic was the contribution of none other than another ally, Geoffrey Blank, the self-appointed "president" of the No Police State Coalition, a leaderless free speech group that had been holding Union Square speakouts In Union Square. Blank in fact, spouting "free speech", had used threats and violence (mostly, a la Tatevosyan/Kann, against me) to try to hijack the NPSC speakouts regularly, doing quite convincing impersonations of at least two of his role models, Adolf Hitler and Saddam Hussein. Geofffey Blank emerged as one of the very few (at least nominally) Jewish jihadists around.

I don't know to what degreee Zulkowitz' position in the Greens has plummeted in the wake of the UP FRONT News exposes or following Zulkowitz' response to my stories, a response that became an UP FRONT News story in itself and shows that this Nader pal, like a number of others, is a violent psychopath. Zulkowitz let it be known that my UP FRONT News criticisms of him and Blank were so hurtful that he had decided to commit suicide by jumping off a certain bridge in Nassau County. To make a long story shorter, the police soon showed up at his door and gave him a choice between incarceration and involuntary commitment to a psychiatric facility. In an apparent moment of lucidity, "Zool" chose the hospital.

It was on the day that he was reportedly discharged that a mutual acquaintance told me that Paul Zulkowitz had told him that he was going to shoot me with his Magnum 357. At the time I was at a peace rally near what used to be the Plaza Hotel at the time and I went straight to the cops, just like I have done every time fascists such as Geoffrey Blank have criminally harassed me. (Blank has not yet to my knowledge been questioned about his involvement in an April 7, 2005 major physical assault on me by an acquaintance of his named Wan Yun.)

All of these people are connected to the local racist Lenora Fulani and her mentor "Dr." Fred Newman. Their ideological godfather is LaRouche. (Read Dennis King.)

Last November 28 I saw Jerry Kann at a Baruch College speech by presidential candidate former Democratic U.S. Representative Cynthia McKinney. After I politely exposed him at the event, he made a fool out of himself during the Q&A by asking Ms. McKinney about assuring fairness at the Green Party nominating convention. It appears that Nader and many
Greens are parting ways. Ms. McKinney replied by suggesting that fairness was up to the Greens.

Union Square speakout activist Eric Rassi attended a recent Nader event in a modest-sized room at establishment left-friendly Cooper Union - the establishment left doing its part to keep Cooper Union solvent. Introducing Nader at the event was Gerald Kann.

In January, 2007 at a Nader booksigning event at the Union Square Barnes & Noble (two of Nader's Brownshirts, Tatevosyan and his beloved Sadell, were present as was Kann), I tried to ask Nader about any continuing ties to Fulani/LaRouche. Nader's face darkened, he grumbled to me "So you're still on that [Fulani/LaRouche]", and stalked off.

As far as I am concerned, anyone who knowingly consorts with fascists is unqualified for the presidency.

Internet information shows that Jerry Kann is a Green Party official based in Queens.

Cynthia McKinney has reportedly left the Democratic Party and joined the Greens. She has apparrently decided, following some friendly face-to-face exchanges between us, not to answer any of my e-mails.

The Green Party in New York is not a democracy. Aside from people like the violent George Tatevosyan, Paul Zulkowitz and Kann, the New York Greens are run by Howie Hawkins of Syracuse. I recall one conversation in particular some years ago with an on-her-way-out-of- the-Green-Party lady from Queens. She spoke about Hawkins, whom she described as a "Stalinist." I've experienced Hawkins up close. He is a regular speaker at those cover charge establishment left events at Cooper Union. One time when, during the Q&A at a plenary, I spontaneously asked him a question about ties to Fulani/LaRouche with a stare that makes Cheney's malevolent gaze appear gentle by comparison.

Hawkins was one of the "split-the-left" mouthpieces that the Greens and LaRouche-ites put up against me (not against Hillary Clinton) when I ran against her for the U.S. Senate as a Democratic write-in candidate in 2006. And, like Hillary Cliton and LaRouche-ite Democratic Party "candidate" Jonathan Tasini, Hawkins refused to debate me.

Cynthia McKinney is an African-American, who, during out perhaps ten minute conversation before her speech, urged me to ask her about the almost lily-white makeup of the Green Party. During the Q&A, in response to my question, she urged the Greens to do something about that.

I well recall the Republcan National Convention in 2000 when that almost lily-white political party placed a number of blacks and hispanics in prominent dais positions.

Green Party infiltrators like Fulani have a history of collaborating with Republicans. Fulani, then dictator of the Independence Party of New York, in 2001 gave Republican mayoral candidate Michael Bloomberg the IPNY ballot line, thereby enabling him to win a very close election. She did it again in 2005. Bloomberg has since rewarded her and Fred Newman with tax breaks for their front organizations, the All Stars Project (Fulani) and the Castillo Center (for the Arts) run by Newman, who in his spare time, operates the sex-with-your-therapist "social therapy" cult.

Maybe the Green Party convention will ethnically emulate the image-conscious Republican Party.

In joining the Greens, a political party that has de facto criminal crypto-fascists among its members and in seeking that party's nomination, Cynthia McKinney has rendered herself unqualfied to be president.

Fight greed and fascism in America. Vote for Tom Weiss as a write-in candidate for president.
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