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UP FRONT News June 23, 2008
Published by Tom Weiss
Editorial Advisor: Willard Whittingham
"The paper that can't be bought and can't be sold."

By Tom Weiss

The bi-weekly (Thursdays and Sundays, starting at 5:00 PM) speakouts in Union Square, at least somewhat liberated from the toxic direct presence of the terrorism-friendly neo-fascist Lyndon LaRouche-ite psychopath Geoffrey Blank, are drawing steadily increasing numbers of observers and participants.

Organized in small "d" democratic, First Amendment-friendly, fashion by a loosely knit group including Eric Rassi, Roman Shusterman, Richie Degen, and myself, there have been open discussions on a range of issues, including the presidential election of 2008, the NYC election of 2009, 9/11, tenants rights, civil liberties, the LaRouche infiltration of the left (e.g. the Green Party, the Nader campaigns, "9/11 Truth", the speakouts), gentrification, capitalism, communism, fascism, Zionism, Palestinian rights, and other subjects.

The "rules" are minimal. Participants are given the use of the bullhorn (the permit-free use of which is granted under the U.S. Supreme Court's Saia Decision in 1948) for up to seven minutes at a time and are asked not to use profanity, racial or ethnic slurs, or personal insults.

Following the speakouts those interested have been meeting informally at nearby Toastie's to discuss continuing plans. Subjects discussed at the meetings have included taking on a name (e.g. Free Speech Coalition), fund raising, social events, political organizing, etc.

The events have not been without some controversy. For example, more than a few people who experienced the Geoffrey Blank dictatorship were surprised to find Blank's most persistent flunkie, Joel Meyers, show up in recent weeks. I have compared the idea of Meyers par- ticipating in a free speech event to Adolf Hitler's presence at a bar mitzvah. Meyers was one of those who quite openly backed up the fascist Blank's threats against me back in the days when the several times criminally convicted (former?) lifeguard from Rockaway Park, Queens
tried to convert Union Square into the central square in Nuremberg, Germany. The cowardly Meyers, the only organism I know of who openly defended convicted 9/11 terrorist Zachariah Moussaoui, was fond of playing Josef Goebbels to Blank's Hitler and to denounce me as a "government agent."

Joel Meyers, whose mustache looks as if he had literally plucked it off the corpse of his role model Joseph Stalin, showed up a couple of weeks ago and, facing some First Amendment- protected heckling from me, claimed that I had "provoked" him into libeling me as a "govern- ment agent." In fact Hitler had always found the Jews to be as provocative as the partly Jewish Francisco Franco had found leftists to be.

Meyers, who appears to be at least 11 months pregnant (twins?), showed up again on June 22. Roman made it known to me that Meyers was interested in speaking, a development that, at best, would induce boredom among listeners and presumably enable observers to catch up on their sleep. Stalinism, even camouflaged as "anti-Bush" or "anti-War" rhetoric, is at best boring. Under any circumstances, Hitler (and maybe even Hitler wannabe Blank) was a much better speaker than Meyers. I told Roman that, unlike Meyers and Blank, I live by the First Amendment and that I had no objection to Meyers speaking, although I had every intention of heckling this hypocrite. Meyers changed his mind and tried to hide behind his belly. This is a case of Dr. Heckle (me) and Mr. Hide (Meyers).

No doubt the most divisive presence at the speakouts has been the rather bombastic Hillary Clinton/Evita Peron impersonator "Kim." Kim, an acqaintance of Eric Rassi from Cleveland (the city that has given us "left" LaRouche mouthpiece U.S. Congressman Dennis Kucinich),
gets to the bullhorn and inevitably gives a speech that has now become predictable. Like Mr. Kucinich (whose presidential candidacy vote totals are not much better than perennial candi-date LaRouche), she calls for the impeachment of George W. Bush. And then she goes into ritual denunciations of the Council on Foreign Relations, Henry Kissinger, and Bush. As soon as she is done, she separates herself, thereby making certain that she will not hear any rebuttals to her dubious wisdom.

My view, openly expressed at the speakouts, is that, while Bush, Cheney, et. al. probably belong in prison, impeachment is a waste of time because there is no way that the U.S.
House of Representatives will vote to impeach (which is nothing more than an indictment) and even less that the U.S. Senate will convicted Bush, thereby removing him from office.
I also remind people that, if a political miracle occurred and Bush were removed from office that would bring (Big Dick) Cheney into the White House perfectly legally - and also set up the frightening possibility of Cheney as president for two more terms (since he would not be bound as president to the term limits that force Bush out as of January 20, 2009). It is also a fact that, if there were an impeachment trial, the Congress, as was the case during the Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinsky circus, would be monopolized by the impeachment proceedings. That would effectively end any meaningful effort to end the war.

Frank Giallombardo, an acquaintance of mine from Staten Island, and an avowed Ayn Rand-style conservative (who plans on voting for John McCain), has at my invitation, attened several speakouts. He just sent me an e-mail describing his conversation about the impeachment issue with "the crazy left-wing blonde lady." Mr. Giallombardo, who is no fan of George W. Bush, described his conversation about the impeachment issue with Kim. According to Mr. Giallombardo, who by the way has a rather encyclopedic knowledge of in particular the music of The Who, he attempted to suggest to her that my point of view bears consideration. According to him, she responded with insults, suggresting that the entire issue was over his head and then flung a two word profanity at him totally seven letters. He claims she then tried to throw some water from a bottle at him and that she then left. If Frank Giallombardo thinks that Kim is a leftist he is wrong. He is being manipulated in the same way that people perceived the notorious "socialist" Hitler. "Conservatives" denounce the left. Fascists impersonate the left. Hitler, Mussolini, Lyndon LaRouche, Fred Newman, Lenora Fulani, Geoffrey Blank, Frank Morales, Paul Zulkowitz, Gerald Kann, Howie Hawkins, Jonathan Tasini, Charles Lenchner, Pete Dolack and Staten Islander Gary Phaneuf, et. al. are all cases in point.

Every week, as the speakout group makes ready to head to Toastie's, which has a large seating area in the back suitable for both eating and meeting, Kim demands that her friend Eric Rassi eat at a vegetarian Japanese place that has no such seating. Mr. Rassi has made it clear to her, Cleveland loyalites notwithstanding, that he has a meeting to go to and that he prefers Toastie's.
Kim's constitutionally protected demagoguery at the speakouts does not fool me for a minute. One can get the same propaganda on any Lyndon LaRouche website or listerning to someone like the LaRouche-ite clergyman Frank Morales or his cult partner Les Jamieson at "9/11 Truth." Politically speaking Kim is Geoffrey Blank in drag.
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