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UP FRONT News June 9, 2008
Published by Tom Weiss
Editorial Advisor: Willard Whittingham
"The paper that can't be bought and can't be sold."


By Tom Weiss

The revived Union Square speakouts, now apparently liberated from the presence of the criminal and neo-fascist demagogue Geoffrey Blank and his 30+ year old baby brother Jason, are attracting steadily increasing numbers of observers and, very importantly, speaker-participants.
Newcomers are presumably unaware that the "No Police State Coalition" speakouts previ- ously taking place in Union Square became little more than a sounding board for Blank, a total pseudo-"left" fraud who spouted "free speech" and threatened others, particularly me, who sought to exercize that right. Blank made things worse by declaring himself "president" of the NPSC, a group that has no officers at all. Indeed, Blank has hoodwinked some in the so-called "alternative" media (e.g. the quite censored in itself WBAI) and the apparently less censored Manhattan Neighborhood Network, to allow him to promote himself as the "president" of the NPSC. Blank's "presidential" style had a remarkable similarity to those of at least two of his role models, Saddam Hussein and Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Blank, aside from his direct criminal harassments against me (all reported to the NYPD and law enforcement at all levels of government), was involved as a co-conspirator in an April 7, 2005 politically motivated violent assault upon me by his acquaintance Wan ("Oddjob") Yun.
That assault caused an injury that required over three hours of surgery in the Bellevue Hospital Center emergency room. Bellevue subsequently seriously fouled up my post-operative care.

Indeed, it is apparent that Blank, a man with documented connections to international terrorism, has been handled with kid gloves by the very political and almost obsolete Robert Morgenthau, the New York County District Attorney, whose office willfully mishandled the prosecution of Wan Yun. This is a coverup that now involves at least two members of the New York State legislature, State Assemblyman Matthew Titone (D.-S.I.), State Senator Diane Savino and one member of the NYC Council, Michael McMahon (D.-S.I.).

Geoffrey Blank and his brother have consistently refused to respond to questions from NPSC people about their ties to the convicted felon and Hitler-emulating demagogue LaRouche. LaRouche is a Leesburg, Va.-based Jew-hating white supremacist who for years has been using his racially and otherwise camouflaged surrogates (e.g. the African-American racist Lenora Fulani, the Jewish neo-fascist Paul Zulkowitz, and ethnic and species unidentifiables such as Gerald Kann and Gary Phaneuf) to infiltrate the left, particularly in New York. For more on LaRouche, visit websites connected to the investigative reporter Dennis King.

The LaRouche infiltration has gripped the Green Party (via Zulkowitz, Kann, Sander Hicks, Howie Hawkins, George Tatevosyan, et. al.), "9/11 Truth" (Les Jamieson, Frank Morales, Harvey Newman, Webster Tarpley, Ralph Schoenmann), World Can't Wait (Jamieson, Zulkowitz), the Democratic Party (Jonathan Tasini, Charles Lenchner, Charlene Barker, and perhaps Tracy Denton) and most certainly the fifth column operations known as the Ralph Nader for President and Cindy Sheehan for Congress campaigns.

Geoffrey Blank, even if he has returned to his reportedly native Uranus, remains an important cog in that "left"-spewing neo-fascist semi-underground. Indeed last year he lost almost all his followers in and around New York City - especially after having been heckled by me in Union Square so mercilessly that he ended up making a super-Freudian slip and suggesting that he may have an incestuous relationship with his brother, with whom he used to share his apartment in Rockaway Park, Queens. Geoffrey Blank is known to thousands for what he is, a self-hating Jewish "person", a de facto Jewish nazi or "Jewzi."

Indeed, Blank, desperate for an audience, some years ago reportedly dragged his narcissistic "Defend Geoffrey Blank" banner upstate to Binghamton, where he used to go to
college. (Brooklyn College now has the honor of having a two-bit terrorist in its student body.) I lived in and around Binghamton for years and look forward to some more contacts with the Binghamton University and mainstream media there. Indeed when I ran for the U.S. Senate in 1993, the Gannett-owned Binghamton Press & Sun Bulletin (a far better paper than for example the heavily corporate censored billionaire Donald Newhouse-owned Staten Island Advance) did a good story on my candidacy, accurately reporting on the major Tibet issue, that appeared in the paper on May 25, 1993. Also some years earlier when Mike Gormley, now with the Albany bureau of the Associated Press, worked for the Binghamton paper, he did a very good story on my efforts on behalf of the oft-buried Flynn-Dearie Rent Protection Act, the passage of which would have possibly ended "rent-flation", a major ingredient in gentrification. Also when I ran for the U.S. Senate against Republicrat and serial truth offender Hillary Clinton (who, even with the apparent gender distinction, has a character not unlike Blank as regards her disregard for the truth), I was interviewed as a candidate on a couple of Binghamton University radio talk shows. The June 7 speakout, however, reminded us that, while Geoffrey Blank may be in Uranus or Queens, his toxic inflluence sometimes returns to Union Square.

No doubt the most sycophantic member of Blank's LaRouche-style cult has been the "Communist" Joel ("Stalin") Meyers. Meyers, a living example of the perils of combiniong habitual lying with habitual over-eating, turned up at the Union Square speakout on June 8.
Meyers is a guy who could make the convicted influence peddler-lobbyist Jack Abramoff look honest by comparison. In order to please his neo-fascist overlord Blank the Stalinist/
Maoist/LaRouche emulator Meyers used to threaten me and accuse me in public of being a "government agent."

One of the personality traits of fascists, open or crypto, is that they denounce what they are. It is a version of Adolf Hitler's "Big Lie" strategy.

It was NPSC activist, the sometimes bombastic but very insightful Dennis Griggs, all too familiar with Blank and Meyers, who first suggested that either or both may be government agents. My initial skepticism about that assertion has diminished considerably.

I would be interested in knowing what kind of deal Joel Meyers had to cut with the government authorties while he was in Danbury Federal Penitentiary (after being convicted for refusing military service during Viet Nam, reportedly not as a conscientious objector but perhaps because he didn't want to face his pals in the North Viet Namese military and the Viet Cong on the battlefield) in order to address his reported complaints about ill treatment.

Meyers, who really looks to be in an unusually advanced state of pregnancy (this time he could get out of military service - and perhaps get an interview on Jerry Springer and/or Maury Povich - on health grounds), asked to use the bullhorn at the speakout, something he and his fascist pal Blank consistently refused to permit me to do in the old Union Square "Nuremberg Rally" days.

Although I resisted the urge to try to induce Meyers to physically take the bullhorn from me (he and Blank made similar offers to me back in the days of Manhattan's Third Reich) I did not miss the opportunity to ask Meyers a few questions about "government agents." I also asked him about another one of his role models, the convicted terrorist Zachariah Moussaoui. An NPSC person years ago reported getting at least politically nauseous at a 9/11-related meeting at the Community Church of New York (Unitarian-Universalist) when Meyers got up and said that Moussaoui was wrongly convicted and that he should be exonerated and released.

Meyers, who avoided direct answers to my questions, claimed that I "provoked" him into calling me a "government agent." He also defended three of his favorite governments, China (in fact the world's greatest perpetrator of Genocide, most directly in occupied Tibet), North Korea and Iran. Like Blank, the totalitarian and human rights-hostile Meyers is easily "provoked." Indeed, while he physically resembles a badly out of shape Stalin, when it comes to provokability, he may be the Mike Tyson of "the left."

Like Geoffrey Blank he needs to see a good proctologist and - in his case - maybe a specially trained obstetrician.

For Joel Meyers to turn up at a free speech event is like Hitler showing up at a Bar Mitzvah.
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