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UP FRONT News May 23, 2008
Published by Tom Weiss
Editorial Advisor: Willard Whittingham
"The paper that can't be bought and can't be sold."

By Tom Weiss

The essentially soft-core but yet reactionary and establishment-protecting multibillionaire Donald Newhouse-owned Staten Island Advance (aka the Staten Island Retreat) is already going all out editorially to prevent a dramatic shift to left-oriented progressivism in the no longer "forgotten" borough.

That, however, should not be at all surprising for a paper that qualifies, even with Rupert Murdoch's quite censored and Paris Hilton-promoting New York Post in town and the China-censored NBC News (courtesy of, among others, Nightly News staffer Charles Riggs III), as the most censored newspaper in New York.

As reported in some detail in UP FRONT News, the Advance is the most guilty of the continuing political and media coverup of the Chinese Communist Genocide in Tibet. In fact, all the editors there, Brian Laline, Dean Balsamini, Tom ("Wrongleski") Wrobleski, Marjorie Hack, Ken Paulsen, Stevie Lacy-Pendleton, and several reporters including Sally Goldenberg, Judy Randall and Tevah Platt, have received the facts from me. Those facts include the provable reality that among the politicians fully knowledgeable (from me) about the genocide for years are Bill and Hillary Clinton. The Advance also knows about the history of threats against me by the Clintons and some of her local elected surrogates.

The Advance is fully knowledgeable about the details of my very serious difficulties with in particular my State Assemblyman Matthew Titone, whose mercifully outgoing Chief of Staff, Keith Parascandola defines why the New York State legislatute has been properly labeled as "the worst state legislature in the country." The Advance also knows about the rather threatening behavior perpetrated against me by Robert Cataldo, the very anger management-challenged Chief of Staff for State Senator Diane Savino (who, at least in my opinion, should abandon any ambitions for the seat being involuntarily vacated by the fallen Vito Fossella, until she does something about Cataldo, who apparently remains under the delusion that the voters elected him to the State Senate).

It is pretty much axiomatic that the Advance has also been protecting Vito Fossella for years. It is interesting to note that at least some of the people in Fossella lover Laura Fay's neighborhood in the Virginia suburbs of Washington, D.C. (which, at least as far as adultery is concerned, is becoming the Las Vegas of the East, except for the fact that, unlike Vegas, what happens in and around D.C. doesn't necessarily stay there) knew all about him - but the Advance knew nothing. And if Fossella had not allegedly engaged in life-threatening behavior by driving smashed (which, should he be found guilty, should warrant not only a jail term but his immediate resignation) and getting caught, the Advance's puff journalism about him would have continued.

With the Advance and me things are quite politically personal because it was "Wrongleski" who for months suppressed the news of my Democratic write-in candidacy for the U.S. Senate against the Republicrat Hillary Clinton. In fact Wrongleski, who, as reported previously here, deserves an Olympic gold medal for not responding to e-mails and calls, wrote nothing until one of his politician friends NYC Public advocate Betsy Gotbaum (with whom, via a family member of mine, I've been personally acquainted since 1979; she is paranoid) made a defamatory reference to me during a televised campaign debate in 2005. Wrobleski, after allowing his newspaper to get scooped by NYC Newsday (Dan Janison) on August 26, 2005, wrote an error-riddled, slanted, somewhat defamatory article about me that appeared with a front page lead in the Advance on August 27. The Daily News (Celeste Katz) and The New York Times (Jonathan Hicks) published articles that appeared in their respective papers on August 27 that were far more honest and objective than Wrongleski's piece.

After that, with Balsamini and others promising me published corrections but reneging, Wrongleski reverted to full censorship mode. I then wrote an article that was widely distrib- uted and appeared at accusing him of censorship and, for the first time (re?)-Christening him as "Wrongleski." During my subsequent telephone conversation with Mr. Balsamini, who read my article on his computer as we spoke, he became quite upset and said, "You're trashing my reporter." I agreed and suggested that my reporting along those lines would continue as long as Wrobleski either wrote nothing about my campaign against Mrs. Clinton or continued to write trash about me.

Not too long after that Wrobleski contacted me and we did a telephone interview. His article, headlined "With the stroke of a pencil, vote for anyone", appeared on the front page (probably Balsamini's decision) on August 21, 2006, about 1 1/2 years after I had announced my candidacy and had met with him in his Borough Hall office for over an hour.

As I have reported previously, his article may have gotten at most a C+ in journalism school. His grammar was acceptable. He focused about 85% of the story on the technicalities of running as a write-in candidate and about .01% to the fact of the Tibet Genocide and the fact that I can prove that Hillary Clinton and her husband are directly involved in the coverup of that genocide every bit as much as the media and the politicians covered up the developing Nazi Holocaust against the Jews in the 1930's. The Conde Nast-connected Donald Newhouse (how much money does he have invested in the profiteering paradise known as "Communist" China?)-owned Staten Island Advance is maybe the only newspaper anywhere to report the existence of a genocide (Wrongleski mentioned it in both his articles about me) and then not follow it up.

That is known as censorship.

In a full column editorial that appears in the May 22 issue of the Advance, the paper urges that the next congressman, in a district that is about 2/3 from Staten Island and 1/3 from Brooklyn, be from Staten Island. I am one of what may be a relatively small number of people to have lived in all five boroughs of New York City (as well as upstate, in an around Binghamton) - certainly making me more of an authentic New Yorker than the carpetbagging Hillary Clinton. I have become a strong Staten Island advocate. I think that Staten Island is both a leader in the civil rights movement (e.g. Rev. Demetrius Carolina's First Central Baptist Church and Rev. Tony Baker's St. Phillip's Baptist Church) and in the performing arts world (e.g. Snug Harbor, The Cup, the Everything Goes Bookstore Cafe). That certainly doesn't mean that our congressperson needs to be from Staten Island. Look what we got with Fossella.

And as far as some other North Shore and Mid-Island politicians are concered, e.g. City Councilmember Michael McMahon, Diane Savino, Matthew Titone, and State Assembly-member Janele Hyer-Spencer (quite progressive but less than ideal as she takes much too long in responsing to some important e-mails), Ms. Hyer-Spencer seems relatively independent of the Party machine(s) that the Advance continues to protect. Indeed, some months ago, before Fossella fell, Ms. Hyer-Spencer told me that she was contemplating a race against him in 2010.

At this point, to the obvious chagrin of the Advance (which, using in its May 22 editorial the code-word of "centrist", is trying to push Staten Island back to the right) progressive anti-War Democrat Steve Harrison (who, heavily outspent, lost to Fossella in 2006) is the leading Democrat. Mr. Harrison, a man with strong ties to what passes for the "peace" movement in Staten Island, is also backed by several important Democratic political clubs. If he can get the support of the tradionally marginalized African-American community (which has lots of UP FRONT News readers, such as the Reverends Carolina and Baker and churchmembers), he could become the Democratic candidate and the Republicans, regardless of their candidate, can attempt again (as Fossella did) to rely on the diabolical charisma of Big Dick Cheney and the militaristic wisdom of John McCain.

The Advance, in urging that the next congressman be from Staten Island, is doing nothing more than trying to bolster the Republicans and their de facto allies among the Democrats and perhaps even the still Lenora Fulani/Lyndon LaRouche-tinged Independent Party here. The Advance is trying to generate a retreat by Steven Harrison.

As far as Steven Harrison is concerned, I voted for him in 2006.

My view is that a significant threat to Harrison's political future lies not so much with the Party of Cheney/Bush but rather from what lies within the "peace" movement here. Indeed, since I am told that Peace Action of Staten Island (PASI) power John Bostrom is a neighbor of and well acquainted with Tom Wrobleski, it is not surprising that some of the politically unsavory (Mike May and the the LaRouche-ite neo-fascist from Queens, Geoffrey Blank) and indeed violent (David Jones) aspects of the group are covered up by the Staten Island Advance.

PASI "anarchist", wildman Mike May, who shares some personality traits with Fossella, has apparently been staying in the political background. That is not, however, the case with the explosive Jones, whose more pacific wife is PASI Chairperson Sally Jones. Jones once tried to assault me at a PASI event on April 5 in the parking lot of Rev. Carolina's First Central Baptist Church. Read "Davey Jones' Shocker..." April 8, 2008, in UP FRONT News.) Indeed, Mr. Jones had to be physically held back by FCBC churchmember Marillyn Averett. That necessitated my filing an official complaint of criminal harassment with the NYPD. Apparently Jones, whose take on the concept of "peace" appears to be theoretical and essentially propagandistic, did not learn his lesson and on May 22 made another aggressive move against me at a meeting of the Staten Island Democratic Association. On this occasion he had to be chilled by a SIDA veteran I only know as "Mark."

David Jones apparently remains as an important official in the campaigns of both congressional candidate Harrison and the announced City Council candidacy of African-American activist Debi Rose (who seems to be in second place behind candidate Rev. Baker).

The Republicans would be happy to tar Mr. Harrison with an "extremist" or "ultra" brush.
David Jones certainly would provode them that opportunity. And the Staten Island Advance would again retreat and cover up and first censor and then misreport the whole story.

The moral of the story is, as per the bumper sticker slogan of Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR), the NYC-based organization that monitors censorship and slanted reporting in the media, "Don't Trust Corporate Media."
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