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UP FRONT News May 28, 2008
Published by Tom Weiss
Editorial Advisor: Willard Whittingham
"The paper that can't be bought and can't be sold."

By Tom Weiss

As many people now know, the first news account suggesting that the LaRouche-ites who run the so-called "9/11 Truth" groups based at St. Mark's in-the-Bowery Church may be connected to the death of Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.-harassed Dan Wallace appeared in UP FRONT News. Why? Because of the fact that Wallace had previously witnessed the multiple harassments of me by people like Les Jamieson and Frank Morales and had taken it upon himself to do a video interview with me outside St. Mark's on one of the evenings I had been physically barred from entering by Jamieson's and Morales' thugs. (There are reasons why St. Mark's is earning its UP FRONT News label of "Our Lady of LaRouche.")

During that interview - which was witnessed by No Police State Coalition list-serve co-manager Roman Shusterman - as soon as I mentioned the connections between Jamieson/Morales and LaRouche (via for example so called 9/11 "expert" Webster Tarpley, a LaRouche/Schiller Institute honcho, and via the psychopathic demagogue and deposed dictator of Union Square Geoffrey Blank, et. al.) Mr. Wallace interrupted to tell me that he had been harassed by LaRouche people for some time. At that point his "girlfriend", identifying herself as "Sabrina", appeared and confirmed what Mr. Wallace was telling me.

It was a few weeks after that interview that I learned that Mr. Wallace was dead. I recall much outward "mourning" behavior by people including the now political enemies Jamieson and Luke Rudkowski.

According to the NYPD, detectives found a large amont of illegal drugs in Mr. Wallace's Queens residence and the cause of death was listed as "drug oversose."

At a Luke Rudkowski-run 9/11-related meeting in the balcony of a midtown deli, I talked very briefly with Sabrina. She told me that she found Mr. Wallace dead in bed next to her. She also volunteered the telephone number for Mr. Wallace's mother but suggested that his mother might not respond in a friendly way to a call. As I recall it was at that point that the dour and uncommunicative Rudkowski (aptly compared physically by Mr. Shusterman to Eminem) placed himself between Sabrina and me and ordered me to stop asking questions. I responded by telling him not to tell me what to do.

It is a fact that the aging but very active LaRouche, a convicted federal felon (credit card and mail fraud) reportedly off parole, who is making what has to be his last gasp at attaining total power, is actively working with the left (e.g. the Greens, "9/11 Truth", "World Can't Wait", ANSWER) the right (he has had long ties to the KKK as well as ties to the Cheney/Bush gang) and within the mainstream (he is a registered Democrat, recurrently a candidate for president and parades as a worshiper of FDR).

Among the Democrats connected to LaRouche is a yarmulke-wearing crypto-fascist named Charles Lenchner, who, when he was working for Jonathan Tasini, one of LaRouche's surrogate candidates for the U.S. Senate, pushed me around. Lenchner, presumably still an official in the Progressive Democrats for America (PDA), managed to fifth-column his way into the Dennis Kucinich for President campaign in 2004 and into the John Edwards campaign in 2008. Lenchner is connected to LaRouche's magazine Executive Intelligence Review.

It is known that the well-camouflaged LaRouche, a worshiper of things German - who lives with his wife Helga Zepp-LaRouche on a plush and isolated estate known as the Ibikus farm in Loudoun County, Va., heads a totalitarian political cult. Aside from UP FRONT News, there is much information on this Hitler-wannabe to be derived from the investigative reporter Dennis King and from the Rick A. Ross Institute and other sources.

LaRouche is known to deal with those who leave his cult harshly. One apparent victim who also met an early demise was Jeremiah Duggan, a young Jewish man who got involved with the LaRouche/Webster Tarpley Schiller Institute. Duggan became a dissenter and wound up being run over by a car. The German police said "suicide" and the London Metropolitan Police rejected that conclusion, labeling the Schiller Institute a "sinister and dangerous cult."

Jamieson and Morales invited Tarpley to be a guest speaker at "9/11 Truth" a few years ago. When I suggested to Jamieson that "9/11 Truth" members should be made aware of the Tarpley/LaRouche link, he whispered to me, "You better keep your mouth shut about that." And when Tarpley came to speak at St. Mark's, during the Q&A, as I asked my question regarding the similarity in 9/11 views between Tarpley and LaRouche, Jamieson tried to physically push me from the microphone.

And when Jamieson and Morales invited the fascist Geoffrey Blank to speak there on December 4, 2005 Blank came with his club-in-the pants leg concealing brownshirts such as the St. Mark's regular and psychopath with the Hitler-style haircut, Karl Rosenstein (who has tried to assault me on three occasions), the place nearly exploded into LaRouche-style violence.

At some point, there will be complete federal, state and city criminal investigations of the death of Dan Wallace. Maybe Jamieson and Morales can be represented by the convicted terrorism heroine lawyer Lynne Stewart if she escapes prison.
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