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UP FRONT News April 10, 2008
Published by Tom Weiss
Editorial Advisor: Willard Whittingham
"The paper that can't be bought and can't be sold."
By Tom Weiss

For some years I have been very critical of in particular Rupert Murdoch's New York Post. My criticism has been not so much for the Post's editorial "conservatism", which reflects Murdoch's outlook, but for its practice of slanting and censoring the news to fit an ideologically very capitalistic and right wing viewpoint. Indeed, I've taken it somewhat personally.

While several major dailies (e.g. Newsday, The New York Times) and other mainstream and "alternative" media reported my Democratic write-in candidacy for the U.S. Senate against Hillary Clinton, Post political editor Gregg Birnbaum made certain that readers would not know that I was a candidate. In that regard the Post also suppressed the facts about the Chinese Communist Genocide in Tibet and the very provable reality that Hillary and Bill Clinton have for years been directly involved in the coverup of that genocide.

Among the more interesting stories I read in the past year in The New York Times was one on how Mr. Murdoch, in some collaboration with some of his friends in high places in China made certain that any reporting in connection with Tiananmen Square Massacre anniversaries was sanitized and the coverage of the brutalities of the Chinese Communist against Tibet and against the Falun Gong was marginal. Like the avaricious Hillary Clinton, whom Mr. Murdoch as an individual has been supporting, the Australian media mogul has major financial interests in China, which I have described not only as a slave statge but also as the largest hedge fund in history. As far as I am concerned, because of its totalitarianism, its economic power, the deep racism of its rulers at least since "yellow" supremacist Mao, Communist China is the worst government in the world.

And just as the world's worst government in 1936, Nazi Germany, hosted the Olympic Games in 1936, the profiteers have arranged to give the 2008 Games to fascist China, ruled by a series of governments that have been perpetrating genocide in Tibet for over a half century.

Back to the New York Post. There seemsto be some positive change there, even as Mr. Murdoch, perhaps somewhat less vociferously than earlier, expresses support for Mrs. Clinton, the Post has endorsed Barack Obama for the Democratic nomination. Indeed, the Post's coverage of the serial lying of which Mrs. Clinton is irrefutably guilty has been unsparing. I would imagine if the Empress of Chappaqua looks at the political cartoons in the editorial section, she must turn whiter than she already is - a necessity for someone who lives in an elitist community that I am told by a financially well off but less than satisfied resident is lily-white by design.

Some of the most dramatic and best reporting on the world-wide Tibetan uprising in opposition to the Beijing Olympics has appeared in the Post. It seems that Mr. Murdoch, a man of prodigious business skills, seems to be giving his writers some freedom and that they are exercizing it, a good idea, as the Post's profound coverage of such elevating subjects as Paris Hilton and Britney Spears as well as the New York Knicks (who could easily occupy pages in the sports, crime, and obituary sections) has not generated much in the way of profit.

And now that the Post is starting to show some signs of editorial and journalistic life (its crime reporting has always been very good), it is apparent that the Staten Island Advance is without question the most politically censored and slanted daily paper in New York.

Although I may have been the first to refer in print to that Newhouse owned paper as the Staten Island Retreat, there are a lot of people on Staten Island (I live in the working class community of Stapleton on the north shore) who refer to the paper in the same way.

The main political censors at the Advance appear to be political editor Tom Wrobkeski and daytime news editor Marjorie Hack. Since I've written about Wrobleski ("Wrongleski") before, I will only summarize here. He and I met about my U.S. Senate candidacy early in 2005. He suppressed the news and wilfully refused to return calls and e-mails for months while dutifully writing some puff pieces about Mrs. Clinton and occasionally a Republican Bushie Senate candidate named John Spencer. In suppressing the news of my candidacy Wrobleski also suppressed the facts on the Tibet genocide and Mrs. Clinton's involvement in that coverup. Wrobleksi and the Advance thereby became participants in the coverup, something that should be of considerable interest to organizations such as the New York City-based Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR).

In August, 2005 the quite psychologically impaired NYC Public Advocate, Betsy Gotbuam - with whom via a family member of mine I've been personally acquainted since 1979 - made a televised reference to me as a "stalker." Ms. Gotbuam did that to cover up the fact that she had some years previously tried to have me arrested at her office when I was there for a scheduled appointment with her Chief of Staff at the time Scott Coccaro in order to discuss staff abuse of homeless people in drop-in centers and shelters. The police official called to execute that arrest, Sgt. Al Fiore, is a good deal more psychologically stable than thee seriously paranoid and CIA-connected Gotbaum and handled the situation properly. He has long since cleared me security-wise. Gotbaum's paranoia flared up once when I happpend to pass by as she was making one of her Hillary Clintonesque campaign appearances before a small group of onlookers on Allen Street on Manhattan's Lower East Side and fired a spontaneos question as to her relationship with the CIA. I did not bring up the matter of her reported adultery against her first (CIA) husband, with the trysts taking place in a mansion owned by a member of my family. Such role models we have and this person wants to be mayor. Lile Eliot Spitzer. Ms. Gotbaum might benefit from some sort of psychological rehab that maybe Amy Winehouse could sing about also. And as far as "stalking" Betsy Gotbaum is concerned, I always make reference to one of my favorite country songs recorded by Dwight Yoakum, "I Ain't That Lonely Yet."

When Gotbaum's slanderous reference to me came out in the Daily News and the Post, I called both papers. The next day I had an interview with the News' Celeste Katz and her story appeared on August 27, 2005. I called the Post and spoke a few times with Carl Campanile but the Post ran nothing. I also called The New York Times and that paper's Jonathan Hicks reported my side on August 27. He also later reported the CIA/Gotbaum connection but, typical of the Times, ignored the fact that the CIA angle was first reported by me in UP FRONT News.

The Daily News and The New York Times were both scooped by Newsday's Dan Janison, whose story was reported in NYC Newsday on August 26 with his story including mention of my U.S. Senate candidacy that had been suppressed for months by Wrobleski at the Advance.

As I recall it was on August 26 that my editorial advisor Willard Whittingham received a call from Wroblekski asking to interview me for an "exclusive." Since the story was already out, his desire for an exclusive was absurd.

In any event we did a telephone interview and on August 27 Wrobleski's story appeared in the Advance with a front page lead. It was a masterpiece of what used to be called yellow journalism. It was factually inaccurate, slanted, error-riddled and, since it was gramatically correct, would not have gotten an "F" in journalism school - it would have received a D minus.

Wrobleski resumed his suppression of the news of my U.S. Senate candidacy until some time after Advance editor Dean Balsamini and I talked over the phone about my campaign article in which I accused the paper of censorship and referred to its political editor as "Wrongleski."

On August 21, 2006 after another telephone interview, a front page piece on my candidacy appeared in the Advance. This one would have received maybe a C+. Wrobleski spent almost the entire article on the technicalities of running as a write-in candidate and devoted about a 1/2 inch to the Genocide issue.

Since then - nothing - although Advance reporter Maura Yates did quote me in a recent piece on my views on one of the rather insufferable ferry preachers, who could have turned Jesus Himself into an agnostic.

The Advance is fully knowledgable about the fact of major politically motivated negligence by State Assemblyman Matthew Titone, a classic machine Democract and wholly owned subsidiary of NYC Council Speaker Christine Quinn and her superior Hillary Clinton. Titone may well qualify as the worst legislator in what has correctly been labeled as "the worst state legislature in the country."

The Advance is also among those media outlets suppressing the facts of the Lyndon LaRouche/Lenora Fulani neo-fascist network that is influencing national and local (including Staten Island) politics. That suggests to me the possibility of the notoriously media-infiltrating LaRouche having his people at the Staten Island Advance, as he has had (and may still have) at NBC News and elsewhere (WBAI?).

Staten Island is a beautiful and vibrant county that is run buy a sort of duopoly (Manhattan-controlled white machine Democrats in the very racially diverse north and Republicans to the south). The most independent elected official as far as can tell is the progressive seemingly publicity-aversive State Assembywoman Janele Hyer-Spencer, who in fact has taken it upon herself to do some of the negligent Titone's constituent work (helping me) for him.

Some months ago I was discussing the Advance with one of Staten Island's most prominent and eloquent civil rights leaders. We acknowledged that the Advance does do stories on peace marches, which are generally tightly controlled, cliquish affairs run Lenora Fulani-style by people like the autocratic and sometimes explosive David Jones and his obedient wife Sally. The paper has little choice other than to report racially charged police incidents.

I told him that the Advance is censored. He went maybe a bit futher and described the Staten Island Advance as "controlled."

At least until the Advance is de-"controlled", readers are better off with UP FRONT News - and in fact with the New York Post.
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