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UP FRONT News April 10, 2008
Published by Tom Weiss
Editorial Advisor: Willard Whittingham
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By Tom Weiss

It seems that perhaps the only politician who is ready to most honestly confront the issue of the Chinese Communist Genocide in Tibet and the consequent opposition to the Beijing Olympics honestly is not even running for president. That politician is New York City Councilman Tony Avella (D.-Queens) who is running for mayor of New York City.

It is Mr. Avella, who was first contacted on this over-riding issue by me, who has introduced New York City Council Resolution #1299, which cites the Chinese Communist Genocide in Tibet and calls for the removal of the 2008 Olympics from China. Mr. Avella understands the limitations of a City Council resolution and has made it clear that any Olympics played in China should be boycotted by the United States - and hopefully every other nation.

Acting President George W. Bush has certainly been more diplomatically respectful of the Dalai Lama that his predecessor. Bill Clinton saw fit to invite Monica Lewinsky, who represented no government that I am aware of, to spend some time in the Oval Office. His Holiness the Dalai Lama, however, was "Gored" and received by Bill Clinton in the Vice-President's office.

Anything that Hillary Clinton says about China and Tibet is to be treated with a a grain of fertilizer because it emanates from the mouth of an unprincipled opportunist who essentially lies for a living. Bill (and probably Hillary) Clinton have been quite fully aware of the nature and extent of the Nazi-style Chinese Communist Genocide since November, 1992 when, after he was elected, I personally brought the facts to his attention. I think that his secretary Betty M. Currie will remember several telephone conversations with me from my home phone at the time at my loft home at 190-A Duane St. in Manhattan at 212-334-9847 to her at the "Transition Office" in Little Rock. I gave her the facts, she got upset at my accounts of, among other atrocities, sexual tortures of Tibetan nuns and she asked me to send the material to President-elect Clinton and to Transition Chief Warren Christopher and to Communications Director George Stepanopoulos by fax to her. Ms. Currie, who unlike her employer at the time, was honest, kept her promise and gave my material (UP FRONT News articles, etc.) to Clinton, et. al. and sent me a faxed acknowledgement from her fax at 501-399-7197 on December 11 at 16:38 military time. Multiple copies are in my "J'accuse" files and in the hands of some friends.

Bill Clinton, who was in the process of folding to the corporate China Lobby on his earlier promise to withdraw Most Favored Nation trading status from China, buried everything. Indeed he and his people went further and came after me personally. When I was invited to attend the January 19, 1993 (the day before Clinton's first inauguration) hearing before the U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations on Clinton's nomination of Christopher as Secretary of State, they had me arrested at the U.S. Capitol in the reception area at the Committee hearing room. Clinton's crooks tried to get me to accept a plea bargain; I refused and in July, 1993 I was acquitted in a jury trial.

Mrs. Clinton, who is up to her eyeballs in the coverup of the Chinese Communist Genocide in Tibet (the Clintons, like their corporate allies, make tons of money in the slave state that is "Communist" China), has also come after me in the form of explicit threats. There have been two threats, the first by by phone (via investigator "Mr. Zimmerman" and the second via a September 5, 2003 e-mail from a corrupt Clinton staffer named Yajaira Yepez, wife of (still?) Assemblyman Adam Clayton Powell IV Chief of Staff Daniel Serrano, to my brother Jim in upstate New York. Jim is much more easily intimidated than I am and has refused to disclose the nature of some communications he had with Mrs. Clinton in connection with a Social Security-related emergency I was experiencing when I was homeless some years ago.

And so for Hillary Clinton to suggest that George Bush should not attend the opening ceremony of the 2008 Olympics is analagous to a hypothetical suggestion that he not attend a social gathering of the genocidal Janjaweed in Darfur. Mrs. Clinton, when asked by Robin Roberts of ABC's (cover-upper Stephanopoulos' employer) Good Morning America, whether stronger opposition to the Olympics should be expressed, said "no." All Hillary Clinton is doing is what this ultimate hypocrite has done all along, which is to put her insatiable need for ill-gotten wealth and power ahead of human rights. In consideration of Timo-thy I Chapter 6 Verse 10, the one that reminds as that it is tjhe love of the money that is at the root of evil, it is very reasonable to suggest that Hillary would be among the money hangers in the temple and that Jesus would have thrown her out, along with Big Dick Cheney, Lyndon LaRouche, Michael Bloomberg, Donald Trump, et. al. Although I am certain that, in connection with Mrs. Clinton, even if the necessary weaponry had been available at the time Jesus would not have resorted to sniper fire. Hillary Clinton is a liar and an intimidator and should probably be impeached.

Barack Obama has been aware of the Tibet Genocide details from me for a shorter period, presumably not too long after June 26, 2007 when, in the presence of New York State Sena- tor Bill Perkins (D.-Manh., I discused the matter directly for several minutes with Sen. Obama's wife Michelle at a campaign event at the Our Children's Foundation at 527 West 125th Street in Harlem. My strong impression is that Mrs. Obama has a level of integrity that significantly exceeds that of the abysmal Mrs. Clinton. (A similar comparison applies to the men of their respective houses.) I therefore feel that Mrs. Obama was being truthful when she assured me that she would give the UP FRONT News and other literature (e.g. about my Democratic write-in candidacy for the U.S. Senate against Mrs. Clinton) she accepted from me to her husband and that they would discuss the Tibet and Olympic Games issue.

Since then, none of my e-mails, sent to various high-level Obama campaign staffers, have been answered.

Obama is now on record as seconding Mrs. Clinton's suggestion to Bush that he not attend to opening ceremony. That is not what I call leadership.

Since I am convinced that a successful effort by the machiavellian Clinton at hijacking the Democratic nomination could only help the Republicans and Ralph Nader and his Lyndon H. LaRouche/Lenora-Fulani "Green" backers, I am supporting Obama for the Democratic Party nomination.

Should Obama not speak out far more strongly on the Tibet Genocide, I will not vote for him in November.

As far as I am aware the only presidential candidate on record as supporting self-determination for Tibet is Atlanta, Georgia-based former U.S. Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney. If Obama continues to play cute on the Tibet issue and Ms. McKinney is able to get rid of some of the Green Party parasites (e.g. the psychopathic Gerald Kann) who have tried to leech onto her, I'd probably vote for her.

Olympics out of China! China out of Tibet!
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