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UP FRONT News March 26, 2008
Published by Tom Weiss
Editorial Advisor: Willard Whittingham
"The paper that can't be bought and can't be sold."


Staten Island Advance reporter Karen O'Shea in a recent quite detailed article describes Assemblyman Matthew Titone's publicity conscious role in fighting a planned residence for the mentally ill in a former convent in the St. George neighborhood of Staten Island. Titone claims that the state and St. Vincent Catholic Medical Center misled him as to the nature of the residents. He claims that he had originally been led to believe that the mentally ill residents would be "stable", but that he has since learned that the client population could include people recently released from prison or former drug addicts. Titone is described as demanding assurances that "nobody with a history of sexual assault will be housed in the facility."

At this point, although I live in nearby Stapleton, I do not know enough about the issue to determine if Titone is simply trying to capitalize on the "Not in my back yard" (NIMBY) syndrome that plagues those seeking to help outcasts survive in places other than the streets.

If, however, communities were empowered to refuse residence to elected officials who slander their constituents, who coverup political criminality, and who do not tell the truth, Matthew Titone would be homeless.

The Staten Island Advance, including editors Marjorie Hack, Dean Balsamini, Stevie Lacy- Pendleton, and Tom Wroblekski, among others, are fully aware of Mr. Titone 's now one year long pattern of negligence and withholding constituent assistance to me. They are aware of the political aspect of all this, inasmuch as at least some in the NYC Council Speaker Christine Quinn and Hillary Clinton-controlled lily-white Democratic Party establishment that runs the ethnically diverse heavily African-American Staten Island North Shore are not happy that I ran as a Democratic write-in candidate against the increasingly visibly corrupt Clinton. Visit

They are not happy that I have exposed Mrs. Clinton's direct participation in the political and media coverup of the Chinese Communist Genocide in Tibet. (The Advance is involved in that coverup to, thank you Tom Wrobleski and Marjorie Hack.) They are not happy that I have exposed self-described progressives Clinton and Quinn as in fact political agents of the predatory real estate industry that is to an imporant degree responsible for the homelessness crisis, not to speak of murder by high rise construction accident.

The clique that runs the Advance is not happy that, in part because of the much more thorough investigative journalism in my newspaper, UP FRONT News, I have exposed the fact that the Advance slants and censors political news. In addition to Wrobleski's willful refusal to follow up on the fact of Hillary Clinton's involvement in the Tibet Genocide coverup, he has also suppressed information that I have given him connecting the local racist Lenora Fulani, about whom Wrobleski has selectively reported, to the mega-fascist and convicted felon Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. Why is this important? Because, among other reasons, through his neo-fascist but "left" spewing surrogates such as Fulani, Paul Zulkowitz, Gerald Kann and the violent Geoffrey Blank, LaRouche, in his literal takeover of at least major parts of the Green Party (and thereby Ralph Nader) and other "left" groups, has had major influence in presidential and local politics.

It is true that Michael Bloomberg, who consistently gets puff piece "coverage" by Advance reporter Sally Goldenberg, would not have been elected mayor in 2001 had he not cut a Faustian deal with the Devil and accepted the Independence Party ballot line support of the virulent anti-Jewish racist Fulani, a demagogue whose immediate mentor is the cult leader "psychotherapist" Dr. Fred Newman, who, years ago, at City College got his political start in fascism with then CCNY faculty colleague LaRouche (then known as "Marxist" professor" Lyn Marcus).

What does all this have to do with Matthew Titone? Much of the story, suppressed by the Advance, appears in UP FRONT News at and at To summarize, on April 7, 2005 I was physically assaulted by LaRouche-ite hitman Geoffrey Blank acquaintance named Wan Yun. The afrorementioned Blank will not talk publicly about his links to Lyndon LaRouche, not to speak of his direct financial and political ties to a group calling itself the Freedom Socialist Party that is reportedly under international investigation for ties to terrorism in Iraq and whose spokeperson, Blank pal Stephen Durham, is on record (New York Post, December 26, 2005) as condoning the late Musab al Zarqawi's hostage beheadings. Blank became notorious for his "radical" harangues in Union Square in Manhattan, where he tried to hijack a leaderless free speech group known as the No Police State Coalition that has run speakouts in Union Square. Blank, a cult-of-personality (e.g. Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Mao) style full-fledged psychopath, would give narcissistic rants about "free speech" and then proceed to threaten people, particularly myself, who sought to exercize that right. Blank, a nominal Jew, is known for his anti-Semitic slurs and has paraded as a supporter of people like Saddam Hussein, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Hamas, Hezbollah and jihadists the world over. That's why I refer to Blank as a Jewish nazi, or "Jewzi." And, since a terrorist is defined as a person who uses threats and violence for political ends, Geoffrey Blank is a terrorist.

Assault perpetrator Wan Yun was arrested. The Assistant District Attorney on the case Mattew Jackson, after taking my account if the assault and advising me that, becaise of the seriousness of the injury (I underwent over three hours of surgery on and in my left ear at Bellevue Hospital Center), Wan Yun faced felony charges and that at trial I would be the chief witness for the prosecution. Mr. Jackson had me sign medical release forms authoriz- ing him to obtain the reports from Bellevue and from the Crime Victims Compensation Board. When I offered Mr. Jackson information connecting Geoffrey Blank to the attack, he replied, "I don't need that." When I asked Jackson how he could not need information, the content of which he did not know, he ended the interview and from that point in became essentially inaccessible. and, as i have since learned from Bellevue Administration, he never sent the release forms I signed.

As I later learned from a very competent and helpful police officer with the NYPD's Intelli- gence Division, who has taken a great interest in Blank - and of course Fulani/LaRouche, et. al. - that the case was quietly settled before a compliant judge named Ellen Gesmer.

Matters became more complicated when, after the operation, Bellevue staff referred me to the wrong outpatient clinic for followup. When I tried to straighten the matter out, I ran into a classic New York Citu Health & Hospitals Corporation nightmare. (I know about the HHC, having worked at Queens Hospital Center during the 1970's and, at the cost of my job, blown the whistle on a Koch Administration coverup of budget cut-caused patient deaths at QHC.) When I went to the office of the then Bellevue Executive Director Carlos Perez, as one of his aides was trying to assist me, a Bellevue staffer named Mr. Infante burst into the room with an HHC security person, threatened me and ordered me to leave. As Infante, accompanied by security, escorted me from the building, he said to me, "If you ever come back here again you will be arrested." And so I went without followup care for several years, during which I have experienced several prolonged periods of severe hearing loss.

My lawyer, Jacob J. Goodman, who passed away several mothns ago after a long illness, made some inquiries with New York County District Attorney Robert Morgenthau's office and with the HHC, receiving no responses. Mr. Goodman advised me that, since government agencies are involved, I should seek the help of my elected officials.

City Council Michael McMahon, in an angry e-mail to me in December, 2006 refused to assist me, citing my UP FRONT News criticism of his de facto political boss, Christine Quinn. State Senator Diane Savino had been of little assistance some years earlier when I needed her help in connection with a Social Security matter when I was homeless. Ms. Savino had also made what I considered to be a defamatory comment about me in the Advance in that newspaper's seriously slanted and error-riddled article on August 27, 2005(by Wrobleski) after the rather paranoid CIA-linked NYC Public Advocate Betsy Gotbaum (whom I know personally) referred to me on television as a "stalker." The August 26 story in NYC Newsday and article in thd Daily news and New York Times on August 27 where much more objective that Wrobleski's Gotbaum-protecting piece. More recently, however, as the problems with Titone have mounted, Ms. Savino, who has promised me a meeting with her, has provided some assistance on another mattet which Titone has been absolutely no help on.

And so I went to the newly (s)elected Titone. I could write a Bible-length accoint of Titone's delaying tactics and his pattern of making promies and then reneging. That is known as ly-ing, an impeachable offense when perpetrated by an elected official. Judgement Day-wise, Titone has really placed himself in serious jeopardy, since some of his lying has taken place inside the First Central Baptist Church in Stapleton. Because of Titone' games, it has been necessary for me to involve the Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, who has been of little help. (Silver has embarassed himself by coming out in support of salary increases for state legislators. Titone is about as qualified for a salary increase as Kinh Herod of perhaps Pontius Pilate.)

Titone's colleague, Assemblywoman Janele Hyer-Spencer, with whom I am acquainted and with whom I have met, has been of some assistance. Ultimately it became necessary for me to ask the assistance of my pastor, the respected civil rights leader Rev. Demetrius Carolina of the First Central Baptist Church.

Outside of myself there is no better source regarding Titone's chicanery on this matter than Rev. Carolina, at whose church there have been two largely unproductive meetings with Titone, also attended by my advisor political science professor Steven Gradman and NYPD Sgt. Al Fiore.

Matthew Titone, who apparently considers himself something of an authority on "mental ill- ness", recently did something very sneaky in an attempt to drive a wedge between Rev. Carolina and myself. In light of the fact the Rev. Carolina has supported me in this matter all along, and in light of the fact that, as Titone knows, Rev. Carolina has appointed me the Social Action Coordinator of the First Central Baptist Church, Titone's maneuver, straight out of the Hillary Clinton book of dirty tricks, was a very bad and stupid move.

As I understand it, Matthew Titone said something false about my mental health to Rev. Carolina. Rev. Carolina is widely known not only as a powerfully eloquent minister and civil rights leader in the Martin Luther King tradition, but for his very good political judgement.
I have no reason to believe that Rev. Carolina was trying to mollify me when he said that in his judgemnt I am not only "intelligent" but "perfectly sane."

As far as Matthew Titone's mental health is concerned, I feel that as a professional social worker with much experience in the mental health field I am in a position to comment. Based on about one year of observation, there is little doubt that Matthew Titone is a very insecure individual who appears to have a lot to hide. Whether, for example he has some kind of link to LaRouche - whom Titone in fact protects - I do not know at this point. He certainly protects both Hillary Clinton and Christine Quinn who collectively have closetful of political skeletons. (Regarding LaRouche, et. al., I have the same perception about Tom Wrobleksi, knowing that LaRouche has for years been infiltrating the mainstream and "alternative" media.)

There is no question, however, that Matthew Titone is not an honest man. We have enough phonies in (s)elective office. My feeling is that he should resign from the Assembly. Under any circumstances, however, for him to run for re-election would be a disrespect to all Staten Islanders, even those who don't want "mentally ill" people living in their backyard.
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