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UP FRONT News January 31, 2008
Published by Tom Weiss
Editorial Advisor: Willard Whittingham
"The paper that can't be bought and can't be sold."

Although tenants rights as an issue rarely enters presidential campaigns, there is no question in my mind that should Hillary Clinton manage to purchase the presidency, as she is clearly attempting to do, the situation facing tenants will worsen considerably.

Mrs. Clinton, like her local commander City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, skillfully uses populist rhetoric to conceal her loyalties to the corporate establishment, which most assuredly includes the titans of the New York real estate lobby. I still have copies of the Daily News photo of her appearance some months ago soliciting the support of the Corcoran Group, a huge real estate firm engaged in the proliferation of what New York least needs, luxury housing. (The "working class" Daily News, owned by the magnate owner of Boston Properties Morton Zuckerman, has hired Ms. Corcoran herself to do a weekly column geared to attract the gentry.)

Donald Trump has often made his view known that, in his lordly opinion, Mrs. Clinton would be a good president. Tell that to the victims (including one dead construction worker) of his SoHo luxury housing atrocity.

Hillary Clinton is the ultimate corporate cash cow. A major reason for her silence on the Chinese Communist Genocide in Tibet and on the rising opposition to the Beijing Olympics (which evoke the famous "Hitler Olympics" in 1936 in Berlin where the African-American runner Jesse Owens left Hitler's "aryans" in the dust in his way to four gold medals) is because, like her financial supporter media predator Rupert Murdoch, she makes a lot of money in the hedge fund known as "Communist" China. The details of the direct involvement of Bill and Hillary Clinton in the coverup of the Genocde in Tibet are available at and

Since I discussed the matter directly by telephone some years ago with Bill Clinton's secretary Betty M. Currie (of Monica Lewinsky-related fame) and exchanged correspondence with Ms. Currie, I have the paperwork to prove it.

As noted, one of Mrs. Clinton's main backers here is the dictator of the New York City Council, Christine Quinn. Quinn, as a major ingredient in what I call the Quinnberg Administration, along with the mega-billionaire mayor, is deeply responsible for the worsening of the housing crisis in New York. While homelessness worsens, the City continues to give away millions to the developers in the form of tax abatements.

Barack Obama is hardly a leftist revolutionary. His background (unlike Hillary's an an opportunistic lawyer) is in community organization in the poor neighborhoods of Chicago. Obama was against the Iraq war while Mrs. Clinton was voting to send the sons and daugherts of America's tenants to die in that profit-motivated War.

It is clear that the Clinton Titanic has hit an Obama iceberg. Hillary's effort to rearrange the deck chairs, even with the help of Donald Trump, will do her no good. This empress has no (political) clothes.

I hope that all Democratic tenants vote for Barack Obama on February 5.
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