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UP FRONT News January 7, 2007
Published by Tom Weiss
Editorial Advisor: Willard Whittingham
"The paper that can't be bought and can't be sold."

Perhaps very mindful of the very real possibility that voters may elect an African-American with some populist credentials as presiden,. billionaire Michael Bloomberg, masquerading as an "independent", continues to huddle with various establishment Repubicans and Democrats to talk about a "third party" run for the presidency.

This takes us back to 1992 and 1996, when another mega-billionaire named Ross Perot ran as an "independent" and did little more than help elect Bill Clinton by drawing conservative voters away from the Republicans, George Bush I in 1992 and Bob Dole in 1996. Bill Clinton, who masqueraded as a progressive and as the first "black" president, will be remembered by African-Americans as the man who helped worsen the homeless crisis by withdrawing the safety net from many thousands of poor people with his so-called "welfare reform." He will also be remembered by millions of Africans for ignoring the Rwanda Genocide. He is also to be remembered for his involvement (like that of his shrew of a wife) for covering up the Genocide of the "black" people of Asia, the dark-complexioned Tibetans being genocided by the light-skinned Chinese Communists.

There is another, perhaps more sinister, tie between the so-called "independent" maneuvers of Ross Perot and Michael Bloomberg. They both involved the racist Lenora Fulani, a de facto ideological surrogate for the mega-fascist and convicted felon Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. (For more on the Fulani/LaRouche tie, visit and

Lenora Fulani came to prominence during the 1980's courtesy of her mentor the "psychotherapist" cult- leader "Dr." Fred Newman. (The "psycho" part is correct.) It was Newman, closely collaborating with his at the time City College faculty colleague LaRouche, who created the pseudo-left fascist political party known as the New Alliance Party. Fulani's efforts as the NAP's candidate for elective office went nowhere, thanks in part to media exposure by, among others, UP FRONT News. And while the NAP is mercifully deceased, Fulani continues to parade as an "independent", parasiting herself in various "left" networks as well as some efforts (e.g. Bloomberg) more openly part of the ruling class.

Fulani and her people, consistently espousing a radical "left" message, have embedded themselves in the Green Party, the peace movement (and Cindy Sheehan), the tenant movement and groups such as the so-called "9/11 Truth" and "World Can't Wait." In classic fifth-column style infiltration tactics (first developed in Germany and later in Spain by Adolf Hitler), Fulani/LaRouche-ites such as Paul ("Zool") Zulkwitz, Gerald ("Can't") Kann, George Tatevosyan, Charles Lenchner, and Les Jamiesion have infiltrated the left, ranging from the Green-run Ralph Nader candidacies to the Democratic Dennis Kucinich and even the John Edwards campaigns.

It is always useful to remember that Adolf Hitler campaigned as a capitalism-denouncing "socialist."
Among the less subtle and more overtly obnoxious and pychopathic "left" infiltrators has been a Queens-based demagogue named Geoffrey Blank, who for a time literally hijacked a leaderless free speech group called the No Police State Coalition known for holding speakouts in Union Square in Manhattan. Blank, blending leftist "anti-Bush" rhetoric, doing a quite convincing impersonation of Saddam Hussein and declaring himself the "president" of the NPSC, nauseated Union Square onlookers with his demagoguery and dealt with dissenters such as myself by employing threats and violence. In this he was aided by sychophants like the Maoist/Stalinist mouthpiece Joel Meyers and others. Blank, whose younger brother Jason once responded to an inquirty about a Blank/LaRouche link by saying, "I'd rather not answer that question", was brought down largely by a series of exposes in UP FRONT News. He is now said to be studying sociology at Brooklyn College. He would learn more about himself if he majored in psychopathology.

Michael Bloomberg would not be mayor of new York City were it not for the help he got from the racist Fulani. Fulani created the Independence Party of New York as an offshoot of Ross Perot's "Reform Party." Since she was the de facto dictator of the IPNY, she was able to decide to give Bloomberg the Party's ballot line in the mayoral election in 2001. Bloomberg was running as a Republican in overwhelm- ingly Democratic New York City. The Democratic candidate was the ethically challenged Mark Green. It was the votes that Bloomberg got on the IPNY line that enabled him to defeat Green in a very close election. Indeed, in 2005 Fulani did it again, although Bloomberg beat Democratic candidate Fernando Ferrer by a larger margin than was the case against Green in 2001.

Bloomberg has rewarded Fulani through the tax breaks her front organization known as the All Stars Project has gotten courtesy of the Bloomberg-controlled Industrial Development Agency.
To be sure, while the power-avaricious and real estate over-development-obsessed Bloomberg has been content to accept critical political help as described from a neo-fascist, he has managed to distance himself somewhat from the woman who is on record as describing Jews en masse as "the murderers of people of color." Such a comment, however, should not be surprising coming from someone who was taught by a self-hating Jew like Fred Newman, who once described Jews as "the stormtroopers of decadent capitalism."

In recent presidential elections "independent" Ralph Nader reached his nadir by playing ball with the LaRouche/Fulaniites who took control of the Green Party. Had Nader become president, he might well have given Fulani a high level position in his administration.
Should Bloomberg manage to purchase the presidency, what will he owe Lenora Fulani, Lyndon LaRouche and the fascists?
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