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UP FRONT News November 29, 2007
Published by Tom Weiss
Editorial Advisor: Willard Whittingham
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Among the more interesting aspects of former U.S. Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney's talk yesterday as the featured speaker at the Dr. Donald H. Smith Distinguished Lecture at Baruch Colllege was the fact that she did not mention her presidential aspirations in her very passionate and well received speech. Indeed, it fell to another speaker to note that Ms. McKinney plans to seek the Green Party nomination for president.

In any case, as I suggested directly to Ms. McKinney during my face-to-face conversation with her at the reception before her talk, she would do well to thoroughly check out the heavily Lyndon LaRouche, Jr./Lenora Fulani-infiltrated Greens.

I sort of re-introduced myself to Ms. McKinney by telling her that we had met twice in the past. On the first occasion some years ago she was standing next to the Dalai Lama of Tibet at St. John's Cathedral where they were honored, along with the President of Costa Rica and some other people, for their human rights work. The second occasion of our meeting was at Symphony Space where Ms. Mc Kinney was co-chairing a public hearing focusing on evidence that 9/11 was an inside job.

Ms. McKinney readily gave me several minutes of her time. After letting her know my views about the continuing Chinese Communist Genocide in Occupied Tibet and the U.S. media and political coverup (including Hillary Clinton and John Edwards) of that Genocide, and learning of her support for a Free Tibet, I talked to her about the Greens.

With respect to her reported presidential aspirations, she acknowledged communication with, among others, Lenora Fulani and Greens such as Paul ("Zool") Zulkowitz and Howie ("The Hawk") Hawkins. Quite clearly, until speaking with me, she was unaware that the racist Fulani is an ideological surrogate for the megalomaniacal Hitler follower and convict- ed felon Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. All Ms. McKinney needs to do to get further information about this pseudo-left neo-fascist collaboration is to visit, aside from the UP FRONT News blog at, the website of investigative reporter Dennis King at

Ms. McKinney, an African-American Democrat from Atlanta, also listened with interest as I described the Green Party, at least in New York, as an essentially lily-white group. Indeed, it should probably be called The White Party. The Green Party's effort to run a no-non- sense black activist for president reminds me the the 2000 Republican convention when the white male dominated GOP put a bunch of black and latino faces on the dais.

I also told Ms. McKinney that Greens such as Paul Zulkowitz are in fact politically violent criminals. She was clearly surprised to learn that Zulkowitz was responsible for a near riot on September 19, 2005 in Union Square in Manhattan when he lied to everyone, apparently including Cindy Sheehan, in claiming that he had the required NYPD sound device permit for her speech at his misbegotten so-called "Camp Casey." She was even more surprised to learn that, following my UP FRONT News criticism of Zulkowitz and his spurious NYPD-provoking pal the deposed Union Square demagogue Geoffrey Blank, Zulkowitz, citing my criticism, announced his impending suicide, a maneuver that got him involuntarily committed to a psychiatric facility in Long Island. It was news to her that, following Zulkowitz' apparently premature release, he told a friend that he was planning to shoot me with his Magnum 357.

Ms. McKinney was most interested in my views regarding the racial complexion of the Greens and, since she told me that some Greens would be present for her talk, she en- couraged me to ask her about that during the Q&A. She quite gladly accepted a package of UP FRONT News articles and some mainstream media accounts of my Democratic write-in campaign for the U.S. Senate against Republicrat Hillary Clinton.

Ms. McKinney, who, according to introducer Prof. Bobbie Pollard, lost her Congressional seat because a large number of Republicans were able to vote in the Democratic primary in Georgia and voted for Ms. McKinney's machine Democratic opponent, blasted the existing political leadership for the Iraq War and the increasing impoverishment of America. She pointed to the widening income gap between rich and poor. She told the audience that as a member of the House Armed services Committee she had learned that over $2 trillion has been lost by the Department of Defense in "untraceable transactions." She reiterated her view that high level U.S. government officials had prior knowledge of what was to happen on 9/11/01 and that a completely new and independent investigation is needed.

While she did not mention any of the Democratic candidates, her political distaste for Hillary Clinton is evident.

As far as her own presidential aspirations are concerned, after her candidacy was mentioned by another speaker, Ms. McKinney said that she plans to seek the nomination of the Green Party.

Especially since Ms. McKinney had encouraged me to ask her Green views during the Q&A, I made it a point to get to the microphone expeditiously. I asked for her views on the Tibetan situation noting that, as many blacks and whites are unaware, Tibet is a "black" nation that is the victim of a racist Genocide by the light-complexioned Chinese. I also noted that, regardless of the progressive rhetoric characterizing the Green Party platform, that Party, at least in New York, has been deeply infiltrated by violent LaRouche/Fulani-oriented crypto-fascists and that the Greens are essentially white. Quite nervous during the entire evening was Greenie Gerald Kann, a major LaRouchite/Fulaniite and one of several to be involved in witnessed political violence against me, as I pointed out directly but diplomatically to Ms. McKinney.

Ms. McKinney stated clearly her unhappiness over the human rights situation in Tibet and her support for the Tibetan right to "self-determination." Regarding the Greens, she said that she supports the Green Party platform but acknowledged that the Party has much work to do regarding its racial make-up. Although, during our earlier direct conversation she had expressed concern about LaRouche infiltration of the Greens and assured me that she would look into this closely, as well as read my articles, etc., she did not comment publicly on the LaRouche matter.

One of the questioners during the Q&A was Gerald Kann. Some history is relevant here. On April 29 or 30, 2004 Kann was directly involved in a Fulani/ Zulkowitz-ordered physical assault on me perpetrated by Fulani fascist Kann pal George Tatevosyan to prevent my attending a Ralph Nader news conference to which the then presidential candidate had invited me. That assault was witnessed by No Police State Coalitions list-serve co-manager Roman Shusterman and NPSC activist Richie Degen. (Mr. Degen at my invitation by the way attended Ms. McKinney's talk and during the Q&A expressed his support for her. I am certain, however, that Mr. Degen's support will be more meaningful if he overcomes his continuing resistance against registering to vote.) Gerald ("Can't) Kann has been thoroughly exposed in UP FRONT News and has been twice soundly trounced as a candidate for the New York City Council from Astoria/LIC Queens. He is so bad that in the 2005 City Council race I endorsed the rather conservative Democrat Peter Vallone, Jr. and circulated copies of my endorsement in Astoria/LIC among many other neighborhoods. That may explain why, whereas in 2001 Kann had sucked in about 20% of the voters, in 2005 as I recall his totals were 8%.

Kann asked Ms. McKinney if she would support efforts within the Green Party to assure fairness for all presidential candidates at the Party's 2008 convention in Chicago. (I stifled the urge to suggest than Kann's inquiry about fairness and democratic procedures was analagous to Adolf Hitler's asking a rabbi for assurances that democracy prevails in the synagogue.) Ms. McKinney replied that it is the Green Party's job, not hers, to make certain that there is fairness as the convention.

One way that the Greens can take meaningful steps in that direction is by ousting crypto- fascists such as Zulkowitz and Kann, deposing the autocratic New York Green Party boss from Syracuse Hawkins, and severing all ties with Fulani and thereby LaRouche.

As I told several people in the audience, by that time made aware of just who Gerald Kann is, if Cynthia McKinney really wants to be president of the United States, regardless of her very real merits as a progressive human rights activist (and at this point the only announced candidate openly supporting self-determination for Tibet), ready to take on the warmakers, the corporations and their purchased politicians (e.g. Cheney/Bush/Clinton), if she has people like Kann/Zulkowitz/Fulani, et. al. in her campaign, politically speaking, she becomes "toast."
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