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UP FRONT News August 6, 2007
Published by Tom Weiss
Editorial Advisor: Willard Whittingham

“The paper that can’t be bought and can’t be sold.”

“If people react to you in the role of answer bestower, then quite possibly you are.”

That sentence appears in a letter from college-age Hillary Rodham that she wrote to high school pen pal John Peavoy, who has released copies to The New York Times, which published excerpts from the correspondence, evidently to Mrs. Clinton’s considerable annoyance.

The lengthy Times article on the younger Hillary reveals a financially very secure, but very alienated teenager/young adult who saw herself as intrinsically superior to others. Two terms that appear are “patronizing” and “narcissism.” As far as I can tell, Hillary Clinton has not changed. She is as menacingly messianic in her way as Dick Cheney is in his.

The closest I’ve come face-to-face with Mrs. Clinton, to whom I am disturbingly well known, is a couple of years ago when, as I was sitting on a bench next to Madison Square Park, she passed within one foot of me as she strode towards the speaking area area for a Veterans’ Day event. I stifled the momentary urge to introduce myself – something that would have probably gotten me severely harassed Betsy Gotbaum*-style.

Mrs. Clinton knows about me in connection with my very visible activities, particularly in connection with exposing the facts about the cover-up of the Chinese Communist Genocide in Occupied Tibet because she and her husband are, like many other politi- cians, perpetrators of that cover- up. She was of course well aware of my candidacy for the U.S. Senate in 2006 as a Democratic write-in candidate, a race in which both she and pesudo-candidate Jonathan Tasini refused my offers of debate. And before she was aware of my Tibet activism, she knew of me as her constituent whom, some years ago, she once assisted me on an urgent Social Security matter when I was homeless. At the time, I was able to access her via her staffer Yajaira Yepez, the wife of Daniel Serrano, Chief of Staff to State Assemblyman Adam Clayton Powell IV. After Mrs. Clinton learned of my Tibet activities, especially those very critical of Bill Clinton’s toadying up to the Chinese Com- munist regime at the behest of the U.S. corporate establishment for whom China is the biggest profit pool in history, Mrs. Clinton refused to assist me on a similar Social Secu- rity matter. Not only that, she had me placed under surveillance (“Mr. Zimmerman.”) She is also responsible for the content of a defamatory letter about me that Yepez sent to my younger brother Jim (who, despite rhetorically leftist sympathies, has been known to play ball with the government) in upstate New York.

Hillary Clinton is an individual who is convinced, sort of like Lyndon LaRouche, that she is an “answer bestower” and therefore was born to rule. I perceive her as essentially Machiavellian in that she is amoral and will stop at nothing, her alliance with right wing media predator Rupert Murdoch being a case in point), to achieve power. She takes al- most any sort of criticism as a form of sedition and heresy. That is very dangerous in a person who is politically wrong as often as she is, Iraq being a case in point. Like false prophets in search of true profits everywhere, when she is exposed she resorts to lying, as correctly suggested, albeit separately by Hollywood producer David Geffen and me among an increasing number of others. Not unlike LaRouche, Mrs. Clinton is good at using the language of the progressivism and the left at hoodwinking poor people. She spouts tenants rights and takes gobs of money from real estate developer-predators. She talks about universal health insurance and her pockets are lined with Big Pharma money.

When in Harlem, or presumably in any African-American community, she spouts her versiuon of black power. And then she goes home to a community that is, I am told by a Chappaqua resident, lily-white by design.

And, given her alliance with the Communist China-friendly Murdoch, she is an apologist for Genocide in Tibet.

My feeling is if Hillary Clinton is nominated for the presidency by the Democratic Party, on what would be essentially a step towards literally purchasing and privatizing the presi-dency, even the really pathetic Republicans might have a chance at retaining the White House. To me a political smackdown between Hillary Clinton and say Rudolph Giuliani would offer the “choice” between the equivalent of two evils. Under those circumstances a true progressive alternative (e.g. Ralph Nader without the Lenora Fulani/Lyndon La- Rouche/Paul Zulkowitz/Howie Hawkins wing of the Green Party or a similarly unencum-bered Cynthia McKinney) could attract voters.

Hillary Clinton may think she is an “answer bestower.” My answer to Hillary Clinton: “Just say ‘no.’”

*The CIA-linked NYC Public Advocate Gotbaum, whom I’ve known personally via a family member of mine since 1979, once tried to have me arrested at her office when I was there for a scheduled appointment to discuss staff abuse of homeless people in drop-in centers and shelters. Gotbaum later made it worse when, during her re-election cam- paign, she claimed I was “stalking her.” That lie evokes a Dwight Yoakum country song, “”I Ain’t That Lonely Yet.”)
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