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UP FRONT News July 11, 2007
Published by Tom Weiss
Editorial Advisor: Willard Whittingham

“The paper that can’t be bought and can’t be sold.”

This is the first of what is likely to be an ongoing series on (for the most part political) phonies.

It is apparent to millions that, even if there are many who do not want to admit it, that phonies have a great deal of power, the Cheney/Bush Administration being a blatantly obvious case in point. It is at the point where it becomes increasingly easy in certain cases to figure out the truth of a political situation. Whatever the Cheney/Bush version is, its opposite is likely to be at least close to the truth. Dick Cheney is an inveterate liar which, considering the power realities in Washington, gives Bush little incentive to tell the truth, even if he were so inclined, which he is not. Dick Cheney is America’s Rasputin.

Among the many reasons I have for some years been urging the impeachment of Cheney rather than Bush (an idea started here and now being picked up elsewhere). For some time, as Bush has disintegrated largely because of the Iraq War, political phonies on the pseudo-left (in some ways as dangerous as Cheney on the right) have been calling for the impeachment of the president. One of the most conspicuous “left” phonies in that regard for a time was U.S., Senate “candidate” Jonathan Tasini. Tasini and other “impeach Bush” propagandists such as “World Can’t Wait”, many in the Green Party and the always present-by-proxy-and-infiltration political extremist and convicted felon Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. conveniently chose to ignore the fact that if Bush is removed by impeachment Cheney becomes president. Congressional law prohibits the simultaneous impeachment of the president and vice-president. A Cheney presidency could lead to the end of elections and a dramatic increase in the numbers of political prisoners in the U.S., possibly including some Democratic Party elected officials. Dick Cheney is very, very hostile to the Bill of Rights. Sort of like Lyndon LaRouche and Geoffrey Blank.

Phonyism is essential in politics in which all too often people advance by virtue of what they appear to be rather than what they are. To me perhaps the clearest example of that is Hillary Clinton. Mrs. Clinton, with her massive public relations-directed cash offensive, is able to present herself as progressive, tolerant, and compassionate when she is in fact the opposite. Mrs. Clinton is obsessed by power and wealth, devoid of principle, and an individual for whom the truth is a commodity to be bought and sold. She is as dependable as a hedge fund. She has a militaristic “my way or the highway” approach to politics that helped Bush start the Iraq War. She is supported by those she helps the most, conspicuously including big real estate developers such as Donald Trump and the Corcoran Group and other obscenely rich or just obscene (Paris Hilton) people. Mrs. Clinton is perhaps the only person who, when in front of certain audiences, calls herself a liberal, while raking in campaign money from right wing media imperialist Rupert Murdoch. Like her pal Murdoch she makes a lot of money in the Genocide factory known as Communist China. Her popularity in the small, often softspoken but very politically aware Tibetan-American community is sinking like Bush’s is everywhere. That’s because many Tibetans, perhaps politically prophetically somewhat ahead of other Americans (and many of whom read UP FRONT News) understand that Hillary Clinton is a phony. Indeed, Tibetans retain a quiet anger that Bill Clinton as president abandoned the Tibetan human rights cause by playing ball with China on trade matters and, to satisfy Communist Chinese rulers’ sensitivities, refusing to see the Dalai Lama in the White House.When in Harlem, Mrs. Clinton tries to sound like a blend of Martin Luther King and 50 Cent (it doesn’t work) while she lives in a community that is singularly lily-white – by design. Hillary Clinton is a phony.

Hillary Clinton’s agenda in New York City is pretty much executed by one of the field marshals in her army, New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn. Like Mrs. Clinton, Quinn is able to present herself as a “progressive”, especially with the de facto political advantage in NYC of being gay. Quinn, who became Speaker via a classic Democratic Party machine backroom deal involving “outer “borough” political bosses, has
proven to be an ally of Mayor Bloomberg and the developers who are threatening New York City’s remaining working class neighborhoods with over-development and gentrification. In a City with a lot of poor people, many of whom are homeless, where some City workers are on food stamps, she rammed through large salary increase for herself and the Council and a bunch of Bloomberg aides. In 2001 in recognition of my persistent lobbying on Tibet, she took credit for Resolution #802 denouncing the Chinese for their genocidal occupation of Tibet. She has refused, however, to even answer my e-mails, calls and visits urging a resolution calling for the removal of the 2008 Olympics from China. Why? The Olympics is money. Hillary is money. Get it?

Christine Quinn wants to be mayor about as much as Hillary Clinton wants to be the first empress of America. It is not surprising that most of the publicity regarding Quinn’s mayoral ambitions have appeared in Rupert Murdoch’s New York Post. It is also not at all surprising that Murdoch mouthpieces like Post journalist Andrea Peyser are supporting Quinn in the Speaker’s quite autocratic and I believe very racially insensitive decision to prevent the City Council from approving a several block street name change in Bedford-Stuyvesant honoring black nationalist activist Sonny Carson. As far as Quinn is concerned Carson is unacceptable, but the slaveowner Gates after whom the avenue is currently named is okay. Quinn’s idea of self-determination is that she is the “self” who “determines.” Christine Quinn has no business teaching etiquette to Carson supporter Councilman Charles Barron’s staffer Viola Plummer. The 2009 City elections should be very interesting. One of the mayoral candidates is City Councilman Tony Avella (D.-Queens) who opposes Quinn on salary hikes, over-development and quite evidently has more backbone on Tibetan human rights than the Speaker. Another likely candidate is U.S. Congressman Anthony D. Weiner (D.-Queens/Bklyn.) who helped keep Walmart’s out of Queens, is very pro-labor, and is on the record (after speaking with me, see his speech before the House of Representatives in April 6, 2005) as opposing the Chinese occupation of Tibet. Weiner is a very good debater. Quinn is all talk. One very well known civil rights activists says she is “two-faced.” In other words, a phony. And, since Mr. Barron is running what is likely to be a formidable race for the Brooklyn Borough Presidency, Christine Quinn is going to need every vote she can get in Chelsea - and presumably from NYC’s Republicans.

The phonies on the right tend to be more obvious than those on the left because of the latters’ use of populist rhetoric. The Communists are quite good at that. As I recall Stalin was the leader of a “workers’ state” but a lot of those workers wound up imprisoned or dead at his hands. As I recall the Communist Party of the USA backed up Stalin pretty much every every step of his murderous and imperialistic way. Indeed, Stalin still has his apologists such as the fire-hydrant-resembling Joel Meyers and the recurrent apocalyptic ranter Bill Depperman, who can be seen sometimes in Union Square orating about the Garden of Eden that is Cuba – to absolutely no one.

A contemporary Communist phony is Dan Margolis, a reporter for the CPUSA house organ known as The People’s Weekly World. I first met Margolis when we were introduced in Union Square by No Police State Coalition activist Roman Shusterman; Mr. Shusterman, who had previous been connected to the Communists, felt that my candidacy for the U.S. Senate against Hillary Clinton would be something for Margolis to cover. Not only did Margolis not show any interest, as I later learned he withheld the fact of my candidacy from his editors. That is known as censorship. And so the People’s Weekly World, at least with respect to my Senate candidacy, was outreported by Newsday, The Staten Island Advance, The New York Times, The New York Press, The Knight News (Queens College) and a bunch of other media.

Margolis can sometimes be seen at peace and other “left” demonstrations. His coverage of political events, from the standpoint of objectivity, can be compared to journalism under Murdoch or Josef Goebbels, who ran the “Volkischer Beobachter” (People’s Observer) widely read in Germany and Austria from 1933 until 1945. Margolis fancies himself a tribune of the oppressed but is fine with the fact that members of the working class in for example North Korea sometimes often get tortured and sometimes starve to death under the dictatorship of a psychopath. Margolis and the Communists are among the reasons why I have come to distrust the use of the word “People’s.” It was popular with Hitler and with Mao. Dan Margolis is a phony.

While it will be the Democrats vs. the Republicans (and maybe some “independents”) it’s best not to support the phonies.
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