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UP FRONT News May 2, 2007
Published by Tom Weiss
Editorial Advisor: Willard Whittingham
“The paper that can’t be bought and can’t be sold.”

Aside from the neo-fascist Geoffrey Blank, one of the more hypocritical, and possibly racist, individuals I’ve encountered in my many hours in Union Square is “artist” Edwin Class. Mr. Class seems to make a living by offering little bits of writing space on his can- vases, for a fee. Indeed, I once paid him $1.00 and placed my opinion of the fraud and criminal Blank on the artwork, while Class joined me in my very negative charactariza- tions of Blank, an incorrigible liar, in court and on the streets and one of the few anti-Se mitic Jews I know. When Blank is around, however, Class loses class and becomes a Blankie. Class, when I encountered him at a table at the recent immigrant rights rally in Union Square, apparently sort of celebrating what Blank sees as some kind of victory At his Criminal Court sentencing, treated me very disrespectfully. A personal hygiene comment coming from someone whose appearance would be appropriate in a police lineup is racist.

Geoffrey Blank is the fellow very well known to the increasing number of readers of this newspaper as the violence-prone and terrorism-linked pseudo-left demagogue who tried to hijack speakouts of the No Police State Coalition and convert those speakouts into his personal Hitler-style Nuremberg rallies. Blank has allowed his already out of control ego to expand to the bursting point by being coddled by his cult of followers and evidently by a Criminal Court Judge named James D. Gibbons, who will be the subject of coverage for apparent judicial misconduct with regard to his reported behavior at the “sentencing” of the convicted repeat offender Blank on April 30. I’m told that Gibbons, aside from in open court subjecting critics such as myself and No Police State Coalition list-serve co-manager Roman Shusterman to Blank’s intimidations, compared Blank to Winston Churchill and to civil rights leaders. The comparison to Churchill - who, aside from being a valuable ally in World War II, was a racist and imperialist whose antipathy for Adolf Hitler was motivated by his concerns that the Nazis might take over the British empire - may be appropriate, since Blank is a racist and imperialist, although his chances at ruling any empire are remote. Any suggestions that Blank is a civil rights leader should have Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King spinning in their graves and Jesus doing like-
wise - if He were still in His grave, which He is not.

Suffice it to say that Blank is a political thug who makes it a habit to intimidate anyone, especially me, who criticizes him in any way. He uses threats and violence, directly and indirectly. He has bragged about being financially supported by the Freedom Socialist party, a “left” group, whose spokesperson, a Blankie named Stephen Durham, is on record (New York Post December 26, 2005) as condoning Musab al-Zarqawi’s hostage beheadings. The Post, in what is as far as I am aware an unrebutted story, reports that the FSP is under international investigation for links to terrorism in Iraq. Blank, a frequent supporter of for example Saddam Hussein, is, as far as I am concerned, a local terrorist and is understandably a person of considerable interest to law enforcement, for behavior far more serious than his sound device permit violations in Union Square.

Geoffrey Blank and Edwin Class: examples of the “classless society?” Possibly, since they have no class.
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