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UP FRONT News April 11, 2007
Published by Tom Weiss Editorial Advisor: Willard Whittingham
“The paper that can’t be bought and can’t be sold.”
When Bill Clinton was asked about why he committed one of his many sins, (I believe it was with Monica Lewinski), his response was, paraphrased, “Because I could.” What he was saying was, because I have political and economic power, I can at least try to get away with stuff that those with much less power cannot get away with. The Lewinski epi-sode was hardly a first in the history of sexual infidelity, but try and imagine the conse- quences for a regular proletarian having sex in his or workplace.
Don Imus, like so many before him, spouted his racist trash because, in his position of power and wealth, he “could.” Another truly negative role model, Fifty Cent, who has made millions by disrespecting others, including black women, got provocative media
coverage (I think it was the soft-cote porn sheet known as The New York Post) when he visited Finland and had a line of Nordic beauties do him in a Helsinki hotel room as his contribution to racial equality.
Systems such as capitalism, capital “C” Communism, and fascism, which are based
on inequality of rights right deriving from inequalities of economic and political power, inevitably bring about the sort of abuses of which people like Bill Clinton, Don Imus
and Fifty Cent are guilty. And it’s only sometimes that they get punished. Usually they get richer. It’s about the love of money. (See Timothy I, 6:10.)
There is a book called “Trance Formation”, by Cathy O’Brien and Mark Phillips (Reali- ty Marketing) that alleges that Dick Cheney is a rapist. There is a book entitled “The Big
gest Secret: The Book That Will Change the World (Bridge of Love), by David Icke and Samantha Masters that writes about a rather satanic retreat in California called Bohemian
Grove, which counts major political leaders such as Bill Clinton as among its visitors. If any of this is true, it’s because they “could.”
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