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The September 1-4, 2006 weekend edition of the Newsday-affiliated AM New York newspaper, features the photograph of self-appointed “9/11 Truth leader” Les Jamieson in an apparently insufficiently researched story about a group purporting to get honest answers about alleged government involvement in the 9/11 attacks. Reporter Justin Rocket Silverman, evidently accepting Jamieson ‘s totally spurious claim of being a “leader” of “9/11 Truth” writes about Jamieson’s demand that the governor of New York to “launch independent investigations” of what happened to the Twin Towers. In fact, aside from whatever investigations the governor might initiate with regard to 9/11, Eliot Spitzer and Attorney General Andrew Cuomo really need to investigate Les Jamieson.
Les Jamieson is an ideologue of the convicted felon, political extremist, and deeply racist megalomaniac Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. and, like LaRouche, is a thief to boot.
“9/11 Truth” has its roots in the activities of people like street activist Dennis Griggs, one of the founders of what has come to be known as the No Police State Coalition. It was Mr. Griggs who could often be seen in the months and years that followed 9/11 in Union Square with a bullhorn, claiming that there was high level U.S. government
involvement in the 9/11 attacks and that the government is covering all that up. Mr. Griggs is among those familiar with the work of for example David Ray Griffin, a theologian and engineering researcher who suggests that the Twin Towers were brought down by previously installed explosives in a “controlled demolition.” The fact that security at the WTC had been some years previously transferred to a company owned by George W. Bush’s brother Marvin certainly has heightened suspicions. A book by Michael Ruppert entitled “Crossing the Rubicon” contains information that Vice President Dick Cheney authorized military exercises over the northeast U.S. involving simulated airline hijackings early on the morning of September 11, 2001. All of this has been reported almost nowhere except for UP FRONT News.
Dennis Griggs started running into some trouble not only with the NYPD’s 13th
precinct, which has a peculiar understanding of the First Amendment, but even more
seriously with conspiracy spouting pseudo-leftists like the totalitarian-minded Geoffrey Blank and Joel Meyers. Blank, supported by Meyers, quite literally hijacked the Griggs initiated speakouts in Union Square. Blank monopolized the bullhorn and made threats against those, in particular myself, whose views might not mirror theirs. Blank indeed resorted to violence. Blank’s behavior, from the militant “left” rap, the recurrent jihadist rant, and the resorts to threats and violence immediately raised the specter of LaRouche, who has made a career out of infiltrating the left with his brand of populist-veneer
fascism. Never forget that Adolf Hitler campaigned as a “socialist”, denouncing the
“conservatives.” And since Blank is nominally Jewish, but at the same time a nazi, he earned the UP FRONT News headline title of “The Jewzi.”
Meanwhile Blank/LaRouche associate Les Jamieson was busy literally taking over the so-called “9/11 Truth” meetings at St. Mark’s in-the-Bowery Church in Manhattan’s East Village. Jamieson, who was never elected to be “leader” of anything having to do with 9/11 Truth, was aided in his incremental coup d’etat by some of the pseudo-left
totalitarians in the “World Can’t Wait” cult that comes out of the violence-preaching Maoist bunch known as the Revolutionary Communist Party. Jamieson’s key ally however has been Frank Morales, a corrupt clergyman who sometimes conducts services at St. Mark’s. Morales, who purports to speak for Jesus, is a practitioner of the politically motivated threat (often against me). He is also the subject of widespread reports con- necting him directly to drug trafficking in the squatter community on the Lower East Side. A number of the threats made by the Jamieson/Morales gang, targeting people like No Police State Coalition activist Roman Shusterman and myself, have been reported to law enforcement.
For some time the oily, perpetually squinting Jamieson was protected by other “9/11 Truth” activists including Luke Rudkowski and Tom Foti. Indeed, Rudkowski, who has been compared to Eminem in appearance by Mr. Shusterman, has been among those backing Jamieson’s actions against me.
All that changed when Jamieson ran off with the organization’s money. According to Mr. Foti, the over $5,000 that had accumulated in a “9/11 Truth” account, was with- drawn by Jamieson and deposited in a Jamieson creation known as the Civic Action Committee. While Foti and Rudkowski have complained loudly about what amounts to theft, they haven’t anything meaningful about it, such as making a formal complaint to the New York State Attorney General as I have urged, based on my telephone conversa-
tion with a NYSAG staffer.
The Jamieson/Morales “9/11 Truth” regime had already given itself away when they invited LaRouche-ite fascists such as Geoffrey Blank and later so-called 9/11 “expert”
Webster Tarpley to speak at their meetings. Blank came to the meeting accompanied by a number of his hired brownshirts such as Morales’ squatter associate Carl Rosenstein, a total wacko with a record of drug abuse and violence. I was physically barred. There are photos. Jamieson responded to my question to him about the close ties between La-Rouche and Tarpley, with the following whispered words, “Don’t worry about La- Rouche” and “Keep your mouth shut [about Tarpley and LaRouche].”
People who have run politically afoul of the Hitler-admiring LaRouche have been known to wind up dead. One of the more mainstream media under-reported stories con- cerns the death of a one time LaRouche supporter turned dissenter named Jeremiah Duggan, a young man whose violent death in Europe was first coroner-labeled a
“sui- cide.” That report has been overturned.
Among the “9/11 Truth” participants who witnessed some of the threats against me was a young man named Dan Wallace. On two occasions, as I was physically barred from “9/11 Truth” meetings, I was video-interviewed outside St. Mark’s by Mr. Wallace. Upon my mention of the LaRouche angle Mr. Wallace told me of having been repeatedly
harassed by LaRouche people. A couple weeks after those interviews Dan Wallace
was found dead in his bed in Queens. The NYPD report suggests a “drug overdose.”
Inquiries directed at “9/11 Truth” about what happened have yielded silence and in one case an e-mailed threat to me by a Jamieson/Morales/Blank pal named Rodney Lewis.
According to the NYPD, Mr. Wallace apparently died of a drug-overdose. To me and an increasing number of others, some of who have heard me being interviewed on the Tampa-based Vyzygoth’s “Grassy Knoll” talk show, Dan Wallace’s death is suspicious.
Lyndon LaRouche, a follower of Satan, who continues to predict that one day he will rule America, is a master of deceit and violence. Polonium politics?
AM New York reporter Justin Rocket Silverman and his editors need to do this story again, even if it becomes “rocket” science.

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