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UP FRONT News February 7, 2007
Published by Tom Weiss
Editorial Advisor: Willard Whittingham

“The paper that can’t be bought and can’t be sold.”

Amid rising opposition to the corrupt and Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.-linked self-ap- pointed, non-elected leadership of the so-called “9/11 Truth” group based at Mark’s in-the-Bowery Church in Manhattan, a young man named Dan Wallace took a particular interest in questions raised by me and a steadily increasing number of others, including No Police State Coalition activists such as Roman Shusterman and Mike Filippone. Oth- ers expressing opposition to the dictatorial “9/11 Truth” rule exercized by Les Jamieson and (still?) St. Mark’s Assistant Pastor Frank Morales include blogger researcher Nico Haupt and activist-violinist Cary Zachmanoglou.

Dan Wallace was among those who witnessed several explicit threats made against me by Morales, Jamieson and their henchpeople, who include a number of people connected to the Lenora Fulani/LaRouche-infiltrated Green Party. Mr. Wallace’s interest increased to the point where - on a couple of occasions when I, accompanied by Mr. Shusterman and Mr. Filippone, were physically prevented from attending “9/11 Truth” meetings, - he did video interviews with Mr. Shusterman and myself. The “9/11 Truth” ruling group was already uneasy because of a very revealing telephone interview I had done on the Tampa, Fla.-based Vyzygoth’s Grassy Knoll radio and internet talk show.

About two weeks or so after doing these interviews, with “9/11 Truth” honcho Luke Rudkowski and some of his “World Can’t Wait” cult friends standing Tony Soprano-like nearby, Dan Wallace was found dead in his bed.

A series of weepy e-mails soon emanated from “9/11 Truth” announcing funeral ser- vies for Wallace at 87-13 87th Street on Woodhaven, Queens. The name and the tele- phone number of the funeral home were not provided, so I got them on my own. Servic- es, (which, in anticipation of some harassment by “9/11 Truth” thugs, I did not attend) were held at the T. Walsh & Son Funeral Home at the above address. Since Mr. Wal- lace, a man perhaps in his twenties, had, to my knowledge, no known health problems, I have been among those who are very curious as to the cause of death. No information has been forthcoming from Wallace’s “friends” at “9/11 Truth.” The only response to some concerns expressed by me and others on the list-serve of the No Police State Coalition (at was in the form of a thinly veiled threat e-mailed to me by Rodney Lewis, a Frank Morales flunky and a supporter of the thoroughly UP FRONT News-exposed neo-fascist and terrorism-linked demagogue Geoffrey Blank and Frank Morales flunky. (Lewis is also an admirer of the fascistic President of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who has called for the destruction of Israel and whose government hangs gay people.)

Politically motivated criminal harassments against me, such as those perpetrated by LaRouche surrogates including Lewis, Blank, Morales, Jamieson, Paul Zulkowitz, Carl Rosenstein, Harvey Newman, Gerald Kann, George Tatevosyan, Tracey Denton, Charles Lenchner, et. al., are all referred to law enforcement, local and federal.

Deaths from non-natural causes in New York City, which include suicides, are automatically autopsied by the Medical Examiner. The LaRouche biography includes suspicious deaths of those who stray from this Hitler-admiring megalomaniac’s dictates. As far as I am aware the death of a once LaRouche-connected young man named Jeremiah
Duggan, who was run over by a car in Europe, remains unsolved.

This is a case for the NYPD and the FBI!
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