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UP FRONT News January 15, 2007
Published by Tom Weiss
Editorial Advisor: Willard Whittingham

“The paper that can’t be bought and can’t be sold.”

Mega-fascist, Hitler-emulator, and convicted felon, and declared enemy of rock’n roll Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr., is rarely on the front pages of the mainstream media these days. He should be, because his well camouflaged totalitarian and racist agenda has for years been strongly influencing American, and therefore world, politics. Indeed, were it not for LaRouche, we probably would not have the war-poverty-and-crime-generating Cheney/ Bush Administration.

It is common knowledge, no matter how one manipulates the arithmetic of the 2000 presidential election, that the Green Party candidacy of Ralph Nader threw that race to the Republicans. What is less well known is that the Green Party agenda was set by the racists Lenora Fulani and Fred Newman, both fully infected and knowing carriers of the quite contagious LaRouche politically carcinogenic fascist virus. Lenora Fulani is the African-American pseudo-populist who blames Jews en masse for the murders of people of color. Few self-respecting African-Americans, including many who have learned the truth about Fulani from UP FRONT News, will have anything politically to do with Lenora Fulani. Newman, a classic self-hating Jew, is a “psychotherapist”, founder and leader of the “social therapy” cult, in which it is okay to sleep with your therapist (especially if it’s Newman) and it is an acceptable part of therapy to become a soldier in one of Newman’s LaRouche-style front groups, such as the now deceased New Alliance Party. It was LaRouche and Newman who, as faculty colleagues at the City University of New York back in the 1970’s, created the New Alliance Party, the voice of “left” neo-fascism in New York. While it is said that LaRouche and Newman have not gotten along well for some time (neither did Hitler and Mussolini for that matter, it’s tough to get along when both have to be #1), there is no question that they are central to a very much alive de facto crypto-fascist conspiracy in America. For more on LaRouche/Fulani/Newman check out the work of in particular investigative journalist Dennis King, author of the very unauthorized biography of LaRouche, entitled “The New American Fascism.” He is at

What Mr. King has not covered in much detail is the fact that, among LaRouche’s poli- tical vehicles is the Green Party. In recent years, particularly as Fulani’s racism has be- come more apparent to the members of the Fulani-created Independence Party of New York (which has endorsed Michael Bloomberg twice), resulting in a IPNY coup remov-ing her from power, she has moved in on the Greens. Having been, for a time, a political supporter of Mr. Nader because of the Clintonization of the Democrats, I have seen the Green Party become a dictatorial outpost of the LaRouche empire through the deep infiltration by Lenora Fulani. That infiltration has been reported in some detail in UP FRONT News, on television and the internet on “Conversations With Harold Channer” on which I was a guest. Some details also emerged during a recent hour long interview I did on Vy- zygoth’s Grassy Knoll, an internet and radio talk show broadcast out of Tampa, Fla.

The Green Party conspirators include so-called “peace” activist and anarchist wannabe Paul (“Zool”) Zulkowitz. Fulani pal Zulkowitz played a major role in the Nader cam- paigns but perhaps did not let Mr. Nader know about his Machiavellian and criminal ac- tivities, some of which have been perpetrated against me. In 2005 Zulkowitz willfully tried to make front page news by an attempted orchestration of an arrest of Cindy Sheehan at his so-called “Camp Casey” in Union Square. He did this by inviting Ms. Sheehan to speak at “Camp Casey” but withholding from her and everyone else the fact that he did not have the required NYPD sound device permit for his rally. Indeed, Zulkowitz, and his handpicked drunk of an assistant “Totay” openly lied to me and others, stating they had the permit. The police arrived in force, let Ms. Sheehan complete her talk and arrested Zulkowitz, almost precipitating a riot. The next day (after I got arrested also) Totay admitted that the whole thing had been a set-up and that the arrests were planned. I wrote some stories about Zulkowitz and other Green ne’er-do-wells such as the phony practi-
tioner of thug politics and City Councilman wannabe Gerald Kann in UP FRONT News. I also had written a lot of stories on Zulkowitz’ political pal the psychopath Geoffrey Blank, the wannabe Hitler of Union Square, a habitual practitioner of the LaRouche strategy of blending pseudo-left demogoguery and political violence (often against me). Zulkowitz reacted to this exposure by sending e-mails to his friends announcing his planned suicide, to be accomplished by jumping off a certain bridge in Nassau County. Saner heads prevailed, the police were called and, arriving at the Zulkowitz residence, gave Zool a choice of incarceration or commitment to a psychiatric facility. He chose the hospital. Quite apparently he was discharged prematurely because not too long after his release, he let it be known that he planned to shoot me with a Magnum 757 in his possession. And that is only one of the reasons why LaRouche-ites Zulkowitz, Kann, Fulani, George Tatevosyan and one Charles Lenchner (attempting to infiltrate the John Edwards for President campaign) are known the NYPD and the FBI.

LaRouche, true fascist that he is, like Adolf Hitler, works very differently from “conser- vatives.” Conservatives denounce progressives and leftists. LaRouche, and the Greens, disguise themselves as progressives and promote an agenda of outlefting the left, thereby creating disunity and thereby enhancing the conservative right. The conservative right (e.g. Bush) leads to war, poverty, and crime, precisely the conditions that fascism feeds on, Hitler and the Weimar Republic in Germany being the classic case in point. Hitler campaigned as a “socialist.” It is not at all surprising that the Green Party ruling group,
Led in New York by Fulani and upstate boss Howie Hawkins, promotes a slanted and seriously factually flawed approach to any problems involving Jewish people. Israeli attacks on Lebanese civilians during the Hezbollah/Israel War were denounced - cor-rectly I believe. Hamas blowing up Israeli weddings or buses of Israeli schoolchildren,However, generates silence. It also generates Green supporters such as the racist Ann Roos, who sports pro-suicide bomber signs at so-called “Palestinian Rights” demonstrations featuring blatant Holocaust deniers like the neo-nazi Andy Kellerman. LaRouche has also moved in on the so- called “9/11 Truth” movement via such LaRouche surro- gate Greenies as the writer Webster Tarpley, “World Can’t Wait” mouthpiece and Urantia cult member Les Jamieson; squatter/“minister” Frank Morales, and petite capitalist/publicity stuntman Sander Hicks.

LaRouche, who lives with his wife Helga Zepp-LaRouche in Hitler-like near-isolation
at his fortress-estate known as Ibikus Farm in Loudon County, Virginia, a conveniently short helicopter ride from the White House, however, is a registered Democrat and has run for the presidency as a Democrat many times. (While American voters have been known to get sucked in - the Clinton/Bush presidencies being cases in point, LaRouche’s vote totals are inversely proportional to the magnitude of his delusions.) In his newspaper, The New Federalist, he has let it be known that he intends to take over the Democratic Party. That process is underway.

Charles Lenchner works for LaRouche’s magazine, Executive Intelligence Review. On August 17, 2005 Lenchner served as the moderator of a conference call interviewing Uri Avneri, a man viewed by many in the Israeli peace movement as sympathetic to groups such as Hezbollah, Hamas, and their leaders in Iran and Syria. The text of the interview appears in the EIR of September 1, 2006. The concern here is not Mr. Avneri’s views; it is Charles Lenchner’s involvement with LaRouche.

This is a big concern because of Lenchner’s infiltrations into the Democratic Party. He is identified in EIR as the New York State Coordinator of the Progressive Democrats of America and as a former assistant to the national campaign manager of the 2004 Dennis Kucinich for President campaign (which was controlled by a LaRouche style autocrat named Charlene Barker, a self-proclaimed leftist who works for the predatory mega- corporation Ernst & Young.) Lenchner was also a top aide to the U.S. Senate pseudo-candidate, Jonathan Tasini. As thousands of people were already aware, I had announced my Democratic candidacy for the Senate against Hillary Clinton months previously. And, since Lenchner physically pushed me because, as a candidate, I wanted I wanted to speak briefly at a public meeting at which Tasini spoke, he is guilty of criminal harassment and violating my civil rights and is therefore known to the NYPD and the FBI. Lenchner al- so harassed me at another meeting while I was a running for the Senate. (For more information, see

A couple of days ago I received a copy of an e-mail announcing that Charles Lenchner is the Captain of the Upper Manhattan for One America group, a part of the John Edwards for President campaign. Lenchner also harassed me at another meeting while I was running for the Senate. (See Charles
Lenchner’s yarmulke does not fool me, just as Fred Newman does not fool me, just as Paul Zulkowitz does not fool me. I hope it does not fool John Edwards.
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