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UP FRONT News November 10, 2006
Published by Tom Weiss
Editorial Advisor: Willard Whittingham

“The paper that can’t be bought and can’t be sold.”


Among the features of all political systems, democratic and dictatorial, is that good people work for not so good employers. While it is a reality that the government of New York City is corrupt, many people who collect paychecks from the City of New York are honorable. I used to work for the New York City Health & Hospitals Corporation, one of the most corrupt agencies around. Indeed I lost my job because of my blowing the whis- tle on budget cut-caused patient deaths and racist psychiatric abuse at the HHC-operated Queens Hospital Center. Michael Bloomberg, once of most secretive politicians there is, is involved in a cover-up of a major foulup in health care I received in April, 2005 at Bellevue Medical Center following surgery I received for an injury I suffered in a neo-fascist assault upon me. The U.S. government is led, after a fashion, by a corrupt group that includes Big Dick Cheney, George W. Bush and Hillary Clinton. That hardly makes all Postal workers corrupt.

The same is true of the media. While both “left” (e.g. WBAI, Village Voice, Indypend- ent) and “right” (New York Post, et. al.) media censor the news to fit their self-interest, there are honest reporters almost everywhere - the Post being a possible exception since Rupert Murdoch’s journalistic principles are totally unethical. As far as I am aware, Brad Will was an honest reporter, unfortunately working for a newspaper, the Indypendent, that is guilty of censorship and slanted reporting.

I am hopeful that Mr. Will’s supporters, who most certainly include me, live up to his spirit and work and play fair. The murder of Mr. Will needs to be of course thoroughly investigated since those who murdered him worked for a government with close ties to the rulers of the U.S. I only hope that pseudo-leftists like the theatrical and dishonest self-proclaimed “anarchist” Fran Luck do not exploit his name and convert this tragedy into a hard “Luck” story.
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