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UP FRONT News September 22, 2006
Published by Tom Weiss
Editorial Advisor: Willard Whittingham

"The paper that can't be bought and can't be sold."

The GLOOMBERG ADMINISTRATION With the possible exceptions of San Diego, Providence, R.I, Camden, N.J. and Tulia, Texas and some other cities which have established records for really bad government, New York City is one of the worst. Mayor Michael Bloomberg is parading around, getting himself photographed with for example with Nazi Kurt Waldheim's friend Arnold Schwarzenegger, flirting with America, hoping to be president. Mr. Bloomberg, who is in fact a master of the coverup and backroom deal, who has an anti-human rights record as mayor, and who has, regardless of his earlier years, almost no understanding of what it is not to be filthy rich, is smilingly trying to be all things to all people but is in fact almost nothing to most of us.

Bloomberg's election in the first place is a testament to backroom politics and his willingness to sell out to racists and fascists. Former Democrat Bloomberg knew full well that if he ran in a Democratic primary for mayor he would have lots of formidable opponents and would probably lose. (The notion of Bloomberg in a debate with for example U.S. Congressman Anthony D. Weiner or City Councilman Charles Barron conjures up image of a debate featuring Enron's Kenneth Lay vs. Martin Luther King. No contest.) And so he became a Republican, joining the party of Reagan/Bush/Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld, et. al., a party which one time Republican Abraham Lincoln would have nothing to do with today. In 2001, facing a candidate even as deeply ethically flawed as Democrat Mark Green, Bloomberg knew he could not win on the Republican line alone. And so he entered the political brothel run by Lenora Fulani, the racist Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.-disciple and very, very, very close associate of the sex-with-your-patient ghoul of a "psychotherapist", cult leader "Dr." Fred Newman. At the time Fulani was the dictator of the Independence Party of New York, a so-called "third party" she set up when she was essentially banished from Ross Perot's Reform Party, to which she had come when the LaRouche/Newman-created "left" neo-fascist entity known as the New Alliance Party went belly up. Fulani gave the Independence Party ballot line to Blooomberg and that put him over the top, enabling him to purchase the mayoralty.

Fulani, Newman and their neo-fascist clique, which run "arts" front groups such as the All Stars Project and the Castillo Cultural Center, got a lot of money in exchange thanks to Michael Bloomberg - not to speak of many other politicos, some of whom were in fact sucked in by Fulani's populist rhetoric. It took the ethically challenged Bloomberg a long time to react to the fact that the Jew-hating Fulani has denounced Jews en masse as the "murderers of people of color." His belated comment that her unretracted emulation of Adolf Hitler was "despicable" is like saying that the Tibet Genocide-perpetrating government of Communist China is committing "human rights violations." Euphemisms.

None of this has stopped Bloomberg from recently orchestrating a gift of a major tax break by the city's Industrial Development Agency to the All Stars Project despite pro- test from, among NYC Comptroller William C. Thompson, Jr.; NYS Comptroller Alan G. Hevesi, and the Borough Presidents of Manhattan, the Bronx, and Queens. Mayor Bloomberg has been made fully aware of the fact, by me, that Fulani is an agent of Lyndon LaRouche, a Hitler-admiring megalomaniac and convicted felon (mail and credit card fraud) who, even as an embittered octogenarian, actively works to rule America and thereby the world. No doubt the most knowledgable expert on LaRouche is the investigative reporter and historian Dennis King, the author of "The New American Fascism", a biography of LaRouche. I fully agree with Mr. King's characterization of the racist LaRouche as "the most dangerous man in America." LaRouche is indeed, as characteized by Mr. King, a nazi without a swastika. Mr. King is at

Among the political facts that fundamentally distinguish fascists, such as Hitler, La Rouche, Fulani, Newman, and for that matter the Queens-based psychopath Geof- frey Blank, from "conservatives" is that "conservatives" openly denounce and stay away from the left. Fascists, however, split the left by infiltrating it ("5th Column") and outlefting it. Adolf Hitler wreaked havoc by campaigning as a "socialist", denouncing capitalism, and of course threatening and ultimately murdering all opposition. Lyndon LaRouche, who has been known to collaborate with the CIA (outing leftists), Reagan and Cheney/Bush, is, with the Bush Administration's disastrous invasion of Iraq, parading as a "left" radical and proponent of "peace." At the same time LaRouche, who lives in a Hitler-style fortress-estate called Ibikus Farm in Loudon County, Va.,(a short helicopter ride to the White House in the event of a fascist coup d'etat), supports the racist totalitarian governments of for example Communist China and Islamist Iran.

Domestically, LaRouche, via his surrogates Fulani and Co., using the Hitler-conceived "5th Column", infiltrates for example the "left" Green Party, using sleaze like thugs Gerald Kann, Paul Zulkowitz, and Green Party of New York State autocrat Howie Hawkins, the tough guy Fulani-pal from Syracuse. And, just like fascists everywhere, they use intimidation and political violence against others, particularly against those, like me, from the progressive small "d" democratic (and capital "D" Democratic Party) left. Indeed, LaRouche's cancerous influence pervades politics in New York as it has now been established that so called "peace" candidate, the soundly defeated Jonathan Tasini has LaRouche links. And that means that LaRouche has gotten a foothold into at least the Howard Dean wing of the Democratic Party because, among Tasini's main collaborators in political threats and criminality against me has been Tracey Denton, a political hack working for Democracy for New York City, the local branch of Howard Dean's political action group, Democracy for America.

And now back to Bloomberg. Among the acts of neo-fascist violence against me was a Geoffrey Blank-aided and abetted assault on me that took place on April 7, 2005,
perpetrated by a former restaurant employee named Wan Yun. The assault caused an injury that required over three hours of surgery and has caused hearing impairment. City-operated Bellevue Medical Center completely fouled up my post-operative care and Manhattan District Attorney completely fouled up the "prosecution" of Wan Yun, not to speak of Morgenthau's under-prosecution of the serial criminal and de facto terrorist (Zarqawi-supporting and Blank-financing Freedom Socialist Party) Blank. Bloomberg, who is in receipt from me of numerous e-mails and a fax, is playing hard to get. With the assistance of an honest member of the NYPD, who deals with poli- tics, Bloomberg had me seen some weeks ago by his aide, Katie Hart. Ms. Hart swept everything under the rug. And so has Deputy Mayor Dennis Walcott. They all know about the abuses I have experienced as the hands of several City agencies and they all know about the LaRouche/Fulani/Blank angle.

The Mayor is, despite periodically assuaging his billionniare guilt (all billionnaires are guilty of at the very least economic imperialisrm in my book) with his philanthropy and, a man who does not care about most other people. Certainly, based on his decision to invite the Republicans to hold their convention here in 2004 and his very oppressive handling of the anti-RNC demonstrations, Bloomberg has shown his insenstivity to New Yorkers and his marginal understanding of of the Bill of Rights.

Making NYC's government even worse is the fact that, if Bloomberg leaves office before January 1, 2010, the paranoid Public Advocate Betsy Gotbaum (Bloomberg's own personal Dick Cheney) becomes Mayor. Through a family member of mine, I've been ac-quainted with Betsy Gotbaum since 1979. Ms. Gotbaum is guilty of covering up staff abuse of homeless people in drop-in centers - e.g. Peter's Place in Manhattan and Project Hospitality in Staten Island, and shelters. She is also guilty of withholding from the public the fact of her marital ties to the CIA. If she wants to marry spies she can do so but she cannot withhold such facts from the public. Betsy Gotbaum is also guilty of criminal harassment against me for trying to have me arrested at her office as I was waiting for my scheduled appointment with her Chief of Staff. And she is also guilty of defamation of character when publically referred to me as a "stalker." She is something of paradox all by herself as she combines an unhealthy predilection for secrecy with periodic publicity stunts. She want to be mayor. God forbid!

And, as far as the City Council is concerned, it is headed by Christine Quinn, who
became Speaker by means of classic backroom wheeling and dealing in what are now probably smokeless rooms. No one asked the people of the City of New York our opinion. Ms. Quinn, aside from (after a self-serving pro-Tibet resolution for which she stole credit from another colleague and from me since I did all the lobbying on it) has refused to answer my January 30, 2006 letter to her about the very domestically relevant matter of Council action to get the 2008 Olympics out of Beijing, and, failing that, calling for a boycott by the U.S. team. Like Hillary Clinton, Rupert Murdoch, and George Bush, et. al., Christine Quinn tolerates Genocide in Tibet. Ms. Quinn also folded like a house of cards on the Yankee Stadium ripoff whereby many tax dollars will subsidize George Steinbrenner's need to make even more money from the luxury boxes in a totally unnecessary new Yankee Stadium for which two South Bronx parks are being destroyed. Only Charles Barron voted "no." Christine Quinn wants to be Mayor. God forbid!

Billionnaire Bloomberg, who, his $1/year salary as Mayor and his philanthropic handouts notwithstanding, is not gettting any poorer. Under his corrupt Administration (Bloomberg, who has consistently been among those penny-pinching the beleaguered Agency for Children's Services, of course blames others for the death of Nixmary Brown, a citizen and client of the City of New York) the poverty comes to the rest of us.


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