Thursday, September 14, 2006

How Michael Bloomberg is Helping the Fascists - Tax Breaks for Fulani, Newman and LaRouche

UP FRONT News September 14, 2006
Published by Tom Weiss
Editorial Advisor: Willard Whittingham
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Joshua Sirefman, as the Chairman of the New York City Industrial Development Agency (IDA) and Interim President of the New York City Economic Development Council (EDC) , and as Chief of Staff to Deputy Mayor Dan Doctoroff, is one of the most powerful people in the world. The closeness of this Wesleyan University and University of Michigan graduate to the multibillionaire Mayor Michael Bloomberg is turning out to be a very bad deal for just about everyone.

The IDA, as reported in some of the daily media, recently approved tax assistance for a $12.75 million bond-financing project for an “arts” group run by a couple of racist neo-
fascists. The so-called “All Stars Project” on West 42nd Street in Manhattan is run by the nefarious duo of Jew-hater Lenora Fulani and the sex-between-therapist-and-patient- practicing quite ghoulish cult leader self-hating Jew, “Dr.” Fred Newman. What the es- tablished media (including conspicuously New York Times reporter Sewell Chan) missed is the fact that Fulani and Newman are disciples of the Hitler-admirer megalomaniac and convicted felon from Leesburg, Virginia, Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. Indeed, after reading Sewell’ s missing-the-main-point story, I called him and left a very polite and informa- tive message on his voice mail. He didn’t respond. Later in the evening, when I reached him, Chan - a reporter with an apparent anger-management problem - reacted with all the poise of perhaps Paris Hilton discovering that one of cute autobiographical videos was missing. He was defensive, rude and arrogant, perhaps understandable since UP FRONT News has “scooped” The New York Times.

The “left” spouting neo-fascists, Fulani and Newman are among those (who include locals such as Green Party members Paul Zulkowitz and Gerald Kann) doing the work
of the Leesburg-Virginia based LaRouche, a serial criminal and intellectual thug who
did major time in several federal penitentiaries for credit card and mail fraud. The New Hampshire born and Massachusetts-raised misfit lived in New York City while known as “Lyn Marcus” a “Marxist”-oriented professor at City College. While at CCNY he got together with a fellow psychopath on the faculty named Fred Newman. LaRouche, a
resgistered Democrat who, while praising Franklin Delano Roosevelt, has been known to do business the both the KKK and white-hating Black Muslims who also hated Malcolm X and Martin Luther King. LaRouche has run for president almost as many times as the
legendary loser Harold Stassen. LaRouche is a classic fascist who continues to apply Hitler’s “split the left” strategy and tactics in his pursuit of total power. For the last few years, he has been spouting “anti-Bush” and “anti-War” rhetoric. His “left” supporters (open and secret, the latter having deeply infiltrated the Green party, particularly in New York) advocate “socialism”, just like the National Socialist Hitler did. And, again just as Hitler did, and Fulani has written about, LaRouche and his local fascists apply the “in- side-outside” or “two-roads” strategy involving the simultaneous use of legal (e.g. run-
ning for office, preaching “free speech”) and illegal (violence, threats, stealing, lying and cheating) means to grab power.

Among the most offensive, although still only marginally known, but increasingly notorious, local practitioners of LaRouche-style fascism is the psychopath Geoffrey Blank, who used Union Square “speakouts” by a free speech group known as the No Police State Coalition as his Baghdad, threatening and physically attacking those (such as me) who differed with him. Blank, who has refused to discuss any possible direct La
Rouche links, by the way is not only being (under)prosecuted by Manhattan District
Attorney Robert Morgenthau for some relatively minor crimes he committed in Union Square, he is also directly linked to a group leftishly calling itself the Freedom Socialist Party, which is under international investigation for links to terrorism in Iraq. The FSP’s spokesperson, a Blankie named Stephen Durham, is on record as condoning the late Musab al-Zarqawi’s hostage beheadings. The nominally Jewish Blank is known to hurl anti-Jewish slurs around and is a supporter (as is LaRouche) of the terrorist, totalitarian, and genocidal governments of Communist China, Iran, North Korea and the Saddam Hussein regime. Blank likes Hezbollah and Hamas.

All of the above apply to Lenora Fulani and Fred Newman. And Michael Bloomberg , who over a period of months has been in receipt of numerous communications from me by fax and e-mail, knows all about it. So do the NYPD, the FBI, Robert Morgenthau and Attorney General Eliot Spitzer, among others. It is also known to the steadily increasing number of UP FRONT News readers and those following my Democratic write-in campaign for the U.S. Senate, in which I have been physically attacked by the neo-fascists

Mayor Bloomberg, in giving a tax break to the fascists, is raising opportunism to in this case an “art” form. When he first ran for Mayor as a Republican in a Democratic town, he needed to get another ballot line to win. He got that line from the Independence Party, then a dictatorship run by Fulani. Fulani’s outrageous Jew hatred, made known to mil- lions with her unretracted comment about Jews en masse being the “murderers” of “people of color”, cost her the Independence Party throne and got her some very belated
criticism from Bloomberg. It was the Independence line that got Bloomberg over the top in 2001 in a close election barely two months after 9/11.

The Industrial Development Agency, like its sibling Economic Development Corporation, is run by Bloomberg, essentially on behalf of corporate America, the
behemoth that is a testament to profit-and power-seeking greed at any cost. The cost is born by the soldiers in Iraq and by the poor at home, among others.

And now the IDA, over strong opposition from people like Manhattan Borough Presi- dent Scott Stringer and other elected officials, is giving a major tax break to a bunch of fascists, who helped out the mayor politically.

Other than myself, perhaps the most knowledgeable person about the LaRouche/Fulani/ Newman conspiracy (this is no theory) is investigative journalist Dennis King, author of a very unauthorized biography of LaRouche appropriately titled The New American Fas- cism about “nazis without swastikas” - some of whom, by the way, are in charge of things in the so-called “9/11 Truth” group ensconced at St. Mark’s in the Bowery Church in Manhattan. Mr. King is at A former member of the cult once known as the “International Workers Party” has a good web-site at is also instructive as are some writings by investigative reporters including Chip Berlet and Doug Ireland.

Michael Bloomberg, aka Bush-lite, is having his name bandied about for the presidency.
At that rate we are likely to have the aging LaRouche as Secretary of Defense, Lenora Fulani as Chairlady of the Civil Rights Commission, and Newman as Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare. And Geoffrey Blank could be ambassador to Hezbollah,.with Dick Cheney as permanent Vice-President-in-charge.

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