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On the Post Cold War Realignment of Political Forces

UP FRONT News September 2, 2006
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On the Post Cold War Realignment of Political Forces on the World Stage.
The Anti-fascist Role Played by the No Police State Coalition (NPSC) and UP FRONT News (UFN) in the U.S.
Anti-Communism or “Left” Fascism (“9/11 Truth” sect/ Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. cult), either way we're dead.

By Roman Shusterman

In order for us progressive activists to understand our present political situation, we must have at least a brief understanding of the past movements and coalitions that have brought us to the point where we find ourselves today. When it comes to peace coalitions, and radicals who make their living off of activism and movements, it is important to follow the money. This is not necessarily meant to condemn anyone who accepts contributions from foreign political parties or movements; it is simply something that we can use to understand the alignment of political forces in our own country. To start we first have to look at the American Communist Party and the Communist movement in the U.S. Documented evidence from FBI infiltrators (Operation Solo) shows that the main source of income for the CPUSA from the 1950's until the last recorded transfer in the late 1980`s was the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (CPSU). Government data also shows that the CPUSA had a strictly pro-Soviet stance and therefore had refused funding from the Chinese communist party (CCP) on numerous occasions due to the Sino-Soviet split. This split had mainly come about due to the fact that Communism in the Soviet Union was developed to a point where the people were able to enjoy enough benefits from the state to keep them from wanting a nuclear confrontation with the west. The Chinese on the other hand were ready to sacrifice some of their population to a nuclear war based on the idea that if war were to occur due to the fact that there were more people occupying the socialist bloc they would ultimately prevail and then socialism would not have anything hindering its progress. There were of course other arguments that made sense to the Chinese. In any case the Chinese did not trust the Soviets and their socialism and so the Chinese decided to change the course of their revolution while maintaining the infrastructure of the CCP and developed a China that is technologically and militarily progressing while socially is becoming more fascist by the day.

The Soviets were not as militant in their promotion of world socialist revolution. Instead the Soviets tried to influence foreign governments through civil society for the most part. In the U.S. this meant encouraging the CPUSA to run candidates for political office, and have members of the CPUSA become part of the American fabric and way of life. The leader of the CPUSA, Gus Hall at the time took this peaceful Soviet approach to American politics and denounced the Chinese leader Deng for attacking Vietnam and aligning with the U.S. against the S.U. “The Chinese supported the fascist butcher Pinochet in Chile,” Hall said. “China must punish Vietnam, Vietnam must be taught a lesson,” Deng Xiaoping declared." Hall’s expressed view was that “A stand has to be taken; a broad, worldwide movement against the irresponsible, adventurous Chinese aggressors has to be built. The stakes are of the highest.” During Hall's leadership, the CPUSA had taken a clear anti-fascist stand and called for something called “Socialism USA.” I am not making the case for their idea of “Socialism USA”, with which I happen to have some disagreements, (see my essay on Marxist-Leninist Socialism vs. Humanitarian Socialism at I do, however, want to point out the fact that the CPUSA has since Hall's passing, made it clear that it has abandoned Hall's call for Socialism USA. Whereas Hall rightly criticized the fascist tendencies of the leaders of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), the new leader of the CPUSA, Sam Webb has recently taken up the invitation of the CCP and went with the CPUSA delegation on an official state visit to China. Following Webb's visit, an article appeared in the People's Weekly World ( called “Socialism with Chinese Characteristics.” Now all of a sudden the CCP could do no wrong and was on a clear path to Socialism, this of course with the knowledge and reported (UP FRONT News) evidence of concentration camps in China which are full of Falun Gong prisoners, and the Genocide in Tibet. Maybe, if Webb added the word “national” before socialism he would be making a good case.

In my opinion, the leadership of the CPUSA learned one thing from Gus Hall, and that is to follow the money. The difference between Hall and Webb is that Hall was being influenced by rational Soviet leaders who were interested in Soviet-style Communism, which, in my opinion, was superior to anything China has ever had. Webb, on the other hand, is now taking direct orders from the CCP, and because of my knowledge of the CPUSA I can confidently say that their position has become so pro-China since Hall's death that it is reasonable to assume that they are now being directly funded and influenced by the CCP. Nothing else can explain their position and their non-critical support for China.

Fact: Judith Le Blanc, a member of the Central Committee of the CPUSA, is now the national chair of United for Peace and Justice, the largest peace coalition in the U.S.

Due to the experienced political operatives that the CPUSA had in the peace movement throughout the last century, mainly in the disarmament and anti-nuclear weapons/ anti Star-Wars movements, certain members of the CPUSA had, over the years, developed important relationships with these liberal domestic groups and had become respected leaders of the activist community. The CPUSA are not just your average activists; they are ideologically trained cadres dedicated to attaining state power by any means of political manipulation. In the past they made sure the peace movement took the approach that was most beneficial to the position of the Soviet Union. Today, on the surface it may seem that UFPJ is simply a group of liberal activists who want to effect positive change and who seek justice. But if we look closer we will find that UFPJ as well as some high profile members of the Democratic Party (Clintons) seem to be taking positions and leading movements that may be most beneficial to the Chinese. There are of course other activist coalitions such as the International Action Center (IAC) which is heavily influenced by the Workers’ World Party, just as UFPJ has become heavily influenced by the CPUSA. According to a member of the Central Committee of the CPUSA, the Workers’ World Party receives most of it's funding from the Ba'ath Socialist Party in Syria and previously from Saddam Hussein. According to the Russian-American news daily New Russian Word or "Novoye Russkoe Slovo", the IAC is now being investigated for this because it has been leading pro-Hezbollah and pro-Hamas demonstrations.

The Syrian government and the Ba'ath Socialist movement have over recent years become more hospitable to Islam. Although it is important to note that secularism and socialism still prevail in Syria even though the government of President Bashir Assad aids Hezbollah and portrays that group rightly or wrongly as liberators of south Lebanon because of their standing up to the Israelis. Assad is still very cautious and keeps the “Islamo-fascist” ideology of Hezbollah far from Syria. In any case, due to the destruction of the Iraqi Ba'ath Party the IAC is receiving much less funding and has reportedly had to move from their Union, evidently to the WWP offices on West 17th Street in Manhattan. It is clear that, since Saddam's fall, the IAC has become much more impoverished. The CPUSA, on the other hand, is doing very well for itself and has even managed to raise the salaries of its workers. Until recently, about 5 years ago the CPUSA was barely surviving. After CPUSA Chairman Webb’s trip to China everything changed.

The anti-fascist role played by the No Police State Coalition (NPSC) and UP FRONT News (UFN) in the U.S.

After the collapse of the USSR the U.S. briefly under Clinton pursued pro-China policies and, no matter what Clinton had done, there was not much protest against him coming from the left. Mainly, this is because, after the collapse of the USSR, China became the dominant power and influence on the American left through its proxy, the CPUSA, which was already under Webb's leadership during the Clinton years in the 90's. This alliance with China continues until today, Vice President Dick Cheney, on a recent visit to China, told critics that China is the type of country that our government can do business with and build relations with. The main change in the U.S. under the Bush Administration was the engineering of the current crisis with Islamic fundamentalism. This is not to say that Islamic fundamentalism as an ideology is not dangerous; it has always been very dangerous and it has always been something that the U.S. has taken advantage of, in most cases to undermine socialist governments such as in Yugoslavia most recently, and in Afghanistan during the 70's.

There is good reason to believe that U.S. agents of the FBI or CIA were informed of the attacks planned for 9/11. There is also good reason to believe that members of the Bush Administration who are closely linked with the military-industrial complex wanted new wars where they could test new weapons and make a lot of money. Now that the USSR would no longer be a possible threat, U.S. imperialist interests dictated policy which aimed to seize control of an oil-rich region in order to dominate that region into the foreseeable future where many analysts see China developing into an imperialist rival. This was what was mainly taken into consideration in the planning stages of the Iraq and Afghan war. Puppet governments are now in place in both Iraq and Afghanistan. At home, the Patriot Act was passed, allowing the president to bypass the Constitution and use wiretapping, secret prisons and whatever else he feels necessary to spy on terrorists. Bush and Cheney, however, have spied on their political opposition and opponents in the peace and progressive movements. This is what was behind the labeling of the NPSC as a violent anarchist group by Ted Koeppel on the nationally broadcast “Nightline.” Nationally broadcast radio shows such as Rush Limbaugh and Shawn Hannity have compared people who believe that, as I do, that neo-fascist elements of the Bush Administration (Cheney) engineered the 9/11 attacks, to terrorists and have said that people who believe that theory are just as bad as the terrorists. It is clear to me that the ruling class in our country has a goal, whichl is to crack down on any independent, progressive civil opposition. They have not done it yet because they are not sure if the American people as a whole will accept that type of crackdown at this point.

Anti-Communism or “Left Fascism” (“9/11 Truth” sect/ Lyndon LaRouche, Jr. cult), either way we're dead

The recent influence of the NPSC and UP FRONT News can not be underestimated. Thanks to the internet we have been able to get our message across to some very important political figures in major political parties and movements. We are building an independent united democratic socialist front against fascism of all sorts, whether it is in the guise of left rhetoric or more clearly aligned with right wing forces such as in the Bush Administration. It is true that some activists involved in the NPSC, mainly affiliated with Geoffrey Blank have decided to adopt an ideology more in tune with what the IAC espouses. Blank has on numerous occasions stated that if he were the leader of the country he would create at least a welfare state such as existed under Saddam Hussein and then pursue the type of police state measures that the Bush Administration is using. In essence, Blank is saying that the police state is not wrong per se but that it cannot work in a laissez-fare capitalist system. Blank is only one example of this type of reasoning. A significant component of the left supports this type of reasoning; they are hostile to the ideas of democracy and free speech. The CPUSA and UFPJ refer to these groups as the “extreme left.” It is important to note that UFPJ as a coalition tries to maintain a more American character and is more hospitable to democracy. Make no mistake about it, however; they are influenced by the CPUSA, which is potentially more dangerous then the extreme left IAC because of the fact that so many Americans are suckered into the belief that they are democratic and independent. In fact, the CPUSA does support a police state and to think that they are above “left” fascism is to make a big mistake. Blank is among the worst of the “left” fascists because he admits to believing in censorship. Blank has openly spoken out against the freedoms of the internet. Although to be fair, an official of the CPUSA has also stated that the internet provides too many freedoms; he has openly supported Chinese censorship of the internet. Blank believes that people should not have access to modern technology at all er unless they are working for him. Blank's alliance with the Freedom Socialist Party,
Which has reported connections with Al Qaeda, may explain some of Blank's views regarding censorship and his anti-technology stances.

The “9/11 Truth” sect has invited at least one person from the LaRouche cult, the author Webster Tarpley, to speak at its meetings. The leadership of the “9/11 Truth” sect, for the most part, aside from maybe one or two people in their NYC branch, sides with the anti-communist approach. In the conversations I have had with several leaders of the “9/11 Truth” group I have found that there is a belief that a hidden conspiracy exists and it is being orchestrated by the Rothschilds and other wealthy elite families in the U.S. When I brought up the ideas of Marx, one of the “9/11 Truth” members pointed out that Marx had wealthy contributors connected with some of these families. My response was that dismissing Marx's ideas on the basis that he was given financial assistance by some elites is akin to saying that stem cell research is useless because some of the elites are funding it. The anti-communists are opposed to progressive movements on the basis that they will bring about unpredictable changes. For example, many people are opposed to cloning because of the unpredictable changes to the nuclear family it might bring. Never mind the fact that the ideas and scientific discoveries mentioned above bring wealth and benefits to the masses. The anti-communists oppose it because they are opposed to the idea of a government intervention because of their inability to recognize that humanity needs humanitarian governments and states in order to implement the great ideals that so many progressive activists have espoused and implemented over the years. The reason that the left in the U.S. has not had much success is because the masses of people, whether consciously or not, sense the fact that the left's opposition movements and leaders take the “left” fascist or anti-communist approach. This opposition has made the Bush Administration look reasonable to some extent. However, it now looks like, sooner or later, segments of the “left “fascists are bound for power simply for the reason that people are so dissatisfied with the status quo that they are almost ready to accept anything else. We must not allow Bush to be impeached and convicted, which would lead to a Cheney presidency, which could be linked to the very dangerous openly fascist LaRouche cult. What we have to do is to continue to build a generic no police state movement that opposes fascism whether it comes in the guise of left rhetoric or in the form of blatant anti-communism.

Sources: "Basics" by Gus Hall, International Publishers
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