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UP FRONT News July 30, 2006
Published by Tom Weiss
Editorial Advisor: Willard Whittingham
“The paper that can’t be bought and can’t be sold.”

The Mideast chronic and intensifying crisis in the Middle East is not only causing
intolerable pain to uncounted number of innocent Arabs and Jews, among others in Leba- non, Israel, and the occupied Palestinian territories, it is also bringing the domestic Jew- haters further out in the open, most particularly in an around Union Square in Manhattan.

Union Square, for an unpleasantly prolonged period of several months, served as the de
facto platform for the increasingly notorious at least nominally Jewish Jew-hater and “left” neo-fascist Geoffrey Blank. Since UP FRONT News has done a series of in-depth exposes of this psychopathic, terrorism-linked de facto Lyndon H. LaRouche ideologue,
(and getting to truths that The New York Times missed in its February 22, 2005 story on Blank), there is little need to go into detail here. Suffice it to say that Blank, awaiting trial for a number of offenses far more serious than sound device permit violations, is under serious investigation by law enforcement at all levels of government, most certainly in-
cluding the FBI. This is because Blank is guilty of a number of politically motivated criminal violations of my civil rights and is guilty of taking money from an organization, leftishly calling itself the Freedom Socialist Party, that is being internationally investigat-
ed for ties to terrorism in Iraq. Indeed, the FSP’s spokesperson, Stephen Durham, has not to my knowledge denied the accuracy of his comment, quoted in a December 26, 2005 article reporting the investigation by Niles Lathem in the New York Post, condoning Mu-
usab al-Zarqawi’s hostage beheadings. Any continuing association that the habitual liar Blank claims with the No Police State Coalition, whose Union Square speakouts Blank hijacked for a time, is sewage, WBAI please take note.

Perhaps with Blank’s “left” and “anti-Bush” and simultaneously anti-Jewish spewings in mind, various Jew-haters have gravitated towards Union Square, in “support” of de-
monstrators for Palestinian rights that often gather there. The Jew-haters, as distinct from those who understandably protest Israeli oppression of Palestinians, are, despite their ef-
forts at camouflage, not hard to find. They are almost invariably Holocaust deniers and
minimizers. Andy Kellerman, a government worker who reportedly gives street vendors
a hard time, often appears there and, between anti-Bush and anti-Israel harangues of sometimes Geoffrey Blank verbosity, claims that there is absolutely no proof that the Nazis murdered millions of Jews. Similar claims have been articulated verbally and on-line by a Columbine-Goth-style-garbed fellow named Joe Jordan, who has given himself the nickname of “God.” This guy is on record as characterizing Jewish suffering under the Nazis as “modicum.” There are a bunch of others with similar views, more than a few of them closely associated with the Green Party of New York, which has become essen-
tially a front group for the racist “left” neo-fascism of Lenora Fulani, her psychothera-
pist” mentor Fred Newman and their political godfather LaRouche. Among the architects of that takeover, which involved the Bush-electing Ralph Nader Green Party presidential
candidacies, has been New York Green Party boss, the “Stalinist” from Syracuse, Howie Hawkins, who is now, in classic LaRouche fashion, splitting the left with his egotistical “candidacy” for the U.S. Senate. LaRouche’s, Fulani’s and Hawkins’ lemmings in this takeover include Greens like the seriously disturbed Paul (“Death Threat”) Zulkowitz, and the thug from Long Island City, Gerald Kann, a two time total loser as a City Council candidate. There are associates like George Tatevosyan, who with Kann participated in a witnessed physical assault upon me in April, 2004 to prevent my attendance at a Man-
hattan Nader news conference to which the candidate had invited me. And then there are apparent registered Democrats like Geoffrey Blank associate Ted Auerbach, who has ha-
rassed me both in Union Square and at a Democratic club meeting, with the club harass-
ment directly connected with the increasingly dubious Senate “candidacy” of a very phony politician-wannabe named Jonathan Tasini. For further information on the still only marginally known Fulani/Newman/Fulani/LaRouche links, visit, aside from my blogs, websites such as,, and the writings of investigative reporters such as Chip Berlet and Doug Ireland.

With the eruption of the War in Lebanon, the aforementioned Jew-haters and sometimes
Jew-bashers and others have collected at Union Square and other demonstrations carrying suicide bombing-justifying posters, such as one sported by a usually quiet but sometimes tantrum-spewing Jew-disliker named Ann Roos. A Union Square Saturday afternoon
“Palestinian rights” protester identified as Agnes Taylor’s misspelled poster said that Ha-
mas and Hezbollah are not terrorist organizations. When an Israeli shell kills Lebanese or Palestinians, they are full of righteous indignation. When Hamas suicide bombers, with Islamist fascist delusions of 72 virgins, blow up Jewish weddings or buses of Israeli schoolchildren, they remain silent (and perhaps secretly gratified).

These characters know full well that the dictators of Syria and Iran knew full well that
any military incursions (e.g. the soldier abductions) into Israel would elicit a very heavy, indeed excessive response. Ariel Sharon made the excessive response an essential part of his foreign policy. LaRouche, interviewed recently on Iranian government radio and sup-
porting Iran, knows it and so do Fulani, Blank, Kann and all the local neo-fascists. I be-
lieve LaRouche, Fulani, Hawkins, Blank, et. also know that the leadership in Iran and Syria actively foster the “wipe Israel off the face of the earth” Hitlerite delusional fanta-
sy as well as the psychotic jihadist mindset suggesting that Jews and Christians are among the infidels who must die and who can be defeated in a world war. And, there are many in the Genocide-generating government of Communist China who, from an atheist perspective, have the same delusion, at least about America. Hitler was wrong and Israel, in several wars with Arab states, has shown that, especially with strong U.S. military aid, has shown that it can take on and defeat several invaders at once. And the rulers in China,
who will over a period of time, be increasingly widely exposed for the Genocide in Occu-
pied Tibet, will also learn that, even as they further evolve from so-called “Communism” via capitalism, into fascism, that they can’t win either.

The politics here are intense. While I would prefer a non-Zionist state encompassing what is now Israel, Gaza and the West Blank in which Jews, Palestinians and others would have equal rights, I fully support the right of any nation, Israel included, to defend itself. And, while, as a U.S. Senate Democratic write-in candidate myself, I oppose much of what Hillary Clinton apparently stands for, e.g. the war in Iraq and relatively unfet-
tered corporate power, she and I agree on Israel’s right to exist and to defend itself. The opportunistic Tasini, who apparently stays up nights coming up with ways to suck up to the “left” in a desperate search for political affection, is on record as criticizing Israel while, like LaRouche and his local Jew haters, remaining silent about those peace-loving harmless hippies form Hezbollah.

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