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The Greening of LaRouche & LaRouche-ing of the Greens

UP FRONT News March 18, 2006
Published by Tom Weiss Editorial Advisor: Willard Whittingham
“The paper that can’t be bought and can’t be sold.”


Perhaps it is fitting that the exposure of “left” neo-fascist Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.-
style infiltration into the Green Party occurs around St. Patrick’s Day. The Green Party, like the also misnomered Independence Party of New York, presents itself as the alter- native to the Democrats and the Republicans. The Greens, like their once LaRouche surrogate Lenora Fulani-dominated occasional allies (e.g. during the front operations that were the Ralph Nader presidential campaigns in New York) in the IPNY, correctly criti-cize the corruption and war that the two parties saddle us with.

And like the IPNY – which waited a long time to depose the LaRouche racist Fulani – the Greens have in fact been infiltrated by a core of hypocritical, subtly racist, violence- prone and often very unstable activists, who serve only to split the left and thereby en-
hance the hard right they denounce so stridently. The neo-fascist infiltrators within the Green Party, at least in New York, include Gerald Kann, Paul Zulkowitz, and, it seems,
the autocratic Howie Hawkins.

Gerald Kann managed - before he was exposed earlier this year in UP FRONT News as a violent neo-fascist (he and his Fulaniite partner from the IPNY, George Tatevosyan, were involved in witnessed physical assault upon me as I arrived, with an official invita- tion from Ralph Nader’s press secretary, at a Nader news conference in Manhattan in April, 2004) - to win a reported 20% of the vote when he ran for the New York City Council in 2001. Following the UFN scoops (check out “It’s Not Greek to Me…” pub- lished on October 3, 2005) his neighbors in Astoria/Long Island City, Queens gave him 8%. Any conceivable anxiety the incumbent Peter Vallone, Jr. may have felt about Kann the insurgent I am certain evaporated when Mr. Vallone read the UFN article, which I brought to his office. Gerald Kann is aptly characterized by another well known NYC Green activist as, at least at times, “totally stupid”, “rash and wrongheaded” and “aggres- sive.” The term “neo-fascist” is, to be sure, more to the point. Gerald Kann, who used to wear his hair styled like his apparent role model Adolf Hitler, and suddenly changed it perhaps in response to my publicly expressed observations, has applied the German Nazi’s tactics well. He campaigns as a “leftist”, spouting about “socialism”, and employs the tactics of intimidation, infiltration, lies, and violence against the small “d” democratic left that the late Austrian corporal developed into an art form. And he is a member of the Green Party. He is a socialist – a national socialist.

Paul Zulkowitz, from one of the “Five Towns” in Nassau County, has over the years been a sometimes ubiquitous presence at “peace” and other “left” events. Like a mosquito in a swamp, he was all over the Nader campaigns, doing the manipulative dirty work or- dered by the LaRouche-ite mega-racist Fulani along her henchladies Cathy Stewart and Cathy Sadell. If a thug was needed, all he needed to do was call on Kann and Tatvosyan, who, when their political careers disintegrate further, might seek employment with Ha- mas or perhaps the Sopranos. Zulkowitz, a smallish fellow, who fancies himself some- thing of a Caucasian Black Panther (check out his Panther-emulating “Green Tea House” in East New York, Brooklyn), was the creator of a LaRouche-infused political circus last fall in Union Square that he called “Camp Casey.” Like LaRouche, Zulkowitz is a gifted rhetorical political parasite, who uses the good names of true heroes to further his cynical ends. Zulkowitz, seeking to capitalize on the understandably increasing fame of Cindy Sheehan, who lost her son thanks to politicians like George W. Bush and Hillary Rodham Clinton, set up “Camp Casey” and, while he was going around town infiltrating things, placed the day-to-day operation of the encampment to a quite satanic character who called himself “Totay.” Within days, the substance-abusing and kleptomaniacal “Totay” had converted what was supposed to be a peace advocacy center into a homeless shelter for himself and his girlfriend and, via Lower East Side frontman Eric Rassi, a propagan-
da outpost for Lyndon LaRouche. Something of an anti-climax took place on September 19, 2005 when, via Zulkowitz’ chicanery, Speaker Cindy Sheehan came within a nano-
second of being arrested in Union Square, as Zulkowitz neglected to advise her that no NYPD sound permit for her speech had been obtained. Zulkowitz smilingly endured the indignity of his own staged arrest, moments after Ms. Sheehan had finished her talk. Later in the day, after Totay lied and said there was a permit, I was also arrested and the next day Totay told me that the arrests were staged.

The Zulkowitz story reached Jerry Springer levels when a few weeks later - during which time the Green Man pretty much disappeared, but let it be known that his severe bi-polarity had struck again and that he was in a state of depression – when he sent out an e-mail announcing that he had decided to end his life by jumping off a certain bridge in Nassau County. Among his stated reasons for that decision was his unhappiness about
the criticism endured – mostly from me – by one of his political heroes, the total psycho- path Geoffrey Blank, a “left”-spewing fascist demagogue from Rockaway Beach, Queens.
Blank, a de facto self-hating Jew of the Fred Newman variety, became notorious for his hijacking of a free speech group, the No Police State Coalition, which for several years has been holding public speakouts in Union Square Park. Blank would engage in Fidel Castro-length tirades about free speech and then try to intimidate others, particularly me, with threats and acts of violence. One of those episodes resulted in a major physical as- sault against me by a thug named Wan Yun at the Greenwich Village restaurant where Blank used to run NPSC meetings Adolf Hitler-style. Geoffrey Blank, who is in fact linked to a group that openly supports the terrorist Musab al-Zarqawi’s hostage behead-
headings, and is under international investigation for links to terrorism, is a fascist, a sexist, a racist, a liar – and one of Paul Zulkowitz’ heroes. As far as Zulkowitz’ “suicide” is concerned, reportedly the police were called and gave the Great Green two choices: involuntary commitment or incarceration. He chose the hospital. Zulkowitz is reportedly at liberty once again and is busy splitting the left, now via the Green “candidacy” of a LaRouche-oriented business man/propagandist Sander Hicks.

Howie Hawkins, from Syracuse, whom I’ve only very briefly met twice, is described by some (ex) Greens as a “Stalinist.” I certainly do recall that he was totally unresponsive to questions raised by me as to his role in the Fulani takeover of the Nader campaigns. My comment along those lines during one of his quite long and strident speeches at a “left” conference yielded only a Rasputin-like glare from Hawkins in my direction. My im-pression, both from reports and from experience, is that this guy is in some ways to the Green Party what Carmine DeSapio was for decades to the Democrats.

Green Party nominal and formal leaders such as Mitchel Cohen and Gloria Mattera have been aware of for example Gerald Kann’s neo-fascist criminality for quite some time.
Green Party official Betty K. Wood is trying to handle it the way Richard Nixon did with Watergate. Mr. Cohen, citing “chaos” in the Green Party of New York State, seems to recognize that something is very wrong but seems reluctant to do much about it. Mr. Cohen also kind of disrespects solidly progressive Democrats like Congressmembers
John Conyers and Cynthia McKinney, as well as Cindy Sheehan, and me, with his de- claration that the Green Party “reps” will not support “any” Democrat for any office.

Unless and until the Greens take appropriate action, at least with respect to the violent Gerald Kann and Paul Zulkowitz, the off-the-wall manipulator who consorts with local Jewish Saddam-ites like Blank, Paul Zulkowitz, the Green Party remains at the very core a criminal sanctuary. Perfect for the likes of Lyndon LaRouche.

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