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UP FRONT News Feb. 17, 2006
Published by Tom Weiss
Editorial Advisor: Willard Whittingham

“The paper that can’t be bought and can’t be sold.”

The International Action Center is a purportedly “left” New York City-based organiza- tion, that was founded late in the last millennium by former U.S. Attorney General Ram- sey Clark. I know Mr. Clark perhaps somewhat better than many other activists since, in 1978, he took me on as a client when I was up against a stacked legal and political deck in my battle with Ed Koch’s New York City, which had fired, jailed, and psychiatrically harassed me Soviet-style for my having blown the whistle on budget cut-caused patient deaths and racist psychiatric abuse of patients City-operated Queens Hospital Center.

I had in fact exposed de facto incremental genocide and econocide, for which people like Koch, Bill and Hillary Clinton and George W. Bush, among others, have been res- ponsible for decades, and so the stakes were very heavy. Mr. Clark, whom I one day quite desperately called at his listed Manhattan phone telephone number, knowing me only from that call, invited me to his home and spent over two hours giving me legal advice (at the time, I was still, in a manner of speaking, being “represented” by my Union, Victor Gotbaum’s very management-and-Koch-compliant District Council 37) and serving me tea laced with cactus honey from his hometown in Uvalde, Texas. At a later point following my having gone through the motions of exhausting the stacked deck known as the civil service grievance system, Mr. Clark, after a careful review of the case, told me, paraphrased, “What the City of New York has done to you is completely unconstitutional and violative of your rights. So, I’ll take your case.” Sizing up the reality the my case was going to be decided by a Supreme Court judge who was the brother of Koch pal Percy Sutton, Mr. Clark said, “Don’t expect to win.” I didn’t. And, since it would have required my going into the federal courts, a probably prolonged and potentially expensive process, I went no further – legally.

And so, despite the fact that Mr. Clark founded and has his name on the logo of an or- ganization that has evolved into a full-fledged “left” neo-fascist criminal operation, I still respect the man who has declared that every human being charged with a crime has the right to the best defense. I have already advised Mr. Clark of two incidents, the most re- cent taking place on December 15 at the IAC office in room 206 at 39 West 14th Street in Manhattan, in which I have been physically abused by IAC thugs. It is apparent that Mr. Clark, who appears rarely at the IAC office, is not aware that the First Amendment is not operative at the IAC, which, when it comes to the Bill of Rights, applies the same prin- cipals as its Genocide-generating Maoist role models in Beijing. Since another meeting I had planned to attend didn’t happen on February 15, my political colleague Roman Shusterman and I went to the IAC, which was hosting a meeting essentially promoting the current government of Iran. When we got there, to a darkened room, a video depicting the purportedly idyllic existence of women in today’s Iran was on. That was followed by a female speaker whose message was essentially the same. The next speaker was Ardeshir Ommani, the founder of the American-Iranian Friendship Society. He gave a long talk on his experiences in Iran from childhood in fighting American imperialism and as part of the labor movement there.

The first question in the immediately following Q&A was posed by Mr. Shusterman, who inquired about a reported protest strike in Iran and its relationship to the matter of Kurdish nationalism. As Mr. Ommani was about to respond, the moderator suggested that they would take a bunch of questions first and answer them in a bunch. I suggested that the question was important and that it warranted a separate answer. The moderator relent- ed and Mr. Ommani responded - sort of. He said that the strike was precipitated by the imprisonment of a labor leader. As soon as he went somewhat off- track by referring to CIA connections to the American labor movement, I asked him why the labor leader was in jail in the first place, since, according to the speaker, that was what led to the strike. I also asked him to identify the jailed leader by name. At that point, audience member Jessie Bailey, at least in the past a supporter of sister racists and Lyndon H. LaRouche surrogates Lenora Fulani and Brenda Stokely, turned around and ordered me to let the speaker answer. I replied that I was merely asking for a clarification and that I did not need her to tell me how to ask my question. At that point, she turned around again and told me, in a voice possibly audible in Queens, to “shut up!” I responded in kind - firmly. Within a few seconds a beefy character, later identified as “Arturo”, came up behind me and violently pushed me. Less than politely, I told him to keep his hands off me. At that point an apparent non-dieter later identified as Jessie Lakaya (sp?), placed his big self about one centimeter from me, between me and my belongings, and said to me, spreading his hands, like a vulture might spread its wings, “You’ll have to leave.” Mr. Shusterman, who had anticipated the possibility of harassment by the IAC, made ready to go while I, impersonating a macho man, told the sea lion-shaped Lakaya to move back and let me get to my things. Wisely, he did. As I got my stuff to get ready to go into the much less polluted air on West 14th Street, one of the IAC lemmings, citing my “Free Tibet” T-shirt, called me a “fascist.”

I first encountered the definitely Maoist and Beijing-connected IAC in 1994 at the invitation of, as it turned to be, the very autocratic poet Veronica Golos (openly fascist poet Ezra Pound would have loved her), who came to a downtown poetry event I was at and asked folks to help out in a planned IAC demonstration against Newt Gingirch’s “Contract With America.” Within a matter of a few days, it started to become apparent that the IAC was a group that functioned according to the principles of dictatorship and utilized the ethics of Machiavelli. Aside from squelching any dissent from their program, they stole the labor of at least one activist (from India) who is probably still owed hun- dreds of dollars for the silk screen shirts she made for them. She left in tears of rage. In the days preceding my total awareness of what this group was about, and still somewhat taken in by Veronica Golos’ rhetoric, I arranged for her to be interviewed by my poet-journalist friend/colleague Ellen Aug-Lytle, who at the time was writing the literature column for the then still published Downtown Magazine. While Ms. Aug-Lytle did not leave in tears, she certainly became uncharacteristically angry at Golos’ persistent demands to dictate what would go into the article. I had been pushed around there once previously some years ago when, following the IAC hijacking of the “Poetry Calendar”, a (now defunct, thanks to the IAC) foundation supported monthly booklet listing poetry events city-wide, I had to go to the Calendar’s office, in the IAC space, to pick up a Calendar and leave a note about a poetry event I was producing. I was there for a few minutes, as always garbed in my Free Tibet finery, when two guys came up, put their hands on me and, voicing a series of explicit physical threats, escorted me from the premises.

The IAC, is a “left”-spewing Maoist organization that is friendly to terrorism, locally and internationally. Among those associated with thuggishly run operation, that Ramsey Clark evidently has little day-to-day knowledge of, are “Pistol” Pete Dolack, a rodent-like wannabe poet and apologist for any “left” genocide on earth, who once tried to have me arrested at a poetry reading. This character some years ago, on an absolutely frigid December day, choreographed what he depicted as an effort to expose the KKK in Staten Island, but was actually an attempt to provoke a race war in Clove Lake Park. Among his political friends, all in some way involved with the amorphous IAC, is a Staten Islander Gary Phaneuf, who is a testament to the validity of Darwin’s theory of evolution since, in a number of ways, he represents the transitional stage between ape and man. This is a “left” spewing person, whose traditional response to dissent is to clench his fist and to bellow threats. The as yet not fully substantiated story is that, some years ago, the NYPD on the Staten Island Ferry had, in less than gentle fashion, popped Phaneuf into a psychiat- ric facility after he responded very, very inappropriately, to a female German-speaking passenger’s objections to his loud rants about Adolf Hitler. And no discussion of “left” neo-fascism is complete without reference to one of the few Jewish small “n” Nazis around, Geoffrey Blank, an increasingly open apologist for at least certain kind of terrorism, such as that practiced by al-Zarqawi and, (still) somewhat less lethally, by Geoffrey Blank himself. Blank’s 30+ year old baby brother Jason recently wondered out loud, “Why does everyone hate my brother?” I imagine that Hitler’s imaginary brother may have had the same concerns.

The IAC is one of a number of sometimes loosely and sometimes not so loosely con- nected Beijing-oriented groups, including the Workers World Party, the Revolutionary Communist Party,“World Can’t Wait”, and the reportedly under “surveillance” pro al-Qaeda “Freedom Socialist Party.” The IAC spawns, like cockroaches, an array of front organizations, like the very warlike “peace” group known as ANSWER, and its twin the “Troops Out Now Coalition.” The International Action Center, disguising its true totalitarian motives with anti-Bush rhetoric, regardless of its Ramsey Clark-related conception, has evolved into a center of pro-genocide, anti-Jewish, terrorism-condoning, free speech(except for itself)-hating version of former Haitian dictator Francois Duvalier’s “ton ton macoutes.” I am hoping that Ramsey Clark, a great human rights activist, either cleans house at the IAC or separates himself from the group entirely - even though they apparently regard Saddam Hussein, Mr. Clark’s most notorious current client, and a former one, Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. as role models.

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