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UP FRONT News January 21, 2006
Published by Tom Weiss
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John Osgood, a top Administrator of the New York Diocese of the Episcopal
Church, has apparently gotten stonewalled in an initial “inquiry”, that he is making in response to my very formal complaint to him of criminal, and apparently neo-fascist, activities are taking place inside St. Mark’s in the Bowery Church in Manhattan’s East Village. This complaint, copies of which will in all likelihood have to go to law enforce- ment officials, has been necessitated by virtue of the fact that both St. Mark’s Pastor Julio Torres and assistant Pastor Frank Morales have failed to address violent and criminal be- havior that continues to take place in the church at meetings of the so called “NY 9/11 Truth” group. E-mails to both church officials, sent in the middle of November, 2005, addressing in particular threats and acts of violence, most of them connected with the presence of neo-fascist Geoffrey Blank in a prominent and promoted position at those meetings, were ignored.

Pastor Torres, who on the nights that the increasingly tense “NY 9/11 Truth” meetings take place, is not present, perhaps has little idea as to what is going on the church he is responsible for. And, at this point, he shows no signs of interest.

“NY 9/11 Truth” is run anti-democratically by, for the most part, two self-appointed, never-elected guys named Nick Levis and Les Jamieson. Mr. Levis would be far better suited for a role as a Dixiecrat in the U.S. Senate in Strom Thurmond’s day considering his oft-displayed skills at filibustering. This guy gets the gold medal for repeating ad nauseum to an anesthetized audience what it already knows. While he has an “anti-Bush” rap memorized, he protects the real nemesis Dick Cheney. He trashes fair play and the First Amendment at meetings, which he for some reason often chairs and at which he promotes the rhetorically “left” neo-fascist agenda of mega-nazi Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. He does that by monopolizing discussion, tolerating violence against dissidents in his presence and by openly promoting other “left” fascists such as now twice thoroughly defeated City Council “candidate” Gerald Kann and, worst of all, the terrorism-friendly psychopath Geoffrey Blank. Blank is the thoroughly revolting narcissist from Rockaway Beach, Queens, who, aside from believing that it is normal to currently share a double bed with his at least outwardly biologically adult younger brother Jason, continues in his attempt, using mostly violence and lies, to hijack the No Police State Coalition, a First Amendment group started some years ago by human rights activist Dennis Griggs. Levis and Jamieson, with Frank Morales’ apparent acquiescence, invited Blank to speak in his totally falsely claimed status as the self appointed “founder” and “president” of the NPSC. Over a period of a year or two, Blank, using the Union Square speakouts started by Mr. Griggs and former NPSC activist Joe Carranza, consistently tried to monopolize the bullhorn and to terrorize those who might see things differently. The most violent of his terrorist acts have been directed against me. In addition to the violence and steady stream of lies, and recurrent acts of sexism, has been Blank’s resort to anti-Semitic slurs, always particularly revolting when coming from the mouth of a Jew. Perhaps, directly or circuitously, Blank has been taking lessons from LaRouche protégé Fred Newman, the self-hating Jew who is the satanic political mentor of super-racist Lenora Fulani. Blank, by the way, talks openly of his association with a group calling itself the “Freedom Socialist Party.” That group’s spokesperson is on record as condoning beheadings of hostages. Perhaps not so surprisingly, even if the report appeared in the New York Post, the FSP is under international surveillance for ties to terrorists. In fact Geoffrey Blank, who persist- ently resorts to violence to achieve his neo-fascist political goals, is a terrorist.

St. Mark’s ignored information that the act of inviting a provably racist and violent man, who falsely claims leadership of an organization, most of whose members want nothing to do with him, is wrong. St. Mark’s has ignored information that, on the evening of Blank’s address, this neo-fascist thug brought with him several associates wielding clubs and bats – for use on me. Gangster-style assaults against political opponents as long been a LaRouche staple. St. Mark’s has ignored information that several other individuals, per- haps with politics similar to Blank’s, have threatened me in the church. One of those threats, i.e. that if I show up at a meeting, the response will be physical, reportedly eman- ated from the classically manipulative Jamieson. Jamieson was apparently instrumental in extending a speaking invitation to major LaRouche ideologue Webster Griffin Tarpley, but tried to suppress the fact of the LaRouche tie.

Lyndon LaRouche happens to be a convicted felon (credit card and mail fraud, which could have gotten him 64 years, but he got out after about five) who believes that he was born to rule the world, that all forms of music except German classical music should be wiped out, who hates African-Americans and Jews but who employs them, and operates in accordance with the principal that it is okay brualitize and murder those he perceives as being in his way. LaRouche, however, is nominally a Democrat.

Ever four years, he entertains his cult members by running for president – gets mostly ignored and in 2004 gave John Kerry his satanic endorsement. For those who think that Lyndon LaRouche is nothing more ghoul from the past, check out several websites. is the creation of historian and investigative reporter Dennis King, who documents with neo-fascist legacy the emanates from Adolf Hitler, goes directly to LaRouche and plays out contemporarily in New York City through horribles of all races, including Fulani and Newman. LaRouche, holed up in his armed Berchdesgarten-like fortress, known as Ibikus Farm in Loudon County Virginia, is always sensitive to the political winds in near-by Washington, D.C. For years, he has spouted an “anti-Bush and Cheney” “anti-Iraq War” line, but taking care to exempt right wing Democrats such as Hillary Clinton from attack. And at the same time LaRouche, who has, over his life seen fit to collaborate with the KKK, the Nation of Islam (furthering his plans to start a race war), and the CIA, makes nice with Bush/Cheney. What the hell was a convicted felon with known nazi sympathies like LaRouche doing at a White House Correspondents’ Association dinner as reported in The New York Times on May 3, 2005? The guest list of an event sponsored by Newsweek was made of, regardless of ideology, the very well connected: folks like Ben Affleck, Richard Gere, Alan Greenspan, Al Franken, Richard Gere – even Jane Fonda. (For her sake, I just hope Ms. Fonda wasn’t seated at the same table with LaRouche. LaRouche, by the way, according to reports, got off parole, on January 26, 2004. That might mean that his megalomaniac, with ties to Maoists and to the Klan, who is a spiritual descendant of Beelzebub and Hitler, is not being watched with sufficient thoroughness.

At least one other individual is a key player in a scenario that involves an active criminal neo-fascist presence in a very well known Episcopal Church, known for its support of the arts (Poetry Project, Dance Space). Eric Rassi, like Assistant Pastor Frank Morales a part of the squatter community on the Lower East Side, is a LaRouche supporter and recurrently a Blankie (although Blank and Rassi seem to like each other about as much as, for example, Adolf Hitler and Francisco Franco did – those two dictators despised each other). Rassi does not, however, have the right, while being very selective as to revealing his associations with the mega-fascist, to engage in bursts of violence, such as he has on occasion against me. Rassi, not known as having much interest in religion, is a regular however at St. Mark’s sponsored 9/11 events.

I discussed this matter briefly by phone with Su Hadden, a high level official at the Episcopal Church Center, which is the national office. She immediately referred me to the New York Diocese, based at St. John’s Cathedral. My subsequent phone conversation with Margaret Nodine, who works closely with Bishop Frank T. Griswold, led to my phone message and e-mail exchange with John Osgood.

I am hopeful that Mr. Osgood, whose e-mail promises an “inquiry”, does not rely too heavily on verbal communications with, for example, Fr. Torres, which are likely to provide little or no information. And so I’ve sent him much of the full story.

The message is clear. At St. Mark’s in the Bowery, Satan is in the house!

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