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UP FRONT News January 16, 2006
Published by Tom Weiss
Editorial Advisor: Willard Whittingham

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"Terrorism: The unlawful use or threatened use of force or violence by a person or an organized group against people or property with the intention of intimidating or coercing societies or governments, often for ideological or political reasons." American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 3rd Edition, Page 1854.

According to that definition, Geoffrey Blank, the psychopath from Rockaway Beach, Queens, is a terrorist. Mr. Blank, while persistently spouting "leftist" rhetoric, is in fact nothing more than a deeply Satan-influence political thug, masquerading in a variety of disguises. His most public disguise, a sharade that is aided and abetted by a core of neo-fascist "left" infiltrators at, among other places, St. Mark's in the Bowery Church in Manhattan, is as the self-appointed "founder and president" of the No Police State Coali- tion. Geoffrey Blank is as much the president of the NPSC as one of his role models, Saddam Hussein, is the President of Iraq. As a matter of fact the deposed Iraqi dictator has a better claim to his illusions of continuing power, since at least he, in a manner of speaking, held elections. Blank neither "founded" nor became "president" of a group that he has essentially been banished from for a number of reasons.

These reasons include the unauthorized solicitation of donations which wound up in his pocket to be used for such activities as the printing of cult of personality sweatshirts with his picture on them. Most NPSC activists, including true NPSC founder Dennis Griggs, and also, Richie Degen, Roman Shusterman, Mike Filippone, Jason Kapoor and others, referred to Blank's pockets as a "slush fund." Blank is also guilty of more serious human rights violations such as repeated threats and acts of violence, most of them against me. Blank's involvement in a vicious physical assault against me perpetrated by an unstable restaurant employee named Wan Yun last April at the 61 Cafeteria in Greenwich Village, is a part of Blank's history as a home grown terrorist. Blank is also known to push around women. Blank is a classic Adolf Hitler/Joseph Stalin/Mao Zedong/Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.-style practitioner of the politics of the cult of personality. His response to any sort of criticism is a combination of defamatory insults, lies, and threatened and actual violence.
A reported occasional life guard (a frightening prospect for someone who may be drown- ning), Blank circulates Apollo-imitating photos of himself, emerging, Scharzenegger-like out of the surf, his dubious musculature glistening with brine. Geoffrey Blank quite open- ly supports acts of terrorism in the Middle East and elsewhere; and his on the record com- ments about the psychotic Saddam suggest only that Saddam brought health insurance to his people. (Blank neglects to say that one way that Saddam reduced those costs was by killing Iraqis before they became ill.) An early NPSC activist, Joe Carranza, who has much experience in directly observing this Josef Goebbels-type propagandist from Queens, has said that he would "bet the ranch" that Geoffrey Blank would not pass a psychiatric evaluation. Indeed, Sigmund Freud himself would probably go on a cocaine binge to escape. In fact, as far as Blank's purported "presidency" is concerned, the only thing that Blank is president of is his biologically adult baby Brother Jason. And, accord- ing to several visitors to the Blank residence, his sovereignty includes the family double bed which is shared by these two possibly incestuous organisms. Yeesh!

The No Police State Coalition is in fact a network of human rights and First Amendment activists who, for a number of years, have conducted public speakouts at the southern end of Union Square Park in Manhattan. Things got started several years ago, when Dennis Griggs, a well-known Manhattan activist, began bringing a bullhorn to the Park and stim- ulating public participation on topics like the truth about 9/11, homelessness, the similari- ties between George W. Bush and Hillary Rodham Clinton, etc. He was soon joined by, among others, Mr. Carranza, Mr. Shusterman, Mr. Degen, myself and others willing to face recurrent permit-denial harassments, sometimes leading to arrests, from the 13th precinct of the NYPD, whose Inspector McEnroy (sp?) believes that the First Amend- ment only applies to people whose views are similar to his own. Along came Geoffrey Blank, whose behavior soon began to suggest that he was sent on an infiltration mission by the master of "left" infiltration himself, mega-nazi Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. Blank would habitually take the bullhorn and launch into Fidel Castro-length tirades, the mes- sage of which was almost identical to the now "left" spewings that you can find in La- Rouche's "The New Federalist" or his Executive Intelligence Review. Anyone who cri- ticized Blank faced a campaign of public insults and sotto voce physical threats. When, to Mr. Blank's utter consternation, the NPSC, voted at a meeting at the 61 Cafeteria to en- dorse my candidacy as a Democrat for the U.S. Senate against Hillary Clinton, Blank, labeling me LaRouche-style as a "wing nut", declared the vote null and void. My res- ponse was to say, "Better a left wing nut than a right wing nut." Blank's politics are almost indistinguishable from those of Adolf Hitler, who, it must be recalled, labeled himself a "socialist" and, perhaps anticipating his spiritual godchild from Queens, tai- lored his appeal to the poor and the working class. Very few folks will perceive Hitler as a true leftist.

Part of Geoffrey Blank's demagoguery involved blatant attempts at provoking police action. Fully aware that, even in the good-cop-bad-cop 13th Precinct, the opportunity for harassment free speakouts existed, Geoffrey would denounce anyone who even suggested calling the NYPD bluff and obtaining a sound device permit. Blank and his baby brother have also been in the habit of resisting even the occasional reasonable and lawful police instructions. I witnessed Jason Blank's pathetic whining when at a rally at another loca- tion, a police officer advised him that it is unlawful to place a sign on a police barricade. The officer quite calmly advised Jason B. that he was free to display his "Defend Geof- frey Blank" sign at the rally but that the sign could not be attached to the barrier. Jason's reaction was as if the nasty man in blue had just taken away his nippled bottle. Geoffrey Blank has been known to turn his recurrent arrests at Union Square into potentially vio- lent confrontations by urging observers to use force against the cops. One of the reported allegations against Blank is that he attempted to wrest a firearm from a cop. Geoffrey is also a coward. He is been known, when he is out of the earshot of uniformed officers, to refer to the police as "pigs." The Black Panthers ought to sue this character for imperson- ating a radical, especially since Blank can be quite obsequious when face to face with a cop.

Geoffrey Blank is well known to law enforcement and to the criminal courts. As if his insatiable narcissism needed a boost, he was the subject of a rather gentle but nonethe- less somewhat revealing piece in The New York Times on February 22, 2005, which des- cribed his Britney Spears-evoking theatrics in front of Criminal Court Judge Anthony Ferrara. Ferrara subsequently convicted Blank of contempt and sentenced him to com- munity service. This judge in fact let Blank off easy because he should have had Blank do his community service to humanity by relocating him to Uranus. But perhaps the judge was concerned that baby brother Jason would be left unsupervised at home all alone in the double bed.

Geoffrey Blank is scheduled to be in Criminal Court again on January 24 facing a num- number of charges, in which convictions could land him in prison for up to four years. Blank has been twisting compliant arms for speaking engagements at which he presents himself as a fighter for free speech. That is comparable to Adolf Hitler lecturing on the Talmud. Several weeks ago, after Blank had convinced the respected New York Community Church in Manhattan to have him speak there, I introduced the senior minister there, Rev. Bruce Southworth, to UP FRONT News, including an article, dated June 14, 2005, headlined "The Jewzi (Jewish Nazi): Geoffrey Blank", focusing on the obscene anti-Semitism of this self-hating Jew. A few days later blank was disinvited.

Blank has since found at least two other citadels of de facto Satanism. And one of them is a church. St. Mark's in the Bowery Church, an Episcopal house of worship, has long been recognized for its left wing activism as well as its deep involvement in the arts. The Poetry Project, which for over 30 years has been hosting its by now near legendary New Year's Day Poetry Marathons (which include music, dance, comedy, etc.), is based there. The very charismatic Rev. Billy, a potent antidote to both the Christian right and to psycho-consumerism, does great shows there.

St. Mark's, however, has also became the host setting for a group, purportedly seeking the truth about 9/11, which has become a nest of LaRouche-style propaganda and in fact physical threats and violence. The Senior Pastor there, Rev. Julio Torres, has been made aware of the problem and, to my knowledge, has done nothing. The Assistant Pastor, squatter-activist Frank Morales, has been at best hesitant in his responses to open physi-cal threats made against me and the presence of club and bat-wielding thugs providing "security" for neo-fascist Geoffrey Blank when he spoke there on December 4, 2005.
The 9/11 group, headed by non-elected leaders such as the filibusterer Nick Levis and the double-talking Les Jamieson, saw fit to have a major LaRouche figure, Webster Griffin Tarpley, speak there, but concealing the LaRouche connection from the public. Needless to say, The Episcopal Center in New York City is now on the UP FRONT News circula- tion list. And since I belong to several other churches (I was baptized by civil rights lea- der and Martin Luther King associate, Rev. Dr. Timothy P. Mitchell at his Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church in Flushing, Queens, several years ago) and a synagogue, there will be wide distribution of the news of "left" neo-fascism at St. Mark's throughout the religious community.

When Blank got booted from the New York Community Church, he latched onto some- thing else that oozes "left" neo-fascism and terrorism. That group is the Harlem-based "Freedom Socialist Party." The one time I called them on the phone to inquite about a November 12, 2005 Blank appearance, the guy answering the phone, after learning that it was me from UP FRONT News, slammed the phone down.

Now, while The New York Post is hardly my usual news source, every once in awhile, I manage to pick it up for free and absorb an interesting tidbit. A couple of weeks ago, Post reporter Niles Lathem wrote a story headlined, "Harlem Radicals Probed." It is about the Freedom Socialist Party, but did not include a report that the FSP is planning to finance a Geoffrey Blank speaking tour. (They might want to schedule a stop for him at Bitburg (sp?), Germany, a Nazi soldiers burial ground that Reagan had the poor taste to visit.)
The story did include the information that the FSP "...has drawn scrutiny from interna- tional terrorism investigators for joining in a fund-raising drive for 'global resistance' in Iraq." It is the closing paragraph of the story that carries the grisly punch. FSP spokes- person and former New York State Assembly candidate "[Stephen] Durham said that he is 'in solidarity with the Iraqi resistance politically', and added that he cannot condemn the brutal tactics, including hostage beheadings and car-bomb attacks, employed by terrorists like Abu Musab al-Zarqawi." Or, presumably, the neo-fascist criminal acts of Geoffrey Blank.
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