Monday, November 28, 2005


Guest Editorial:
By Roman Shusterman

You may have noticed an email circulating around the 9/11 truth list about Geoffrey Blank the “leader” of NPSC speaking and making a presentation in the name of NPSC on Sunday December 4th at 7pm. A few of us (NPSC members) are taking exception to Geoffrey’s portrayal of himself as the leader of NPSC. In fact if I recall correctly there was a meeting of the NPSC in which the overwhelming majority of the membership decided that Geoffrey was no longer a member of the group mainly due to the fact that he started selling T-shirts and printing fliers asking for contributions all in the name of the NPSC while in reality he never consulted with anyone from the NPSC aside from his brother Jason Blank and Joel Myers. He has taken money from people in the name of a cause which he in fact no longer believes.

Geoffrey has on numerous occasions said to members of the NPSC that they are not allowed to speak if they are going to criticize him in any way and even if they associate with people who are critical of him at this point. There are also plenty of other grievances which people have with Geoffrey. He has referred to female activists in the NPSC in sexually derogatory ways and has even degraded them in front of others by insulting them openly or behind their backs. He has clearly expressed male chauvinism in his relations with females. Geoffrey has also threatened violence against people several times and has expressed no regret whatsoever for his actions. He has encouraged violence against senior citizens on several occasions. I was personally threatened directly and indirectly by Geoffrey several times.

Geoffrey Blank is not a Marxist or a progressive of any sort as he may claim. He has much more in common with Fascism

I do not want to make this an ideological issue but I feel that it is necessary in this case because this is a person who claims to be something that he is not. Geoffrey is not an atheist; he is a mystical person who according to his close friends practices paganism and black magic. Marxists are traditionally atheists while fascists are usually very mystical and dabble in the occult. Geoffrey believes that technology is the root of all evil especially communications technology such as the internet. Marxists believe that technology is progress and is the way of the future. Geoffrey believes that the sexual revolution and pornography is a sickness which must be eradicated. Communists on the other hand were in the forefront of the sexual revolution in all its forms because they believe that it will lead to a communal family as opposed to a nuclear one.

I know that these views are held by the Blank brothers because of my previous conversations with them and with people who have known them for many years. The Blanks will not deny their views if they are questioned about them but they are trying to portray themselves as leftists while in fact they are more like Nazis. They believe that censorship is a good thing; they openly admitted to me that they thought China was doing a good job by censoring religious and pornographic material on the internet. They also have openly come out and tried to intimidate people and discourage new people from speaking out if they were critical of them.

We want to let St. Marks Church know that the Blank brothers do not represent the NPSC, which is why I Roman Shusterman, Mike Fillipone, Tom Weiss, Dennis Griggs and others have decided to protest or to express our disapproval of this event at St. Marks Church. Email father Julio Torres at or fax 212-674-4179 to let the church know of your disapproval of their permission for this scam artist to hold his event at their respectable venue.

Check the No Police State Coalition’s online discussion group for further information and news on other related topics and events:

Death to Fascism!

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