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UP FRONT News November 10, 2005
Published by Tom Weiss
Editorial Advisor: Willard Whittingham
“The paper that can’t be bought and can’t be sold.”


Ellen Jaedicke, a German born Staten Island-based professional massage therapist, with a history in professional dance, is, at least on the surface, the “beauty” in this true story, which involves the effort, using a “peace” festival as a disguise, to bring Lyndon h. LaRouche, Jr./Lenora Fulani/ Fred Newman-style “left” fascism to Staten Island. The two guys are the “beasts”, with Jewish small “n” nazi Geoffrey Blank probably being the worse of the two.

Several weeks ago at The Muddy Cup, a popular coffee house, featuring a wide variety of entertainments (I sometimes read at the weekly poetry opens and occasionally come to karaoke night – to select songs for others to sing) located in Stapleton, S.I., Giovanni Marinelli, a well known academician/activist on the left of the spectrum, told me about an upcoming peace festival in Stapleton. Giovanni is a reader of UP FRONT News and is well aware of my status as the peace candidate for the U.S. Senate, as I am running in next year’s Democratic primary against Hillary the Hawk Clinton, and he evidently quite reasonably felt that I might participate in some way. At my request he gave me the e-mail address of the event organizer, a chap named Michael May. On October 5 I sent Mr. May a friendly e-mail, requesting a response. Not only was there none, but, about two weeks later, when I attended a film showing in Tribeca, at which Giovanni was a moderator, he told me that it was unlikely that May would respond at all. I was not terribly surprised; having once met May at the Muddy Cup and have little problem remembering his aloofness. Giovanni immediately knew something was up, as I related some of my experiences with the left wing of the right wing of the Democratic Party, which is run military-style by Sen. Clinton. I also reminded Giovanni of my intense run-ins with the violence prone “left” neo-fascists, such as, aside from Fulani & Co., Jerry Kann (a neo-fascist infiltrator into the Green Party), thug George Tatevosyan, Charlene Barker, and very often Geoffrey Blank.

The next encounter took place a few days before the Mayoral election when most true progressives were trying to bring about an upset victory for Democrat Fernando Ferrer against Bloomberg and the Bushes. Mike May was busy handing out flyers for his so-called “peace” festival at the S.I. Ferry terminal in St. George. I approached him and politely asked him about responding to my e-mail. May became instantly incensed and, eyes blazing like Satan, accused me of something involving the word “hate.” I responded appropriately, at which time he retreated and muttered something about his time pressures. A few very unfriendly words were exchanged and a police officer came over and urged me to get on the ferry, which I did, but not without suggesting that Mr. May makes me think of terrorism. It was good to get to Manhattan.

Perusing the festival speakers and sponsors list, which contained a number of recognizable names, I immediately focused on “Geoffrey Blank.” Geoffrey Blank is also known as “Jaws” (he is said to work at times as a lifeguard – I’d sooner take my chances with a great white shark) and as “Jewzi”, or Jewish nazi. Geoffrey Blank is now, in the wake of a series of exposes in this newspaper, following a fairly gentle New York Times article last February 22 about his infantile theatrics before a criminal court judge – who, by the way, convicted Blank of contempt, running without the possibility of hiding. Blank is in fact a serial offender and is facing a possible four years behind bars for various offenses, the least serious of which is using a sound device without a permit. If there were an ordinance prohibiting the act of nauseating the public, Geoffrey Blank would face multiple indictments. Blank, who lives with his younger brother and indentured servant Jason in Rockaway Park, Queens, literally attempted to hijack the public speakouts at Union Square, Manhattan, organized by a group known as the No Police State Coalition. Blank used threats of violence and other forms of intimidation to see to it that he might be glorified by the oppressed masses of N.Y.C. Things got particularly heavy with me, since I do not respond well to attempts to silence me. Geoffrey Blank, who has been charged by me on several occasions with criminal harassment, is also being checked out as to his involvement in an aiding and abetting capacity in a vicious assault upon me last April 7 in the deli-restaurant where he used to conduct meetings in the style he learned at the metaphorical lap of Joseph Goebbels.

It would be difficult to believe that surly Mike May - whose unpleasant public demeanor may have contributed to a pile of his leaflets in the trash baskets of the ferry – knows nothing of Geoffrey Blank. Blank has been rather desperately trying to restore what is his reputation as one of the most unpleasant, disagreeable, dishonest, bigoted people on earth. It seems that, among his very, very few remaining allies (outside of his totally servile baby brother), is lawyer Lynne Stewart, recently convicted of using her lawyer-client relationship with the convicted blind sheik/terrorist to communicate a message to his supporters in Egypt that a “cease fire” was over and that it would be okay to start murdering people again. I believe that anyone sharing a stage with a bottom-feeder like Geoffrey Blank, who has hurled anti-Semitic insults at me, and whose brother has said that he does not want to talk about a Blank/LaRouche tie, stains himself or herself.

Scheduled speaker Ellen Jaedicke has made something of a name for herself through her activism for 2000 presidential “peace” candidate and vegan U.S. Congressman Dennis Kucinich, (D. - Ohio). Among her associates is a smooth-voiced autocrat named Charlene Barker, who still won’t say why she threw me out of their “Friends of Kucinich” group. (Interestingly, Jaedicke and Barker were apparently using Kucinich’s name without his authorization, as the Congressman’s Chief of staff told me over the phone in 2004 that the only group authorized to use his name was his congressional campaign committee based in Cleveland.) Barker, (the great progressive who, as far as I am aware, is employed by Ernst & Young, one of the most capitalistically predatory corporations on the planet) once exploded in a rage over the phone when it became necessary for me to ask her to get a message to the elusive and evasive Jaedicke. Jaedicke, who proves that the cliché about beauty and skin depth has validity, let her true colors show through her striking good looks, when, at a meeting in a Soho diner some months ago, she agreed that Barker’s action against me in the Kucinich group was wrong and warranted an open discussion involving the whole group, but refused to bring it up with the imperious Charlene. Metaphorically speaking, that is known as goose-stepping.

Barker’s behavior, which combines the rhetoric of populism and peace with the dissent tolerance level of, say, Joe Stalin, is strongly suggestive of the politics of LaRouche, Fulani, Newman, and of course Blank. When I sent her an e-mail last March 5, asking that she alleviate my concerns over such an association, she refused to respond. And Ellen Jaedicke, who may or may not be one of the “good Germans”, whom I know exist, has remained silent. And so far, in response to my communications to her about the obnoxiously noisy Geoffrey Blank, with whom she may share a stage with neo-fascist Geoffrey Blank (as, for a day, Mike May & Co. try to recreate a Nuremberg rally in Stapleton), Ellen Jaedicke has also remained silent.

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