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UP FRONT News October 24, 2005
Published by Tom Weiss
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In a very passionate, sermon-like speech before a very full house at the October 22 Brooklyn Parents for peace fair at the Brooklyn YMCA, peace activist Cindy Sheehan, Minced no words about either George W. Bush or about Hillary Clinton, - the two principle players in what I call the Blinton Administration. Essentially accusing the Acting President of leading the forces of darkness, in his prosecution of the War in Iraq, not to speak of his cp-responsibility for mass hurricane related deaths, Ms. Sheehan warned that, should the public begin to regard the Democrats like Hillary Clinton as anti-war and for-the-people allies, we will be “screwed.”

Ms. Sheehan spoke of her meeting with Ms. Clinton, who, according to the activist, within a short time after their talk, re-affirmed her support for the Iraq War. Ms. Sheehan, did (at least prior to receiving directly from me a batch of UP FRONT News stories about Hillary Clinton’s war on the homeless and on the Bill of Rights – not to speak of her husband’s direct complicity in the New Orleans levee disaster) mention initially that she could consider supporting a Clinton presidential candidacy were the Senator to immediately call for a withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq. (Ms. Sheehan has been welcomed to both UP FRONT News and Tom Weiss Democrat for U.S. Senate blogs.)

Ms. Sheehan, - who, since I first spoke briefly with her directly last September 18 and 19, is fully aware, that I am the peace candidate for the U.S. Senate in New York State – did respond to my question of her during the post-speech Q&A. Prefacing my question to her with a very brief plea that she not run for the Senate in New York, I asked her if there might be circumstances in which she would consider running for public office. While she voiced that view that, at least for now, she feels she can be more effective “from the outside”, she didn’t say “no.” As far as I am concerned, while Ms. Sheehan in no way denies her political inexperience, should no meaningful presidential challenge within the Democratic Party (Sheehan is a Democrat) soon emerge from the current Party heavies (my thoughts go to, in particular, John Edwards, despite his earlier voting record or someone in the Paul Wellstone tradition), Ms. Sheehan will be seen as a potential candidate. Perhaps, on a less elevated level, as a candidate for major office in California, from her new residential base in Berkeley.

Considering the Halloween-like roster of past and current presidential hopefuls – who include Hillary Clinton, Condoleezza Rice and Lenora Fulani – the women’s movement is in danger of evolving into a public relations nightmare. Jane Fonda, reportedly (at least until she gets UP FRONT News) an apparently deluded supporter of Hillary Clinton – where are you when we really need you?

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