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UP FRONT News August 19, 2005
Published by Tom Weiss
Editorial Advisor: Willard Whittingham
“The paper that can’t be bought and can’t be sold.”


Mr. Chi Haotian, Communist China’s Minister of Defense and Vice-chairman of China’s Central Military Commission, perhaps salivating at the prospect, predicts full-scale war between China and the U.S. With a cursory bow to those who prefer peace, the Communist war-hawk states, “We, as revolutionary humanitarians, do not want deaths. But if history confronts us with a choice of deaths of Chinese and those of Americans, we’d have to pick the latter, as, for us, it is more important to safeguard the lives of the Chinese people and the life of the Party.” He prefaces that with the openly chilling statement that, “It is indeed brutal to kill one or two hundred million Americans. But that is the only path that will secure a Chinese century, a century in which the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) leads the world.”

The quotation is from the August 15-21, 2005 edition of “Epoch Times”, a non tabloid weekly newspaper with a heavy human rights orientation and openly supportive of, for example, the Falun Gong people who are being tortured and annihilated by the thug military and police personnel of the Red Fascist “People’s Republic of China”, quite possibly one of the worst governments in recorded history.Since 1948, when the pedophile lunatic Mao Zedong defeated the Chinese nationalist government in a no-holds-barred atrocity-riddled civil war and established Communism, the Chinese governments have probably been directly responsible for more suffering and death around the world then even the U.S. government, which has for centuries, waged war on human rights all over the world. Aside from cold-bloodedly starving perhaps 20 million Chinese by withholding from his own people massive western nations donations of wheat during a Communist policy induced famine in China, Mao initiated the Korean war, using his psychotic follower Kim Il Sung, the dictator of North Korea, as a proxy in order to kill as many people as possible so that they would not have to be fed and in an effort to kill as many of the hated Americans as possible.

Mao’s boys and girls also financed the genocidal Khmer Rouge, whose Maoist government killed well over a million Cambodians, many of them little children.Mao practiced up for all this, and for his successor Deng`s firing squad and tank warfare in Tiananmen Square, by murdering sixth of the pacifist nation of Tibet, which independent nation state, he invaded very, very soon after he took over in China in 1949. In invading and occupying Tibet, and implementing a racist, Nazi-style Genocide, the Maoists have in fact, on a political and spiritual level, tried to re-create the cruxifiction of Jesus Christ.

This is so because, as the readers of UP FRONT News know, there is clear documentary evidence that, during the earthly phase of his life, Jesus lived in Tibet. It is no coincidence that Tibet is the world’s only truly pacifist nation, led by a monk who believes in a secular democracy and considers himself a small “d” democratic socialist. As one might conclude, the Jesus residence in Tibet took place during some of “The Missing Years” not accounted for in the bible. Not covered. Therefore, are the period which might have included Jesus’ adolescence and young adulthood, not to speak of the relationships he had during those years.“The Da Vinci Code” notwithstanding, we know nothing of, for example of Jesus’ wives and/or lovers – assuming he had any. (I think he did.) And, of course, the Bible says nothing about any children Jesus might have fathered. My somewhat educated guess is that at least some of the Dalai Lamas are his direct descendants. The Chinese Communists have, from the days of Mao, sworn to eradicate God from the face of the earth because they want it all. Just like some of the emperors who came before them and just like the Nazis. And the possibly even more unsettling reality is that the super-predatory capitalists that are in charge in the Bush-Clinton government are, regardless of any rhetoric to the contrary, the allies of the “Communists.” Red China is in fact a capitalist horror show of the “Robber Baron” variety, with the gap between rich and poor expanding dramatically and with homelessness, crime, repression, corruption rampant.

The Communist government probably executes more people – many of them political, some of them Tibetan monks – than any government anywhere.And, after the execution, usually by a bullet to the back of the head – the authorities sell off the vital organs.Aside from George W. Bush, Big Dick (Halliburton) Cheney, the two de facto draft dodgers who are literally bleeding the U.S. dry in Iraq, the Red fascist in China have a lot more help, an important part of it coming from domestic Nazis such as Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.; Fred Newman,; Lenora Fulani; and an increasingly notorious psychopathic wacko of Union Square fame Geoffrey (“Blankety”) Blank. LaRouche has been openly courted by the Chinese Communists. Significantly, LaRouche is also acceptable to George W. Bush, the Loudon County, Va.- based neo-nazi having been a guest, along with, among others Drew Barrymore and Ben Affleck at a White House Correspondence’ Association dinner in 2004, as reported in the New York Times on May 3, 2005.

For those who still unfamiliar with the convicted felon (credit card fraud, federal) Larouche, this is a guy who hates jews, blacks, dark skinned people in general, condiders himself uniquely fit to rule America and the world, and hates rock ‘n’ roll, blues, jazz, “country” and any other music not part of the German classical tradition. And, just as LaRouche`s role model Adolph Hitler did, Larouche succeeds in getting a handful of Jews to work for him. He`s also made significant inroads into the African American community by setting the agenda for the Jew-hating Lenora Fulani.Lyndon LaRouche, like the Chinese Communists- aside from regularly denouncing real resisters (such as the non-violent Tibetans – uses a tactic which involves denouncing what he is. LaRouche denounces American authorities for depriving people of our freedoms under the Bill of Rights. In fact, LaRouche – like his psychopathic followers, including Newman, Fulani, and Blank – allows no freedom of speech in his cultlike political operation, an operation which is as close to a conspiracy as anything in this country. LaRouche`s involvement in criminal activities connected to the international drug trade have been reported on, especially by investigative reporters like Dennis King, the author of “Lyndon LaRouche: The New American Fascism”, who has an amazing website on the true nazi menace that LaRouche is at Not surprisingly, the neo-fascists among us are infiltrating the civil libertarian community of those opposing bag searches on the New York City subways.

While I believe the implementation of a bag search program without specific legislative authorization renders such a program unconstitutional, I for one have no problem in allowing a cop to check my bags. First of all, I`ve got nothing to hide. Second, I don`t want to unnecessarily make a cop angry at me.Angry cops make me nervous. And thirdly, I consider the actions of some lunatic with a bulging backpack or waistline who is convinced he will spend eternity with 72 virgins if he explodes himself and many others as possible are far greater invasion of my civil liberties than a bag check.

While I strongly doubt that Geoffrey Blank – who reportedly goes after anything, regardless of virginal status – is carrying explosives when he travels from his home in rockaway park to Union Square to once again make a total fascist ass out of himself, I believe that his encouragements to others to refuse cops’ bag check requests is in fact aiding and abetting the terrorists among us. As far as I am concerned, Geoffrey Blank, who has rarely shied away from the threat and/or use of violence – certainly against me – is a terrorist. And, significantly, Geoffrey Blank, who is fully knowledgeable about the genocidal practices of the Red Chinese government that employs the psycho-killer Chi Haotian, remains silent about the greatest threat of all. Geoffrey Blank, in the absence of a home-made bomb, is a terrorist.

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