Tuesday, July 12, 2005


UP FRONT News July 12, 2005
Published by Tom Weiss
Editorial Advisor: Willard Whittingham

“The paper that can’t be bought and can’t be sold.”


Scott Lambdin (sp?), the chief librarian at the St. George, Staten Island branch of the New York Public Library is what former president Richard Nixon claimed publicly that he was not. Lambdin is a crook.

The St. George facility, one of the larger branches of the NYPL, with two levels of computers for public use, is located about a 15 second walk from a drop-in center (i.e. a shelter in which people sleep in chairs rather then beds) for homeless people run by an outfit known as Project Hospitality. A couple of hundred feet down Central Avenue, lies another de facto drug and crime emporium known as the Hotel Richmond. That facility – a de facto laundering operation – is owned by a sleazy fellow named Kanti Patel. Patel also owns the Midland Motor Inn, a few miles south on drug – riddled Staten Island. Patel, who is in fact running a combination house of prostitution and drug use and trafficking operation, maintains a “legitimate” business as the president of the Ajanta Travel agency located at 126 Lexington Avenue, in the heart of what is one of the center of Indian cuisine in N.Y.C. (the other being in Jackson Heights, Queens).

During the latter stages of my prolonged siege of homelessness – started by Thomas Berger, the Forest Hills resident real estate developer/loftlord/rent gouger/organized crime associate/ “Orthodox” Jewish trasher of The Ten Commandments, who, courtesy of a corrupt judge named Marilyn Shafer, evicted me from my loft home at 190-A Duane Street in Manhattan because I let someone play a flute at a poetry reading at my home – I lived for a time at the Project Hospitality drop-in center, the Hotel Richmond, and the Midland Motor Inn.

At Project Hospitality, I was recurrently explicitly threatened by a variety of thugs, some of whom could be witnessed carrying out their drug transactions in and around the facility. These characters were protected by a do-nothing administration as well as by terrorist-type employees such as the racist thug “Maurice.” Maurice, who perhaps still draws a paycheck from Project Hospitality, is a sadist, who used to enjoy forcing the center’s clients to stand outdoors in frigid weather while he took his time about supervising the daily morning swabbing of the floor. At the Hotel Richmond I was robbed by a person who, although a non-guest entered the building courtesy of “Anthony”, the front desk clerk who regularly left the front door open while he would disappear from the front desk, or, if he was at the desk, used those opportunities, to catch up on his sleep. That behavior is what is known as participating in a protection racket. The Richmond is a crack house and drug emporium, the smooth operation of which is ensured by sleaze like “Anthony”, who gets paid by sleaze like Kanti Patel. After the robbery, about which the 120th precinct did nothing (this is a precinct that could easily fit into the ambience characterizing that depicted in “In the Heat of the Night”), because of fears for my safety, I arranged to stay for several days at the Midland Motor Inn, under the mistaken impression that the Midland, further removed from the St. George drug infested area, would be better. In any event, although I was not robbed at the Midland, Mr. Patel saw fit to ignore my request that I be reimbursed for the room rental I had paid for at the Richmond. He only responded following my complaint to the N.Y.C. department of Consumer Affairs, which, although it reluctantly provided some assistance, should be called the N.Y.C. Department of Loopholes. The D.C.A. referred my complaint to the N.Y.C. Department of Homeless Services, which in typical fashion, is mishandling the matter in an attempt to avoid making the very hotheaded (I met him) Kanti Patel too angry at having to pay me no less than $430, which includes the extra billing as well as the $220 stolen from me with the aiding and abetting of his employee “Anthony.”

Some of the druggies tend to hand out at the library – and not to read books. Among their activities is making threats of violence to intimidate folks such as myself who use the library’s computers. On each occasion when a thug interrupted my computer work during my session with a threat, I would make a complaint to the generally very depressed looking Scott Lambdin. On each occasion, he would threaten me with expulsion if I did not adhere to library regulations. When it became obvious that Lambdin was not about to behave professionally, I contacted Patricia Harris, the Deputy Mayor for Administration, which has oversight responsibility for the libraries. Via Nanette Smith, Ms. Harris’ Chief of Staff, we exchanged calls and e-mails with the result that my complaint was referred to a Mr. Pisaniello, the Director of Security for the Manhattan, Bronx, and S.I. libraries. The appointment that was arranged between Pisaniello and me never took place because, on the appointment date, I had to make a extenuating circumstances visit to the office of Alan Aviles, the President of the N.Y.C. Health & Hospitals Corporation because Bellevue Medical Center had completely fouled up my post-operative care following surgery I had undergone there following a major politically motivated assault upon me last April 7. Pisaniello did not respond to several e-mails I sent him requesting a rescheduling.

About three weeks ago, as I was doing some computer work at the quite well run Tompkins Square branch of the NYPL, two people approached me, and, without so much as an “excuse me”, interrupted my work. They asked if I was Tom Weiss. When I responded affirmatively, the lady of the pair told me that I had been banned from all the libraries, apparently at the orders of Pisaniello. She threatened me with arrest if I did not leave immediately. They followed me outside, where this (albeit Hispanic) Lenora Fulani-type attempted to force me to take a document from her. I refused, directing her to send anything for me to my attorney, whose fax number I gave her. A police vehicle happened to pass by heading east on 10th street. I called for help and the lady S.S. person dashed in front of me, apparently asking the police to arrest me. I then explained to the officers in the vehicle that she was attempting to force a document on me. The policeman demanded that she show him the document. He read it, retuned it to her, with the firm explanation to her that I was under no obligation to take such a document since it was not a court order. I was again harassed by this same library S.S. lady at the Ottendorfer branch on 2nd Avenue in the East Village, who this time threatened to call 911. This lady showed quickly that her reality testing is seriously impaired when, while threatening me, she demanded that I tell my lawyer to call her.

This harassment of a journalist uncovering a drug scandal being aided and abetted by a NYPL librarian is one of a number of major malfunctions as regards mandated services to me by high level administrators at City agencies, including the Health & Hospitals Corporation, the Department of Homeless Services, and the Human Resources Administration. I have contacted Mayor Bloomberg by phone and by e-mail through the office of his Scheduler and Senior Advisor, Shea Fink. The Mayor, via the NYPD’s intelligence unit, with which I had had fairly frequent telephone and e-mail contact, has asked that I take up all these matters with the N.Y.C. department of Investigations. My batting as regards substantiation of previous complaints of malpractice by government agencies (e.g. about budget cut-caused patient deaths and psychiatric abuse at City operated Queens Hospital Center) is much better than the 26.9 million/year salaried A-Rod. He’s batting around .320. I’m batting 1.000. Scott Lambdin – not to speak of a bunch of corrupt City officials – are about to go down swinging and, perhaps, singing.